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The Sharia principle is the basic principle of avoiding harm, which applies to sharia cases, including women, children, and children in public. The principles apply to all Muslim schools, including those with either a Christian or Muslim partner. It is important for sharia cases to avoid confusion and discomfort, as it is personal and important for privacy. The importance of avoiding contact with non-Halighted people, touching children, and certain culture groups is also discussed.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam Arusha, filomeno Celine where it was

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by the brothers, I want to remind myself when you about a very basic and foundational principle of the Sharia

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which is called saddle die.

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The blocking of the means

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that is the plural of Zarya

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saddles or the blocking of the means. And the basic principle is applies to the Sharia block

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the means of anything that can lead to Haram, even if that thing itself is Allah.

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I'll explain this examples. But let's understand the principle first.

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So, those are I refers to

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blocking the means, which can lead to harm. Even if that thing fi NFC by itself is hella,

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for example,

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a job becomes for the woman when she attends majority, right.

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But the Sharia advises us

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gives us this advice that for a small girl also, maybe the girl is only three years old, four years old, five years old.

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Even at that age, ensure that she is dressing in clothes, which completely cover a body.

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I'm not saying it is necessary to at the age of three and four and five to even cover the hair. Obviously, if you do that, that is even better. And I'll tell you in a minute why it is better. But at least cover the full body.

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We see in many Muslim homes,

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that you have little girls who are wearing frocks

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sleeveless rocks.

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So the girl's arms from the shoulders down are visible. Her legs are visible. The flock is shot way above the knee. So ties are visible.

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Now you and I know that most of child molestation cases happen from brothers, from uncle's, from grandfathers

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and from servants, drivers and cooks and Butler's

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I'm not making this up. You know this is true.

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So why do you allow your little child to run around half naked. And she does not even know if she's molested for the most part, she will not even know what was what is going on. She will not even understand that

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until later in life. When this becomes a traumatic memory for her

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that when I was five years old when I was that years old, so old, somebody did this to me

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and wasn't responsible. You as the father or the mother. The child did not ask to wear a frock. You bought a frog and gave it to her to wear.

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Then the other issue and I said why sure about the hair.

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We like to insist that these girls when they are older, that no this is haram, you have to cover your hair and so on and so on. But the point is that from the age from the day she was born till the day she is 1213 1415, whatever it is, she was allowed to wear clothes, which were basically not chalet in the in in the future. That's why I'm saying with the exclusive given is what hijaab becomes first only then. So therefore when she is four and five and so on, he does not work. So if she's going around with her hair uncovered, she's not doing something Haram. She's not sinful. You're also not sinful for allowing her to do that. So feel free that thing is adjust. But it is

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something which can and does lead to her will after the age of puberty. She's not governing us in problems.

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And that's where as soon as Allison said a woman will take her father, her brother, husband,

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three people into health care.

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Why? Because these three are responsible for that lady.

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The father, the brother and the husband are responsible for that woman. And if she has been brought up in such a way that she is committing around and showing your body in public is horrible.

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As I told you, I don't make the rules.

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Then you are also responsible.

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So different matter that you brought up the child properly. And then later on in life, the child becomes a body and becomes rebellious. That's not your responsibility. But how about the upbringing. So very important for us to ensure that little girls and little boys also, of course, obviously, but definitely real girls are dressed properly, completely covered. ideally speaking, when you take them out in public in any party and this and that, even get them used to wearing hijab, there's nothing wrong. And at that age, when they, when they wear it, people will, most people will also appreciate it in his or She looks so cute and this and that, that's good for us, you'll get a lot of positive

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strokes for doing something later on, he has to do it anyway. It's fourth. So sooner they get used to that, the easier it becomes then you don't have a battle and when when, when she is 12 and 13 and 14 on your hand saying that you have to cover your head because that's a big problem at that day. Because you didn't bring it bring it up like that same thing applies to co educational schools.

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In some way there is this great,

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you know, feeling of comfort in our minds, that code integration schools, boys can go girl should not go.

