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So I would like to take your 10 minutes I want to take you on a journey,

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something that a journey that we all got to take

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either not by choice.

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So everybody and every one of us one day will die.

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And when you die you go to your grave.

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No matter how long you stay in your grave, it will look almost like a very short period of time.

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Yeoman Oba by own Quran tell us that the people wouldn't get resurrected. They feel that just a day or a half a day.

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And the believers when they wake up from their graves and the disbelievers wake up from their grave.

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The disbelievers will say

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Yeah, well you don't remember Athan and in Mark Kadena Harada

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will to us who have resurrected us from our grave

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the transgressors

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the wrong doors, the people who invested only in this dunya

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the people who care the most only about the worldly life

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it will be terrifying for them to stand up from their graves because they know that they will meet the deeds

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they will meet their records

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film and movie Hafi or call off either whom pm we Moon

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will be blown the trumpet and people will be resurrected standing

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and looking

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move in

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EU see him do either him or for whom What if either to whom how?

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marine animals train

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they are walking fast and now routed to era him perform Yeah, and either eyes up looking up

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what will happen

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and that's how they walk to where they will be gathered.

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No one looking around, checking. Oh, so and so you know, oh this I know this place.

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Everybody looking up that's why the Prophet SAW Salem when he told the Irish or the Alana that people will be resurrected.

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Naked they will be brought back the same way they were camera but that and I want a jalapeno either.

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We make them back as we created at the first time to the extent that the process Salam said even uncircumcised nothing

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missing from them. She said Yara Salah Minar woman naked he said Amara Allah medallic It's greater than this everybody just as tall you looking up still know what will happen

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they look at this earth and the sea

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yeah well not too bad then we'll

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that the Earth is not the same one that we know

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and the sky doesn't look the same way we are familiar with

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the Earth is different because because no mountains

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and it was stretched and flatten what either Oh, that was Murphy the whole

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the earth level you're gonna be so Salam lay Sufi hammer now only

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the Earth has no sign banner anything like risen above the it's a flat and everything is just flat. We're familiar with how land flat looks like in Houston.

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flat like a pancake. They say

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just little small stones here and there has been

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a hombre dusty the color of it it's looked like the dough the Prophet SAW Selim said

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and when people see that they see that this earth is so different than what the US and the sky yeah a woman up with some

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point he is CG lineal Koto

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when this heavens will be folded like the same way you fold the book.

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So when it's folded, you can see through

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what do you see through the angels coming down?

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Not only the angels, but also other things.

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala will order the angel to pull the hellfire and will be brought

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near and the agenda will be brought near people see it from a distance as they gather the day of gatherings

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they look either Shem suku you're not Hala one of them have a serene said in the Arabic language when you say something cool we're not Yanni you know me that was bad laughter is that a fee? It's an expression in Arabic We all familiar with when you have a piece of paper you want the discard what do you do to it?

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You just make it like a ball and you just throw it away

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so that's what the shim circle we're at Lamar and you're going to damage Trump's look alike already circled like a ball. But the expression here is like when you have something that you make it like a ball and you disregard so shrimps became useless

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and the moon is useless

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and you look up and you see what either Santa Khushi buttons

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were either Santa basic slender and split

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and this the heavens yo Mata Chaka was Santa or below ma'am. The clouds it's like making holes in the sky.

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When you see doesn't matter equal to 10 Zillow and the angels coming down coming down coming down

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for either barrier bustle

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well hustle whosoever Shamsul will come up or Jimmy Asha will amor

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Yanni either very uncommon in another verse. Yeah, neither habanero have no lights.

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And while you are looking at all this,

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but what about the stars what either no to moon Cadabra have no lights.

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It's very weird.

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Very different than what they used to.

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You may have to do and I mean, I did this wrong. People get out of their grave walking quickly.

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And they see very strange things in that day.

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They see people or other biller upside down. hat when the law says that Anna said Yara Salah literally killed the upside down Jani auditor metaphor and I love this narration because that you can refute that idea notion that those who loves that wheel and everything is a metaphor everything is a figurative speech. Look at what Allah subhanaw taala said

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when I showed all homeo mental dam at the Jana Tiana whoo Hee mom your book

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called lemme Herbert Zina whom sang y'all when we're ready to rock them on their faces.

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Deaf line and essential Salalah

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on their faces

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parlor in lady Jada, homie I'm sure enough it dunya Damn him. Your child who whom Yeoman Yama TM Shuna, Allah will to him.

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The one the process Salam said yes, the one who made them walk on their feet, he will make them upside down on the Day of Judgment walking in their face faces

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as they have neglect and turn away from Allah Subhana Allah Ya, Allah subhanaw taala make them upside down and the David.

