How To Stomp Your Ego

Hasan Ali


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The speaker discusses the importance of not allowing one's ego to prompt others to do things they want to do. They argue that one's ego is the most important factor in one's ability to achieve success. The speaker emphasizes the need to start small and slowly, rather than focusing on one's ego.

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Allah Azza wa Jalla said, when I've seen

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from your taqwa, the mosaica you do the more you remember law, the more than nurse will say, You know what, I don't want to sit here I want to stand up. I don't want to sit on my sofa, I want to stand up on the prayer mat. I don't want to spend time with listening and talking to these people. I want to spend time with my Allah. I don't want to spend this with this world on whatever I'm doing. I've done I want to spend time with my Ophira the more you softened that soul up inside, the more ready automatically guaranteed your knifes will tell you it wants to do things in your nerves, your ego, your ego will prompt you to say I want to do these good things. You know why? Because Allah

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azza wa jal has to both the mechanism side or do you have to be stopped? It's tantrums. This is the way to stop his time. You know what Allah said about the Quran? Allah said what when you get up in the night and detaljer Allah,

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Allah said,

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what until Khurana routine, get up in the night and start reading Quran slowly in prayer. What does Allah says? Allah said, it is it is what? In Shetterly I shall do

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the getting up in the night, and that making when you get up in the night, it's not an easy thing to just get up in the night to pray for Allah. If you are able to get up in the night I shall do what you've just given you just stumped your own ego, you just beat you just hit your own ego. You just stick to your own ego I shall do.

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And the best of statements will come out of your mouth right now Allah you step you stomp your ego why? Because you have gone against your ego the antidote to this kid ego to the tantrums inside to go against it to go against it.