Mohammed Hijab – The Darwinian Atheist , the Unassuming Muslim and the Knockout

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Darwinian evolution is a "employee selection plus mutation" process that involves natural selection and mutation. They argue that genetic evolution is a "employee selection plus mutation" process that involves random mutations and genetic evolution. The speaker warns against anyone who thinks they can claim a claim and suggests they will walk away if they don't challenge it.
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What I'm doing is this, you have your new YouTube channel speaker, whatever is cool, right? You come around here, you're trying to talk to people, right? I have I came here, I came here just to show you do not have a clue what you're talking about. Unless you're a challenge that that's fine. Or else I'm gonna walk away with that last bottom line, you don't have no idea of Darwinian evolution works. I have a basic idea that said, if you're going to question Okay, let's check your basic idea. Basic. What's your basic selection through mutation? That's the basic idea of natural selection through meditation through mutation and natural selection through mutation.

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Okay. Are you going to Question No, no, no, let me tell you that. Let me just tell you something. And you know what?

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I'm not I'm not someone who gets angry often, right? I'll tell you something, I was really pissed me off. Please do when somebody tries to make claims, and he shut down those claims. And then as you're beating them on the floor, they decide to show something back at you like how What did you say? And then they try and defend themselves? Yes. Tell me the basic that you understand about Darwinian evolution is this is natural selection plus mutation. Well, guess what? That's not even Darwinism.

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is natural selection, plus random mutations. If it's natural selection, plus mutations, guess what it becomes epigenetics. So although genetic evolution,

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even you yourself, even though you're the flap from the floor, you said no, I do understand some way, come back to the quick version, and you do something, and you come back to something which is like you understand something basic, which is, I'm not going to give you any evidence of how biodiversity came how, you know, biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, biochemistry, linguistics, how all of this fits within evolutionary model. I'm just going to tell you, this is what I understand two friggin terms. mutation and natural selection. Why can you still got it wrong?

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You still got it. So like I said, again, sorry, I should

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know, if you stripped down evolution two times and you got them wrong. So here's what I'm gonna do. You don't understand Darwinian evolution, you've only been socialized into it. That's my claim. If you're not challenge that claim, I'm gonna stay. If you don't want to challenge it, I'll walk away and that's the bottom line. You and the rest of those atheists. They have no idea what they're talking about.

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