Mohammed Mana – Jumuah Khutbah August 9, 2019

Mohammed Mana
AI: Summary © The ADharim is the creation of shaping the universe, and it is the day of graduation for the upcoming weekend. The success of Islam's message of gratitude and forgiveness is highlighted, along with the importance of the day's date, which is the 10th day of the month. The importance of acceptance and following the Deens is emphasized, along with the need for rewarding employees and maximizing opportunities. The success of Islam's message of gratitude and forgiveness is also highlighted, along with the importance of fasting and avoiding harmsome activities. The importance of not overcoming fear and embracing the truth is emphasized, as it is the best date to make outbound events.
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In a hamdulillah no matter who want to stay in or who want to still futile who want to study, whenever the villa Himanshu, Rory and fusina women say Dr. Molina mejor de la huhtala Fela mobila woman you Bluefin todo de Yamashita Chateau La Ilaha Illa la hora de cara or shadow Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah. And you will Edina mn otaku la haka to party he was in LA to Muslim moon. Yeah, you know, sutopo Bakula? De hora de Kooning, FC wahida. Mahara caminhada jaha Bertha mean humare Jaden Kathy along with Isa, what de la la de la luna B he will have him in the LA hurricane early kumala fever. Yeah, you heard

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Latina Amano De La Hoya de la la Kumara como de la ku con la la hora sudah, who has photos and alima we think and praise Allah subhana wa tada our Lord and Master and creator, our sustainer and our nourisher the one true God, we think and praise Allah for all of his blessings upon us. We ask Allah forgiveness for our mistakes and our forgetfulness and our lapses in judgment. We ask Allah for guidance and we ask Allah to keep us steadfast upon his guidance, and we bear witness that there is no one worthy to be worshipped except Allah alone. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is his last and final prophet and messenger. We begged a lot to shower our beloved

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messenger with compliments and salutations, along with his family and his companions, and all of those who follow his Sunnah his tradition, until the end of time. May Allah make us of those who recite and listen to the earn an act upon it. May Allah make us of those who are in love with the Messenger of Allah and His tradition and adhere to it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the urn

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reminded us because we are in need of reminders over and over again, to have more of him to be conscious and aware of Allahu subhana wa Tada. Not to fall in a state of heedlessness and forgetfulness. To Be careful not to be so distracted by the material possessions and by the events of the day and world such that we forget what our purpose in this life is, and where we will go after we depart from this life dakhla to fulfill what Allah commanded, and to abstain from what he prohibited, that is piety. That is what Allah is calling us to. As to what follows Allahu subhana wa tada created this universe and everything within it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala set a timetable, if

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you will, a calendar, a schedule for the Maha Leo cards for the creation to live by. In Salatu Toba Allah subhana wa tada said, in the tissue here in the La haefner Ashura Shahada vikita de la jolla Mahara personnel it will mean

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Allah subhana wa tada said that the year according to Allah, according to your Lord is 12 months.

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The years are divided into 12 months. And Allah said that's what he decreed in his book. From when Allah first created the heavens and the earth, mean her children. From these 12 months Allah subhanahu wa tada selected four of those months and preferred them and gave them an extra level of sanctity. An extra level of sanctity, they are more sacred a person should be more careful. In these months, they are special rulings and events pertaining to these months. And these four sacred months a Sharon Sharon are the ends, which we are in now, the 11th and the 12th month of the lunar calendar and we're held on the first month of the lunar calendar and then our job later on. We will have

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Roger Looky there Hey, Jim O'Hanlon and Roger asuran.

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Amongst these months, or the days of hedge, and Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about the days of hedge specifically in sola tillbaka Alhaji lumens hedge only takes place in a particular season and the pilgrims can begin can begin

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Their journey of hedge as early as the month of show well, so the season for hedge is show one and they're there and they're hedging. So from the whole year along with the panel, it's either made for months, months of sanctity, and from those months Allah subhana wa tada chose a few of them to be months for the season of Hajj, the pilgrimage and the great act of worship, they'll walk in the pillar of Islam known as an Hajj and from within those months Allahu Subhana, WA Tada. Again preferred certain days over others. And those are the days of the ledger that we have been blessed to be alive in and to witness these days, including today. Allahu subhana wa tada said Leah Shahada

