Ghanian Pastor Convinces Muslims

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Moses, and you know, Isaiah.

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Okay, yeah. What was? What was the nature of that God? So how did Abraham and Moses and Isaac understand God? Did they understand him as a trinity? Or did they understand them? as one monotheistic God?

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His spiritual being?

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You can see he is.

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Yes, okay. And that evidence can be shown can be seen in the greater the critics around or they see the

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decrease without being too happy.

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We believe that that is yes. But then the Bible tells us that he says, he cannot see he.

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Perfect. So when you read john, chapter four, and verse 24, he says that God is a spirit, and those worshiping Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth, john 424. And the Bible tells us that in the past, some servants of God worshipping people like Abraham, Isaac, and

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those servants of God who worship him faithfully, they believe that he existed. They believed in him, you understand? And they believe that God is only one is not three gods in one as people do they teach.

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So when you read

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the Toronto mystics best for you, Toronto, me, chapter six was for it.

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And I want to read it to your

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mother, no, yes. Deuteronomy, chapter six and verse four.

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It says, listing Oh is right. yova Our goal is one Jehovah.

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You see, so God is only one. But today, some churches teach that God is divided into three parts. Are you Java's witness? Can you

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please, that God is divided into three, namely, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God Himself. But there's only one God? No, the Bible doesn't teach that.

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Right now, God is only one, even Jesus Christ himself when he was on on Earth. It didn't say he was God. He told he told the people I was going to my final finish, please.

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I want to go to my father. Yeah, my father is better than I am.

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Yeah, john 428.

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JOHN 420. Can we read it together? Yes, yeah. JOHN, two, four.

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JOHN 14 1420, verse 28.

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JOHN, Chapter 14, verse 20, it is that

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you had that I said to you, I am going away. And I'm coming back to you. If you love me, you will rejoice that way, my way to the Father, because the father is greater than I am. Yes. So Jesus believed that there was somebody higher than him. Yes. And that person is God. They agree that Jesus was humble enough to he was submissive to the Lord. Yes. So just is not the same as the dad saying, God. Yes.

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That is Trinity. And if I was strongly against Trinity, you just said everything he was going to tell you.

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Thank you. But I think you're absolutely right. Are you a job? I want to I don't want to reveal my religious background. Now.

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I don't want to reveal my religious background. Now. Are you a Muslim?

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You are very, you are very,

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very bad. Does the Bible teaching? Yeah. So we should strictly follow what the Bible says. Now. You're absolutely right. So that's why I say to you that

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we agree.

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That's the best thing to start off with the Trinity was an invention of Romans. Yes. of the later of the later councils.

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Absolutely. So I think we both agree on that point. Now, I think the next point is this. I was just showing the other brother, the other Christian man, a very beautiful passage of the Bible, okay. And I want you to read it.