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June 24th, 2016

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Illa and Muslim moon Yeah, you have NASA or Bakula de holla. From enough sinuata mahalo Amina Xhosa. What does that mean? Marry Jana and get the wrong one is

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what's up? Oh la la de de Luna V will come in LA hurricane alley Kumara diba Yeah, you held Edina Armand de la kulu COVID-19 de de

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la fille de novo boom.

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those are now Lena and that the in US data can eat it up a lot. Well hydrolat dia de Mohammedan sama Lavoie, he will sell them

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to a whirlpool,

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Whirlpool, da da da da, da, da that my dear brothers and sisters in Islam continuing with the series of the application where we submitted our request to allow us

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to expand our next Hellfire and make us among those who have been taken from the names of the list of those who will go to the Hellfire off and put our names will also go to the heavens, I mean.

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So he said, we talked about the application, when you submit, you have to have credentials, you have to have qualifications, and you will be cross referenced, and you will be checked, and you will be interviewed. And then you will make a second interview, and intercession. And somebody you have that you know, networking and somebody can put a good word in for you. And somebody actually seen you do good things or bad things. Otherwise, they will give you a good word or a bad word a thumbs up or thumbs down. And then we will get the offer or the job offer or declined. Thank you, you get the notes. Say thank you for your interest. And thanks for coming out. Thanks for playing whatever it

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may be. I want you to imagine that when we talked about the five pillars of Islam last night, and we cross reference, did we actually implement the five pillars? Let's talk about the six articles of faith, which is your second and we'll go into phases and child law. By the end we said you will either take the book with the right hand side, I mean your up over the left hand side, it's your choice. Allah subhanaw taala does not force you to do anything when it comes to the pillars of the mind and so on. Even though Allah subhanaw taala told Prophet Mohammed Salah Anyway,

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is the khulumani

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UI, if allows us to add a little bit, you would have forced everyone to believe in him.

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But it's not the case. And that's why you will find out it's in your heart, and no one has so fun, knows how to control and the majesty of that heart, which is the kingdom your actions and deeds that can give your body the source of believing your feet, and so on and so on. And sincerity is right here. And when he says these are your soldiers, your July, your audio limbs and so on your senses. So when it comes to that allows without dad as if he, if your Lord, he's talking to Prophet Mohammed sallallahu, ala is your Lord will Did, did he he would have forced everybody to believe in Him forced no choice.

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And he says

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Will you

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force people to believe that they become Muslim to submit, it's not the case, it's your choice. We said this life is like a shopping mall, you can go to any shopping mall, you can go to any store in the shopping mall, you can buy whatever you live, you can get anything, you can leave it and then return whatever you want. But when you have something in your possession, on the way out, you have to pay. And that's what we're trying to tell you, you have to pay for what you do in this life before you move on. It's a simple accounting. So let's cross reference now. So when people tell you listen, I lost my keys, I lost my keys, then they go outside the house, look for the keys.

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But really, the keys are inside your house.

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But you're going outside the house to look for your keys which is inside your house that keys are inside of you.

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Don't look outside, look to inch inside. Once he got in, you

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know everything is in you. You think you're a minor, you're nothing, you're nothing. But in you there is miracles with that in itself. So as if somebody is looking for a pearl and

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you're looking for a pearl in a desert, and you find the pearl in the desert, you have to go to the ocean and depth of the ocean in order for you to get that within an oyster that has a shell. So you have to dig deep to get to this level. And there's even a higher and deeper level that we'll be talking we're either doing Yeah, if I'm on the linear next time and charlo but let's take that cross reference now the six articles of faith

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Because it's a Muslim province, as

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well Islam Idina Wahby, Mohammed in Seoul, Allahu Allah usnm, the viola Sula.

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you've tasted the beauty of Eman.

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When you accept a love to be your Lord

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and you content there's nothing better than that. And this man to be your way of life, not a fad, not a fashion show, not something you put on on Friday and take off again for only one hour. May Allah bless everyone that is here and those who believe what I'm saying it's not that we talked about it last time we said Islam is not in the message Islam is outside the message

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which we'll recap on it today inshallah see if we actually are living walking the talk.

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And except Prophet Mohammed Salah is enough to be my Prophet and Messenger, hence the seal of the prophets and messengers.