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I don't know where this thing has come from, you know, we have coeducational Muslim schools. That's an oxymoron. That's like you know, Allah pork or something.

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You know, well, how can you have a quote educational Muslims with either Muslim or educational one of the two?

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But here, of course, we don't have the we don't have a problem of that kind because we don't have Muslim schools but

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but resentment, co education, why

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education is good, how can it be good? How can education be good in our school, which is quite educational. If you are saying as a Muslim, that education in that school is good, then it means that you need your head examined, because you don't even understand the meaning of education in the workplace.

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Education is to read some book, that book the child can say that over read.

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You understand what I'm saying?

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We have to speak like intelligent people. We shouldn't speak like fools. You send your child to avoid the question of school and after that you're very concerned and you are so heartbroken because now the child has fallen in love with a Hindu girl and she refuses to gender religion.

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And he said I have to marry a

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religion that is why she's a Muslim no problem.

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And what is worse and we see this more and more in North India. What is worse is our daughter's marry Hindu boys and Sikh boys and Christian boys. And they do not change the religion. They don't even some of them are so adamant. This I will not even say Lyla, just to show even to show I will not do it.

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And what is worse is that the parents are so shameless. Then the parents print wedding cards and the parents hoard a whole wedding and so on with this Hindu boy or this Hindu girl

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or whichever religion non Muslim girl or non Muslim boy

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we've got nothing is anybody's religion. What we're saying is in Islam, it is haram, a sham the Haram prohibited by the Koran and Nevis Allah a solemn tomb for a Muslim girl to marry a non Muslim man. It is haram haram Haram. I don't make the rules. You don't like my face? No problem. That is the rule.

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Nobody can make it hella nobody can make it guys.

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But where does this all start from? Right from the beginning? How does that girl or that boy How does your boy your son or daughter even know people because of their kind of education, because of the kind of exposure that you are giving them.

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The same thing applies, talking about

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blocking the means that can lead to harass

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them said it is haram for a man and a woman, Muslim man and woman to be together alone in a room.

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This is a Dr. Salah What if both of them are of the highest character the highest taqwa as well as well. As Adam said even if the girl even if the woman has the taqwa of Maria Bella his Salam.

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It is haram to be alone with her.

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Right. Now, point is Why?

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Because again, it will lead to.

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Now you might say, Well, you know what? Maybe it will it for somebody else it might do that. I do it all the time.

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I have never touched the woman. I have never been I've never done it. It's not a question of what you do or you do not do. A basic principle is being set. And that principle applies to you no matter what level using your own parties.

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Today in today's world, being alone in a room applies to being alone with a chatroom. On the internet, there is no difference. Please understand this very clearly.

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There's no difference people don't you know, I'm physically not you may not be physically there. But you are in a chat room with this, you know, within quote, so called sister from Southern such a place. And the sister is, you know, so interested in the, and I'm only giving her Dawa. And she's only asking me questions about Islam. And I'm only answering the questions of the Sister, please understand, just because you call somebody sister, she does not become a sister.

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Just because you call somebody brother, he does not become your brother.

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Right? That doesn't mean that sister and brother just means he's male. And she's female. That's all it means. It doesn't mean that she's your sister, she's not your sister.

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So being alone, on the internet chatting with, with non Muslim males and females Haram, no matter if they're if they want to ask questions about Islam, refer them to a website, refer them to some Island, refer them to another lady, there is no shortage of, of knowledgeable Muslim women, you don't have to play that role.

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refers also to

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being alone with regard to or being in a mixed company of our extended families.

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Many of us have these family gatherings, some other family gatherings, everybody's all cousins and uncles and aunts and this one or that one or that one. And there is total and complete, you know, mixing of males and females. And then the SQL is given a hammer, right hand and hand and cage. But Johanna and kid with a

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hand and panda has nothing to do with Islam.

