The Variations of the Du-a of Laylatul Qadr – Taraweeh Khatira

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administrators do not recommend a human hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen what are the one allowable mean? When are people to dealing with Turkey in a llama Saudi was telling me about a karateka so they can Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. On early he was happy with Salam to Sleeman Kathira it's kind of Allah we're in the last last five nights May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be amongst those who catch the little cuddle Allah Amin.

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And as we've been speaking about the etiquettes of dua, I wanted to actually use this as an opportunity to speak about the etiquettes of the Euro that we're speaking about but broaden the lesson a bit.

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Is it okay for a person to instead of saying Allahumma indica, for one to hibel Alpha four, I need to say Allahumma. Indica, Hurun to hibel Alpha forany. Is that okay?

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Can you replace the name there of Allah subhanaw taala. And that Dara?

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Technique technically there's nothing wrong with it, but you'd be missing out on some of the benefits of it. When you go into your salon, when you go into your sujood could you replace Subhana labia Darla with Subhanallah Bella Aleem and do the same and record and do Subhanallah Robbie in Ireland record instead of Subhan. Allah Vilavi No, because actually once it's within the Salah, then it follows the rules of the Salah, it becomes fixed. So the affair of dua of actual supplication, open supplication is far more vast, whereas that which is tied to another fixed form of variable and other fixed form of worship is more fixed. And so when you are in your suits, for example, if you

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said Subhan, Allah, Allah and then you wanted to make other dramas in the sujood, then you're totally that's fine in sha Allah to Allah right? But still, you would follow the Sunnah method. Now when it comes to Subhan, Allah the DUA that we make, particularly for the last two nights of Ramadan, the famous there are issues with the Allahu Taala and asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ya rasool Allah, if I know that I'm in later to cuddle, if I know that I'm in labor to cuddle, then what should I say in the profit slice that I'm taught her to say? Hola. Hola, Anika if we want to hit with alpha and for Annie, now there is another variation of this that sometimes you

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might hear. Does anyone know what that variation is? Sometimes I make it from the menu bar and the hutzpah Allahumma indica Alpha One karimun to help with alpha one. Now that narration is a narration from our HLD Allah Tala Anna and Sunnah Timothy it's not as strong as the other narration which is found in multiple places. However, is it okay to say it yes, it's okay to say it. But start with the DUA Allahumma indica iPhone to hit with alpha five for me and then you can build on that you can build on that. This is actually something that we learn from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he liked to give foundational drugs and then invited you to build on it. So

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could you say hola, hola. Indica alpha one, Kareem one Rahim en la four on to help with alpha forany. Absolutely. You're you're not going to hurt your DUA in the long run by adding names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala however, you have the springboard the foundation, the simple to add that you then build upon that you then start to make personal Subhanallah I was going to talk about this Nerys and then I came to a lot that Austin and Chester was talking about it. A lot bustle the Allahu taala. And I'll just paraphrase it very quickly, because some of you may not have heard him speaking about it. When an ibis stone called the prophets lie, some came to him and said to the

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Prophet sallallahu, it was some teach me a draft.

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Now, you know what I was thinking about when I was reading that narration that was like, as many times as I've been asked, and I'm sure if you asked if he asked that, or any Imam, how many times they're asked, Can you give me a draft for this? Can I get this draft for this? Can you give me a draft for this? Can you imagine how many times the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked? Can you give me on your app? Like what do you actually make for this situation? everything right? And of course, those that might have felt like, you know, I've got one on one time with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, or He's my nephew. He's my cousin. Right? You had a sort of Allah like,

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give me a give me a drought that you don't teach to everybody else that I can make, and it's going to make magic happen. Right? And he told us about so the a lot of times, so actually, someone should repeat it back to me if you some of you prayed or sit here. What did he say to him?

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He said son in law, Lafayette. ask Allah for a half year. Just ask Allah for safety. And Abbas was like, that's it.

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So he waited a few days came back to the Prophet sallallahu. It was salam. So the Arasu

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Leung, teach me at your app in Sevilla Latvia.

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That's it. So he wants to wait a bit.

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Comes back and the profit slice and M says, Yeah, I'm not also Rila Oh Abbas Oh uncle of the Prophet. Just ask Allah for an Afia build on the story there. This is the foundational thing if you're safe in this dunya and akhira then you have success in this dunya and akhira if you're saved from the harms of this life and the next, you're saved from everything, so start with the basic and this is a habit from the messenger SallAllahu wasallam them most beloved of Europe has been very short and comprehensive Robina antenna for dunya has now filled Aphrodite has now Latina ADAMA, his most famous dear from the Quran and the prophets lie Selim used to love to repeat it. And when he

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was in his home, the most famous drought popular drought Yama, Caliban Calusa, Colby Isla de Nick alternative hearts make my heart firm on your religion and here starting with the mafia and so I want to hit shots I just share a few a few reflections on how we can build on this inshallah particularly related to the color so again, in these last two nights, Allah homogeneous ocular alpha will ask you for dunya and akhira I will ask you for a full alpha which is to be forgiven, while Afia to be safe for dunya will ask you in this life and in the next Allahumma in the CAFO when to hit will alpha for Annie or Allahumma indica Alpha One Kereama to Hibbeler for fat for acne, you can

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add to it in sha Allah to Allah but start off with Allahumma indica full one to herbal alpha one and make that which are repeating throughout Allah Houma and the California to herbal alpha for me and inshallah to Allah you find multiple narrations in this regard Inshallah, that you can start with, that you can build upon. There's another narration actually very interesting. It's an authentic narration from rather than a job that will be a lot of time I know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that no servant of Allah will ask him for anything more beloved to him than Allahumma, India's Rocha, more alpha will Alfia to dunya will feel I don't want artha. On the

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scholars, they said that there there are a few ways to look at this. So now there are three words and I'll end with this inshallah. There is the last one, which is to be forgiven, to be pardoned. And the alpha is that it's completely erased, from your record, completely erased. And that's the beauty of this is that we're not just asking Allah for forgiveness, we're asking Allah for complete pardon. I don't even want the Ethem of that sin, the trace of that sin on my records, right? I don't want to be confronted with any of it yet Allah remove it all and you love to do so. You love to forgive. This is not something that Allah subhanaw taala does with hesitation or with or

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begrudgingly you can't impose that upon Allah answer's no, you love to forgive so completely remove it all together. Right? So that's a laugh one Alfia some of the scholars they differentiate between Lafayette and in more Alpha Lafayette is to be safe from the things of life or the forms of harm in life that occur due to non human elements. And they said in more Atha some of them said Martha is when someone hurts you to be protected from the hurts or the, the slander or the effect of other people upon you. Okay, and some of them said, it also means that they are safe from you. Because remember, you also don't want to be a cause of harm and misery to someone else. Because if you are a

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cause of harm and misery to someone else, then that will be a cause for your harm and your misery on the Day of Judgment. So you're asking Allah subhanaw taala, for pardon for safety, for forgiveness from people from things and to not be confronted on the Day of Judgment with the effect of any of those things, nor to face them in this life. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us and more alpha will Apphia will Alpha Allahumma inika Alpha One to help with alpha five for Anna Oh Allah you are the forgiving one you love to forgive. So forgive all of us. Allahumma Amin does look a little cleaner was the nominee.