Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #042 – They Call Them Ramadan Muslims

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the need for acceptance of Muslims who have lost their faith in Islam. They suggest welcoming them back and celebrating their successes in the machine. The speaker also highlights the importance of mutual respect and compassion for those who come back to the machine.
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Problem is coming up. And we have a lot of new people in the machine new faces, people who haven't been to the machine in a long time. Now a lot of us fall into the trap of kind of virtue signaling and tap, patting ourselves on the back and saying, oh, use the Ramadan, Muslims and stuff like that. And I don't think that's appropriate. I think that as Muslims, we need to be welcoming these people back and actually honestly celebrate the fact that they came back in the first place, probably set them told us that the person who repents to Allah is more beloved to Allah. Then he gives the example of a man who was lost in the desert lost his camel, right? He thinks he's gonna die. And

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then miraculously, his camel comes back to him. And he's so stupefied and overcome with his joy that he actually, you know, says something that the words of which are blasphemy when he's like, you know, out of gratitude, but he switches around like some words and things like that, right? That's how happy or that's how pleased Allah subhanaw taala is when one of his believers comes back and makes repentance and turns back. And so that's the attitude that you should have, I should have when any one of these people who hasn't missed the machine, maybe in a year sure comes back to the machine, make them feel welcomed, give them that sweetness of brotherhood, mutual respect and mutual

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love and mutual compassion. Right? The promise lies to them said in a hadith where he compares all believers to one body he said how are they like one body in their mutual love for one another and their mutual mercy for one another and their mutual compassion for one another, right? So it's very, very tempting to wag the finger it's very, very tempting to wag the finger but I would challenge myself and I challenge everybody this Ramadan to celebrate the people that come back to the masjid and to welcome them with open arms and to do all the things that are going to make it the most likely that they continue to come back to the machine inshallah Tada

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