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woman if you're either home. Kudos mala heafy, a yummy marilou met Allah subhanho wa Taala said so that they would make Vicar the believers they would remember Allah they would make statements of Vicar, La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar when in his hand, they would do this so much, a young man who met on specific dedicated days, the scholars and ignorant at best a great scholar and companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah Yama lumut v specifi days Allah is talking about here are the first 10 days of the hedger. Those are the days we are in now. And amongst these 10 days, is that day which is the most important day of the entire year, and of our entire lives, and

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that is the day of out of them. And Allahu subhana wa tada mentioned this day in multiple places in the Quran, Allah actually swore by these days, in Surah solfeggio, Allah subhana wa Taala said, whether you're in Nashville, and by the 10 nights, and a bus and the great scholar said those are the 10 days and nights of the hedger the first 10, Allah swore by them and by the way, Allah does not swear by anything, except if it is very important, if it is very valuable, and Allah wants us to direct our attention to this thing.

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So when Allah swears by these 10 days, and unlock and swear by anything that he wants from his creation, we only swear by Allah.

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But when Allah swears by these 10 days that automatically tells us that these are important days. It automatically tells us that they are very valuable in the sight of Allah. And true value is in that which Allah gives value to.

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In surah, Al borouge

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Allahu subhana wa tada

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began the solar power center era till when a young woman mount Ruud washer hidden woman shrewd. Allah swore by three days in particular and leiomyoma will route the promised guaranteed date. Our scholars have taught us that is your multi Anna. That is the day of judgment that is the day when everyone will return back to Allah subhana wa tada standing before him

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washa hidden womanhood

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showerhead, as it comes in the narration of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the day of Joomla this day that we are in today, this day that we witnessed every week your mobile Joomla the day of Friday, a day that perhaps we take it lightly. But it was the day that along with some had a hotel that created Adam on this day. It was the day that Allahu subhana wa tada began the creation of the heavens and the earth on this day. It was the day that along with it will be the day when Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause this universe to cease to exist.

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And dernier comes to an end and Asara begins on the day of Friday.

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So it's a day of great beginnings, and it will be a day of great endings.

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And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always moved when he would come to the day of Friday. Many of us take it lightly. It's just another day. We are taught in popular culture to say TGF why because the work day is coming to an end so we can party and we can vacation we can sleep late or whatever people want to do on this day. But on this day, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was thinking God that it was Friday but not because of any partying and not because of any weekend. But because it was a day that our creation began and it will be a day when we return back to the source of our creation, our Creator Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Shaheed the day of witness, and this day witnesses those who attended. Many people take the day of Friday lightly. They take the congregation of Juma lightly, but this day witnesses who is observing the remembrance of Allah on this day, and who is busy with other frivolous actions

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tivities one mesh hood. This comes back to our topic that I said, well my shoot is the day of alpha.

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It's the day of alpha. It's a day where we all witness and observe fasting on that day.

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And Allahu Subhana, WA tada and sort of infringer said Russia Free Will What? Allah swore by even days and by the odd days, and best again, this great scholar of the Quran, he said, we're sure Free

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Will with a shepherd, the even date, which is the 10th day of the Sunday, which is a day of read a day of celebration, you'll know a day of sacrifice for the sake of Allah. And what about the odd day, that is the day before it Saturday, this coming Saturday, you'll more alpha the ninth day of this month. It is an odd number, wish your free will. So Allah subhana wa tada is swearing by this day.

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There are so many things that make this day special, that necessitate that we remind each other about the importance of this day and we seize it, and we do what we're supposed to be doing on this day, which is coming tomorrow. First of all, Allah subhana wa tada spoke very highly of this date in the Quran, as we've heard, but also Allah informed us of special events that happened historically on this day. And then came to our pub. A man came to a pub and he was a Jewish man who was not Muslim. He was a Jewish men. Yet he had heard verses from the Quran.

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And he came to aroma and he said earlier to vikita become you all Muslims. Have a verse in your book, and you're an if this verse was revealed upon us,

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the Jewish people, we would have taken that day as a holiday.

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We would have taken this day as a day to celebrate. That's how powerful that verse is.