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If that's the case, let's do it. Find out what is the first one.

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Good news.

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Now, for

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those who said, Those who believe in Allah subhana wa Jalla, do that first article of faith.

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So when you believe that allows you to IRA is you, Lord is your Creator, he's the one to give you sustenance. He's the one that takes it away. He gives you the job that helps the well and the mind and the soul and the body and everything that you're all about.

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Do you really act accordingly?

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So if we know that the heat alluded to Rubio last night was fat, and some other scholars make it a different format, but it doesn't matter. The idea behind it is that I believe Allah subhanaw taala is the one that has all of this. So the hidden obeah is the Lordship he's the one that provides everything.

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How could I worship anybody else other than that, that's cold, though he didn't do here. The one on people's lordship drives you or pushes you to donate them to here.

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So if that's the case, if I know that Allah is the one that has everything, the keys were the treasures in the heavens and the earth.

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How can I worship Anybody else? But worship doesn't mean that you're being here. 24 seven? No.

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We said in the salon if you want us to do my hair, I'm not kidding. I don't mean everything. Remember, my prayers, my rituals, my but my life and my that's where a lot of us will find the Buddha in everything and actions and deeds, we said, who might

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be even cold as hell. And

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so the definition is everything that you do in your life, everything that you do in your life, you come close to allow soprano tidal wave with righteous deeds, from the internal meaning your attention to heart, and external meaning your actions now your rituals of acts of worship booth.

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If that's the case, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

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cross reference cross references yourself. And again, ask yourself, do I really wish it alone?

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If I actually feel that's the case, handler, checkmark. And again, I talked about this one football.

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The second one because of time, Hulu,

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TV, if you really believe that the angels are the creation of a lot of data, they're not the daughters of 1000 pounds either that the machine itself police used to say are the big guns of this used to have it say this or whatever it may be. They are made to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. Now as soon as

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they actually worship a loved one, not only they don't disobey the commands of Allah, they just follow their orders. Now MD angels are that such? Now do I have to think about it if I want to be like an angel, and we don't go into the description. I don't have the know how and so on except what is integrated in the eyes and the it?

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Can I not be wanting to be like this mantra for an oh man Don't be if you were saved up for it. It is your skillful way in giving every good into the hopper, giving every letter a talk, knowing how to recite and understand and ponder and reflect. Maliki love is Bala they are raised so high level of the angels. And those who are having difficulties mentors out. Those are those that don't speak the language but they have difficulties speaking it you have to rewards double the reward one when you recited one when you're actually having difficulties to recite it. So if that's the case, I want to be that high. That's one thing when I think about a loss, Ohio Jellybean is a massive there's a

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book on that. And the second one is in the angel. That's the case I want to be raised like that. And there's a way to do that.

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But then I have to think about the angels that are with me all the time, I have two angels with me all the time. If that's the case, I have to be conscious of that may have fallen in love with it, nothing that you will say nothing that you will do nothing that you will want to think about ponder, reflect, do everything except there is written on the right hand side skills or left hand side skill. And some of those colors actually differ. It's not the name of broccoli, but it is what the what it's about. At this point, you just have to be conscious that everything you do is recorded. We mentioned before, if I follow you, you know what this head cap, you know, the guys on Wednesday will

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jump off. Don't jump off anything, just whatever you do with that you are doing and you have this game, and you're recording everything. And you're so proud of it now, and you show it on your Facebook, on your Twitter, on your champion on your Snapchat and all of that stuff. I want you to think about it that way, I want you to think that you have not just one, you have two cameras now mounted on your right shoulder and not on your left shoulder. Everything you do is recorded that is good is recorded. Everything you do that is bad and most recorded is going to be uploaded now not on your Facebook is going to be uploaded on Judgement day where everyone else sees it. And we've given

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you an example before if I follow you for one day, I said listen that everything that you're recording here, I have this recording everything you do today, tomorrow, I'm going to show it to the congregation, you know these people that think that you're a black man, you will see that you're actually I mentioned before, how will you have today you will be at your best behavior? What do you look at this? Will you do this? Will you live? Will you steal? You cheat? Will you will you will you? You won't? So we'll have to see if you believe and that's the reason the definition of believing

