Stories from the Past #11 Abu Talhah and Umm Sulaym

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in a previous video, we had spoken about a Romae saw almost Trilene

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been spelled Hanmer last pantalla BP pleased with her the mother of anus Ebro Malik and Al Bara ibn Malik. Now she had a very

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strange story on Subhan Allah, this woman is a great example. For for not just women, to be honest for all men and women, her and her belief in Allah Subhana Allah acceptance. And the story that I wanted to mention to you today, which is a story, which also is is astonishing, really, in many ways, how long, almost Salim as I mentioned to you before man is married man or girl ha and her mother was that he just become a Muslim. So look at that beginning of a blessing. Now she became pregnant, and they have a child that has a son.

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But Subhan Allah, Allah did not write for the son to live, he died, you know, while he was still in the cot.

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So the news of his death, obviously, his mother knew about his death, the father was not there.

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No doubt she was upset, but she knew that his father would be even more upset. So she said nobody tell palha about the death. So she puts she left him in his court in his cradle.

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I will call her came back. He said how are things is fine. He asked about his son, his your bonci, she said to him, he is the most peaceful that I have seen him. Or he's, he's he is that in the most peaceful state. So he understood that that, you know, he was resting on then she prepared for him a meal, they had a meal hamdulillah

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she didn't show the signs of you know, of upset and being in despair. She was she she so they carried on Subhanallah the night as if everything was fine, and they had an intimate tonight.

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And then after that, so after they had a meal of admission, and she said she said to him about her, let me just ask you a question. You know, if if somebody if some if household had given

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another house they had given them a lot they given them a loan, something to borrow, not alone or borrow an item to borrow? And then they wanted that item back? Shouldn't the second household give them their their item back? He said yes, of course. She said well, I want you to anticipate the reward or anticipate the reward that comes from being patient in losing our son. Because he is alone. He is He is a borrowed item that Allah has given us and Allah has chosen to take him back.

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See the patience. Hello, this woman is really fascinating.

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I will tell her, on the other hand was was astonished what her son has died. And we've had dinner we've had intimacy together as if nothing has happened. He was really upset and how could you do this to me? So he went and complained to to the province Lysander the prophesy center is the center where people go and they mentioned that their issues and their matters, the prophesy syndrome said Allah has blessed

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you and what you have done in the darkness of your night is power. And they were and he and he left me so the process said and this shows you that almost Elaine was a woman who was really, you know, patient with Allah subhanaw taala she was acceptant Yes, Allah has given us this child. He has chosen to take him away in a La Jolla Rajon we seek

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the award from Allah subhanaw taala and being patient anyway ALLAH blessed them first with the dua of the prophesies, and um, but also with their attitude and the attitude of Salaam. So she became pregnant again. And with this and to cut a long story short, this video is not going to be that long. Now when she gave birth later on to this new bone. She She said to Anis her, her elder son, the take, take him to the prophesies. And because I'm not going to breastfeed him nothing's going to enter hidden until he until the profit slice until processing them sees him and blesses him. So she took him to the prophesy Salem, and this is the profit placed him in his lap. The profit took an

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agile date he Trude it an act, which was a practice. At that time as boss I said I'm continued that sooner and he took some of the sweetness of that from his mouth.

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off, and he put it on the gums of this newborn. The baby as he is taking this, he started to take the day to can smell and taste the sweetness. So the franchisor laughed. He said, look at the answer. They love the dates. There's more now, and he is loving the dates. And then he named him Abdullah and he made the art for him and then sent back to to the to his mother. Now such a great story is showing how this woman was was was happy was sacrificed. She wanted the prophesy Selim to bless him with this, with this act and indeed the process and bless them, he was blessed right from the beginning at the time of conception. But look at this astonishing thing. One of the writers of

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this hadith he said that I saw this child Abdullah ibn Abi palheiro He had nine children. They all read the Quran, meaning they all memorize the Quran, learn the Quran, normally this he went on to how many from these nine. Four of them is how Yaqoob armor and Abdullah

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they were all big Hadith scholars, Allahu Akbar. Look at the blessing that has come from the sacrifice from being happy with what Allah Subhana Allah gives with being blessed, blessed with Allah and then look at the blessing of having the the essence of the Prophet SAW Selim to enter the body and that's why this continues to be a sunnah. When a child is born, to give them something like this, you know, this, this date this sweetness and Subhanallah even today, some of the medicals they say, you know when that when the child is born, the child himself that new baby goes through such a lot of stress, trying to come out, you know, it's a big, it's not it's not easy. I know it's

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stressful for the mother definitely. But the child himself is all supposed to stress and that's why their heart being reserved. So they need that energy, and that date energy that's given to the child as they are born. There is a blessing and there's a Baraka in that as well in sha Allah to Allah