Reviving ramadan #27 – Has Laylatul Qadr Passed?

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the disproportionate emphasis on the 27th night ofFinancial, which is a likely candidate for Leila. The speaker also talks about the secret of the announcement of the death of the Prophet Alayhi wa sallama, which was hidden to bring out the best in people. The speaker also discusses the importance of consistency throughout the believer's life cycle, even during specific seasons of worship.
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Is tonight Leila to cuddle the 27th night of Ramadan.

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Whilst it's true that the 27th night of Ramadan is a likely candidate for Leila Takada, it's baffling to see the disproportionate emphasis on it at the expense of other knights. What's even stranger are the oaths I've heard some people taking during their sermons on Friday saying this is I swear by Allah later on.

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In fact, I know some mosques where the guest Imam actually flies back home on the seventh night and he leaves behind the local Imam to finish leading until aid. You know, as if to say that Ramadan has ended question if the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself was made to forget the exact date of Laila to Qatar, how can anyone claim certain knowledge of it after him unless they had heard it directly from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it was hidden from great wisdom to encourage Muslims to work hard in its pursuit, not relying on any specific day.

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Imam Mohajer he said the scholars have differed with regards to the exact date of VEDA to Qatar stating less than 40 opinions, just as they differed with respect to the exact hour of the answer to our offer on Fridays. They've both been hidden to bring out the best in people with respect to search and hard work. In fact, some scholars have understood from this that it's preferable to not even tell people if you've discovered later, tell them after eight, but not on the night or at the day after. Whether it's through something people see through wakeful hours, or even corroborating dreams or, according to many scholars, it shouldn't be disclosed in Ramadan, to keep people

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motivated with the Quran. He put it beautifully when he said that Allah has hidden this night for several reasons.

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The same way that Allah Almighty has veiled certain things within things to keep people encouraged.

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So he says he's hidden his pleasure within the many acts of worship, so that people continue to exert themselves in all forms of worship. And he's hidden his anger his displeasure in all sins, so that people stay away from all over them. And he's hidden his worldly his ally amidst the people so that we respect all people.

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And he has hidden the answer to ha so that people call upon Him all of the time. And he's hidden, his greatest name is more lava, so that they may honor all of His Names and use all of His Names. And he has written hidden the reality of the Salah to Wooster, the middle of prayer so that they take care of every prayer.

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And he's hidden the accepted tell about repentance so that people continue to repent all of the time, when he's hidden the time for death, so that you remain on guard for death. And similarly, he has a hidden layer of color so that people may honor every one of the nights of Ramadan.

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So with this understanding, the believers motivation will no longer be exclusive to Ramadan, or the last 10 Nights, or even the odd nights. Rather, the hallmark of a believer is consistency all throughout his life, even if he exerts himself herself during specific seasons of worship. But after all, the marketplace agenda is open all throughout Ramadan, and all throughout the year and all throughout your life.