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In that day, you see not only humans and angels who were either who shot can you imagine? And just just imagine about that day. All the animals, all animals that you see in the museum's Midrash but you're not going to be looking Oh, look at this mammoth over there.

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The gathering of these beasts and these animals is for one reason not because the law will judge them law because you were doubting that Allah can resurrect you Allah showing you now that today's Iraq Gu and the animals and everything.

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It demonstrates his mind his power Subhana wa Tada

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when Allah says that ever he created nations of birds and animals, well mom and dad but in Phil out of the Olathe area, Ruby Jonah Hill. Oh mama and third LUCAM MA for rockin afield.

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Kitab Himanshi thumb in our behavior Sharon

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that Allah will resurrect them

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at that day

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the people want to see how all this

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people coming just group after group

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in a woman first Nika and me.

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Yo Ma Yun Verhoef is so referred to when

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you come in groups

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and then that groups you see the one Masha Allah, who's Nick is so long the process of them said the villain.

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And you see among this group, people there is not as a better flush in their face, skeleton, all their face melted down. The bankers, the wealthy baggers want to ask for money and they don't need it, they have enough money.

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You seen that day.

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People expose a banner next to their bottom, just the banner showing, showing people that this is it will be says had he heard door to Funan this person is a is a traitor.

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He betrayed the community the Muslims.

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You see, someone surrounded with darkness extra darkness cannot get out of it. Your calendar be so solemn, of full Maluma to normal piano. Those who are unjust unfair to their family to their employees to their people.

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Voodoo man darkness and the day of judgment.

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You see in that day

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many different things people mashallah shining their face their hands that feeds because of the whoo hoo Maha Joleen.

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You see in that day, people there is a robe of fire or their tongue on fire rub a fire around their mouth that's the only people who can seal the knowledge that is needed people the tongue on fire the people who are have two phases

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and it can keep going and going.

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What are ocular? Meeting Javea? Kulu Martin to the ILA kita be

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a leiomyoma to do Zona makan to Tom and you see every nation together and they are nearly jatheon Not even standing fully

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out of humility, out of fear

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and they will be called each and every one to look at their book. What color in sun in

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your movie ruin Obi Wan hurry doula who young woman the mighty kita

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woman Shuara

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Rokita Baca Kapha bien FC Kaluuya Huma I know you can see I

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read your book today

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you are sufficient judgment

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look at your record of deeds.

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People's faces will be brightened by what they see on some will be turned to a dark yellow matter be a boy do this what do you do?

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De Nabi SallAllahu sallam said everybody will be only concerned about himself.

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The only one would say everybody say NFC NFC fee, Mr.

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Issa will be approached by his mother married.

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Fair Olia Mahi, nila, oh, vanilla, oh man, Kim and Alicia. That's isa memorium. He will say to his mother today I cannot help you with anything.

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Even greater than that. In the visa salon before he died. He brought his family

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and he said saloon Illuma Machig tomb. Yeah, Fatima specifically. Yeah, Fatima. What do you want? Tell me now. For in Isla over near Onkyo, multi amphetamine Allah He shaida

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I wouldn't be able to help you in the Day of Judgment.

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In the beginning of the judgement nothing

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individual solid will be say Almighty Almighty not to a certain individual. My own mummy OMA so that for one

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For the judgment to start, that's

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an Allah we begging Allah but just for the judgment to start.

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Yo man, I mean, if he were me, whether it be

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worse or Heba dy Bernie,

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luckily Murray in whom young, even knowing you Guney, Allahu Akbar, everybody running away from everybody.

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I know it's very hard when I read this verse, I just, maybe you know what I think of my little girls. You know, when your kids older, I don't care. But you know.

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But these little ones, like, you know, six, seven years old three for your granddaughters grandson.

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Can you imagine just You're running away from them?

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To three years old, you're running away from them.

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They're scared. They're terrified.

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But you don't you just run away.

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Because you have more concern.

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Today when you see the angels, surrounding every human and some of the racial behind every human being there is an angel.

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Until Allah subhanho wa Taala comes wotja book one medical software, software.

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Allah subhanaw taala descend to this earth

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to the gathering of people.

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When Allah comes all his above his throne, wire she mula ashram, big faux pa whom Yeoman eating

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angels carrying the throne of philosophy to Allah and Allah to Allah the Most High

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at that moment, the people will Hoshyar dinner I'll swap to Little Rock man if there's no ill hands.

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All voices will be down not a single one speaking.

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And they see what was the leaf at gen two remote Derby you know why? He you see the Paradise Road not far.

