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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you guys doing? What are the questions that are usually asked? When people stopped practicing? Is that okay, now? I'm practicing, but what groups? Should I follow what sexual I follow within this Sunni Islam? Because all of these, there's so many groups, there's so many different whatever, like, I'm confused sort of problem. So Sam has an answer for that.

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In a long video, which is narrated by have, they're from India, man, I'm going to give you the bottom line. The Prophet was advising how desperately a man how to keep away from bad things, or how to keep away from

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people, or do it to kill him wanna be alternating and speak with our speech, but actually, that allows them that they're going to be direct dour carriers that are going to be calling to help gates basically.

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And he said,

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he says, he said, basically to stick with the community of Muslims and their chief stick with the community of Muslims and 90 men. He said,

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this is very clever how they first said, What if there is no community, like cohesive community? And there is no Eman? There's no Mmm, there's no leader. So before back in the days, obviously, we had the unified like Islamic governance and you had a

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But now, that's not the case. So this applies to us. So the problem is, as I've said, Phantasm till confero kokkola. He says, leave all of those groups alone. Even if you have to buy at the base of a tree, leave all of those groups alone

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is a very powerful and important.

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The prophets also therefore don't become intersects. Why do we call ourselves Sunni? It just means when we say Sunni, by the way, we're just differentiating ourselves from the Shia, who don't believe in certain things that we believe like, for example, the

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the model or the the the just nature, that nature of the Sahaba of the companions. So when we say Sunni, we just mean similar to Nabil, or the way of the Prophet, would you ask the haba, or the community of the Sahaba? For example, right? As soon as you watch a man, that's what we mean is that it's not actually

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mentioned the Quran, like the word Sunni in that sense. Yeah. But that's what we mean by so we differentiate ourselves from those Shia who have certain different beliefs when it comes to Imam and the Sahaba, right.

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But the Prophet is saying apart from this apart, apart from the fact that okay, because another Hadith, he says, you know, my Allah, he was happy when I'm upon him, like my friends are upon, and stuff like that. But apart from that, don't go into sex, don't go into subsets don't become tribal. Within this.

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Islam came to abolish that kind of sectarianism. Okay. So

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that's your answer, your answer is don't become sectarian. What is the biggest threat to this kind of notion of non sectarian isn't that a professor Salaam, clearly made

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clear basically, in his speech, and his Hadith, the biggest

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threat to it are certain projects within Islam, which are designated almost to create sectarian Rift, there are different ones. And I don't have the time here to go into every different strands, sub strand, etc. But I want to give you just one example today of a particular two projects, yeah, within Islam, which are causing a lot of havoc that you need to know about. They're causing disturbance, disruption, and they're causing all kinds of problems, and they need to be treated. Okay? They are cancerous. So they need to be acknowledged, and dealt with the two projects in question for me, I'm talking about here that the community project and the tab D project. Before I,

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before I get to this, and tell you what those two projects are, and why they're so dangerous for the Muslims. I want to mention one thing. There was a study that was conducted by a kin, which is an institute in America, which does great work.

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And it was a sociological study, which was methodologically robust.

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It was one which investigated doubt, I'll leave the description, I'll leave a link to the description. And it asked participants, I think it was more than 600 of them, what causes most outs for them. And they put so many things in the list, they put things like atheist arguments, women's rights, and so on and so forth. At the top of the list, was basically what you would call religious dogmatism. Or that there's only one way to practice religion, which falls right into

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notions of sectarianism. Because if you say there's only one way to practice, then you'll basically have to be dogmatic to make that step. I'm not talking about the soul of the religion or things you have to be in order to become Muslim and to be practicing as a Muslim, like believing in five pillars of Islam and all these things. I'm talking about the mind you shape the fruit if you like. Yeah. So these, that's an important thing. And this, the reason why I'm bringing this to your attention, that study to your attention, is to show you to the extent to which it should be our remit to deal with these issues.

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Yeah. Because if our remit is okay, we're trying to keep people solid within their faith and bring people within Islam. So you can call it an evangelizing remit or an educative remit as well as

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if you want to call it that and apologetic remit. Yeah, to rationalize it to Muslims that we're afraid that we'll get down the slippery slope down to apostasy. Then, if this is at the top of the list of things that they find doubtful about the religion,

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we can't ignore it. Okay.

