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The importance of learning to stay in and being aware of one's thoughts and actions is emphasized, as it is crucial for avoiding distraction and being reminded of one's actions. The speaker discusses various scenarios and struggles of the past, including the loss of privacy and the loss of people's ability to feel. The segment also touches on the importance of forgiveness and embracing mistakes in human life, and reminds people about upcoming events and programs at the start of the year.

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In the last module who want to stay in or who and I still feel who want to study.

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When I read the villa Himanshu Laurie and fusina women say tr Marina Mia de la hora de forma de la mejor de de Da Hua de Yama*a, Chateau La La La Jolla hula sharika wash. Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira yeah you Hillary in a minute topo la hapa to party he. Mouton. 11 to Muslim on yohannes otaku Bakula de la mina Suma de la la mina has Oda her best I mean humare Jada and Kathy are manisa with De La Hoya de Luna B he will or ham in a la Hakuna la cumbre Teva. Yeah, you hella Rena Amano, tipo de La Hoya punto de de la Kumara como de la Koo bakhoum woman nuclear ala hora Sula, who hakoda foes and our Lima after

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thinking and praising Allah, for which he is most entitled, of our praise and our gratitude, we ask Allah for forgiveness and we ask Allah for guidance. We ask Allah to keep us steadfast upon his guidance. And we ask Allah to shower our beloved messenger with compliments and salutations, along with his family and his companions and all of those who follow his tradition until the end of time.

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Allah subhana wa tada in the end commands us and reminds us over and over, because one of our weaknesses as human beings is that we forget one of our weaknesses as human beings is we get distracted. One of our weaknesses as human beings is we lose focus. And Allah created us and he knows us better than we know ourselves. So a lot repeated over and over again have Taqwa of Allah, be conscious, be aware, be reminded. Know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is aware of your thoughts and your statements and your actions, like offer at a one fifth of the summer. There is not a single thing in the heavens or the earth that goes without Allah subhanho wa Taala knowing and decreeing

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exactly its movement, the poet said the darkest and on the darkest rock, in the darkest of nights, Allahu Subhana. Allah is aware of every single one of its steps. So let us remember that we are in the month we were supposed to be renewing and increasing our temple of Allah subhana wa Tada. Making sure that we do what Allah commanded us to do, and we stay away from what he prohibited. My teacher used to always repeat, we face the problems that we face in our life because our emitted more output when our human Taka, Allah commanded us to do things we haven't done and unlock commanded us to stay away from things we've done them.

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That is taqwa that is piety, to abstain from what a law prohibited and to fulfill what he commanded. How beautiful is this gathering of ours today? I just can't help but emphasize and mention it, that we are gathered in the greatest act of worship of the week. On the greatest day of the week. In the greatest possible place the house of Allah subhanahu wa tada in the best month

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of the year, the month of Ramadan. Allahu subhana wa Taala selected and chose the month and the days of this month to reveal his words the greatest and most pure and perfect of words that

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we think in praise Allah for having the opportunity to be here and to witness such days and nights and such occasions. How great of a blessing of Allah subhanahu wa tada upon us, that we can actually be here and witness these moments.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understood the gravity of these moments, he fully understood the value of the moments that we are living in right now. And that is why in the famous Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as reported to us by the trustworthy and honorable companion, Abu hooray Allah, Allah be pleased with him and with all of the companions of the messenger. He said that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he stood up to the pulpit to deliver the sermon. And just like we have a few steps, before the Imam rises, the prophet had a couple of steps before he rose up to address his community. But the profits of the long run he was

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in them did something that seemed strange to them. And they didn't understand why it wasn't his usual habit. He took a step upwards, and then he paused and he out loud said, I mean,

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then he took another step, then pause, then he said, mean, then he took a third step. Then he paused. And again, he said out loud, I mean, what does this word mean?

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actually mean? We say that the end of sort of idea for example, that's when most of us hear it. We say it whenever we're making sure our someone is making sure we say it at the end of their door at the end of their prayer and supplication. It means Allah home, Mr. Gibb

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Oh Allah answer this prayer.

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So when the Prophet said a long ride, it was still unfinished. Naturally the Sahaba were inquisitive, because they love to learn every minute detail of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam You know why? Because they loved him.

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They wanted to learn every minute detail of his life and his actions and his statements because they loved him and because they trusted him and because they wanted to be like him.

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So when we profess our love for the Messenger of Allah, let us make sure that our attitude and our habits are appropriate with that statement. So they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam We heard you say this, mean, but what are you saying? I mean to What are you saying? I mean for and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that jabril came to me.

