The Quranic Verse which Couldn’t Be Disproven

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One of the really incredible miracles of the Quran is that Allah subhanaw taala he says to the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam will love Will you ask him will come in and ness that Allah will protect you against the people. And this is not just protection in terms of spiritual matters. We're in which the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam was, of course infallible, we believe. But this is also physical protection. Now bear in mind the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam partook in actual Jihad himself. He wasn't the frontlines himself, he could not predict the fact that he was not going to be killed. And bear in mind also that he was he finished the entire Quran and the Quran

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revealed the Ayad Aloma acumen to lecom Dino como alikum that met you all digitala calmly slama data today are perfected your religion and completed my favorite upon you and so on. Before the Prophet Mohammed Hassan came to his demise, and we have the Quran in front of us, and jabril comes reprimands of reciting the Quran twice on Ramadan before he died. So this is a perfected religion and he was not killed before its completion.