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AI: Summary © The history and names of people who died in Bosnia during World War II are discussed, including the Memorial Center and the use of shoulder greetings during the cemetery's opening hours. The loss of lives and the use of drugs to kill people is also discussed, including the Memorial Room and the missing and forgotten victims of their injuries. The loss of lives and the use of drugs to kill people is also discussed, including the recent terrorist attack on Dutch soldiers and the use of media to portray love and hate. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a woman named Zolani.
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Salt Lake we're here in John. That's about seven kilometers, roughly from 70. This is where the greatest genocide

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the greatest genocide happened after World War Two, we're going to look at the memorial that's been set up, look at some history and bring to light some of what's been forgotten.

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So be with us. Let's go ahead and continue our journey here in Bosnia. All these are the names of the yes, this all the names, all the names of people who died here. Yes. From the genocide. Yes.

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How many total?

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Coco Coco. Also Hilla? The question is

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aqui para casa de la tree Sam Dessay Babu de Cicco ludique was supposedly all eyes have remit the remainder needs to go I Septim the attorneys will lay Now Scott Vila that will use me and asked for mastery goals in our choda Romeo's to pull mastery group meets once we'll be able to do the NSC wizzley cappella group mastery group see to see you want our company code Korean demo paper but see value Nazis pre manual secondary talk with as a decimal, they are no trick and as you may know me espionage who who could not recognize you know, not tradition this have shovels that you're no trick compared to graduates and grommets. Now sneak through connect the NorCal Nick de la

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we are now at Museum

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in struggling some Memorial Memorial Center exactly put to cherish the name of this area. This is between several new temperate climates. This was placed it was basically the United Nations Safe Zone

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until it became not so safe for these victims.

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May Allah give them John these people basically this is not people from struggling so which was which was misconception with most people this area which was safe zone and all the Muslims from all the places around, were running here. Because the Serbian

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aggressors were coming and burning their villages killing everybody. So they were all running away. This was United Nations Safe Zone supposed to be safe. But then we know the unfortunate trends that happened in a world later that most of these people who became who came here were separated men from women and then women had their own destiny after and men most of the meals were killed here. Some of them, we see the graves there. Some of them they're staying approximately around 2000 or we don't know how many still missing. So and this is now we're about to enter the museum.

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Okay, some of the footages from those horrible days. And we have some of the descriptions. Here it says that,

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like the goal of these mothers who are separated, which we see in the picture here says to protect the young

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offspring and to find out the first news about the male

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males from from their families. Female send kids and very old people who were let go to the safe to the territory which was under control of

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firstly an army. This is a former battery factory. It used to be before the war during the war. It was based off United

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Nations forces, Dutch peacekeepers. They were located here.

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This building building where we are now, Dutch soldiers used as

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parking space for their vehicles when surveillance fell under control Army of Republika Srpska, Allah 11th of July 1995.

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When refugees arrived here in Bhattacharya, Dutch soldiers decide to move out with costs and here in this big hole, located five to 6000 refugees who spent two days and two nights when Bosnian Serb forces deported women and children who stayed outside when they

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separate men and boys, then Dutch soldiers told this group that they had to go on checkpoint and on that checkpoint Bosnian Serb forces, separate men and boys who were hearing the bass same lie people who stayed outside and that is reason why today we use this whole as as Memorial Room

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during the cemetery use so the number of victims of genocide in Srebrenica 8372 victims who who were killed during the genocide in Srebrenica, they are in the cemetery we have a memorial wall with all the names of victims of genocide in Srebrenica. And until today, here in the cemetery.

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Here in Bhattacharya, we have buried just 6643 victims of genocide in Srebrenica. More than one and a half 1000 people are still missing or they are not buried here in the cemetery. You know, every year on anniversary day here in Bhattacharya, we have new annual commemoration and new burial day for new identified victims of genocide is reverence. And this year, we very just 33 victims of genocide.

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It's a feeling that I just can't, you just got to imagine you have civilians, innocent men, women, children, who are running for their lives

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who are thinking they've come under UN protection. So imagine that, that that's battalion were there to protect the people who live there.

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They didn't they should have done

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you're coming into this factory here, as you can see.

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They're coming into this safe zone. It's supposed to be a safe zone.

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I know the

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odds one in Calgary, he knew avoid this, Austin Salem, but it ended up not being so safe. So United Nations, you have the Dutch, Holland troops.