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And Omar said what versus not and the man recited the verse from saltalamacchia chapter number five, and Leona committed to the convener come to early come near MIT, worldly to the Kumu Islam Medina,

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Allahu subhana wa tada said on this day,

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and that was the day of our alpha. When this verse was revealed, Allah is saying, on this day, I have completed for you your religion, and I have perfected My blessings upon you. And I have chosen and selected and preferred for you. The Deen of Islam will lead to an akuna Islam, Medina, the way of life of Islam as your deen as your religion.

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Omar said, By Allah, we know what day this verse was revealed on. And we know where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was, when this verse was revealed, he said, it was revealed on the day of alpha, which also happened to be on a day of Friday, what sort of law he said along with us and then and the Messenger of Allah was standing in the place known as alpha.

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Alpha is not only the name of a date, but it is also the name of a place and that is because the judge the pilgrims all congregate on that place on the plane of alpha on that particular day.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is synced to His Messenger and Yama committed to the Kadena come, your religion is complete, there is no need for us to take away anything from this religion or to add anything to it unless and he completed it. And said also from the completion of the dean is that the Messenger of Allah and the Sahaba within performed Hajj, and hedges one of the pillars of Islam. Before then they hadn't performed the Messenger of Allah hadn't performed Hajj yet.

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So those of us that have not yet performed Hajj pilgrimage, there is still a pillar of our Deen that we have not completed.

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And so long as we have the ability to complete it, we should and if we have the ability to do it, and we are lazy, then shame on us. And if we don't have the ability, then glad tidings because Allah is the most forgiving, Most Merciful and a lot does not hold you accountable for that which you cannot do. And for those that have performed Hajj, glad tidings to you And may Allah accept from you are committed to the convener come, this religion of Allah is complete. Well, it's meant to be an equanimity and I have perfected my blessing upon you.

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And what is the greatest blessing of Allah Subhana horchata. Well, Allah indicated that to the Messenger of Allah in Surah to fetch in Africa, Catherine Medina Lee

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hillfield on a kilometer, put them in them because no matter how

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the forgiveness from Allah subhanahu wa Tada. If Allah were to forgive all of our mistakes and our poor choices, there is no greater blessing than we can ask for.

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And when the judge returned from hedge, if it is a accepted hedge, they return as if the day they were given birth by their mothers, meaning sinless, and then the day of alpha, it is a day when Allah loves to forgive. And Allah loves to answer the door of those calling upon him, even if they're not there and hatch, wherever they might be. on Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Earth and under his skies.

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Well it's meme to Allah come near Mati. On this day, Allah perfected his blessing. Well, I'll lead to that Kumar, Islam, Medina, and a lot can we pause and think about the beauty of these words for a moment. Allah is saying, well lead to Allah is speaking in his words in his book to you and I, Allah is saying, I chose for you my creation, Islam to be your deen

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and some people choose other than Islam to be their Deen. Allah chose this Deen for us as a blessing upon us and some people choose other than Islam for themselves.

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But rather a blessing will lead to the Rebbe. Allah is pleased

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and what is more important than the pleasure of Allah? Allah is pleased with us.

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Accepting and following his Deen of Islam is not my Deen. It's not yours. It's the deen of Allah. It's the Dean of our Creator and the creator of everything in existence. It's not men made it's not by any scholarly effort.

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It is the deen of Allah. Allah is saying on this day he is so pleased to have you follow the deen of Islam.

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What led to the common Islam Medina.

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So Allah subhana wa tada is praising this day so much in the Quran. And Allah is telling us about great things that happened on this day.

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Why do we have these days that are so important that we remind each other of if you recall, just a couple of months ago, we were talking about the importance of leadership, and the last few nights of Ramadan, the days and the nights of Ramadan. And every year we remind each other about this because we need reminders. That's what we're here for on tomorrow to remind each other.

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If you recall just a couple of months ago when we talked about later to budget, we said there are enough to see in Surah Al Qaeda when Allah said that night is greater than 1000 nights of worship.

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The scholars mentioned the narration

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in which it is said

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that the nations before us before the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam 1000s of years ago.

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They had longer lifespans. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said Mr. rometty, being a 16 was submarine. The average lifespan of myeloma is usually between 60 or 70 years old. Some people live shorter lives than that, and some people live longer. But most people fall within this range give or take.

