A righteous believer entered the hell fire because of ONE WORD he said to a sinner

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The speaker discusses the importance of preservingContinues and being a good neighbor, as it can lead to negative behavior. Jesus spoke of his actions and actions of his past, including his actions of subversion and forgiveness to the people of Jerusalem and his actions of apologizing for his actions and causing harm to people. It is crucial for individuals to be careful of what they say and what they do, as it can lead to negative behavior.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah my brothers and sisters in Islam, I want to share with you a serious Hadith and a serious topic that teaches us the importance of preserving our tongues and being very careful of what we speak.

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Abu Dhabi hola Juan, and Qatada all the Allahu Anhu narrated Hadith on behalf of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this hadith it's a story and it is authentic and it's in found in Sunon EBITDA, wood and other books of a sunnah. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said they were two men from Bani Israel, each one of them can a magenta hit fill a bed. He was committed upon worship, he was a worshiper, he would worship Allah azza wa jal day and night.

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While AirHawk Hello, can I move neighbor and the other man was a sinner, an intense sinner.

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So every time the worshiper would walk past the sinner, he would say to him, Axl, stop committing sins, he would warn him he would remind him of Allah, and he would condemn this person sins.

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And he'd always do this. Until one day, the sinner set to the worshiper. helenium will be aborted Tala europei. But the sinner set to the worshiper, leave me alone. Leave me what I do is between me and my Lord, have you been sent as a guardian and watch over me?

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This is what he said. So the worshiper he got angry. And he said to the sinner, Wallah, he lay on federal law who like an Abba Wallah, he lay you look Hola. Hola, Jana. He said to him by Allah, the worshiper took an oath by Allah. And he said to the sinner, that Allah would never ever forgive you. And he would never admit you into the paradise. He said words like this.

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So they died. And Allah subhanho wa Taala resurrected them.

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And he said

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to the worshiper, a Quinta bi Lima, did you have knowledge of Me? In other words, where did you get these words from? How did you dare take an oath on behalf of Allah assertion that Allah will not forgive such a person? Or Couldn't there be a limit? And then Allah azza wa jal, he said to him, or did you have the ability to do what I do? Meaning? Did you have the ability to put this person in the Hellfire or admit him into the Paradise was this in your ability? Then Allah subhanho wa Taala judged, and he said to the sinner, go to the paradise I have forgiven you. And he said to the worshipper, who will be ill and now, he said to the angels, take him to the hellfire, Allahu Akbar,

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my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is a very important Hadith. I told you why. Today, there is many people that are very careful when it comes to halal and haram. They make sure that their income is halal, so that they eat what is halal and feed their families what is halal. And these are the same people that are very careful when it comes to how long they want to know what meat is halal, what meat is haram. They want to know what transactions are halal, and what transactions are haram. They keep away from the Haram and they adhere to what is halal and what is permissible and they adhere to Allah's worship. But they don't take notice and consideration for the words that come out

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from their tongue. Allahu Akbar, look at this person. This is a worshiper, that ended up being thrown in jahannam. Because of a word he said, and that is that he said to a sinner, Allah will never forgive you. And this is the word that a person is supposed to be careful of why? Because when a person looks at a sinner, and says to him, Allah who will never forgive you, then that can only stem and come out of arrogance and ego and self righteousness.

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Such a person, he said this word out of arrogance, out of arrogance, he saw himself he took pride in that which he done and he fought, he's a worshiper, and that he can speak on behalf of Allah

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and saying such words goes against the hate. Because this is speaking on behalf of Allah, in that which you have no knowledge, who gave you knowledge that Allah azza wa jal will not forgive such and such, how many times in history? There were people that

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acted like fit out and worse than fit around. And Allah subhanho wa Taala by His mercy forgive them, and he accepted the Toba and he guided them and made them from the people of the paradise. How many people live a life of sin and rebellion and transgression, one sin after the other minus sins major sins rebellion, exploding in rebellion, and then towards the end of his life, Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses to guide him and he becomes from the righteous leaves of Allah and Allah forgives his past and admits him into the paradise. How many times is this happened in history? And how many stories have we read of people that Allah azza wa jal has guided after a life full of misguidance?

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Therefore, we need to be careful my brothers and sisters in Islam, not to speak such words. abou hora, probably Allahu Anhu when he heard the story, you know how he reacted? He said Well Lavie Neff CBD, that can never be collimated Oh, look at dunya hoo, ha. Jana, I want to imagine, I want you to imagine Abu Dhabi Allah who, when he heard the story from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he reacted with emotion. He said Allah He said, when Allah by Allah, this righteous man spoke a word that destroyed his worldly life and his hereafter. And it is indeed true, because everything of the good he did in his life was destroyed. None of it was accepted, he lost reward for all of it. And in

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the afterlife, he was thrown in the hellfire. What did his worship benefit him? What did his worship but nothing Subhanallah This is why, in the Hadith, same Hadith, but different wordings, in the the sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that in the cupboard refer to the folder to our malloc last social, he said, I had forgiven the sinner, and I destroyed you a worship I destroyed all your deeds. And my brothers and sisters in Islam, we can also learn from this hadith something beautiful, and that is that perhaps there are words that are hurtful to and you hate to hear them.

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But they could be the cause for your forgiveness. Just like the sinner. You see the sinner in the Hadith. Of course, he hates to hear from someone that Allah will not forgive him. And Allah will not admit him into the paradise. These are painful, hurtful words. But these painful words that he heard, were the cause for why he was forgiven and admitted into the paradise Subhan Allah, this is Allah has solutions ability. Allah is the one who judges are among the servants. There is no problem if you see someone doing wrong haram or leading a misguided life that you approach them and you want them and you advise them and leave it at that. Do not judge and do not see that such and such wala

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Allah who will never forgive you. And Allah, Allah who will never admit you into the paradise never see words like this, because this this is knowledge only with Allah. And if you see such words, you are speaking on behalf of Allah, in that which Allah never revealed to you. Allah never told me about this, and therefore it nullifies it diminishes from your Tawheed that you're supposed to have. We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive us. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us and to guide our tongues to speak that which pleases Allah alone in the holy veliko called erotic or SallAllahu wasallam or Vatika Elena, you know, Hamid. While earlier he was happy to hear Jemaine