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When the victory of a law has come in the conquest, and you see the people entering into the religion of Allah and multitudes, then exalt Him with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of him. Indeed he is ever Accepting of repentance, this sort of solar to NASA

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19 words

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and 97 letters according again to our some of them count the letters into words what the point is that it is three eyes There is no difference of opinion about that. Some of them call it sorta to NASA because it says he that jazz or natural law, he will fetch, some of them call us a little fat as well. And we know that there is a another sort of

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Danny in the prior sort of endocrine

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nasai wolf at

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this aura

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the low tide animal mentioned is the last surah that was revealed in the Quran. So anyone asked what is the last quarter that was revealed in the Quran? that the answer is sort of a NASA tie.

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We all know that or many of you may know that. The scholars say that the last ayah in the Quran that was revealed was what? What truffle Yeoman?

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Allah. So little Baccarat batelco, Yeoman to Jonah v. Lala. And for the day when you will return back to Allah.

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I saw that we understand that.

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How do you understand the statement? And I bet seminoma they said that this was the last sort of revealed of the Quran and then others say that no, that was the last time

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I just gave you the answer.

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This was the last Sora in totality to be revealed. The last sorta in totality as one sorta was the ayah that was revealed as sort of Baccarat is is a part of sort of Bukhara which was revealed over a period of time.

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the Allah Subhana Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says either

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natural law he will fat Wolford when the

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when the aid of your loss of Hannah without his victory comes to you and the feds.

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The feds here is referring to the conquest of Mecca by consensus of the scholars and the conquest of Mecca. What happened in what year?

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What year was the conquest of Mecca fetch Mecca.

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The eighth year after the Angela was the conquest of Mecca The next year, the ninth year was known as the year of delegations.

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Food and so what are a ton

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of words and you see the people entering into the religion of Allah subhanaw taala in droves.

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So they will come and the year of the delegations in the ninth year they will come to Medina to meet the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and to get some instruction about Islam.

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Allah Subhana data informs the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he sees this happen when this occurs when this victory comes to you and the people begin to enter into Islam in droves, and to mention on the side, the powerless ally there was an upset about Islam layup lovin, Mr. Mandela laid on the heart. This affair that is Islam.

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We'll reach everywhere where the night and day has reached Danny, that is that Islam will reach the entire earth. And that allies have

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another narration of saying how these Muslims

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and their allies

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will cause people from every home to enter into this Deen of Islam.

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So how Allah even though the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam did not see that actualized and he didn't see Islam spread to the far east into the far west. He still sallallahu wasallam informed us about its about its occurrence and we see it. We see it today how far Islam has spread and how many people have entered into Islam.

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In waves or in droves, as I mentioned, as it's mentioned here, so what should the province of the light is seldom do when that is the case? Allah subhanaw taala says to the Prophet precept be behind the Rebecca was stuffit. I'm going to stop here for a second because we need to understand what this means, for some,

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for Sabir, to say what Subhana Allah

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is to say Alhamdulillah or something along those lines. So we have Subhana Allah and we have Alhamdulillah. And many of you may remember that the state that statement of the province of the law it was sent away he said that the best of speech is for therefore phrases they are the best of speech, Subhana Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah Subhana Allah means that you declare that Allah Subhana Allah is flawless

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and that he is far above being described with any imperfection.

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So some of them translated as Glory be to Allah, if that's what you understand from Glory be to Allah.

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That you are declaring that Eliza Joe is flawless, and that he is far above any of the descriptions, the negative descriptions or negative attributes that people may attribute him

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I hamdulillah means that you show your gratitude to Eliza Joe and you praise Allah Subhana data and unhemmed also also is inclusive and must have it must have a habit to ettalhi Jani, there has to be the feelings of love and purification

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along with the gratitude that you saw last time $1 and the thanks

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for sub B be handy.

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the scholars have to CSA that the be hemby the bat here there's a bat that it is called bamboo Sahaba which means that you do these things at the same time. So while you are declaring that Eliza gel is flot, flawless and far above imperfections, you also affirm

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Allah Subhana Allah His greatness and you affirm that he is the one who is worthy of praise and worthy of the gratitude for some big behind the rubbish

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and we're looking when we see that these two have been combined in many other statements of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Kelly mitanni, Kofi vitani, Alison tequila

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Danny Habib attorney law many

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law he will be handy.

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handy. So hello, I love him.

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But there are two statements that are light on the tongue heavy in the skills but love to Iraq man, but love to Allah Subhana Allah with me, Suppan Allahu la veem

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I saw the low tide and

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she said that when this surah was revealed

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that the province of the law it was

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used to say, often in his record, and in his panic alarm, we'll be having Nick alarm

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for Saturday

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and seek His forgiveness. So the privacy law that he was selling was a subhanak alarm, panic, alarm homophily.

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I mean, he was implementing what was revealed in the Quran. And we should have listened to this and just listened to it as that's a nice thing to know.

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But we need to do as the province of lighter Selim did, in in our record, and then I should say subhanak alarm or behenic, or subhanak allama robina was 102 narrations allama, we should say, and what should one be thinking about when he asked Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, because forgiveness includes two things and you need to know both of these meanings because when you say I stuck with a law, this is what you're asking for. The first one is that Allah, as Odell conceals your sin for you, and that he doesn't expose it,

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a set of yonny that he conceals it, that he doesn't expose that sin to others.

