Mohammed Hijab – Why Atheism Is Becoming Popular in the West

Mohammed Hijab
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Listen to whatever they have to say. And we have to answer their questions.

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Is it because they're speaking the truth? Is it because atheism actually carries intellectual currency?

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No, it's simply because the white man has been able to take over the Americas. And had the industrial revolution is a very another. Another big thing, by the way, from the 17th, let's say 16th. In Britain onwards, they've been able to seize these opportunities where other nations have not been able to do. Yeah. And therefore they've concentrated their economic and military power, which has expanded into Yeah, which has expanded into also media power in the New Age. So we've had to listen.

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We've had to listen is really interesting, because,

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you know,

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I'm not gonna lie to you. There's some really interesting things. Yeah. For example, the idea of

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homosexuality, for talk about one Golden Sun will go straight into the deep end. Right. Okay. So with homosexuality, it's really, it's really interesting how I was having a discussion with times, like go to experience. And it was a white person complaining about the attitudes of a black Christian.

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They're complaining about the attitude of a black Christian and the black Christian was not necessarily in line. They didn't believe in same * marriage, for instance. Yeah. And the white person was saying, Well, why don't they believe in this, and this is homophobia and all these things.

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The reason why the black person doesn't believe in same * marriage is simply because your great granddad colonized and slaved his great granddad taught him the religion of his day, which was Christianity. He hasn't left it you have. Okay, and therefore he has a different opinion to you on this matter. So it was quite ironic that the white men, and this is becoming it's not to say genetics and pay when I say the white man, be aware that I'm talking about the archetype of post colonial white man, I'm not talking about the color of the skin. I'm talking about the idea. Post colonial white man, the white man wants us to just change his image. That's why atheism was on the

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increase. And that is why

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we've had to answer questions about atheism. Okay, if we lived 100 years ago, I would not even begin talking about atheism, because it would be an insignificant world reality. Yeah, that's just a that is just the environmental reality. Yeah. If the Maratha Empire or the Sikh Empire of the of the Indians somehow became superpowers, we might be here talking about Sikhism, or policy ism, in the first instance, but that's not what's happened. So what is atheism? atheism is a lack of belief in God.

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Or creator sustainer.

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The atheist wants us to answer the question of how can you prove God exists, that a creator exists?

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And frankly, you guys know the arguments. Okay. I don't want to bore you with the arguments.

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The arguments or the arguments, the arguments or the arguments. You have cosmological arguments and contingency arguments and fine tuning arguments and arguments from consciousness. Yeah, you have all these arguments have been said iterated and reiterated that we've said we've argued with them. Yeah. And these arguments are not just Muslim arguments. Clearly, they know. My life knits, Newton, very many philosophers believed in these things. And they would argue for the things that we are arguing for today. They actually most I would, I would argue that most enlightenment philosophers, pre New World, but probably monotheists, or theists, probably, yeah, in the Renaissance period, look at

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Descartes. He is the archetype who rationalist? Yeah. Obviously, his book, The meditations is his testimony of that. He was a firm believer in God. Okay. So the new atheists or the atheist or whatever you want to call them?

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I believe the following. Yeah, I believe that atheism grew out of two or three things. One is the the weakness of the Christian tradition to deal with medicine. And science, generally speaking, and this can be fun. If you look, for example, if you go this is really interesting thing. If you go on Google and gram, Google and gram is like Google Trends, but it's a little bit different. Google Ngram is a really interesting data tool, whereby you can put like, names labels, you

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put Christianity in Google Ngram, what it does is it tries to track how many books have been read on that particular topic. Yeah, if you look at Christianity, there's a steep decline. Yeah, it was a proper, it goes down. If you look at the word science, for example, there's an incremental gain. It's an exponential increase. And that shows something. Obviously, correlation doesn't always mean causation. But we can tell through the timeline that Christianity was not able to deal with certain things and people moved away from

