Mohammed Hijab – What Happens When You Die

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The afterlife of the human being is shrouded into a white garment and washed, and the afterlife will be replaced with a quiet and stressful life. The afterlife will be shrouded into a white garment and washed, and the afterlife will be replaced with a quiet and stressful life. The afterlife will involve a loss of profit, a loss of true understanding of who is in the world, and a lack of true understanding of who is in the aftermath of Islam.
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Cuando la sharika la was shadow and Mohammed Abu or a solo.

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Today, we're going to speak about death.

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This is what the brothers the organizers have told me to speak about.

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So I'm going to honor that inshallah and speak about death. Let's get to the stage of death, death happens.

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As we said the atheist in his mind frame, he has no explanation for why we're alive. He doesn't know. So if you ask him, how do we die is going to give you a biological answer, though, you know, the heart stops. Okay. Thank you very much. We know that happens. But is there anything else that happens? No, we don't know. Okay, well, let me tell you that right? The answer is this.

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That consciousness is explained through?

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Yes, aluna kandra. Las panatela says, In the Quran, they asked you about the soul. And they say the soul is from the decree of your Lord. And you won't know you won't be giving them knowledge of except for a little bit. Yeah. So in other words, the reason why we're alive is because Allah subhanaw taala has given us a soul which was breathed into us in our infancy stages when we're in the mother's womb.

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Now, what is this extraction, then that takes place at death, how does it take place? And then what would happen when you die physically speaking,

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and metaphysically speaking,

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the extraction process

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is a process which everybody will feel

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the raw will be extracted from the human being

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the raw the soul will be taken away from the human being extracted from the human being.

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When that happens, the human being will enter a different realm.

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Just as when he sleeps, he can sleep he can dream and think about and taste new things. Just like that. The human being will move into how to dunia has to hear from from the worldly life to the buzz of life.

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Yeah. So what is this abundance of life? What's going on? Okay, let's talk about it.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in a sort of most of you know, and as that he talks about a nezhat number, a lot of them have a sirona say and nazjatar are the angels that take away

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your so

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran is sort of the piano and the 75th sort of the Quran

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he says

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taraki murky lemon law

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that when the soul reaches a taraki which is where the Hulk is, now the health is this part, but okay is Ivan Hulk, which means the throat. Now just imagine for a second

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that the human being

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the soul of the human being, is ascending upward.

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Yes, there's something that that human being is feeling.

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When there is an ascension,

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you feel something moving up your body

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and it reaches the throat.

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Just think about how that will feel.

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Well, then

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the person who's dying at that rate, that person will know the Quran says that this is the separation alpha rock means the separation meaning from this world.

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That person when the soul this thing, they denied this thing they didn't want to take into consideration.

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It reaches up to the throat

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and he feels it in that area.

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He will know

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that this is over.

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This will happen to you.

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This will happen to me and this will happen to our parents.

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What is that fat is Sabu is

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we fast forward now.

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The human being is shrouded a sap is the calf.

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The calf's of the legs are put together,

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are bundled are shrouded.

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They are bundled.

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Every human being will be in that state. We might have to witness our parents in that state

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or our children in that state, we don't know who will come first. We may have already witnessed this.

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The human being that was walking around,

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either in arrogance,

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or in joyfulness or wherever kind of demeanor that human being had.

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Joking, laughing, smiling, eating, sleeping, waking up, gone to school, coming back memories.

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Now human being now

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has died.

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And that human being will be you and me.

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The human being will be shrouded

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into a white garment

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will be washed.

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The human being will be washed.

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And you know what happens when they watch the human being, they must ensure

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that the the * of that human being has something inside of it, like a cotton wool or something so he doesn't. So things don't come out of him.

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And they will close his eyes or her eyes. They will watch that human being.

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The human being will be carried by people. That human being cannot do anything anymore.

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The food that that human being ate, the drink that a human being drank.

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Everything that a human being did

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is not going to help that human being unless it's good deeds.

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This is what happens to humans.

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By Allah subhana wa Taala he continues.

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He says Ella Baker Yama Eden is

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that a human being is heading now to his Lord.

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But then he describes the archetype of the disbeliever and he tells us for Sadako Allah soul.

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He didn't give charity.

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He didn't pray

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what well, I can get the boat.

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But he lied.

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And he turned away.

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He said there's no such thing as the afterlife. He denied the route.

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He denied the hereafter. He denied the Hellfire and the heaven and Allah even he even denied his own self.

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This human being

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depended upon materialism to live

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it let him down in this world made him depressed.

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And no doubt it lay him down once again.

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And then Allah asks the human being now some questions.

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Because he says fallouts Juan de la Sol La la la que

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Allah, Allah, Allah that He used to go back to his family boasting, this human being thinks is this this very, very thinks he's got the answers. The atheist, you know, he might think he has the answers. So he goes back to his family talking about you know, look at these people. They're going to pray there is boasting.

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talking to his family, he thinks he knows the answer. He thinks he knows.

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There's no answers anymore.

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He has no more answers. There's no answer. Well answer your debt. You're finished.

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There's no arguments you can make.

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There's no arguments. No one's gonna hear your arguments at this stage.

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You arrogance has not helped you in this stage.

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You went back to his family

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in boastfulness and that Allah subhanaw taala he said

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Yeah, so lean

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rock. So the

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does human beings think that he will be left? aimless.

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So that bill ahead of you, so that means like, no objective

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does that human being actually presumed that with all of his faculties and intelligence

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and the perfect design around him and all of this,

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that for him was just a aimless life.

