Tom Facchine – Standing on the Edge with Ibrahim – Eid al-Adhaa 2021

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © A woman named Selena wants him to hold onto her legacy and lineage, even if she tries to convince him to obey the rule. She demands him to choose whether she wants to obey the rule or not every month and every day. The importance of obeying Islam is emphasized, including not giving up on fear and not leaving their country. The speakers emphasize the need to ensure animal health and safety, avoid leaving their countries, and sharpen their blades to ensure the animal does not suffer. They also postpone a video and encourage viewers to follow the video.
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want to say number one I still feel well now moving down the usual way of course you know what you say the

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lay of the land but I believe that

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the last one last week was

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to also get a cup of coffee be one of them we'll do that in

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a couple

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of minutes tomorrow

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What's up a lot

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of time in the long hair on a coffee. Yeah. For such a long time Selena you'll stick around for a little while because the rules are from what are you afraid that was suitable? As opposed to Lima Am I right? Or can you tell eternal love when I

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was shuffling. But

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Miko when he brought me in Sudan, stood over his son knife in hand and ready to obey the command of Allah.

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He stood at the adage of two worlds, one world, the world of the self, the world, the dunya, the world of the neffs and the other, the world of sacrifice, the world of thought, obedience, the world of good righteousness. For either Amin Rene, he said, his son was his entire world, his hopes for a family, his hopes for a legacy and a lineage. All of it depended on his son, he could have disobeyed Allah, He could have ignored the dreams or make up some excuse, and he would have walked home thinking that he had saved his money in thinking that he had secured his legacy. But Allah Azzawajal was asking him for trust. Allah azza wa jal was telling me Rahim, I mean, you think you get what

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you're after this way? You think that if you hold on to your son, that you are guaranteed a legacy, but nothing can happen without a loss? Will? Allah azza wa jal wants him to prove us points us? If you sacrifice your son, your family is gone and your legacy is gone and your lineage is gone, but Allah azza wa jal,

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he is able to do whatever he wants. Allah Allah azza wa jal is the one who gets to decide even if it seems like it makes no sense. How can someone save their lineage and legacy through sacrificing their son was Allah subhanho wa Taala it is possible or even Rakeem earlier he said, that was the only way to hold on to his son and he brought him on he said I'm gonna have been forgotten, sacrifice his son, and he will be remembered Allah Subhana Allah decides just like the mother of Musa as the only way for her to stay Russo's life was to scan him down the river in a basket. If she holds on to her son, she uses him he will be here with him. If she lets him go, she saves him. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala decides just like Musa on a deserted island. The only way to overthrow him was to grow up right in his house. If he grows up somewhere else, Barrows aggression continues Allah azza wa jal the size just like your safari, he's the only way to achieve the honor that he saw in his dream was to be sold as a slave was to go to prison. No prison, no slavery, no honor. Allah azza wa jal is to decide. Allah subhanho wa Taala decides what happens no matter how much sense it makes to you and me. Every single one of us finds ourselves in Ebron games situation every single year, every single month, every single day we have to choose. We have to choose whether we obey Allah Tala

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whether we trust him or not. Maybe we have elements

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Tension. Every time you pick up that cigarette, every time you reach for the bottle, you stand on the edge of Two Worlds just like Ibrahim money. He said, in your hand you think you have what is going to satisfy you and Allah azza wa jal is telling you that the only way to true satisfaction is to put it down and to give it up. Maybe we have a business and we sell harm. Every time you put in your order from the vendor, you stand on the edge of two worlds, just like the Rocky Mountain.

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You think by selling the harm that you're securing your livelihood, that you are getting your money, and Allah azza wa jal is telling you that the only way to truly secure your livelihood in this life and the next is to put it down and given up and trust Allah, every single one of us find ourselves in Ebro place sooner or later and every single one of us has a hard decision to make but Allah azza wa jal wants you and I to know that whatever we love, em only way to get it is by obey Allah subhanho wa Taala data, the thing that we fear, the only way to stay away from it and avoid it is to obey Allah subhanho to Allah and there is no honor and there is no dignity in disobeying Allah

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subhanho wa Taala of the book that we have there was something along the way that he certainly wasn't even recorded. Let's start with Rami.

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Allahu Akbar Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, along

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Allah Allah, Allah

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Allah Allah

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will handle your army was

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a married man

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who died last month, the end of Allahu evening and has gone What does that mean even have gone out why she

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her husband had asked

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saw her body while he was having work until the exam

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was set in the same lab. Ibrahim alayhis salam had the same choice to make, and he chose obedience. Because of his choice. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him more than he could have ever imagined. Today we celebrate Ibrahim Struss. We celebrate Iranians the sacrifice Ebron means triumph over fear. And so as we prepare ourselves to sacrifice time to celebrate, let's remember that we're not just celebrating the days on the calendar, but we are celebrating our trust in Allah, our obedience to Allah and our following in the footsteps of our father Ibrahim is in our own lives. If you intend to sacrifice today, then remember that the animal you sacrifice has to meet three conditions. First, it

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has to be old enough, a cow must be at least two years old and a goat must be at least one year old and a sheet must be at least six months old. Secondly, the animal has to be healthy and sound it must not have a liberal It must not be sick, it must not be blind, and they must not be starving or malnourished. Also, it is better than there are no problems with it fears, its forms or its teeth. Third, it has to be done during a proper time that time would be the gap at the end of the Salah than a prayer and it ends on luck with the third day of sleep which is Friday evening. It is better to do it today than laser and it is better to do it during the day than the night and it is better

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to be presence that will be absent during the sacrifice. You absolutely must say Bismillah before sacrificing the alcohol and the blood should come forth from the animal to ensure that it does not suffer. The best way to ensure that this happens is to cut both veins and the windpipe and the esophagus all for the sacrifice should be done with confidence we will know why mercy on Rama. You should sharpen the blade to ensure the animal does not suffer. You should prevent the living animals from seeing the dead animals and you shouldn't leave your country the Ebola with strength and speed so that the death is

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Quick and painless 1/3 of the meat should be given to the poor occluders overall, and a blue should be given away to friends as gifts and the third should be kept for yourself. The posters should not be paid from the meat itself, but from your own pocket and remember the statement of the profits of the last one he was selling Sallam in the law have kept

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putting the same

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kind of talk that asked you know, what are you talking about? Actually, when you came there as a shotgun while you were being Muslim, surely Allah azza wa jal has prescribed excellence in everything that we do. So if you kill that excel in it, and if you swatter that Excel is and let everyone sharpen his blade and put his sacrifice at ease so much on that was something other than that it

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will rub off on people nobody's Hola, hola. Hola. The news on

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Saudi Saudi Arabia suddenly from sustainment of Saudi

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Arabia Allah He brought me in for early logging are coming

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along with my dad he called

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me and he called me and he met me and although my Irish citizen was local Sydney was in the shipbuilding was shaking. But then there are a team what sort of removed me was

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follows on Sony

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again, follow him on Sony. So again before we began

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it was

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a long video but it was really cool

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worried about whether or not

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you have a gun the love and the love as

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well? Yeah.

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We were lucky enough to let go and you can follow along

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as they come along

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