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It is said that a woman from the previous nations long ago who had long lifespans,

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a son of hers had died.

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This mother lost a son of hers, and he died.

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And the age at which he died. He had lived a few 100 years already

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a few 100 years already and then he died. And she was sad that he died young.

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Young for us, not for them. They had longer lifespans. So someone came to console her and it was sent to her and oma will come much later after you. That's you and I that Mohammed Salah it was alum, there will be a nation that will come they will have their messenger, they will come later after you their average lifespan is 60 or 70 years.

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And she was shocked by this news. That's it. That's all that they're gonna have to live just 60 or 70 years, just a few decades. That's so short. And she said by Allah, if that was my life span, I would spend my entire life in one sujood to Allah in one prostration to Allah.

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Because the owner of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah chose for us to have shorter lifespans than many of the nations before us. Allah gave us opportunities more than other nations before us, like later to where one night of worship is great.

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Than 1000 months, like the day of alpha, one day in which Allah subhana wa tada loves to forgive people of their past year of sins and of their next year to come. One day of fasting is equivalent to two years of expiation and protection from Allah subhanho wa Tada. Small deeds with great reward. That's because the last merciful Allah did not reduce our lifespans compared to other nations without giving us other opportunities to also Excel and have more rewards. The LMS said this is the life the year of the believer. The year of the moment is they are rotating between one season of Riba to another one season of opportunity to another a couple of months ago, we had this season of

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Ramadan, we should have taken advantage of it, Some time passed. Now there is the season of the hedger and the day of Elijah another opportunity a lot continuously throughout the year throughout the year, it gives us days and nights where you have an extra push, do more and a level multiply and give you more and allows the most forgiving, the most generous, the Most Merciful photomedicine maranoa. So federal law it would have come first off euro Jolla Fiddler come repent to Allah for he is the most forgiving, Most Merciful

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hamdulillah here Allah is any shockula who Allah to feel he won't in any

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way shadow en la la la la la la la sharika de Lima Alicia

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what a shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh era dhwani Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was watching me he was in limited Sleeman kathira after thinking and praising Allah and beseeching him to shower his blessings and compliments upon the Messenger of Allah. We remind each other again on this day of Juma as we spoke about it earlier, that we renew our taqwa of Allah whenever there was slain and living in Kitab em in public como el camino, Allah, Allah commanded the nations before us and this as well. The people of taqwa the people of piety, be people who remember Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, that's a coup can live in and so La Jolla and Sam and fossa home, don't

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be like those who forgot about Allah who were heedless. So a lot cause them to forget what was good for them. Let us remember Allah subhanho wa Tada. And that is an important segue. What should we be doing on this day of alpha?

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Tomorrow? What is the best way to capitalize on this day and to maximize our opportunity? First of all, it is a vicar of Allah, the vicar of Allah.

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As we said, Allah in the Quran said we have the coolest way of Kuru, Kuru lat way the Quran Allah He, me and Matt, hello Matt, that they do Vicar of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, c'est la isla de la to heal and say Allahu Akbar, to Kabir and say, to Hamid on hamdulillah. So we should be doing that a lot. And specifically, we should be doing it regularly starting from federal Salah tomorrow, all throughout these 10 days we should have been doing it. But the specific liquor begins on the day of alpha after fudger according to some of the companions of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the greatest day the sun ever rose upon is the day of alpha. And the best thing that I said and the messengers before me, not you know in La la de la sharika lah who

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were who are at a coalition in Kaduna. That's the best thing, the Messenger of Allah saying, that's the best thing I said, and the messengers before me, the greatest people to walk the earth, we should follow their example. There is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. No partners does he have To Him belongs all dominion and all might and he is capable of doing whatever he wills, we should be addicted to this statement and this phrase, especially on the day of alpha, it should be on our tongues all throughout the day.

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Number two is

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the profit sort of longer it was sent him said he would do duralumin alpha. The Prophet said the best you can make is the DA you make on the day of alpha. Many people think this is only for those making hedge. Now, while the people making hedge have combined the blessing of time, with the blessing of space, they're in a blessing place out of blessing time. We haven't had the opportunity to be in that blessing place. But we do have the blessing of the time, the date of alpha. And when the messenger said the best is the director of developer he didn't say only for those making Kage it up

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lies to all the believers no matter where they are or what circumstance they're in. Many times people hear of someone they know going for Hajj. So they implore them make dua for me on Alibaba, you can make draft for yourself on the day of elephant no matter where you are on Earth.

