Women’s Witness Testimony Half That of Men

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Okay, I'll just do it because every time I go to the movies, women's rights, the whole thing is in

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the last couple of buses, yeah. Like plus two, a three or something that was

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it that I entered within that way if you if you write a

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thing like that, then write it down like that. And then in that verse,

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it says that

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you one man's witness testimony is equivalent to Yeah. So the question is, is it like that in all cases? And the scholars have said, No, actually, you can say me, for example, it says, there's not like that. One woman who is a black woman, who was

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a black woman, who was breastfeeding and stuff like that she came.

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And she was she was the only one who's deaf.

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And so she came to him. And she asked him about, basically, she told him some things that she was the only witness. And so she accepted the witness testimony from Olivia, by the way, is the difference between the way

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and Shahada. And basically, I'll tell you quickly, the difference in the way his narration, which is much more powerful and important to Muslims, than the Shabbat, which is witness testimony witness testimony in July, which is like, where where to to one place or not, I'm sorry, in this case is of like,

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Rwanda is actually writing down Hadith. You know, why not? Heidi? Okay, the question is, does the two to one rule apply? Because there was another question, so I'll just sort of deal with it because it's a continuation.

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In Cedeno cases, in witness testimony, the answer is no, there are some cases where Shahada can be one for a man and one for a woman. Yes, and this is the scholars of Islam have spoken about identity as mentioned.

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If, if we, if we look at the cases of the way which is much higher level of gender, because it's related to our Deen our religion, well, religion comes from is from,

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from generations, the man's testimony is equivalent to system

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as follows. And Daddy, who wrote a book called surrender, that was one of the major works written about the biographies of the people who haven't read it. He says that the woman is only for that liquidity mfe hidden, there is only four that were talked about, like in other words, that women have a much better record than men when it comes to the ratio.

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So and in fact, in fact, we also mentioned that all the Hadees that we have, which is numbering in the hundreds of 1000s, or 10s, of 1000s,

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if you're talking about Siam is maybe about 10 15,000, all of that

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all that exists, maybe hundreds of 1000s have been the same ones, but repeated in different different chains. If we look at that corpus, as it says that one quarter of these come exclusively from women.

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You know what this exclusively we've had a woman not narrated this would not have the dean would not have the religion, obviously one of the major ones, actually, Ilana. And by the way, this point of differences between Muslim, Sunni and Shia is one of the games. But that's one of the major innovators, the other, the other ones who said, among others, and others and others. And they're not just at the level of a hobby, at the level of every level, there's a woman who, there's women that you have to have woman there for the innovation to work. And the rest of the three quarters of the IDs are mixed between men and women. So we said a quarter of that is just the rest of them are mixed

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between men and women. Yeah, the point is, Islam has an Islam, that you have to think about this way. If it was the case, as the orientalist wants to see and make it seem that the two to one rule applies in all cases, and happens in the most severe cases, whether it be the religion of Islam has been transmitted, we accept one for one, how comes that everyone has no difference of opinion is all of us that in that, how comes. So it must not to do with the woman is to do with the situation itself. It's really the situation itself. And we in Islam, this is something I can promote and say to this to this audience with great confidence and I can challenge anybody on this. There are more

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Muhammad is that there's more scholars of Islam related to happiness

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than there have ever been philosophers in the enlightenment and the Masons, women combined.

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A woman Sorry, guys, get a

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statement. Islamic history is completely filled with women's names. And if we don't have those women's names, we would not have the deen of Islam as its intact. So I mean, this is a red herring is a false thing. It's only in certain circumstances where the two to one rule applies at those circumstances is implied that the man might have a better split

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Let's be let's be frank, maybe you could say, especially awareness, is this something which is controversial. It was controversial McGuire, who was a psychologist in 2008, or something like this wouldn't have revealed that women have less gray matter in hippocampus level than men. And they actually had MRI scans on men and women, she put them through a whole test of knowledge and this lab came out, and she and then she came to extend that the hippocampus, which is a braided part of the brain, of men is much bigger than that. As much bigger as well as a higher gray matter. It's more it's more developed, and it develops quicker. So what men are better women are certain things women

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are better than us. Why is that shameful to say is special awareness is one thing that men have by Lumina, I can say that with with evidence, and the evidence is quite strong coming from women immobilize a woman, by the way, was a woman psychologist, she says this, I believe that women men are better than women, especially women. That's my bird will eventually evidences

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that they can. That's why the whole thing of seeing and knowing when women women are better than men are many different other things. But it's there's a fallacy. It's the false notion of equality in all cases, which doesn't exist in the real world. And it's a it's an unsophisticated way of dealing with the complexities and the nuances of the world's environment.