al-Raghib al-Isfahani #23 – Corruption of Anger

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The last capacity so talked about the capacity for the intellect, like capacity for urge. The last one is anger. You can't just let it be on its own. It's got to be developed virtue is if you develop it into justice, if you let it alone, it's got a tendency to fall into one of two extremes. And either of those two extremes is advice. So on one extreme, you have extreme anger, right? You have untamed anger, you have rage, you have callousness, you have people who are completely devoid of mercy, people who are brutish, and barbaric. And that's one extreme, but then you also have another extreme, and that is somebody who has no sense of justice, somebody who's weak, somebody who's just,

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they let people trample all over them, and everybody who's who's dependent on them, and they're not able to even establish justice in their own lives or for themselves, or they're not able to advocate for the rights, neither of these extremes is praiseworthy, both of these extremes are vise Allah says in the Quran to get ready, right with whatever it takes to get ready. And he's talking about self defense and being prepared for the sorts of things that are going to come your way this is the part of life right you need to take a certain amount of precaution and you need Allah gave you a feeling of capacity, which is anger that's supposed to help you develop that if you miss manage that

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capacity, then you're going to lose the spark, you're going to lose the motivation. You're not going to be able to stand up for justice, you're going to see Muslims getting killed and but getting thrown into into you know, concentration camps in this part of the world or that part of the world are people get oppressed or someone get their hijab snatched off, and you're not going to care. You're not going to find it within your heart, the motivation to do anything about it, because you've mismanaged, you've mismanaged this capacity that Allah gave you and it's atrophied. It's now gotten to the point where you've fallen into a vise and that vices is lack of anger and lack of

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caring and therefore lack of justice.