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Allah subhanaw taala made some rules. And those rules apply to your hand. And also, as long as you are Muslim, if you are not Muslim, that's a different matter. But if you are Muslim, and you consider yourself Muslim, then those rules apply also to your hands and your hands and is not more pious than the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu. Let's stop fooling ourselves, right. So it is not just for you to have one great party and for you to have on this outing and whatnot. And all the cousins and males and females, by all means have this party have this gathering have a complete separation of men and women.

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complete separation of men and women, even though women are there in that then let them be properly dressed, meaning that they must be in a job.

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And that the seating and so on should be separate. And if the whatever is interaction is going on, that should be in public, it should be separate. Otherwise, it is not is

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going off with your cousins, I'm going off with my cousin somewhere out.

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Again, blocking off the means. Similarly, we get this we get instances where this colleague of yours

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this lady who you're working with in your in your office, or in the college or something, you know, this girl who's also there in the college

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she sends you a text message, SMS messages, right? So initially it is a question about something to do with Islam or maybe it's a question to do with your college, whatever book you're reading or something and then slowly the thing changes and maybe she says I'm going out somewhere. So you being the you know, the good brother, she will say well, you know, please let me know that you have arrived safely. I will send a message saying I hope you arrived safely. And she said yes, yes, I arrived safely. Then you say you know what I'm seeing here this is what I'm saying Oh, Mashallah, I've also been to all of this stuff is haram

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when she arrived safely, are you arrived safely or not? What business is it? That you arrive safely or not arrive safely? What's the problem? You got you observers of concern teller to stand in the hedges and pray to rakata for you and pray for your safety right, not send you text messages.

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These things are again, I am not trying to be you know unnecessarily tough on anybody. My point is very simple. My point is if if there is a law prohibited us from doing certain things, there is a reason

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and therefore, we blocked the means sending a text message.

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But that text message will lead to something else.

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That is the reason why for women for example.

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If she answered the phone, originally that is refers to answering the door. Obviously the no telephones don't know but the same thing applies to phones and so on. She is supposed to answer that phone and answer that door actually by changing her voice to make it sound more tough.

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Was it what do you want

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instead of that, by

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that subject Avaya for phone corretto key ticker tape hi Mia.

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You get the point everything. Just because you call somebody brother or sister does not

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Anything but she's not your sister. She's not ever He's not your brother.

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Very, very, very clearly.

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The way people talk, we have to be very clear why didn't change your voice Why? Because there is a Allah subhanaw taala Allah Subhan Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the wives of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallahu wa sallam

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who are our mothers who are our mothers. It is haram for a Muslim to marry the wife of Allah Salam after he passes away.

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The special rule which applies only to the mothers of the believers, Allah subhanaw taala said his wives are your mothers and Allah subhanaw taala prohibited anyone marrying the wives of Nabi sallallahu sallam. So this is Muharram from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah had made it haram on the whole room still What does Allah subhanaw taala say in the instrumental aza to the wife service Rasul? Allah, Allah says, when you speak to another person speak from behind a screen that is better for you.

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The marrying is not Gerry's at all. The woman is your mother for God's sake.

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So what is the need for the screen and whatnot.

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And I didn't make the rule alijah worried yet.

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Again, yet, again, being careful. So please understand interaction with non Muslims. And tomorrow we'll look at another aspect of so the

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blocking of means, but today this aspect of it which is

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interaction with non Muharram men and women, Haram, not gize. Except under very special circumstances, for example, you go see a doctor, for example, you are dealing with somebody on a at the level of business and so on so forth, where there is a reason for it. In that case, you restricted only to that number to

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text messages, emails,

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chat rooms, all of this stay away. Stay away. If somebody sends you a text message, don't respond. Don't even respond. There's a simple thing don't even respond. No need save yourself some money.

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And if they send you 10 seconds after the one after sending 10 text messages, why are you not responding to me? Are you angry with me now you know where it is leading?

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Right so do not even respond? No need to respond.

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Third thing, co educational schools, haram take your children out of CO educational schools, if you are interested in their safety, there is no great rocket science being taught in these damn schools anyway.