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He said that the angel Djibouti array he said I'm came to me in Nigeria attorney call manager Akasha Hello, Robin. What am your father had enough? abeja Hola, amin, Amin.

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May Allah protect us from the punishment of the hellfire. The Prophet said jabril came to me and said, that person that is alive in these moments of ours. That person that is witnessing the moments the days of Ramadan, they're here, they're alive. We're not talking about those that have died already there in their graves. Allah showered them with his mercy and forgiveness. We're talking about you and me who are alive. Our hearts are pumping, our lungs are breathing. We're here in blah, blah, blah. And the Prophet said, God told me those people you and I, who witnessed the Ramadan, Ramadan comes and passes because it's a period of time, time doesn't stop for anyone. It continues

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going. So Ramadan came and passed. And they were not amongst those that were forgiven during this time of Ramadan.

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So May Allah push them far away? Say I mean, oh, Mohammed, the messenger said, I mean,

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the one who has the opportunity to be forgiven during the month of Ramadan, but yet for some reason, due to their negligence due to their shortcomings due to their lack of taking these days seriously and valuing them, they were not amongst those that were forgiven. So May Allah push them far away.

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And the messenger said, I mean to that Dora.

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I mean to that Dora.

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May Allah make us of those who witnessed Ramadan and are forgiven. In this month of Ramadan. The Hadith continues and the Prophet mentioned two other scenarios in the same manner. The second scenario is the one who is alive while their parents are also alive, but they are not dutiful towards their parents. They are not kind and good and obedient towards their parents. So therefore they are not forgiven. So they will enter the hellfire. May Allah push them away, say I mean, oh, Mohammed, he said, I mean, it is salatu salam, the third scenario, the one whose name of Mohammed is mentioned in front of him or her. And they don't take the opportunity to say complements and

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salutations of Allah upon the source of mercy for all mankind. And they're not forgiven for making that compliment and salutation they end up being of the people of hellfire. May Allah push them away, say I mean, oh, Mohammed, the prophet said, I mean,

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opportunities for the slate to be cleaned.

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And those opportunities are not taken advantage of. Last week in the hotel, we spoke about money, and we spoke about debt.

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For someone who's not in debt or has never been in debt, perhaps it's hard for you to imagine. Everyone else who's experienced it might be able to relate. Imagine someone is drowning in debt.

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Hundreds of 1000s of dollars.

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And there is no possible way out

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the numbers once they crunch the numbers, it seems they will die with this debt.

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Imagine the burden that that person feels anyone who's been in debt and has been bothered about it. If you're not bothered about it, then we need to review last week's hold about but if you've been bothered about it, it's something that pains you when you go to bed at night. And it pains you when you wake up in the morning. It is a heavy load that you are dragging with you With every step you take.

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And imagine someone comes and says your entire debt is covered. It's gone.

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Can you imagine the relief that such a person would feel? Can you imagine how light they would feel on their feet? Can you imagine how much more they would appreciate whatever wealth they had, no matter how small it was.

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It's time we adjust our attitude and our mindset to feel that way about our poor choices. To feel

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You know that our mistakes and our poor choices that we make in a time of negligence and a time of laziness in a time of succumbing to our desires is an actual weight that we carry on our shoulders and drag with our ankles.

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And Ramadan is one of those opportunities for that to be cleared and removed, so you can be light again, so you can bounce and take a step and feel like gravity is doing less work on you.

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It's the mouthfeel of the month of Ramadan, the mouthfeel of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The question is often posed, I've made a mistake, I've done something wrong, what do I do about it? It may seem very simple, but you'd be surprised how much the question is asked and repeated. And I cannot find a more beautiful example to express how to cleanse ourselves of our poor choices. Then the story of our beautiful messenger Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam in Surah Toka sauce. And by the way, this story takes place before most I became a prophet when he was most Abner and Milan, a community member of many isela in a living in the place known today as Egypt. So Moosa when he reached

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maturity and strength, and he finally took a step outside of the compound to fit our own where he grew up and wanted to interact with people and see the world around him.

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He stepped out and so tell us chapter 28 Allah subhanho wa Taala says what the hell Medina tala Haney have let him in earlier for Jeff Ihara. urania potty Ron has I mean, she it he has I mean, I do we first author who let me share it here I mean, I do we for workers who move Sahaba Li, Allah says that Musa went into the city center at a time when most people were not out and about it was relatively empty and quiet. And Moses stumbled upon two men that were fiercely fighting. One of them happened to be from his people, when he saw him who were a people that were oppressed and subjugated, and persecuted and abused. And the other person was from the aristocrats from the people

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of fitter own. Those people that claimed to have more right over that land.