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What gee I will not even be done.

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It will be brought to the Hellfire the OMA Edie the Golden Sun decal. At the moment he will be in will remember, you remember the old days

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the opportunities that you let go the salon that you miss

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that day?

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What's your Abouna

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you see it that day the people

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expose to their deeds, with a level of humility.

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People will be brought before Allah subhanho

00:18:48--> 00:18:53

wa Taala him coffee, nothing hidden from your deeds at that time.

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It is just Allah subhanaw taala has mercy that day.

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It is Allah subhanaw taala has mercy that it does cover the believers.

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It does Allah subhanaw taala mercy that they to the believing men and woman

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that's what's really when you think about the day of judgment and and what will happen into it and you just just thinking about your own life

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and the rights of Allah subhanaw taala upon you.

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You realize that how how tough that day is Yeoman Sakina Allah says yo Mejia, Jilin will, Danna Shiva, a day the turn children to gray hair a day that make people terrified.

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Prophets and Messengers, add them a new hand move, moose and Isa terrified you could then be them be my son Meissen.

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If you imagine

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and people on that day

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when the record of deed comes the lucky one who will find what it will make them proud

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will make boost that they say how omocha okey, Tabby, look at my record. Yes and that record. There were sin and mistakes and haram. But you know what? It was erased, it was covered, so it will not be exposed.

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Why? Because it's sincere Toba. Why? Because the good deeds that you have done, why? Because the DUA that you have done. Why because being like a day like this and the night like this and Leila tocado SHA, Allah azza wa jal

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Where are you seeking nothing but Allah subhanaw taala forgiveness

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that's what make the person proud of the day.

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And that day you see in your record things that you have not done. And you would say, I didn't do that.

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Yeah, but you know what, you have helped someone. You have guided someone. I've given advice to someone.

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You have helped someone and that person did that. And now you're taking all the ideas of that person's

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and the person would say, you have a very sin I did it but I don't see it.

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Of his eye muslin, your nervous system, your code you'd need he will bring him close his handle of the movement and all the Quran and all the Hadith, the judgment is in private.

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You'd need yoga Allah He can have it and he said nobody can hear it.

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And Allah will tell him, look at Satara to her dunya one Aloma stew ha ha ha ha

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I never expose you in the dunya nobody never know what that really is. And today I will not expose you and I will forgive it.

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That's it know that Allah subhanaw taala a common Daddy that Allah subhanaw taala even he will, he will reward the person. Tremendous amount of free work.

00:22:19--> 00:22:21

The person will be just speechless.

00:22:23--> 00:22:26

From his generosity subhanho wa Taala

00:22:28--> 00:22:29

that day you see people

00:22:31--> 00:22:32

in the shade of their charity.

00:22:35--> 00:22:36

You see that?

00:22:38--> 00:22:42

The anger of Allah subhana wa Taala at you and what you have done

00:22:44--> 00:22:49

will only take it away with the prophets of salaam said in a sadhaka to feed

00:22:51--> 00:22:53

camera up old mountain now.

00:22:54--> 00:22:57

Your charity donations.

00:22:58--> 00:22:59

Your help.

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Whoa take away Allah's Anger at you.

00:23:04--> 00:23:06

As the water take away the fire.

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I thought a lot about my fundraising tonight.

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And I just want to come bring everyone here to the basics.

00:23:21--> 00:23:24

Whatever we raise funds we encourage people to donate

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it's really not about today.

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It is about that day.

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It is about the day that you see a loss pan over to Anna and you meet him and you look at your record

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that I hope

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that that day

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you would come if if I make it

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that you will come and say thank you

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thank you for pushing me.

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Thank you for making me able to give

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the good that sadaqa have saved me

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that donation has saved my family

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because I donated on their behalf to

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that donation have raised my level antenna.

00:24:23--> 00:24:33

Her probe safety and tranquillity to me in a day where Allah subhanaw taala said Al Faisal Akbar the greatest terror ever. It will be seen

00:24:34--> 00:24:39

that there is people will whom in Feza a oma in Armenian.

00:24:42--> 00:24:43

Law for what?

00:24:44--> 00:24:49

There is no fear there is no worries. There's no terror for them.

00:24:52--> 00:24:55

Sometimes we lose the basics,

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

we lose sight of what is it all about?

00:25:01--> 00:25:03

It is all about pleasing Him.

00:25:04--> 00:25:06

So when we meet him he will be pleased with us.

00:25:09--> 00:25:11

May Allah subhanaw taala grant us to not annoy him

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00:25:16--> 00:25:18

I would like to say that

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