Renewing Iman in Your Heart

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Jumu’ah Khutba

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In Alhamdulillah,

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Nam Meadow monastery no one has thought will futile

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one hour will be HeMan surely unforeseen waman se E. Tr Medina

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mi di hinda who Fela molding Nana

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y mejor de Nina Fela ha de Allah.

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What a shadow and Isla in no la hora de hola Shetty Cara.

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What else ash had to animal hamedan Abdullah he was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Lee he will also be he was an amateur Sleeman kathira

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Yeah, uh, Johan levina. Manu tabula how to call it, while tamo toner in one two Muslim on

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a yohannes otaku raba como la de hakomi Nevsky wa Haider wahala coming has o jaha. Wa best salmon Houma deja Lanka kt wrong one is

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what tako la la de Tessa Luna be he was

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in Allah Hi, can I la cumbre Kiba hiya Johan Latina man otaku la wa pulu Colin studied us use of the hair comb armella comb. Well Fiddler comb zunow the comb, one filter in rosu levou falcoda fosun alvina and mbarara gufa. In our stock Alhaji thekey tabula sanel who the WHO THE Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Warszawa ohmori Matata to ha wakulla modesetting began work will be directing the wakulla Bala cynefin Now

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we begin with the praise of Allah.

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We praise Him, we seek his help.

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We ask his forgiveness.

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Whoever Allah guides, there is no one that can misguide him.

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And whoever Allah misguides there is no one that can guide him.

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And I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone and with no partner.

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And I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the slave of Allah and His messenger. We ask Allah to exalt is mentioned and granting peace, and upon his family and his companions and all those who follow them until the last day.

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My dear brothers in Islam

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after the month of Ramadan

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came to a close

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and the weeks and the days went by,

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there is no doubt that every single one of us feels the effect of that upon our hearts. And we see the effect of that in our actions.

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And this is something that we should not be surprised about.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us in an authentic hadith in the Hadith is reported by the noble companion Abdullah and I'm on the last

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row the Allahu and whom

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in L e man Allah La Kofi jiofi aha deikun Kamiya Calico soap.

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First Allah Allah, a new Jayden Eman, a few kulu become.

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He said that your Eman wears out

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in your heart.

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Like your clothing wears out.

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So ask Allah the Exalted to renew the Eman that is in your heart.

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There is no better example of this than what happens to us after the month of Ramadan.

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You see the people in this month of Ramadan and they really worked as hard as they could and they asked Allah for acceptance. And they strived in their prayer in their citation in their acts of nearness to Allah and they do and they're fasting and their charity.

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And then the month finished and there was a time for many people when this carried on.

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But no doubt as time goes on. You feel the effect of that upon yourself and you look at yourself and you ask yourself where

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Am I now compared to where I was during the month of Ramadan.

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And when you do this, you feel that there has been an effect. You're living your life and the passage of the days and the weeks has had an effect upon your heart, it's had an effect upon your man.

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Because you're a man wears out.

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It wears out through your sins.

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It wears out through the passage of time, and becoming busy with the matters of the dunya.

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And it becomes worn out through the things that we see. And we hear and we do and we experience every single day.

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So the first thing that we need to do is we need to look at our hearts. And we need to recognize when our mind goes up and down, and recognize when we started to slip. And then we need to take an action or take action in order to renew that emotion. And in order to go back to that state of neediness to Allah that we achieved in certain times and certain days.

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So the very first thing that we need to do is we need to turn to Allah azzawajal in repentance, because one of the things in fact, the greatest of the things that wears away the man in the heart, or the sins that we do

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kulu Benny Adam a hapa.

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Well, Hyrule hopper in a toe boon, oh, come Apollo sallallahu early he was all of the children of Adam make mistakes, all of the children of Adam's sin, every day that goes by and you're accumulating and adding up sins and mistakes and disobedience to Allah, and lafleur being unaware of what you are required to do, and living off of obligations. And this has an effect upon your heart.

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Until a few weeks later, and you turn and say How did I end up like this?

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Just a few weeks ago, I was in the masjid for every single prayer. And I was reading my portion of the Quran. And I was standing pray at night.

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And perhaps someone looks at themselves and says now I don't see any of that at all.

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So the very first thing a person needs to do is to have the habit of constant is still a farm and turning back to Allah and asking a lot to accept our repentance.

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And when you do this, Allah subhanaw taala cleans your heart.

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The next thing that all of us need to do is we need to ask Allah, we need to continue to meet and to ask Allah for his guidance and to ask Allah to renew the mind that is in our hearts and to ask Allah to bring us back to where we were or better than that.

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And the third thing that we need to do is we need to look at those actions that we learnt during the month of Ramadan, being attached to the masjid, reading a regular portion of the Quran every single day, giving charity

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praying the prayer at night and the voluntary prayers, giving more time to our religion and putting our religion first. And when we do those things like we did in Ramadan, so the person will see the effect of that upon themselves as they go on throughout the days of the year.

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Our pool no matter smartron what I sell federal law the money

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what decided in muslimeen I mean Coulee Dam being festhalle Pharaoh who have come in who who Allah for Brahim.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala, attended alameen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi h moraine. We begin by praising Allah The Lord of the worlds by asking Allah to exalt dimension and grant peace to our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to his family and his companions.

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We have been talking about the

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effect that we see upon our hearts

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with the passage of time

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as the days go by, we see ourselves

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In a different situation to how we were during the month of Ramadan, for example.

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And we said that this is something that happens because your Eman in your heart, it wears out.