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and kind of lost faith because of its inability to deal with scientific phenomena and medicine of these things. That was one of the reasons and other thing is the increase in philosophy, the Enlightenment period. Yeah, and, and rationalism, the idea of the Trinity was not appealing to the majority of people. It's surprising that if you go to the majority of people now, although in the census, it might be the case 2011 census, that in London is meant to be like a Christian majority, by very thin jury. But if you ask a so called Christian, do they believe that Jesus is actually good? They're not they would not believe that, that I believe they wouldn't believe that they

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wouldn't really go to church to Christianity. Now, it's time because, frankly, is, it doesn't have that it doesn't have that, right. You can't rationalize it, it's become non rational, visible. And people have realized that and it's got against Scientific and Industrial for them is perceived to have gone against Scientific and Industrial Development.

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So Christianity is on the decline.

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And atheism has, has basically grew because for the for the, for the, for the layman, for the layman.

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In the West, if Christianity is not true, then there is no religion. That's true. That's how they've generalized it by looking at the religion of the heathens and the pagans, and the and the people of the Orient.

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Why do that, when actually we had the only religion which could possibly be true, which is Christianity, and that's clearly not true. doesn't help us. So why look at these other religions? So for that reason, I think atheism is is a natural response to it. It's not that the idea of no god no creator, no cause, no sustainer nomaintainer actually carries any intellectual weight.

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And I think is the problem of evil. Like, all these things have happened. wars that have happened, the majority of heavy wars that have happened in the world have been in Europe.

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Trust me, if, if we're talking about things, we're talking about wars, which have led to people being killed.

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Okay, the majority of those wars have been wars in Europe. Yeah. In terms of casualties, World War Two is probably the most the world in was history. So for that reason, people think why is this happening? How could God how could God allow this problem of evil is very, is the most emotional, non intellectual argument. Very powerful, because we're very emotional creatures. Yeah. And so for that reason, people have separated themselves away. On a very fundamental level. I would say that why why put the onus on us to answer the question, How Does God Exist? Why does God exist? I would say, What evidence is there to suggest that there is no causation to this universe? That's how I put

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it. If you don't believe in causation, then we can go to contingency. So we can either say, this universe has no cause, which defies your understanding of causation. All say the universe is not dependent upon anything, and it's not independent. Either of those things don't carry any intellectual way and cannot be substantiated with any evidence simple. And if you do agree that there is a cause and the universe is dependent, which is both the causation argument or cosmological argument, and all the contingency argument, then we just have to simply ask what is the cause?

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Use your deductive reasoning to tell me what the causes, what is the universe depended upon? So then if we say, okay, the universe is dependent upon something, which is independent, because otherwise we'd have that regressive infinite chain, that in that case, we can say, Okay, fine. So what is that? What you want to call that? What is the relationship we should have with that?

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And for us, the Muslim will say that is the creator, the Sustainer, the maintainer, and it's God, as simple as that. Yeah. So the cause, necessarily has to be something which always existed, independent, powerful, has knowledge and is able to have the creative capacity to put things into existence. When you realize, by the way, and I'm going to make this very, like, it's going to be an adventurous Sure. Yeah, I'm going to say to you guys, that when you realize that there is a singular course, yeah, when you realize there's one cause one singular cause, then you can literally it makes sense to kind of analyze what religions are there

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in the world, okay, what are the major? What are the accessible religions to human beings? What are the what are the religions which have been practiced? What are the really what are the ways of life which claim to have an understanding of that singular cause that monolith that monotheistic you can even say,

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understanding I will say to you that the most monotheistic religion is Islam? I would say that all the other religions are not monotheistic in that sense. Yeah, I would say all the other main religions, including Judaism, including Sikhism, I could make the argument but it's not really the time to go into details about it, or not monotheistic in the purest sense and there is a form of what we as Muslims with the term as schicke involved in any of those religions. Yeah. So when it comes when we've realized now that okay, they

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The human being has been placed

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by some thing, or some one that has placed a being into this cosmos.