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That is one thing that we're asking for when you ask for it. The second thing is to gels that allows paradata overlooks the sin that he doesn't hold you accountable for it.

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And there's a difference between estate fraud and Elavil. Yes, once

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we make these do our the time do we know what we're really asking for that we will

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You know, when we say a lot I mean the guy flew home to his wife were five for any

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law. You are the partner

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to him.

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You love pardoning, so Pardon me. That pardoning is different than

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pardoning is that you're asking the last dollar to totally erase the sin and its consequences.

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Which is different. Instead, Rob, is to ask the last pellet to Allah to cover it up for you,

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and to not hold you accountable for it.

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And the result is the same as shallow to either that Eliza Joe forgives you for that and he forgives you of all of your sins, but we need to know where we're asking Allah Subhana Allah for a bit behind the law because stuff is a very powerful statement, but some bit behind the lot bigger was stuck.

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In Canada, whether he is the one who is oft

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Forgiving, the one who accepts repentance subhana wa Tada. So one rule is one who is truthful, in his is still far. analyzer. Joe will accept that from him and will answer his do I and forgive him for doing so.

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This sorter is also called, along with being called soda to nosode. And that's his most famous name. It's also called soda. toady.

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soret. Tobia

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why again, is this good to know? Because you might be reading something, especially for the two level and you might be reading something where a scholar refers to sort of to toe to toe da if you've never heard of it before, it may take you for a spin. Because you start thinking from the beginning, okay, we have fat you have buckled on it in mind, we said we're just sort of topia coming.

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What sorta is that they call it sort of to toe they're familiar with that. Not all of you know what that was, had to do with that.

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The last one the farewell. This is the farewell sutra is the last sort of that was revealed in the Quran.

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And it was a precursor to the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Let's look at the best one of the youngest of the companions of the messages of a lion he was

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he was the one whom the prophets of Allah they were Salaam may do it for alarma. For people who do that we'll Oh Allah give him 50 of the deen and teach him the interpretation of the Quran.

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When he was the Khalifa,

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when there will be problems,

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or issues that needed to be resolved, he would gather up the people of

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the people I've met that are those companions whom the prophets of the law it was alum who fought with the province of Laos, lm in the Battle of better.

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So all of them were Senior Companions. None of them were young at the time of the low tide No.

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So in these gatherings, that was specific to the

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people of

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the low tide and who used to bring him in, I bashed with him.

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And notice this is not something this is this isn't a way of flattering it but I bet if it was about flat or even about its own son, they were similar in age, if it was similar in age even I bet was actually a little it was actually younger than me.

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So if it had been a matter of flattering would have bought his own son in and no, but it wasn't about that it was because it'd be not best had knowledge and knowledge of the beam. And so that raised the status and knowledge of the beam raise raises one status.

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And so

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the low tide and who saw that? It was as if some of the Senior Companions felt uncomfortable with it when I best be in there. Why is this young? Kid basically why is why is this young guy with us, all of us? 15 and 16 years old, and there's this young guy, what why do you have him here? And so one of the low tide and who

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asked them about sort of NASA

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and NASA me.

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So I mentioned similar to what we just mentioned right now.

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It's the last sort of Rebuild of the Koran and the sun was commanded to you know, make a test be a hotel meet and instead falling like this, which is true.

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So then he asked

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what what is what does this mean? And he said who was who is

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Law is a law it was telling you

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that this is the

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death of the prophets of the law it was his term is up

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at the end of his term solo law it was alum

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knew he that he has been informed that he This is your

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death certificate coming to you a death notification that Your time is up.

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Why is the time of the prophet SAW the light it was sent him up because he finished his job. So the law it was in the mecca had been conquered. All of the lands around had been conquered at that particular time the Dow was spreading, there was no obstacle

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and the promise of a lot It was selling witness to people coming to Medina in droves and in waves, one delegation after the other teaching them what they needed to know about the essential aspects of Islam.

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So Allah azza wa jal is informing him, your job is done, now busy yourself with praising Allah azza wa jal and thanking Him

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and declaring his his oneness and declaring that he is free of all imperfections and seek forgiveness in preparation for your meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And even a verse by the Allahu taala in Houma, as well as Abu Bakar they are the narrations that mentioned every book about the low tide, no mention the same thing about the sort of the low tide and who said and I don't know about this sort of except for what you know, he said that to my best to show everyone around, that this young man is sitting with us because of his mechanic because of his status and the deed. And because of the knowledge that he has.

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And this is why he is with us. And in some narrations, some of the Tabby asked him when I best How did you know

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that this was the death notification of the province of light, it was telling me he said because he was commanded with the listed farm. And at the end of righteous actions, we finished them with a State Farm. So when you finish the law, when you finish the law, you say I stopped,

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I still put a lot of stuff into law

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at the end of Hajj

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before that

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was talking to law.

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See, this is after our well had you out of the provinces Adamson and then go where the people have gone and seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So here we see the

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The other aspect of the surah. And that's important to know because that is not going to be some handle on that aspect of Tibetan Koran and pondering over the meanings of the Quran. It's not something that is opened up for everyone. But Eliza Joe, Danny gives his famous in his gifts to whom He wills from his servants and Opus with them those subtle meanings that don't contradict there's no contradiction between this meaning and the meanings that we've seen from soda to NASA but they're more subtle meanings that have been discussed by Gemini by us and others for most of us.