What If This Was Acid Attack

Mohammed Hijab


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Islamophobia is real brothers and sisters. And the only way to tackle that is by educating these people teaching them the true pure way of Islam. And an evidence to that is rather than the sisters, we get messages from the islamophobes x islamophobes. You hated Islam by messaging us and telling us your videos, your discussions, your dialogues with the people has opened our eyes to the true message of Islam, and we are sorry. And we are people who come to speaker's corner who visit us personally and say thank you, and forgive me. All you have to do is join this movement help us in engaging people, building cohesion within communities by clicking the link below. One click can

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change a person's whole life. Are we going to be only known for helping humanitarian causes while Islam is under attack? Brothers and sisters, it's time we also help those in the frontline educating people about the true essence of Islam. Donate now to the dour and help us reach millions of hearts. What are you waiting for? salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.