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that linguistic and non linguistic sense that you believe and you comforted that, but surely,

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Islamic sense, those are the six that we're talking about. Those who believe in Allah Subhana Allah and the angels in the books of the prophets and messengers, and that last day that he robbed her of the accountability and then believing in the Divine Decree of Allah subhanaw taala What about

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if that's the case, that's what you put into action if you actually believe we can not say I believe only because it is combined. It is mentioned over 800 times in the brand, Mustafa it is derived from Emma You know, this m this peacefulness this heart,

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Allah subhanaw taala sneaking that derived from that I'm only a minimal amount of all that stuff comes in over 800 times in the lab. But Allah subhanaw taala gives you a call to a keyword, he says

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isn't it where remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that your hearts at ease? Yes, it is. Because everything that you do you have to remember Allah subhanaw taala remember, when you wake up in the morning, you see a big

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we talked about this when you wake up, say 100

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gives us life after that. So you say Nick, when you wake up first thing you do? You said Nick, when you when you dress when you put your foot in the slippers, you say something? Even when you change your clothes, you say something? When you go to the bathroom? You say something, when you look in the mirror and say something after what do you say something I want to share with you something there's a difference before and after the slot. There's a nickel when you go outside the house, there's like when you come back in the house, there's a nickel when you sit in the house, in the car, everything you do eat you do everything. There's nothing. It's an Hurston Muslim production

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Muslim. So and that's comforting you That's it. And I didn't realize the blue remembering. That is the only one that can actually take this away from you or give you that that's that's peaceful. That's canap. That's the treasure that we don't have. We don't have. But we think about it. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala says that

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there is no fear upon them, those who actually believe there is no fear. And there's no sadness and sorrows. So we said, let's call us we'll teach you when Allah subhanaw taala gives you that combination means what you're afraid of what you're afraid of the future. What am I going to do? How can I get the job? How do I teach my children? How do I how do I get the marriage? How do I pay for the bills? How do I get the car? How do I get the house? How do I please my wife, whatever, we don't move on? How do I please myself and all of that stuff? You see, there was a man that wants to harm his wife. He says that that was clear Nikki, I will make you miserable. He says she said that.

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That's not to say that that's not to say

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you don't have the ability to make me happy, upset. is out of ignorance is you see, I have yaqeen certainty. This treasure that we look for. That everyone is alluding. It's been alluded by the dounia this life, the lumens of life, it's because it's that yaqeen that night happiness is it

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My email

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is in my belief,

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my email is in my heart, and my heart does not belong to you.

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It belongs to the King of Kings only. So you cannot make me happy or sad. And that's the difference between a leg down and the saddle. And that there is what is a timely limited pleasure in this life that is physical that comes from the outside of you, not inside of you.

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There's three.

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But this either, either in itself, it has it comes from within you, within you. That's either what's the difference you see under this temporary less than whims and desires, you have to have three things.

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You have to have locals. So have a map, you have to have time, you have to have money. And you have to have health. And these just don't they're not combined. Three, you see in the beginning, you have what you have time and you're healthy. In the early on in humans, you have the time, and you have no you're young. I'm talking generally, of course, no exceptions.

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No local money and subtitle we don't build a few we have on exceptions. But in general terms, in the early years, you have the time that you have, you have the help but you don't have the money, you're still young, you still dependent your your dad is your your your, your your ATM, right or your mom, you're still in dependent. Then you after you go to school and you're still poor, you know, the students live off pizza and chocolate and chips and three main groups. They don't do much. That's it. I'm just a poor student. So I have that I have it, but I just don't have the money, then I get hired. Oh, and I get married now.

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Now, let's do it. Let's have fun. I don't have time, I have the money.

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I have the health. I just don't have the time, money.

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You know, when your wife books, books, time with you wonder you don't have time.

