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Mirza Yawar Baig
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In Al Hamdulillah, salat wa salam, O Allah, Allah Allah you, Savio and

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I want to remind myself and you about the importance of making Maha Shiva

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the importance of taking account of ourselves

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because today hamdulillah The

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good news is that a lot of people are interested in learning about Islam.

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So they're they attend courses and they read books and they watch

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the go to lectures and so on and so on hamdulillah

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But, there is seems to be very little focus on what happens to that knowledge once you get the knowledge.

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So for example, you go and listen to and by an end user, Mashallah very good. But then after that, what

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similarily, you go to attend some course, on this and that,

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and after you finish the course, then what's

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the knowledge of this Dean is not intended only to be accumulated

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and attended this course that calls that course and make a tick in the box, in the list of courses attended.

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The purpose of the of the L modules, Dean is to practice it.

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The purpose is to practice that in

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and a person who has little knowledge, but he practices that knowledge, whichever he has, fully,

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that person is better, far better than a person who has a lot of knowledge, but he does not practice

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because knowledge that we do not practice will become a witness against us, Hunter against us on the Day of Judgment with Allah subhanaw taala one of the questions we will ask is, what did you know? What was the amount of knowledge you had? And what do you do with it?

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One of the

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four questions of the day of hashes What did you do with the knowledge that was given to So, I uploaded the knowledge and I did with it,

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I did not practice it, I did not communicate with anybody in I live in La Jolla. So, the May the very important thing that I want to remind myself is to make massive how to get out of this. Now, again, we are not by saying this, if somebody gets a meaning that therefore, we should not acquire knowledge that would be a very silly thing, knowledge you must acquire and the more knowledge we have and underline inshallah the better for us, but the purpose of acquiring knowledge, we should not lose track of that the purpose of acquiring knowledge is not simply to accumulate that knowledge, but to practice knowledge.

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What is the way to ensure that is by making masiva

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and the famous quote of famous saying and teaching of our Nakata Delano, he said digger mahabhava digger is up before your reserve is taken

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to make your mahabhava before your reserve is taken. So, you take your own is up before Allah takes Orissa.

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So, every day inshallah let us make a net that's from today, every evening every night before we go to sleep, we will make a mahabhava of that day

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we will take an account of that day How did I spend today

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whatever we can recall, inshallah we can even try to keep a diary or a notebook next to our bed and before we go to sleep, make some notes and say how did I spend today?

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from morning till evening, how did I spend 200 lab begin that we begin the day well, with Salat in the masjid, but then thereafter what happens inshallah the day also completes like that Alhamdulillah all the Nawaz all the Salah in the massage, and then we do all the things which are good. Angela's were they well spent, and inadvisable also check and say

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what do I know? And how am I practicing it? For example, we know that are less than $1 difference on the first seven in the last one third of the night and announcement is made and said Who is there? Who needs forgiveness? let him ask forgiveness and I will forgive and who is there who has any habit and he need

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to be fulfilled? let him ask and I will fulfill his needs.

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And at that time, now this knowledge we have we all know this. But how many of us are making use of this knowledge? What is it what is the meaning or making use of knowledge means that we wake up for the hygiene and we pray

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that inshallah we have the knowledge that have the benefit of the project and we are making use of this knowledge.

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But supposing we say yes, I know about this

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But at the time of value, what am I doing? I'm leaving.

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I'm making over 400 law that is good, but at the time of when I was living so then what is the good of that knowledge?

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There was a special time last Ronald Allah, Allah will forgive us inshallah AWS October. That's good, but point is special time

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when the doula is accepted, and at that time I'm fast asleep, then during the day I will cry and grumble and more and grow. And so I've got this problem that problem

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when the time to solve the problem was there that time you were fast asleep now Why are you complaining?

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And it is not that we did not know.

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Similarly, we know that the reward for praying the Salah in the masjid with the Jamaat is 27 times

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27 times

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that upbringing that seems allow yourself whether you breathe in your house or anywhere else.

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So now, whatever do I make, to join the Jamaat in the masjid? We're not talking about any particular anybody?

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How much ever do I make?

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Maybe I made the effort and I was not successful I could not reach in time with inshallah Allah will forgive but I'm just saying, do we make effort at all?

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Or do we say we will read there's still time

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somebody says Mr. Jamaat every going but time was Allah has not gone so I will break. So now what does it mean? What is the importance of where is this application of this knowledge?

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Similarly, eating of halal

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and staying away from haram?

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and so on. And I don't have to explain in detail every single one but I'm just saying that let us look at our own selves and say, What do I know? And how much am I practicing it?

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And yeah, we may be glad Allah Subhana. Allah tala should make it easy for us to practice what we know and to learn more and to practice more, but it's very important for us to practice what we know so that we

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benefit from this knowledge. So to two major benefits of making via Ziva number one benefit is that inshallah Maha Shiva will enable us to make our

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because when we are doing our own research, and we find that oh, I did not do this and immediately went over this good for us and under so we went over and the second benefit is that we start practicing that thing.

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So now I because I am making this app I this is now becomes clear to a wider have done this, so I make Toba jealous, Allah will forgive me inshallah. And then I start practicing that thing, whichever is not practicing. So um, there are two major benefits of doing his app every day is one is it helps us to make Toba and it's a good thing he was living in Mexico and what is he? And second one is you make the need to practice whatever it is that you have not been practicing. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to live our lives in a way that is beneficial for us in this dunya Alaska. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will get in while Ali was originally there.

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