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And it's a significant placement and a purposeful and meaningful placement, then the question is what is the relationship that should exist between this sentient

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human being and the creator of this causal, whatever you want to call it. And we would say that the relationship should not differ from the relationship that the cause has with anything else in the creation, which is a relationship of submission, in appreciation, understanding of the might, of this creator, respective to the insignificance of the creation. And there is no other appropriate relationship that this creation can have with the Creator, but that particular relationship of submission and obedience. And if you attempt anything else, it will not work. It's as simple as that. So we will say that the monotheistic understanding of God is the most patently clear, and

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Russia analyzable understanding of where we came from, how and why we are and where we're going.

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For that reason, I say that trinitarianism doesn't make any sense. It simply doesn't. Any honest Christian, who has studied number one,

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the basics of logic, or even without studying it, frankly, they'll understand that it is irreconcilable with rationality, and study, the historical development of the Trinity will realize that actually, this is the development of the Roman Empire. As what, that's what Trinitarian amounts to. That's what the heart of Christianity actually is. It's simply a development from the Roman Empire, whether we want to say they've absorbed the idea of the Greeks, the ideas, the mythological ideas, because, look, you have a father, you have a son, just like you had fathers and sons with the gods and demigods and semi gods and heroes of the Greeks. It's not very difficult to make that

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connection, to be honest with you to say, actually, when in the council's the unit

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was was closed, you can

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you can Medical Council, thank you sometimes again, yes, in the UK medical councils are the seven main main ones, you know, and I see a 325 is a Remini. Yeah, I don't know where that happened. But I don't know. So then you have like, you know, I'm saying Constantinople, three, one. in Calcutta for 451. Wherever it was, those seven councils. If you look, if you look at the Creed's of those councils, a clear development from unitarianism to trinitarianism.

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And this is by the scholars of the Christians kind of agreed upon really to be honest with you. So when you realize the historical development,

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then you realize actually, Christianity is a historical development, the core of Christianity is a historical development. And by the way, the way Islam was spread was different to the way Christianity was spread. Christianity what had the thing is, you have already a pre established Roman Empire.

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And then you had emperors, who then spread it into the eastern and western parts of the Empire with Islam didn't have a pre existing Empire, which Emperor's decided I'm gonna change my religion. It started with men and women, right? It started with human beings.

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Yeah, so for that reason, there is a difference in the way that Islam was spread, and Christianity will spread on a fundamental level. But the reason why we're talking about Christianity is because of that, because of the fact that once again, the Roman Empire was the Empire of the day. And it was able to spread that message to all those people.

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And by the way, that doesn't say it's false because of that, because that will be the genetic fallacy. And I wouldn't say that atheism is false, because, you know, the white man promoted it, because once again, that would be the genetic fallacy. I'm just making the point. That actually the reasons why we're talking about these things is because of this. Yeah, which is a different point together. So no one's for me in the grilling Muslim session. Now, hey, I wanted to say to you guys also that frankly,

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once you come to the realization that okay, there's one God exists, it can't be a Triune God, it can't be no God.

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And there is a relationship that that God must have you ask yourself, what is the intermediary or what is the means by which through which this creator, the Sustainer, this maintainer, or this cause is going to communicate with human beings in order to inform the human being? Okay? That actually they have a purpose in life. And we say that the intermediate media that was used was two kinds of intermediary had angels and prophets, one metaphysical and the other physical. metaphysical entities of angels are just like metaphysical entities, which we can't see which are actually scientific when you use metaphysical language and they want to get the white man's world post colonial world. Second

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man fairytales and Halloween and desert and I know conjure is very negative connotations of superstition and all these things which we've left behind in Dark Ages. Okay, well look, metaphysics is making a comeback in science. Look at quantum mechanics.