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Send them to a single gender school. There are enough and more studies done not by Muslims, others studies done to show that children do much better in education when they are in single gender schools because the distractions are far fewer.

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So take them out of CO educational schools. There's no great thing happening there. And as I told you, if you say to me that education standard in that school is better than you are a fool. You don't even understand the meaning of education. You are an idiot because the schools are sending to the child's character will get destroyed and that according to is not education.

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What is the meaning of education, reading a few books, education.

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Take them out of education, put them into a single gender schools, they will do better, everything will be fine. Don't open the door, don't open the door and then don't sit and cry after that, that this happened that happened and the other happened. And last a very important. A girl is a girl even if she's two years old. So let her dress like a Muslim. Female like a Muslim woman like a Muslim girl. completely covered all hands and feet and everything is proper cloth.

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And I said I'm not asking you to put a hijab on a two year old girl but definitely fully clothed, no frocks and you know skirts and stuff. No, sorry. Do not do that. Be careful about your own children. As I told you, I don't have any two year old girl to worry about you have.

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So what about them your own children? Right? Why should that be more concerned about your children than you are that be concerned because that is good for you. Do not allow them to run around like that. I still remember when in America when I lived there. We had a very dear brother of ours who had a small three year old daughter and she used to be very religious.

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So she knew quite a lot of Parana little three year old one used to you know, recite surah that very nicely. So the father would bring it to the masjid and she would be there and she now can decide to read.

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So a lot of people, a lot of the friends and so on. They would you know hug the girl and they would pick her up and they would kiss her and all that. One day she walked in. There was a man she was upset. Somebody was holding the variable

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See what he said that girl is not married

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she's only three years old.

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Whether she's marijuana does not depend on whether she's three years old or 30 years old.

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He said do not kiss that girl. Do not get her used to the fact that a non Mara man can touch me.

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Let her have that dignity from the time she's born. That no one who is not married can touch me.

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yet very, very important for us. Don't go and don't go and pick up other people's children and kiss them and whatnot. No, no after his ankle so and what anchor which anchor.

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Even if it is the ankles, child that the actual ankle church is also non Muslim for you. Because she's your cousin.

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There's no need, that girl does not need your kiss. He does not need your hug. Letter father hugger letter, brother hug letter, you know, mother hug? Why? Why are you

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do not get children used to these things right from day one.

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Then that is a safety. And finally, as I said, serves, all of us have servants. Many of us have non Muslim servants. I've said this very, very clearly, in many places. No, people don't seem to understand. May Allah protect you from that? Imagine that you are dying in your house. And there is no one in the house except you a non Muslim servant.

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What is that someone will tell you last words. She will tell you the guide to a mantra

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not the caliber.

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Why do you keep one Muslim service? Key Muslim service Alhamdulillah you're giving you're helping a poor Muslim household to survive.

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And worse case, worst case scenario, if you are alone, dying in your house, that dial Muslim is better for you at that point in time than anybody else.

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At least they will tell you to get the tarasco

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do not give them also male servants. In the in the houses so many places I've seen this somehow people women wearing Hijab or everything outside in the home, they have a male cook and they have a male servant and so on. They're all sitting happily without any job.

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Many people today when a Buddha,

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Buddha, Buddha,

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do not have this do not have this keep all of this out. Muslims servants no male servants in the house, even women serving women whether your problem is that the women's problems

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in the servants are there let them be properly closed up properly closed

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and don't have the seven day 24 hours you know hanging around in the house the whole time no kangaroo up then you have some privacy for yourself.

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These are basic rules of the Sharia. And as I said enough c by itself if somebody says is it haram to employ a non Muslim No it is not.

00:23:16--> 00:23:17

It is not and you can apply.

00:23:19--> 00:23:23

I am talking about being careful because of what it can lead to.

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And that is the basic foundational principle of the Sharia. So we today will end with this inshallah Torah aspect of this Salalah Alana bill Karim Allah Allah He was Javier mirotic