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And they were fighting fiercely. So the man from Benny isalean recognizes Moosa, that's Moosa. That's my brother from Benny Estella he, he will come and support me so he cried out to him and stuff I thought, who he cried out to Him save me I'm going to be destroyed this guy is going to kill me, save me. So Moosa immediately stepped in intervened and struck that man with a closed hand what cuz bottle button below million, struck him with a closed hand, and mysteriously, remarkably, shockingly, that mind died upon impact.

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Very strange. Nobody usually dies from one strike of that nature. But the man died was that was very strong. He didn't even fully realize the own power of his strike. Moosa himself was the first to be shocked and taken aback. by that. I mean, I'm a shaman in Lahore, I do want to learn mubin, Musa said definitely Shetland is involved in this matter. He has taken advantage he has gotten the better of me, and shavon is one that leads astray. He's a clear enemy.

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Immediately What did Moosa do

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immediately, he said, All around the inia gram to NFC. folfiri li farfalla. Immediately, Moosa cried out to his Lord, I'll be Oh my Lord, my master, my Creator, my sustainer, my nourisher. All of that is in this beautiful word these two letters of autumn. Yeah. When is the last time that when we felt ashamed because of the mistake that we did. We felt close enough to our club to call out to Him yob.

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I have wronged myself.

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What I'm doing FC Moosa affirms his mistake I've wronged myself fell virally. So forgive me, Oh Allah, a lot of firms and proclaims without a shadow of doubt for half Allah, Allah forgive him.

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For her father in law, who who Allah for him, and of course Allah would do such Allah is the most forgiving, the ever most merciful.

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Musa continues and he says, I'll be again he calls up to his Lord and Master. I'd be be mad. And I'm Talia. ferlin coo and over here on lil Mooji mean, my Lord and Master, you have blessed me with so many blessings. So many gifts.

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So much that you have given me

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because of my gratitude for

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All of this that you have bestowed upon me, Oh Allah, I will never be an assistant to criminals or their criminal activity.

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Len akuna vorherigen Lil moogerah mean, I will never take part in criminal activity, I will never be a part of them I will never help or support them.

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These were the words of the Beloved Prophet and Messenger Moosa. After falling into a grave mistake, he acted in haste. He was well intentioned, he wanted to reconcile between two people fighting he wanted to save his fellow brother and from Benny epsilon in from being destroyed, well intentioned, the root and I say with certainty, Moosa never meant for that man today, it was accidental.

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It was not murder. There was no intention of killing some people. ignorantly they say, oh, remember the story when Moosa murdered that men that is a wrong statement, murder implies malice, it implies the intention to cause harm of that nature.

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This was completely accidental, but it was a problem. And it was not right. And Moosa was the first to admit it. And he immediately asked Allah for forgiveness, and Allah forgave him. And he made a commitment for change. otomatis maranoa Sofitel La Jolla What are commonly cited in Muslim minimalism infrastop Pharaoh in a hula for him repent to Allah for he is the most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Adam and Lana via VEDA

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I love masala Selim, what was the robotic?

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As I said, you know, have you been Mohammed early? He was lucky he was a limited Sleeman Cathy Allah but Allah hooter Baraka with our Allah What up it was Selena Latina or tuna Kitab me in Cabo de como, el camino de la. After thanking and praising Allah, we beseech him to shower our beloved messenger with compliments and salutations. And remember that Allah in the Quran said, the command to the nations before you end you have the Quran of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to have what is to be conscious and aware of Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times.

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were reflecting over the experience of Musa when a man accidentally died at his hands. And Moses response gives us the three pillars of repentance of forgiveness. Sometimes when we make a mistake, especially if it's a very big one, we're overcome with feelings of guilt.

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Perhaps that might even go beyond that which is not healthy, and it becomes shame. See, guilt in small doses is good because it pushes us to want to change it's a feeling of discomfort. But when a person reaches the level of shame, then they feel that they themselves are bad or impure or messed up. And that's not productive. That's not efficient.

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Oftentimes, a person can feel so burdened, they feel stuck, there's no way I can compensate or I can recover from my wrong.

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But Allah subhana wa tada in this perfect dean of hours that he has blessed us with has given us a way out from even the darkest moments after the worst of mistakes that we could possibly commit.

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And so through this story of Musa Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the three pillars of repentance, of growth of development, and of positive change, which we should implement now in Ramadan. Because the doors of Allah's forgiveness are always open, they're especially open and Ramadan. The first is to admit wrong, there cannot be any forgiveness when there is denial, there cannot be growth, there cannot be development when there is denial.

