Zaid Shakir – Sacrifice to Put Out The Call to Humanity

Zaid Shakir
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hamdulillah Allah subhana wa Taala has blessed us together, for the prayer has blessed us to attain to eat as best as they have some degree of relief from the scourge of the Coronavirus.

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Alhamdulillah. We praise along with thank Allah for all of the blessings that He bestows upon us. I do brothers and sisters. from one perspective, our religion is two things service to a loss of 100 watts

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and service to humanity.

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Those two things are things are embodied in the Hajj, the combination of which we celebrate today.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us not only the believers, but all of humanity

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when they are home up to dinner with insert in the afternoon, I've only created the gym and the human humans that they worship in

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the worship, the devotion represented by the Hajj is unparalleled in human history, where people are mobilizing from all over the world

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in response to a cry from Ibrahim Ali Salaam, who responded himself to the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala when he ordered him, but then senesi bin Hodge yet to carry jallianwala punat bomb you yet Tina can couldn't defend jail army. So I'll proclaim the pilgrimage amongst them.

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But admin finesse in hajj rather proclaim the pilgrimage amongst all of humanity. And this is a deep spiritual cry because it's related. That that cry was not just for those in the immediate vicinity, those who could hear the voice of Ibrahim Ali Sena there was no internet. There was no modern communications, none of that. But a lot of Tyler made that call reach not just those who are in his vicinity, but those swamp the entire world. And not just those in the entire world at that time. Those who have ever come into the world until our very day and beyond this day until this world is no more and everyone all of us

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Those millions, if not billions, who over the centuries have made the pilgrimage to the sacred house are responding to that call, let that hang the law. And that call is worship, rather, and that's part of our service to a lot. Let Baitullah they were responding Allah we are responding LAN Hello Allah, then Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah and our religion embodies service to humanity. A lot Tyler reminds us, an oft repeated goes

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on the tip of Jacqueline das. You are the voice of communities raised up to serve humanity. Company hire automated have rejected in service to a long service to humanity. So the Hajj is part of our service, our worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the Hajj also represents a great service to humanity. And that service, my dear brothers and sisters, is showing humanity we don't have to be divided by race, we don't have to be divided by ethnicity. We don't have to be divided by social class. We don't have to be divided by skin color. We don't have to be divided by all of these things that are divided humanity and those divisions leading to war and dissension and strike oppression.

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We can be united as the program is unite from all over the world and the males cast off all sides of distinction. There are no signs to indicate this one is from the poor. There are no signs that indicate this one is from the wealthy. There are no divisions based on skin color. There are no divisions based on land of origin. There are no divisions everyone is united, but united underlie the law. Two brothers and sisters, let us take this call of

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law to humanity as part of our service to humanity as part of our service to this country at a time when racism not just here, but in Western Europe and throughout various parts of the war threaten to tear our social fabric apart. If we can do that. We are showing that the spirit of Hajj doesn't just decide in Mecca, but it resides in our hearts and our heart is the messenger are the inspiration for our tongues. As the poet said animal Keller moolah, Phil Ferretti we're in Jew a

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Jew alien descend Allah methyl for me the Leela then in reality speech resides in the heart and rather the tongue has been made and interpreter for what is in the heart. mela give us tofik Allah bless you on this day, Apollo how we have stopped for Halle.

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Reset, mini your home stop through law.

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Alhamdulillah Mel lord bless everyone in this day, as we said, if you have the opportunity and the means not only if you have the means not the opportunity to find the opportunity to sacrifice an animal as one of the firm's symbols for the evil alpha, as the name indicates, the celebration of the festival of the sacrifice. A lot of times I bless you bless your families, this this community, this wonderful community to continue to grow and to prosper and to continue to be a shining light for this corner of the earth. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was center minus au diversity. Sade no Mohammed of Allah and he was talking to us sending

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Law law. Well, well in hellhammer coolamon to miss a lot of people get up and become SLM Why? They can. Log in over again.

Eid Khutbah 

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