Haifaa Younis – Builders of A Nation – Ramadan 2023

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning about Islam and the impact it has on women. They mention a journey they will take on throughout the day to teach themselves and share their experiences with women. The goal is to learn and spread the knowledge about the woman they are working with.
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Cemani kumara had to lie over a patio.

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It's so heartwarming to start thinking and talking about Ramadan. And on Milan is a blessed month is the month of Allah, month of fasting month of family. When we get together, break our fast, talk about learn about and one of the things we need to learn as a Muslim Ummah in general, that this beautiful religion is a religion where women have contributed and still and should continue to be integral part of this dream.

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Woman have been mothers, wives, supporters, defenders of this deen and for rasool Allah salatu salam. Throughout the next 30 days, we'll take you on a journey, and we're going to be picking up flowers, those flowers that lived in the house of Rasul Allah salatu salam flowers lived around him, flowers came after him and flowers who brought even more flowers. Woman in Islamic history had huge impact, whether in education, whether in raising children, whether in raising scholars, whether being scholars themselves, what we all need to do, let's spend a little bit of time on a daily raises, teaching ourselves first, teaching our family teaching our daughters teaching our sons that

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this woman had a lot of favors upon us, the least we can do is learn about them and spread the knowledge about them. So join me this Ramadan, day by day, and we're going to take you through this journey.

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