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And after you retire, you have the time you have the money, you saved up all your life, but you have the health came

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along this time. So you understand this is the length of temporary you don't have it all at the same time. But that's

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it eternal, eternal. Don't let that you'll have you listened to Prophet Mohammed Salah will tell you the true happiness, the keys that he's my brothers and sisters,

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you know,

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this year three, that we explained the war. So it's the man in believing the last one of all the six articles that we don't have enough time to actually go into but at least you got the idea. And then your actions and deeds that actually formed that because a man is coupled in London and only know when I'm interested in those who believe and do righteous deeds

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again inshallah after justice that I will take you home with that idea of Allah subhanaw taala because among those who believe in the righteous deeds, I mean, I put him at his home and stuff for lovers.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, we talk only about leaving lots of panels in the order and believing in the angels. And then we go into the scriptures, the scriptures of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala revealed it. And we do what within the it and ot they don't mean to make us feel bad amongst us, those will actually inform what I've known some brothers. I mean that personally, I've known some people that will actually hear someone walking in the house in a salon.

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Don't freak out. But you know why? Because this house has four ad all the time. This man has four animals and all the time. His wife has four ad in her hand all the time their children have we're adding them all the time. So it only be fitting for Angeles to live in this house. How good is your dog live in this house? Well, they told me and I believe them. Sometimes I hear somebody just saying this to them. And there's nobody there.

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So they believe in that. So when we take the four I'm not just putting on the shelf. And the amazing thing about it is that we were so much into reading most of the time when he asked yes I like him to help to influence people in this house. This is good.

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But have we taken the order of allowing some kind of agenda and put it on the shelf? And that's the same things that we have. Well ladies in here all of us are in the same boat in lamella except that you may Allah make

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me yo we can walk the talk and we did this the word of Allah Do you believe it allows apologia just talking to you

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He's talking to you and you believe it does not have to tell you if you want to listen to Allah read the Quran if you want to how could How could you not listen to a lot? How can you not be behind a violent living what you're hearing, imagining what you're doing as being affected by it with a lump sum 100 Allah mentioned the Hellfire you sugaring your love protect me from now fire when alone Sopranos as I mentioned agenda, I beg you grant the agenda. How could that not be how could we not live alone remains of a death over and over again, and everything that is about how could we not live the brothers and sisters,

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then the prophets and messengers,

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you understand that allows a panel to attribute the creation and from the creation.

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He chosen the righteous, a higher rank from the righteous he chosen the profits from the prophets he chosen the messengers from the chosen five from the Bible as a chosen the two horses company from the chosen one. Robin Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you're gonna understand that you believe that Islam the angel revealed the poor and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and he's done everything I told you. I have not left the thing to keep you away from the Hellfire and to attain your agenda. Except that I told you I told you everything to keep you away from Hellfire and take away from Jenna Bella who know me. You know what that means?

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You are like the insects. I you know, somebody walked in the night.

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And he lit a bonfire and the bonfire traps insect and I say get away get away from the Hellfire get away from the fire but don't lie. Don't steal, don't cheat. Don't fall in the cage. Be good. Don't do the animal fulfill your promise and watch the parade and so on follow sooner. But who knew but you made me you still know that alone somehow that is it. That's and you still know the Prophet Muhammad SAW some success but you know what not important to me. It's not important that you beat me by putting you and throwing yourself in the Hellfire I'm trying to tell you stay away from home life. I'm trying to tell you this how you supposed to live this how you supposed to act. But you

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still beat me or you throw yourself in the hellfire.

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So if you really live what Prophet Mohammed told us Do you among the Jews on Judgement Day, when the lows of

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Lazarus Lazarus I left the shop when Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah when he was dying when he was a man of the Almighty body before he was dying was who's gonna look after me? Oh my after me. He was concerned. The way you live their whole life was moved out to you is on his feet was bloodied. When that little and salon did what they did in life, how much they suffered years three years service or detox eating leaves. Seeing their fathers and mothers cut in half or sphere in their private parts were killed in front of them. They still did everything to make sure you stay with my fire and go to heaven. sobre la Acevedo Indigo magenta. Be patient the tribe of Yes, indeed your random boys. And

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that happens if that's the case, when he died who was looking after him? Who's gonna look after him? When he is resurrected? What does he say almighty.

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The first thing that comes out is is my own my own man. When he's resurrected again my nation let me just see y'all love you. prostrates detector law and prostrates to ask Allah to let you

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isn't not supposed to be.

00:23:23--> 00:23:25

So on judgment day when you need the most like

00:23:27--> 00:23:44

when he was asking, Do you love me more than yourself? He said no. But he was asking me more than your wife and your kids on the money and all that I said yes. But know that you have not completed your Eman. So he stopped for a few seconds ran after him. Now. I love you more than myself.