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Okay, so having said that, if it's part of the remit, now, we need to deal with the tech fees and the tab D eyes, who are the tech fees, we know who they are tech fees are people who excommunicate people from the religion of Islam. And they do so on non normative grounds. So for example, if someone who believes in the essential or sole of the Islamic faith, and they don't add to it that which will disturb the, the order or the edge now the consensus, then

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they would still find some loophole to excommunicate them. And in addition to the excommunication, they'll do something called central tech fields essentially, which is, though, it's a chain tech field, a chain type of excommunication, which has political ramifications, the most severe of which is what we're seeing with ISIS is what we're seeing with

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al Qaeda and these groups who fight who actually find jurisprudential justification to kill innocent bystander people in their monstrous acts that they've been doing mostly to Muslims that may or may be added, but as well to non Muslims in the in these countries as well. So us not dealing with those, for example, will give us trouble the extent of which has been witnessed in let's say, for example, the previous time, or last 20 years, for example, especially after

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911, etc. So these individuals, their ideas, and their justifications have been continued to be refuted on anti cholesterol level, we can't be thinking that this is that's it, it's dead. Now, they don't want to come back because all it takes is a certain set of situations, political situations. Yeah. And that idea will become more attractive to people once again. So that's one set, one project of individuals that we need to deal with. Yeah,

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some dogs barking up there. But you know what, it's funny that the dogs are barking because I'm going to be speaking about some people that are being barking. And that's the second group which is the tip di project. Now, that's a big project may not be and I'll be very clear, they're not as dramatically dangerous. Obviously, they're not at all from a physical perspective, political perspective, anything like the 60s however, the tub the eyes, people like those who claim to follow Rob Bell, Metallica, as pubs and so on. Those individuals have the stated objective of classifying Muslims Sunni Muslims who follow Sunni normative Islam

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as deviants and, and so on and so misguided and they do so looking at some of the alleged mistakes, mostly misrepresenting maligning them, and classifying them as innovators and so on. So famously, they try to do so with people like Mufti, man can Zack and I can normally Han and those individuals. They don't have an approach of Kate, they might have said some things which are correct here and some things which are not kulu ins as Malik says kulu incenting new auto men who are Odwalla that everybody you take from them. And you have to you have to refute them on certain issues. Unless I have had a couple except for the person who resides in this

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cupboard or grave, which is the prophet who was pointing out the problem, how Salaam they don't have the attitude of nuance, okay, let's see where his writing was always wrong intellectual

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criticism and in an academic sense, they don't have that. they'll write you off.

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And they're very dogmatic. The reason why these individuals need to be warned against against is because, like, the tax treaties, they are dow traitors, they are dow traitors. Because if someone is spending 20 years doing dow, someone like Zack and I, or someone like Bill Phillips, or someone like Mufti mink,

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so many years doing that, I don't know how many years you've been doing that one has had such a positive impact on the Muslim community.

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And then you come along and say he's written off. He's nothing. Yeah, he's It's not like that. He's, he's got some goodness, or there's no, there's nothing there. It's just like he's powerless. You can't listen to him. He's written off. I'm sorry. He's not even Sunni, whatever. If you're gonna say that, and you're going to be very confident about saying that. Then I say to you that you probably have something in your heart that you need to check.

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And jealousy is a dangerous game, especially if you play with those dice over there.

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That's my that's my that's what I'll say to you. Jealousy is a dangerous game. Especially if you play with those darts over there who have done more than you can ever do. Someone like Mufti man cuz you know, seriously, you can never do what he does and you know that it's impossible. You've reached your boiling point.

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I haven't said that now.

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Those individuals recently got caught red handed. And it was such a devastating embarrassment for them.

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That they're scurrying in desperation. Because

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I made it as part of my project, like I do with everything else. I spend some time with atheists. Spend some time with a Christian apologists. I spend some time with the Jews and Zionists whatever and I spend some time with you guys as well because you're dangerous to them. They are traitors to the DAO dangerous to endow

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you're right and everyone else you're attacking everybody who have you sped except for your Michelle. You've spent you have spent a very limited amount of people in the in the oma you're writing about everyone.

