Spirituality #08 – The Best Kind of Action

Mohammed Hijab


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The speakers discuss the concept of patient at risk and how it relates to Sharia's principles of patient at risk. They also discuss the at risk of at risk of at risk of at

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Patience is really a cornerstone of Islamic practice. There are many verses in the Quran which kind of relate to this, for example, call with Allah, Allah says, when he met Sabado alpha in the delicate let me Nozman more than whoever is patient and forgiving. Certainly this is the pinnacle of action, the best kind of action, the strongest type of action. And obviously, as you guys know, I'm sure you've heard diversity in law, mass slavery in the Allah is with those of our patients, and everything Massaro mentions that a sub Nisqually Eman that the sub our patients loosely translated is nissle al Iman, which is basically half of all of faith. And there's a beautiful Hadith of the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it says, or mainly at a sub bar, use of beautiful law, whoever seeks to be patient, Allah makes him more patient. So what is this patients or is the server that we refer to software is not just patients because patients is an ambiguous term and reality. In reality, it's a kind of resilience. That's what patient what is server is a kind of resilience. And its opposite is a Jezza. Okay, just as in the Quran in the Lisanna, Philippi, Lloyd MSL shadow Joshua, that the human being has been created, in state of anxiety that when evil touches him, he has jitsu he's in a panic state. So Jessa is not just anxiety, as many translated, but it's, it's a

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kind of panicked hopelessness, it's more intense than just normal anxiety. And it's certainly not the kind of anxiety that people refer to modern day psychological literature. It's more of a panic, it's a hopeless state, and so on. What patients is, as I mentioned, this in these categories, is fortitude against the impulse of say, desire, you can have a desire to do things, or you can have a desire to quit things, you can want to quit things in life. And it will be sub one, or patients resilience that will stop you from doing that. And there are two kinds of cyber, there's the physical type, and there's the can call it the psychological type, physical and psychological, the

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inner type, the mental type, and really, both have, you know, their difficulties, depending on what we're talking about. And as I mentioned, the interesting hierarchy says that really Patience is a prerequisite. It's not, if there was a hierarchy of different things, patients wouldn't be at the top of it. In fact, he says love is at the top of it, patients would be at the bottom of it. And then after that, you have contentment, actually, which is the river. And then above that would be love. Because action done because of love is the is the epitome of human expression. terms of emotional standpoint. Of course, for us as Muslims, the Sharia must be the judge of what is correct

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patients and what isn't correct for patients. And if you if you think of or conceptualize everything in life, your hands that you mentioned is an interesting point, he says that look, it can either be in line with your desires, or it's not going to be in line with your desires. And in the case of the latter, if it's not in line with your desires, that's when patience is required. That's where you'll find quite frankly, any successful person in the history of the world as we know it. The history of civilization has never been able to achieve what he or she has ever achieved. Without having patience as a prerequisite or having resilience as a prerequisite of having to do things they don't

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want to do. Whether it isn't because they're bored, whether it's because they're going through pain, whether it is because they are angry, or they are sick, or whether it's because whatever it is, fill in the blanks. There's never been a successful human being in history, except that they have felt the discomfort and accepted that pain and went forward with it. And that is the essence of a cyber resilience in patients. We have all kinds of, you know, patients, we have all kinds of things. And Sally mentioned, for example, a sub against the ma c or the Haram things. And if you really think about what haram things we're interested in, it's usually things that are in line with our desires.

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And he gives he brings forth a lot of these parables very interesting parables which are good. And he's got a whole book actually, in the room with Dean talking about the two desires, sexual desires and the stomach because someone he believes that has a very, like insatiable appetite for food. That individual is likely to put themselves in danger, they're likely not to get what they want from life. So he makes you imagine food there's some kind of a dog that you must starve or at least discipline and not into not eating too much. Otherwise, that dog will become vicious. And he says that you've got to control your hunger and you've got to control your sexual appetite through fast

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thinking another means there has to be a checking mechanism where you're restricting yourself. So that relates to desires. But there's also a server as it relates to, for example, doing good deeds being continuous, being persistent in doing the prayers, for example, doing the five pillars of Islam, for example, all of these things. And there's also an this is a very high level of support as well as Subhan. Allah, and then you say, Messiah, for example, the things that happen in the afflictions, the sub afflictions happened during your life, that you are able to go through it, and you're not hopeless, and you're not blaming God. And he says that somebody is he compares it to kind

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of like training physical physical training. For example, he mentioned freestyle wrestling, someone who is training for freestyle wrestling or for any kind of exercise. He says, You need to train somebody like a muscle Subhanallah if you're able to trends over lack of muscle, life becomes easier because it's life can become easier in two ways. If you think about it, life can either become easier if there are no tribulations, for life can become easier if you are able to deal with the harder tribulation in a better way. Which reminds me of a quotation that Bruce Lee said, which is that I don't pray to God for an easy life. I pray to God for the ability to deal with a difficult

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one. If you enjoyed that and you want to watch the next episode, click here.