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no apology is accepted when it is just thrown out as a token word, but the person does not admit that they did something wrong.

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We have to affirm that we make mistakes and we made a mistake. And there is nothing shameful about that. Because the greatest humans to walk the face of the earth admitted that they made mistakes, or B enable them to NFC, our mother and father Adam and her work, who we all descended from. We're the first of creation of human beings and they were the first to admit on our banner of alumna and Susannah fulfill Anna for inlanta villa. Now what are Hamlet and akuna minal caecilian Oh Allah, we've wronged ourselves if you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, will be of the losers.

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So do we expect we won't be in the same situation to of course we will find ourselves in a position where we must cry out to Allah subhana wa Tada. And number one, our messenger Moosa teaches us admit the mistake

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Admit it, admit the mistake. And number two, Moosa begs Allah for forgiveness, ask for forgiveness. ask Allah for forgiveness and ask those who you've wronged or you've heard for forgiveness.

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And number three, Moosa teaches us to make a commitment for change.

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And depending on what the mistake we have made is, it may be necessary. And please pay attention to this point, as we come to a close, this is very crucial. This is something that a lot of people don't pay attention to. Many times someone may do something wrong, and then they they recognize it's wrong. They ask a lot for forgiveness they may make throughout the whole night and shed buckets of tears. But they don't take any steps. They don't take any concrete steps to make up that mistake, or to make sure they don't fall into it again. that's problematic. That's there's some deficiency there. So if the mistake, for example, is an addiction, well, we know somehow last night, we had a

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riveting conversation with a therapist, who was telling us about the the growing the astronomical figures and cases of addictions, internet addictions, pornography, addictions, all kinds of ailments that people are struggling with. And we know that if a person does not seek the appropriate therapy, it is almost impossible for them to overcome those addictions. It's very, very difficult. And Allah subhanho wa Taala told us to take with us, Bob, to take by all possible exhaust all means available to you, the person who goes out searching for all possible cures and means of help. That is a person who's serious about their Toba.

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That is a person who's serious about change.

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That is a person who is passionate about developing and growing and using that mistake or that sin or that crime as a turning point, the great scholar entertainment law here it said, it is possible that the greatest of sins could be the cause for someone to be the greatest of believers. Because they use that moment as a turning point in their life.

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Move towards Allah subhanho wa Taala with sincerity and with passion. And Allah said in the Quran, fulfill rule a llama race to Allah go move for a Natasha Boone. Where are you going to go?

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What on earth other than Allah earth will you go on? What food will you eat other than the food that Allah gave you? What oxygen Will you breathe other than the oxygen Allah gave you? Where will you possibly go except to your grave which will lead you back to your Creator?

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run from the anger of Allah

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to the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. The only way to escape the punishment of Allah is to run to the forgiveness and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah make us of those who feel the value of the days of Ramadan and use it as a turning point in their life may Allah make us of those who seek forgiveness. May Allah make us of those who conclude this month of Ramadan and it will be said to them, You are forgiven. May Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah grant us the wisdom and the intelligence and the maturity to admit our mistakes. May Allah protect us from being in a state of denial. May Allah protect us from being so ignorant and arrogant

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that we deny our mistakes and our shortcomings. May Allah make us of those who recite the Quran and read the stories of the Quran and contemplate and ponder and reflect upon them and apply them into our lives. Before we close, we should remember that the last 10 nights of Ramadan are approaching and they are the most special nights of the month of Ramadan and of the entire year. And so it behooves us to take advantage of these nights and push ourselves as much as we possibly can. So for that, we will be having extra 200 extra slot in the nights of Ramadan here at the masjid. And that begins on Saturday night, which is technically Sunday, it's after midnight. So it officially begins

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Sunday, but that's later in the night after Saturday, that begins at 2am from 2am to 330. And support will be provided so we don't need to worry about having our meal in that time. Again, we remind everyone about the Affordable Hej package led by our chef Muslim aroma from August five to 17. And again, we remind you about the Young Scholars Program that the social community is putting on for boys and girls ages seven to nine during Friday, Friday and Saturday nights during the total week. So please register your children in that age range for this

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program and take advantage of this and all the other programs brought to you by your brought to you by your local Masjid. We ask Allah subhanho data to make use of those who listen and follow the best of what they hear. You know if your junior has an affiliate affiliate he has an inner urban now Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed k masala Tara hemara him in nikka Jaime de Madrid robotic IRA Mohammed Mohammed komaba Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim inika homido Majeed,

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law working on law work well, Shadow La Ilaha Illa law