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And you'll say I was a mistake and so on. You got so dogmatic and your dogma leads to apostasy. And doubt. Let me give you one example. One of the figureheads called me the other day.

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I just saw on his

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website that he was saying that he believes in a geocentric model. He's gonna he's actually gonna produce a book that's 150 pages long arguing on scientific grounds. Why? Joseph? Joseph TriCity is correct. And he lives interests he is false. Now, if if you don't know the basics, yeah, of how much that is a waste of your time. That is a waste of your time. You're not going to undo the scientific Copernican revolution, my friend. Yeah, don't think you're gonna eat. You might have delusions of grandeur, but you're not going to do that.

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But you need to add to this, that this dogma that you're believing in here, is actually going to lead to apostasy because someone's going to say, Well, I don't believe in God centricity. I actually believe in the weight of evidence in the scientific community. Okay. What's more than that there's not a verse in the Quran that says what you're trying to say, by the admission of the scrolls You follow?

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For example, if not, they mean he said it's not copy in one of his shorthand, no way as for your Hadith as Benny, who you take from Alabama who you take from he believed in the earth was moving you say you believe in a stationary So what you're saying is cool to believe in Helio centricity. But Alabama he doesn't believe in what you believe in. He believes that the office row is orbiting and spinning us on funkiness of

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coffee and a real happy medium.

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Dr. Lenny,

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and Lisa normally fits in a shirt or woman while put on the console sun and

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we'll find out with the high bandwidth Hello. Why in the Mojave

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county on a salsa them under the bush if you saw Hey, man, how do you get an extra medic from your line or the officer today?

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Hey dhammapada de Haan in the mouth. I want to tell you that I want to convey Seamus emiliania conceptual universe apart from one I want to commission or engineer continental Ireland.

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Listen, I had the honor of fooling around while

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we had a fee on our TV TV in the

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value of the war is over.

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Next up is Nicole and now

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all of a sudden

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now Unity has been happy we allow you the ability to phone me and an article or we have to do repairs or Sheila Jordan he has an award was

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when you can use name and near you the

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Shire islamiat nakoma. And also other

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questions for Cal como entice Anoma and hello Kula have he hasn't come up yet? Well, he had a case for one

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last year.

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And kubla tamina he we loved it too, according to

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the Tawny lokala COVID

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because he doesn't see it as though you'll see it and I'll put the description in there. I'll put the link in

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Just put us in for battery. Yeah.

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So what I'm trying to get out is that this dogma that these guys believe in they they're forcing you to believe in ridiculous propositions. Yeah. Which is a proposition which says, You have to believe in geo centricity. Otherwise you're doing coffee.

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And believe me, that's causing grave doubt within the local community, causing apostasy causing doubts.

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And you're saying we shouldn't you shouldn't just ignore them? No, we need to have a group of people that dealing with these individuals on their own on a yearly basis, just like we need to have a group of people that do tech series.

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Because if we don't have a group of people that do tech series, then they're going to do the Hedden that deconstruction, for a very long time for 20 years, 30 years, no one's going to reply to them, and they're going to grow. Because they're going to feel like themselves irrefutable, because no one's dealing with them. And then you're going to have so called Islamic State, doing monstrous acts and killing people in the name of religion. And do we take responsibility for that we should take some responsibility for that.

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Obviously, well, that tells you otherwise it was wrong. We know the Quran says with one soul is not held to account for what another soul does. But if we're not doing anything about the Muslim community, then we shouldn't just wait and see what's gonna happen, or let's just see this group, continually calling us innovators continue this group calling us Kapha. No, there needs to be some kind of effort. There needs to be some kind of group on social media.

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Yeah, the focus on this, the good news is actually came across a great website, or great YouTube channel called SP files. And this YouTube channel is dealing directly from what seems to be the case I haven't we haven't reviewed all their content, but it seems to me like they're doing this well. That we have to do. This fourth cafe that someone has to

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be, which is exposing these individuals,

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exposing them for their double standards and the fact that they don't, themselves have what they say they have,

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which is knowledge.

