What is the difference between a Nabi and a Rasool?

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question on the Facebook by Shall we actually the why what is the difference between an OB and a Russell

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is a prophet. And Russell is a prophet to whom a rissalah a message has been sent a revelation has been sent. So soon, the results are given, there is a message given. The prophet to whom message has been given is our soul and is called as a messenger. All the prophets are generally only profits, those profits to whom a message has not been given. They are only Nabhi so every prophet is not a fool.

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There's not a messenger, but every messenger every fool, has to be an OB. Every received revelation has to be a prophet, hope the differentiates that every messenger is a prophet.

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Every result is an OB. But every Nabhi is not a rustle. every prophet is not a messenger.