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lm yakun Auto for many

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was, you know, a sperm dropped, which was emitted.

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Think about it.

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We all started as a despised fluid.

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Something people have a *, you know, wash it off is you styled like that, and I started like this, despite something you want to get off your clothes,

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something not clean. You know?

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Although from a physics perspective, there may be some difference of opinion.

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But you know, you started off in that way.

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You started off as nothing. This arrogant guy walking around. Yeah, God doesn't exist. And, you know, I don't know, I don't believe in God. You know, I don't really religious.

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You were spam. You remember that?

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I mean, you are a piece of your spam, you award a fluent?

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How could it be that you transform from from water, food three fluid to what you are now. And you're questioning the transformation. And the one who created it? Who made the transformation happen?

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This guy or this girl? She doesn't have that.

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Self recognition? Clearly. Yeah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the after that he created

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the human being like that.

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La said, lick me hard in

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a note is that same Lord, that created you from a sperm

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not able to revive you after you're dead, or revive the dead? Generally speaking, why not? How Does that even make sense.

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But we know from the hadith

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of Bara, if not Isaiah, which is narrated in

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met, I think it's it's definitely a hadith.

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And it's a very long Hadith which I cannot basically narrate to you or

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But basically, it's a hadith

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which says that there was people a man from the unsired

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who died, and the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem,

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he went, and the Sahaba

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around you, Roger lawan home, they went with him.

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And then the Prophet tide started to describe to us what happens when you're in the cover when you're in the grave.

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Because now, the virtual reality has changed.

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Now, your life and the dimensions of your life, and your functionality as a human being, all of that has transformed.

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Now you're entering a different world and Allah has revealed to us through His Messenger, what kind of world that is. So he says to us,

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he says to us that

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when the human being is,

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tells us first how the human being soul is extracted,

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and the human being soul is extracted

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in two different ways depending upon what kind of human being he is. So the human being if he's a good human being a silent, it will be something very gentle.

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And this does not negate the fact that the Prophet told us in the little mote, little Moti less accurate than for death, there are pangs of death, human beings will will face some kind of pangs and it does not also negate the fact

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that when the human being is in the cover,

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that there will be some kind of doctor which is some kind of pressure that would be put on him

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or some kind of bum are referred to as some kind of pressure he will feel a kind of pressure

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in the first instance

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But when the human being soul is extracted, you can imagine how the soul is extracted, we explain how,

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then afterwards, the human being will be placed in the grave.

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And the two angels will descend

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Moncure and Nikita, and these two angels will ask the questions. Now I've skipped through some of the things that are being said, like the fact that the record will be checked, and it will go up to LSU. And, and for the good people, and to Jean and all of this, but let's get to the core of it. Basically, the two angels will ask three fundamental questions.

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And everybody should know what they are.

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And the first question is, who is your Lord.

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And so the person who practice to hate

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the person who didn't forget his roots is fitrah. Because every human being is kulu molding, you will all face it, every human being as a born is born on the fitrah, the person who remembered the purpose of life and practice the purpose of life, this human being will answer Allah, whether he's illiterate, he doesn't understand or whatever, he will still answer Allah.

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And the second question that will be asked is, what is your religion

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and that the person

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who lived according to the laws of Allah subhanaw, taala, who submitted his vote to align will reply Islam. But wait a minute,

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the disbeliever he will have a good time, they'll say, listen, what about those individuals

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that didn't hear about your prophet?

00:16:48 --> 00:16:52

And that didn't know anything about anything? Are you telling me they're gonna go to *?

00:16:53 --> 00:17:00

Say Hold on. I didn't say anything yet of that nature. Let's proceed to the third question, and I'll come back to that objection.

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The third question is, Who was that man that was sent to you? Or who is the Prophet? And so the Muslims reply,

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according to their time. So we will say Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:17:14 --> 00:17:16

people of Jesus, they'll say, Jesus.

00:17:19 --> 00:17:25

And they will not answer Allah when they are asked, Who was your Jesus? When they asked Who is your Lord? They will not answer that.

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So they will answer Jesus.

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Or it could be Abraham, or it could be Moses, or whatever. And we know, just to go back to what we were saying that those people who have not been received a message or that the message may have been destroyed or something faraway land,

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the automatical these people may

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filterability lesson

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or photography, yeah. fatra is the time period fattura Fatah. So these people because there's a verse in sort of Malaga, and that says that a loss and the profit is like, in a factory, which means in Qatar period, like the time where there's no period profits, after that period of a game. So in other words from that some people like look at theatre and others, they say that, if the person has not received the message they may have been, they may be given a trial independently on the Day of Judgment. So it's not like Allah subhanaw taala is unjust, he doesn't know the realities of people's environments, he will trial people in accordance with their environment. You see, so it's not just

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it's not like that we don't believe in, you know, oh, this person has not heard of us, you know, in Africa or something like that. It's not like this. But let's go back to the one we were talking about. After that, then you have for the person who is pious, literally, you have

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a kind of realization of where they're going to go afterwards. They know

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what's going to happen to them, which is good things. And so they, they want the day of judgment to come. And those individuals who

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don't have that, and they realize what they have done and where they stand. those particular individuals, they will have the opposite reaction. They will hope never to ever wake up from their sleep or their slumber

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never to be re woken, revitalized, rejuvenated,

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never to be reassembled. Well, that is of course what would happen, what will happen now

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