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Quantum Physics, look at looking philosophy. Most of the things the precepts of concepts that you believe in, that the scientific method that is based on is actually our metaphysical concepts, and is of rationalism and mathematics. They're not physical. Anyways, so we have the physical Angel, the physical prophets and the metaphysical angels. And then you have that connection.

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So we would say God communicated with human beings to remind the human being going back to the car, the concept that human being was, has the autograph of God in him as the language that he used. In other words, that human being is born predisposed to the idea of God. And the Islamic thesis is the same.

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The Islamic thesis is that God, pre determined or pre allowed this idea of submission to him to exist.

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And, and what messengers do is come to remind human being of their reality. That's the Islamic thesis. Yeah. So messengers have come before time, all of which was the same message. And if you look at the Old Testament corpus,

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and you look at the New Testament corpus,

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like the book of Acts, for example, is really interesting.

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You'll find that really, this is this is even not just a Quranic message, this is an extra Quranic message, a biblical message. You can even extend it to other religions to actually prophets came aforetime, there is this meta narrative, it does exist within the historical framework, the religious framework, that there were these messages that came all of which would this message to remind human beings to worship God and to abstain from doing the bad things? Or the socially bad things that have been told to us are bad from the creator? Who knows? Oh,

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but they also came with a miracle.

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Now, I don't know how long I've got left here. Not that long. Yeah, maybe five minutes. 510 minutes? One, two minutes.

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Only five minutes? Yeah.

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All right.

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At least five minutes, okay.

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It's not like I'm making a good use of that time. But I just want to make sure that

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while I was gonna say it, you guys was that basically, the profits came with two things. Yeah. All of the profits came with a message and an evidence. And the evidence was, if you think about the message was meant to appeal to a sense of spiritual identity was meant to allow the human being to recollect

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that information which was embedded into him in the first instance, in the pre existence phase, through the souls because we believe as Muslims that human beings had been conditioned through their souls, but the the evidence was really an evidence which was allow human beings to rationalize Islam or the message of Islam and those may say those things, those evidences are many

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and a mess and other evidence is meant to defy certain things.

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in my estimation, and evidence is something Yeah, which probabilistically would not happen otherwise. So for example, human beings can do certain things you can say and that some some do say this, actually is what they are just Yeah, yeah, just in Arabic means something which is miraculous or paralyzing. incapacitating. Well, this is not the word the Quran uses the word in the Quran as a

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as a as a sign literally is like something which you can see is clear, self evident. We will say that the Quranic message in itself is a sign, but also

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the linguistic composition of the Quran is as a sign, the structural intertextual knitted togetherness of the Quranic message is also a sign. We will say the prophecies of the Quran and the Hadith. were literally the prophecies that are mentioned. It's also another sign. Yeah, we would say the extra Quranic information, the historical information, for example, the mentioning of Mohammed and other books is as another science. So we will say that, we will say the social and economic effects of Islam and it's spreading is another sign, we say the effects of Islam or human beings as a third is another side. So there are many signs that indicate the truth, the reality of Islam,

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we're not going to go over them. Because we don't have time if you do want to. I've done like series on almost all of those things like structural coherence of the Quran, prophecies of the Quran and the Sunnah. All of those are my channels. So you can if you're interested in any of those who research you can research those things on my channel inshallah, obviously, to increase my views and stuff like that. And

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so I'm going to leave it at that. So we will say that you have two things generally speaking, you have the message and you have what could, in a vernacular sense be classed as the miracle. Not perspective will say that Islam comes with both of those things. And if someone is sincere

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Has as our call as psychospiritual. Yeah, I don't know if that's a word but it's just quite a throw out there someone else will use it or become a word. Yeah.

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If someone has a psycho spiritual inclination towards the truth, and they are sincere, I would argue that the Islamic thesis would be enough to convince them.

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Okay, now we can have a rest. Okay?

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Is that a good time to do it?

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