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They are supposed to be protecting, putting their lives on the line.

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It reminds me, you know, if, if it was the other way around, you know, when someone is God conscious, when someone knows that there's a higher being above them watching. It reminds me of the verse, the ayah in the Quran, where the Almighty God Almighty is saying, saving one innocent life is as if you saved all of mankind. So imagine if those people see when you're godless when you don't have the consciousness of your Creator. Imagine if they had this consciousness, and they knew. And they were aware of the immense reward a saving an innocent like they would have been able to put their lives on the line to save to prevent the greatest genocide after World War Two. But that's

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what happens when you separate and you throw out morality, the ultimate morality and God out of your life. So

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that's just what comes to my mind. So you have the safe zone and that of not being so safe. You have imagined this area now all of these innocent human beings coming running for their lives and then what happens next, they start separating the men's meant the young boys and the men and the women. We hear women are being raped. Can you imagine that?

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A horrific scene

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and we often hear

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You're never forget.

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So we're bringing this to light for many who have no idea what happened here, so we can truly never forget to prevent something like this from ever happening again, only please know this guy, he admitted that he killed 100 people, and he got five years of prison.

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So we got a chance to see like this abandoned factory and just envisioning the scene, you get to see the war criminals who are convicted and you get to see people who are killing one innocent man killed 100 People can you imagine and he got five years.

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So then how we came to know most of these faxes, people were coming up their conscious many were now just coming up coming forward and they were given up the others and saying that they were forced to do these things because of their higher ups. Now we come over here we see some of the things some of the artifacts of what some of the from Holland to soldiers the UN peacekeepers who are supposed to be protecting the

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innocent human beings who sought refuge here you can see here what they found in the walls one right I'm your best friend I kill you for nothing. This is a 90 for

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another one here it's interesting you fight you have a cross here you have a cross here and he says killing Killing Is My Business and businesses good the free man but the premium premium such a promise will not require direct know which is the exact sheet directly which is the WHO on I get to

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actually Troy doc has a long presentation in Sudama doc Hassan where the imata video clip Scorpio Nick there the flu but I was slightly Pope or siesta UK don't care don't eat who is supposed to Acerbi the pros reports he only has yesterday Nico noon what song you're on? Oh I initially the only probably guilty poster my boss needs to know where he was. It actually when she told chose to stay sorry quest to chinensis nacido Cassie quiz no worries Lucas Ronnie name and Ilan Dorcas the bushing arts surely the attack was more drug Inara da da. That should be the Oregon Zolani that Oregon zona de la la la, the Nicki affendi Isla nekima mom, north shore power audio Taqwa national the apostle

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or the regional group scoop in Rio de Bucha ka Muslim Anna Anna Toora.

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Tony La Carson machi majority Sudha we are proud of this to the castle data plus subscribers Linux Republic interesting at the these, what they call the extreme Serbs are the Chetniks you never really have their faith brought up into it. But we know that their guns were being blessed by priests you never get Christianity brought into it. But they were actually not only on the part of the nationalism, but also you see these people who are doing a modern day crusade now again, we don't blame Christianity just the same way you cannot go ahead and if some fringe element do something and the person has a name that's that's connected to Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

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So we don't blame Christianity but it just interesting that you never see their religion brought up into it. But you can equate this to a modern day crusade that was happening because these were Christians. And they were as you can see both of them working together and they let what's supposed to be a safe zone of protection. For them. They let the greatest genocide after World War Two happen under their watch. You all know

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because he's getting Tilton NORTHCOM many whoosh memorium ozone and yoga he never Boy, this was the solemn, the British doesn't work general. What do you think it will do to the people

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in work, it will work. You have here, all the participants, all the people, some of the people that were found guilty, and the main ones hear from the President

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and the main generals.

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Now these people were Christian,

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that is undisputable, but we don't blame Christianity. I make this point because they were leading a modern day

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crusade. But you

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hardly ever if ever hear anyone bring

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any normal person knows. This has nothing to do with Christianity, the true teachings of loving your neighbor. I mean, it just reminds me of a passage from the Bible. The Gospel of Matthew where one came to Jesus said Oh, Good Master, what good thing

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What good thing can I do that I may have?

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inherit the kingdom? Meaning how do I get the paradise? He said, Why are you calling me good? This is allegedly Jesus saying, Why do you call Me good? There is none good, but God Almighty. So here we see he's just differentiating himself from God. Then he said, what else he said, then you got to keep the commandments. And then after listing a bunch of them, he said, The Love your neighbor. So this is a great example. For others who are Serbian, Christian, or whoever, to remember this, and to remember,

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those teachings, those true teachings that you have in your Bible of loving your neighbor.