00:23:46--> 00:23:48

And now you've completed your paper.

00:23:49--> 00:24:06

He was asked by his son how long it took you a few seconds. He says I remembered on Judgement Day. Who do I need most myself for him? He would have to say to me, I need him more than myself. So I love him more than myself. So how are we doing? My brothers and sisters are following that. So on Judgement Day when he says oh my god, what are you saying you will know who you are always they sometimes

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get away from me. I know you're not you change and exchanged. And then Judgment Day, knowing for sure that the injustice going around in the world, how good somebody killed for those that don't know why they killed and those who died. They don't know why they were killed. And those who took the land and those who took the money and those who kill those who rape those who stole those alive This was on? How could that be possible that they live and die and there's no accountability, it has to be justice and justice for all instead of justice. And that can only be judged on Judgement Day. When allow some kind of guidance, the judge not the one that you can bribe

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and so on and so forth. No hidden agendas, no political arenas, no more movies, no more lip service, and so on. And that's the truth, infinite justice and that's why we believe in it. And that's what gives us hope.

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And finally, the Divine Decree of Allah subhanaw taala

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We believe in everything that happens to us is good. And that's what you find the smile on the brothers and the sisters when they have somebody died. I would not say that you're not human. Yes, as human, we get mad.

00:25:13--> 00:25:21

We get happy, we get sad. We're worried, just like everybody else even probably more harmless and it serves the dead in the line that was

00:25:23--> 00:25:33

indeed the eyes of saddened tears of flood come as a harvest sadness. But we only say what he's also kind of gender. So we believe in everything that quote, is

00:25:34--> 00:25:35

it not

00:25:36--> 00:25:45

a movement, a true believer? Here's what we're talking about. hula hula hoop, everything happens for a believer is good. Everything happens to us good.

00:25:46--> 00:25:48

If something good happens to you, and you're grateful.

00:25:51--> 00:25:53

you're grateful that will give you more?

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yes, if you know you go through through the difficulties in life. Yes, you see everything you see on your screen and you're you're feel like you cannot do a thing you're crying from inside, you're screaming from inside. You said you have the right to feel that way. But if you're held accountable your actions and deeds, how you behave, not how you feel.

00:26:17--> 00:26:32

And then know for sure, that allows them how to assess if difficulties go through on your patience is good for you. You since fall off your peace and so on your ramps are raised in heaven. And it can only be done for our true believer. That's the nutshell. So now the clincher.

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How could you believe in all of this, and you still tell me I believe but how could that be?

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And you tell me brother I don't know brothers who says you tell me I believe but I don't. It's right here, man.

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But what

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is justice in the heart that you believe in? No. Now tell me I believe that here you hear it all the time of life. Some of the brothers that they live in, they do some certain things. Jesus, I don't do this. I can survive. But I don't lie. I don't steal. I don't cheat. I can't live. Yeah.

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How could I just told you that? That is the one that provides who you are. How could that possibly be? My whole point of the whole cookbook is you have to believe and then the actions has to reflect your belief. You cannot just do a lip service. So from now on, I can't tell you what I believe. But I'm cheating. I believe how? And I'm stealing I believe but I've worn again, I believe but I have an illness in the hearts. I believe I want the throne. I just want to have the title I have the president is also Yeah, Daddy, you don't know that is their responsibility. As we said before, leadership is not a title. A leadership is a behavior.

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So who wants it

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wants to be among those who believe truly believe show it in you actions and deeds because a levels of I know that it says indeed in a Latina I'm no one

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except those who believe and do righteous deeds be Allah makers among those who believe in the righteous deeds. I mean, while

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in online, I asked him to give us a nice to get this land victory. alleviate the hardship. Yield, not the illness don't kill the Ill just heal the illness. You're alone we can solve the hearts mental differences. Let us worship you in a way befitting Your Majesty will not accept this phenomenon or life speed. The next one the Hellfire Well, except RCM pm so that everything you are loved, and I asked you about forgive everyone here except our good deeds elmedia otherwise and gathers agenda with Rasulullah as you got this year. I mean, what's the 100 grand mean? Well, Somalia goes up you have to be welcome.