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And it becomes worn. And it becomes old. Because of the things that we go through in our life every single day the sins that we do the disobedience that we do.

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And we said that one of the most important things that we need to have is we need to have regular and constant habit of turning back to Allah.

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We need to look at ourselves and recognize when our Eman is falling, and then turn to Allah in repentance, and to ask Allah subhanahu wa taala, to accept our repentance, and to forgive us for our mistakes, and to renew the Eman that is in our heart.

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In this second part of the hotbar, I would like to share with you some of the things that a person can do, which have a profound effect upon the man that is in their heart. And these actions are Amen, and they are a part of your email.

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And these actions, they have a very powerful effect upon you

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from the actions that have a very, very powerful effect upon you. And we alluded to this in the first part of the hotbar is the action of having a strong relationship with the Quran. And being a person who has a portion of the Quran that they read every single day. And being a person who is making an effort to memorize and making an effort to understand the Quran, to study the Quran, and ultimately to implement the Quran.

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Because all of that memorization and re citation and study, the purpose of it is for you to put it into practice. And when you have this type of book, this thinking and reflection, there is no doubt that it has a profound effect upon your heart. And it really changes you inside and outside.

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From the things that a person needs to do is to strive against themselves.

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What the scholars of Islam they call moja Haider to neffs fighting against yourself. You see in yourself certain bad habits, certain traits, maybe it's the issue of getting up for failure, maybe it's the issue of being in the masjid on time, maybe it's an issue related to something else. And you're finding it hard, and you fight against yourself, and you struggle against yourself. And maybe you don't do it the first time or the second time or the third time, but you keep on trying again and again. And again. This effort of trying against yourself and struggling against yourself is one of the things that has a profound effect upon your heart.

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And you will see the difference in yourself. When you start to struggle against yourself and struggling against yourself. This is a personal thing, nobody else can do this for you. Because nobody else knows what is the problem in your own personal life that you need to fight against. And you need to overcome it. But even just the struggle and the fight of trying to overcome it each time, it has a profound effect upon your heart. And from the things which has a profound effect or from the things which have a profound effect upon a person's heart is seeking beneficial knowledge. And this is something which changes a person completely and it changes you on the inside and the

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outside. And it has a huge effect upon renewing the man that is in your heart. And that is that you make time to give to learn the the details of your religion, not just to be someone who comes for the Juma prayer and listens to the Habib and goes home and then doesn't have a connection with Islam until the next jumar.

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But to be a person who is trying to learn more and more about this religion, every Hadith that you learn, every idea that you learn every single point of failure, or every point relating to the religion that you learn, it will have a major effect upon you and upon your heart if you do it sincerely. And in this you do your very, very best to try to practice it. And from the things which will make a huge difference to a person is to help others and to try to make this journey a collective journey. Not just you looking out for yourself and you're looking out for your learning their religion.

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you're striving against yourself, and you're trying to build your relationship with the Quran, but you're actually trying to share this with other people and help other people.

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Because the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Well, law houfy only McCann and Abdul.

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Allah will help you to the extent that you help your brother. So when you're looking out for other people, and you're trying to help those people, it's going to help you. Allah is help is going to come to you. And you're going to see that change in yourself and in your heart. And you're going to feel that renewal of the Amen. That Eman being renewed within your heart. So the conclusion that we wanted to share with everyone today is that we feel our Eman go up and down. We realize that the daily life that we go through it has an effect upon our heart and our Eman wears out, like our clothing wears out. Just like if you wore the same clothing every day. It would not be long before

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that clothing was worn and old. So your Eman becomes like that. Turn to Allah in repentance. ask Allah to renew the man that is in your heart. Take care of the actions which will have an effect upon you and upon your heart, like striving against yourself and turning to Allah and repentance and seeking beneficial knowledge and having a strong relationship with the Quran and helping other people and these are just examples. But honestly, the more we commit ourselves to learning our religion properly, the more we will be able to manage these different fluctuations in Eman that happen throughout the year.

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For masala Sandy Morocco Allah, Allah Mohammed Abdullah kemah Mr. can be delicate or broken for color Colin Karina in the LA Hamada equateur who you saw Luna Allah nebby Yeah, uh Johan Medina, Manuel Sano la he was sending more test Lima a lot more slowly Allah Mohammed in while early Mohammed came up for later either Ibrahim Allah Allah early Ibrahim in NECA hamidou Majeed Wada, decarlo Mohammed Ali Mohammed comma bhakta Allah Ibrahim Allah Allah Ibrahim in NACA hamidou Majeed, Rob Donna Tina for dunya has Anna Warfield irati Hashanah joaquina either been Allahumma Tino for center tuck where her was that key her and to hire woman's occur her and Wendy you have

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a long mouse learner Dean and a lady who is much more emelina was Nana dunya and and latifi Hama oshana what else Liliana Ratan ality lei Hana Arjuna wa Jilin, hytta Xia the tendon I frequently hire well motor are who attend and I'm equally sharp, be automatic a hammerlock mean alarm on sort of one and it will stop if enough equally McCann alarm akula hum nasi Rama Marina one more you don't worry about he'll be automatic a hammer wha Hey mean Eva de la inala Hyatt model been added earlier Sony what Ito is a quarterback way in her manufacture. You will mean Kenny was busy ureteral comme la la quinta as a Colin Firth curel la highest Qualcomm washko at any time he will he has it come

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What is it kulai kebab? Well La Jolla animal mantle snapper on what RP Masada