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Because if you love your neighbor, truly, you will not ever let something like this happen again, not even thinking about it, let alone coming close to it. So these were Christians, but we don't blame Christianity. And it's a great lesson. Because you have much of the media that tries to use Muslims escape ghosts, Islam as a scapegoat. So anytime some lunatic does something, they try to put Islam on the witness stand and call Muslims terrorists and spread this mass manipulation

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of feeding the people these lies, half truths. And what this does is creates fear in people. And then you attack what you fear. And this is what we saw happen more than 20,000 people stayed outside in front of the base behind the blue building. They were not able to enter in the base there on main road there was a checkpoint for Bosnian Serb forces separate men and boys and first they sent them to the house across the road it's called White House where they torture them and then they deported them to the territory of once parties warning about the shooting all of them now once you envision that I mean, the United Nations are there to as peacekeepers and they're supposed to

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these innocent non combatants civilians. And that's why they were running here. You actually had signs that we saw back over there standing for United nothing

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because they did nothing. This is the

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the head telling everybody that the good news you're all safe. What a liar.

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Okay, so what is this now? This is the Dutch soldier celebrating in Zagreb, Croatia after they left from Serbia, it's after seven months of film. Why are they celebrating?

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I mean, this is the job was done.

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So while the Muslims are being massacred,

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these guys are celebrating. And there was just after they turned over Jonathan's to this

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official delegation, including the Dutch Crown Prince, the Prime Minister, members of the Parliament had traveled to Zagreb, the Dutch army commander in chief insisted on having a party.

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The evenings over the beer and the music contribute to the feelings of relief and joy among the soldiers who had survived their mission. However, survivors and many others saw it as a totally inappropriate time for a party commander is here, all of these people who this is one of the beautiful things now that our Dean teaches that they might be able to get away with all of this evil in this life. But that's why there's a day of judgment and the ultimate reckoning will be there. And these criminals will be held to account on the greatest court in front of the crater on the day of recommends the Day of Judgment

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We pray for all those innocent human beings, the victims and their families who had to suffer this horrible, tragic ordeal. This is the headquarters

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on the command center for the

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for the UN,

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Dutch who was supposed to be protecting these civilians.

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You can see live here some of the old equipment that they were using.

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This is the actual

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headquarters post for this area here.

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The room

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we were using

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can show you many of the pictures on the wall, just provocative pictures of naked woman.

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Many disgusting things

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the soldiers are writing on the walls.

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However, this is the state of the human being. When he doesn't have Taqwa God consciousness, he will

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brings the human down to the lower than an animal, you can come in these rooms. And you can go ahead and see some

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of the videos that they prepared. This is the graveyard and memorial.

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These are all human beings. This is human life that has been taken.

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And there is a slogan here also.

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That is said never forget, never forget 70.

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Unlike the slogan that we hear,

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often, when we hear never forget, we usually attributed to 911. And what we say about that is anywhere where human life

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is taken, human life in America, human life in Afghanistan, in Bosnia, innocent human life taking innocent human life, we condemn all acts

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of evil of terrorism.

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But here, we know exactly who those terrorists were, who perpetuated this great de Greta genocide after World War Two,

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where you had all these people here, they were killed unjustly.

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So I often say never forget, yes. Never forget that Islam and Muslims had nothing to do at all with 911. But here, instead of an inside never forget that these crusaders who are actually Christian, and their theology and I D, ology still stems and is alive. And you had the New Zealand terrorist, who perpetuated that ideology, and you have many others, these Islamophobes who are out there trying to revive this,

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who are trying to

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who are actually going away from the true teachings of Jesus, because we know this does not represent true Christianity, which is about loving your neighbor. So we need to work together as human beings who are on this earth together to make it a more peaceful and livable place for all because there is only one Creator and He created us all. And he is the one who will judge between us. So it's not on us to take innocent human life that is sacred, according to all.

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Religion, religions, especially the way of life from the Creator, Islam, where it says killing innocent one innocent human being is as if you kill the world and if these Dutch, these people, these UN forces would have been implementing Gods

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divine law

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of saving one innocent life is as if you saved the world, they would have not have let this genocide happen. We're here instead of an incident

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