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Because to Allah belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. So we should be making a lot of dirt on this day, because this is the best date for us to be making out of the entire year and out of our lives. Number three, the third thing that we should do, well, actually, it's what we shouldn't do.

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It's what we should not do.

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A man came to the Messenger of Allah and the Messenger of Allah was encouraging to do different acts of goodness, do this and do this and do this. So the man asked Allah as the Messenger of Allah, what if I can't do those things? The Messenger of Allah said, then hold back your evil.

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Don't do any wrong. If you can't do something good, then at least stop yourself from doing that which is harmful, physically harmful, financially harmful, spiritually harmful.

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These days are not only days where blessings are encouraged, but there are also days where wrongdoing should be abstained from if we have certain sins that we are negligent about, and we fall into them over and over again, let us stop ourselves at least on these days, because these are holy days, these are days of Allah.

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So what we can do is also what we cannot do, which is abstain from harming ourselves and from harming others on these special days. And finally, one of the greatest things we can do and we mentioned this earlier is slim fasting on this day, because the Messenger of Allah said it expats the sins of the past year, and the year to come with a huge reward for one day of fasting.

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So do not miss the opportunity to fast on this day of alpha.

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Before we close a few important announcements regarding the activities and the read Sala here. As you know tonight, we have the Friday family night program. We'll have Dr. Emad with us tonight. And the topic is optimism, maintaining hope and Allahu soprano Terada that begins tonight at 8pm.

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On Sunday, before read on Sunday before he there's fudger. We're also supposed to prefer to on a day as well, we all know that. On Sunday, February time at the masjid will change to 5:30am. Starting on Sunday, which is the day of read and speaking of read, we will have to read holebas to accommodate for the large number of people here at the masjid. So as law will be held here at the masjid, the first one will be at 7am. And the second one will be at 8:30am. And as you may have noticed when you are pulling in today that there's quite a bit of construction on the street outside, you can imagine that that's going to cause some kind of delays. So make sure you come early. Because we will begin

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on time, we will begin at 7am sharp and at 8:30am sharp respectively. And there's additional parking available for you in the Skechers parking lot from 6am to 9:45am. And to further the celebration of a domestic is hosting a picnic. And that will be on Sunday, August 18 at the arbor Regional Park and you can get your tickets for that on your way outside or from the masjid office. So keep that in mind. And when you come for the insula, come early and bring your entire family the prophets have a long way to send I'm encouraged everyone to attend to eat Salah even the women who are on their menstrual cycle who are not performing Saba the Messenger of Allah still encourage them to come and

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attend and listen to the whole tuba. And on that note, many people do the two hours of rehearsal and then they leave. Now if you must leave due to extraneous circumstances, then so be it. But otherwise you should remain for the Altima. It will be short and concise, but it is an important reminder and it is also part of the read.

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act of worship. So we should attend the sauna and the hotel as well both We ask Allah subhana wa tada to show us the truth and help us to follow it and to show us the falsehood and protect us from it. lambertian and what happened was on a tea bag, I didn't know about the rebellion and what is interesting about multibeast in Ireland definitely will save us from confusion that will lead us astray mobilenet Tina Fey jr has an awful lot he has an Athena as either one hour long machine Madonna muslimeen or Camila Hamilton omoton muslimin llama farraj humble Mohammed amin on a fiscal belly microbeam workload the Dina and Isla de Nene are suddenly will judge I will Musa fearing, Oh

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Allah give good health to those amongst those that are sick and Ola forgiven have mercy upon those who have passed away or law grant ease and comfort for those that are struggling in different ways in their life or law help those that are in debt to pay off their debts and become debt free.

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Oli gives good health and safety to those performing hedge and those traveling so they returned to us into their families safely with an accepted hedge from you Oh Allah and Allah help us to perform hedge in the years to come all those who have not made hedge or not accept their intention and grant them the ability to perform hedge for your sake Oh Allah, La Masada Mohammed Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed Al Baqarah Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim in nica, Jaime de Majeed

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