Hearts Exposed on Day of Judgment

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Dr Reda Bedeir discusses the topic “On the Deen of One’s Friends” and explains how everyone’s hearts will be exposed on the Day of Judgement as alluded to in Ayah 69:19 of the Qur’an in which Allah(SWT) says: “On that day, you will be exposed, nothing of you can be hidden.”


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The speakers discuss various aspects of life, including "by the way" in relationships and situations, "good" in various context, and the meaning of love in various ways. They also touch on the impact of war and lack of love on behavior, including hair, wealth, and love. The speakers use "good" in various ways to describe people and their situations, including their chest, body, and soul.

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Last pata said Yama is in toto on that day you'll be exposed in front of Allah subhanaw taala both physically and also your deeds whether they are internal or external or internal. What do you mean by that? external, whatever people have seen from you how many people Mashallah they go to the masjid and they pray seven times a day

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they pray five times a day. Right? And they fast Ramadan even if it comes in hard, you know.

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I said this one time and I said he was very naive, I said,

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my man like it's very it's pretty hot these days. Like he said, Yeah, I said, Imagine if Ramadan comes during hatch

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shift, that's going to be very difficult.

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Anyway, so going back to the to the to the to the AI.

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So external means what you see from people right? Mashallah they go to the masjid, they have a long beard, you know, the

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deep internally, they have things that you have no idea about them. But who knows what's on the heart.

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Exactly. This is why it's power law. You know, in a sort of that we're going to be going deep into gelato number 100 is called an idea that Allah subhanaw taala said, describing man, the main theme of this surah is in gratitude in Santa Ana ropey let her nude. And can Oh, it means a fool. But even it's more because before means ungrateful. But Canute, it comes from kingdom, not Canada, okay. And when you describe a land, you know,

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it means, you know, it's a land that can produce nothing.

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Okay? It doesn't produce anything. And when we say somebody is can always like, you know, Allah has given him a lot, and Subhanallah, he can see nothing, but the bad things that happen in front of him.

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He will sit with you or she will sit with you the whole day complaining of what they don't have, but they never say Alhamdulillah from what we have.

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Allah said, What in the holy humble hydrolysate he was describing us. And indeed, if I translate this literally it means, you know, we're in the home. And indeed he or she is for the love of hair. intense. But the word

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and higher here doesn't mean good. What does it mean?

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It means wealth.

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So don't translate the products.

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Can you give me another idea or even two in the Parana? Why use the word file? But not to be translated? Literally doesn't mean good. Yes. When somebody dies alesmith acid in taka hieron. Obviously, if he leaves what good natured write a word or she's right over

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here means if he or she were to leave wealth behind them, they should write a will.

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Okay, let's go to soften my eyes Allah subhanaw taala said in

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the way a located man is greeted with anxiety, right? is seven short Roger Xu. If something bad happens to him, he's impatient. Why me? Why either I must say

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hi, you romanova what's the minimum height again? Well, yeah, if he's given Well, he's withholding It doesn't mean if he's given good should I'm saying. So Allah subhanaw taala and this is a we're in the whole

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Doesn't he know what's gonna happen when the content of the grades will be scattered out? What's in the grades? My buddy buddy.

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What was your what is contained in the hearts shape? It doesn't say it says

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it's ready. Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala uses the word pseudo many times in the Koran but if we translate this like literally it means chest or breasts right? But alongside

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parotitis talking about that which contains the heart Even was ferula when you read in the last solar in the Koran mensural was was in finance and he was who Sufi? Did he say Paulo? Bernath. Why? Because they said in the Tafseer

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The heart is somewhere in the chest. I'm not talking about the pump here. But yeah, so the heart is somewhere in the chest in the heart and sort of 20 to 100. I said, for in the head episode when I can. globality. Exactly. So the chest contains the art. So that heart inside, it's exactly like you have a field. Okay? And within that field, I want you to imagine this is a castle. So the castle inside is your heart. And the field around the castle is your chest. Okay? What shaitan does is he is hovering around in the field, waiting for you to forget for a second to remember Allah subhanaw taala he attacks the castle, he goes in.

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Okay, can you remember Allah subhanaw taala once remember, Allah, what happens to you? He gets out into the field. Okay, he doesn't stay in the castle in San Jose. So always in the dimension of support in Scandinavia, is that which contains the heart. So the reason I'm saying all of this because I want to make a point here, what Allah subhanho wa Taala says well in the fiery lecture de

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what is hope? What is love? Is the near pan, your eyes or your heart are exactly right. So who knows what from the heart?

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You know how some people don't know sometimes they express love, but it's not like, you know how, like, No, I'm not talking about the angels. I'm talking about the sisters outside. They come in the morning and they hug each other like, you know.

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I love you and she's stabbing her like in the back. Once these dealings No, I don't like the makeup. This is like, it's not even like

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he's just like, I love you. Like, you know, in fact, it's

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like, you know, sometimes, like you're sitting with your wife, and she's like, what was it like, you know? Yeah, I love you.

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Right? Okay.

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So basically, love isn't the heart, right? So what is the meaning of love to start with? Love is the feeling when you think that something is good, and you want to obtain that thing. So you and I think that wealth and money is good for us. This is why we love money. A lot of luck leaves us like this, right? Why? Because we think that money is good for us. But on the Day of Judgment, Allah said, No, you will discover that when you lived as a slave all of your life to money, and then he forgot about me money is a means for you to know me and find me. But he ended up worshipping money forgot about me. You see what I'm saying? So we're in the hole helping the homeless. Did you thought that money

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is good for you? This is why you think it's good. It's like having a net worth is high for me. Allah said FLIR

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well hustle enough to do that love in your heart for money and wealth that made you forget about Allah Who gave you wealth? Allah says in the home, begin yo MA in the hobby. What

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would you like to know? Yes, yes.

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Yes, sir.

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I've heard five people. We're gonna close this chapter. Go back to the top. Okay. So basically the word doc and I hope now he understood the meaning of of love, right? Love is a feeling that you think when you see something or someone or whatever it is, you think this is good for you. So we change it until we get it right. Like you see, like a sister's like, no, that's it.

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Right? Then you go there and propose and that's going to say, Listen, you have to pay 200,000

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what you love, right? You're willing to sacrifice. Listen.

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She's not gonna live in an apartment. Just another house. You know, in the north, where is the North, okay.

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Okay, so basically this guy said,

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You know what, because I love her. Okay.

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And then you get better than you know what happens. Anyway. So let's go back

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to the topic. So basically, I'm saying that on the day of jobs,

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wonder when we stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala even what is in our hearts will be exposed what was in our hearts. I might have done something in front of people that was meant to be good, but only Allah knows my intention that's going to expose them that lateral farming