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They don't they're not they're not qualified. They're not scholars, and they're they're all one of them have already exposed him last year. His name was Abu Khadija who cannot recite the Quran but he's doing the antilock Pollock

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doing today on the people listen to how he recites the Quran

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Well yeah, what are you what Yeah, I love it What? Well yeah jazz a lot higher and higher. inkaterra

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there's a legend nawada has tasted one of Guzman know what the

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ultimate meaning he loves his biography he will soon mean I'm forcing him to do I lay him is he will use a key he will use a limo who will look it up while he was in Kern room in public when Pablo laffite Aladdin movie

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got the job of coming to LA he knew what he estaba muy bien. Yeah, De Ville be a la home in Minnesota. Read one read one. Super loose de la

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mina de la Mattila. No. People like him and Halima have one thing in common about Halima is Anjem Choudary, kind of support.

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And who's been doing tech field,

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this guy's been doing tap dia, both of them are the same in knowledge, they have a deficiency of it. They're not trained to do what they claim to be able to do, which is to proclaim to the antique field on the people. And they would never show themselves in public and debate any error, anybody who opposes them come forward. If you really believe in what you believe in, and will have a challenge. That's the first thing you got to do. Because the Quran says, Well, yes or no analytically for him.

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We have surely made it easy for remembrance and recital and so on. So who's going to be the one to do it? So if you can't even start with that, then how can you be talking about these bigger things?

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Your dow traitor, and you're jealous of you're probably jealous of all those people. You've been refuting including Exactly. And like, you've been refuting for so many years, that you can never be half the monies.

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Yeah, you can't. And you know,

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so this is the reality situation that needs to be people to

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look at if someone slaps you slap them back. Intellectually. I don't believe in this whole thing. I'll just leave them ignore them. Yeah, we've got a big platform, but once in a while before an intellectual missile, which will make them shiver and quaking in their boots as scary out of desperation. And that's what I say it's my is my message to to people that look, if you're really interested in knowing Islam, go to the sources.

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Yes, you can follow and

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you can follow hundreds jurisprudential schools of law, or of law like the humbling Maliki a chef, a Hanafi. These are established, but in terms of creed, you have to do your own homework. Don't rely upon some

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guy who's dropped out of university or been failed three or four times a university, and the other one has got credentials in a completely different field. And the third one who's who's who can't recite the Quran properly. These are your figureheads.

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These are your figureheads. And that's why the most susceptible people to this kind of manipulation, intellectual manipulation of those who are most weak in knowledge, full stop. They may, they may come and appear to be two or three people. Yeah, may come out of jail, they come out of jail, and they needed a job and they rely on the handouts of those guys, that might have a little bit more knowledge and might support them, but that's a different thing.

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So at the end of the day, what I want to say to you is be careful and follow the prophets advice. As for those two projects, us as Muslims as our these fringe groups, anti normative practices, yeah, they need to be dealt with. We need to show the non Muslims as well, the community, the wider community, that we're dealing with those individuals. Yeah. Who, who are maligning the religion of Islam and are posing a great barrier to entry as a religion of Islam, and causing grave doubts within the Muslim Ummah, for our youth. So this is the reasoning, why we should be dealing with those individuals and be warned against those individuals. And they are traitors and they should be

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written, down. They are dour, traitors, they're engaged in treachery, and they should be treated as such. They should be treated as such. And I will leave in the description box, a video which I recently done, exposing one of them for actually committing this one who says that he has to believe in geo centricity. Yeah, I will find something of him where he's, he's saying about Prophet Solomon, that he, he could he done magic is

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the Jews, we see that magic became a part and parcel of their religion. And when they wrote the Talmud, and they you know that and also because the Jews were

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captive, held captive by one of the kings of Babylon in the year 600. So this king he was called Nebuchadnezzar and he went to Jerusalem, he, he conquered the Jews, he took them back to Babylon. And when the Jews were in Babylon, on top of the magic garden from cinnamon,

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on top of the magic, you learn from

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behind the Light and Magic,

00:22:33--> 00:22:37

hidden magic, black magic, which is to say this, to say that

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well, he's saying that about Sulaiman. Elisa, can you imagine? So we're dealing with them in the same way to try and deal with us. And this is the only way to get these guys to quieten down and to get their followers to realize that these guys are fallible Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh