Majed Mahmoud – Names of Allah Part 2

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The importance of trusting oneself and others to protect them from harm is emphasized in Islam. The use of words and tests to measure success is emphasized, as well as the importance of trusting oneself and others to avoid loss of family members. The success of Islam is also discussed, including the use of fire products and avoiding disrespecting one's father. The segment ends with a reminder of the importance of trusting oneself and others to avoid harming one's behavior.
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Let's make up our minds to do the right thing in this life in our Chancellor's name do we see

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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam rubbish Li sada recently Andrey Aqua timidly saniya cocoyam about Santa Monica

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Baraka love Chico for tuning in for the next, the third episode of only if you knew a las panatela I'd like to welcome all of our dear viewers, thank you very much for for basically sacrificing the most important thing in your life besides your religion, which is time, the most valuable thing in the world. So I thank you for trusting me with those few minutes. And we ask God to bless all of us for learning about lost pines, Beautiful Names, just to introduce our two guests go ahead at this at this end, right and right, and again,

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our vertical logical type. Today's we're going to start with the names because excited. I am very, very excited. This name was one of the dearest names to me. This name is needed for every parent that is worried about their children from having bad friends for having a horrible future for not succeeding in this dunya or after the very worried This is the name we're looking for. For every student that is wait for the exams for their future, for the job for the career for a spouse that you want to get maybe this is the name you're looking for. For everyone who wants to do something for Islam and you're like, I need to do something for Islam and you just back and forth and

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hesitancy. This is the name you're looking for. If you have any goal, any dream, anything that you wish to accomplish in your life will lie. This is the name you're looking for. It's a law's beautiful name.

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Albuquerque, Albuquerque, the ultimate trustee. What does Allah Allah kill me? Allah Subhana Allah Kia is the one who took care of his creation, by managing and bringing them into existence and guiding them and providing for them so he's in control and work in the ultimate trustee. So he is the one who takes care of your matters with perfection. So he does not get you lost. And he does not disappoint you. And he does not entrust your case no matter how small it is to anyone else. So if you put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala Elkin, he does not assign someone else to take care of you because your small cases so small, for example, we have in the states in North America, there's

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a lawyer that has a lot of commercials. His number is one 800 called Sim. So you had a call away. That's Sam, everywhere. And he's known to be a very, very big lawyer. But the thing is, when you call that lawyer, and he discussed your case to them, had your case and I have so much money into it, Sam will not help you. Sam will get another lawyer who's younger than him or smaller to take care of your case. allows the best of examples, no matter how small it is that you need to push for. You will put your trust last month Allah Allah will take care of it. A lot of work here comes and you do believe in that name of Allah and you truly knew him. And only if you knew him, you will be

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called what? When you put your trust in Allah you have it you have a title. And it is one of the prophets Los Alamos names his

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course al al mutawa excellent So good job and moving on with what can l Motoki, the one who plays the trust Allah subhanaw taala what is el mundo what can make me Allah mega amongst them to a killing? And you know why I began with this one right here, the first name so as we get to know a lot more and more that putting in this trust in Allah becomes easier on us because we get to know a lot more and more and with what kill is the one who takes every possible means to accomplish the goal. And once they finished everything they can do, they what has to be alone, I've been working a lot, I put my trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And also like I said them so Salah never stopped again,

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never stop. I just always said, What are you recording with, you're playing with the lights, and it's all set up no matter what you're doing. In fact,

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he was the seed amateur killing the best of mature kidding. When he would take the means he will not be scared from anyone. One time he went and rested under a tree. And he was around the Sahaba. They were around maybe a little distance. And then he hung his sword on a tree branch. So he took the means and he took a nap. And he's not expecting anyone to come over and do anything, Tim, all of a sudden a person from the kuffaar comes, grabs the sword and puts it on the neck of fossilized acid and the Prophet wakes up. And he tells them, many of them now Kemeny, who's gonna stop you from me now. And we are working his hearts connect to Allah. So you know what the prophet said? Allah.

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So the sword dropped

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The Prophet grabbed the sword, put it on his neck. He said, Well, maybe I'm no Kemeny and who will stop you from me? He said Quinn hierarchy. Come on, be gentle. I didn't do anything to you. I only put the sword on you. The father Salah Sam said at the Chateau La la la la masala. Would you testify that there's no deity worthy of worship? except Allah from 100? That's a lie. I said, Stephen messenger. What did you say?

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said no.

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The person Okay, go ahead. So Pamela, same thing with your kidney. He doesn't force people to Islam like gravity, we don't force you to become Muslim to know the person teaching him is a lot, a little kid who takes care of the believers, when they put the ultimate trust in Allah subhanaw taala? Do you mind if I give you an example to understand more? What does it mean to put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala. Very important. For example, if you were to ever go to a lawyer, and you would seek power of attorney, what does it mean?

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You go to a lawyer. And let's say you're traveling to another place. So you want another person who you trust, to go take care of your matters by the time you're traveling. So you go to the doctor and you tell them you know what I would like to give power of attorney authority to that person that is with me to take care of my dealings? He will look at you and tell you do you want the general power of attorney or specific you ask them what do you mean general or specific General Power of Attorney is that when you sign that contract, this means this man has control over everything that you have. Everything specific power of attorney if you sign it, then is you've given something specific that

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you have control over? So a person would go and said you know, I'm traveling, I like to give him General Power of Attorney. What do you say that the man will actually will look at you and says, Are you sure sir? Are you sure? He can sell your house? He can buy he can sell your car to someone other other person he can use your money in the bank said yes, I trust him. I trust him. So he said, okay, he goes sign right here. Okay. I interest and I put my trust and I give the power of attorney to such and such the general one. I have a question for you. Are you ready to sign to Allah? subhanaw taala over let's take care. I entrust you with everything that I have. Are you guys ready to sign?

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Are you ready to sign Bismillah I will say has to be alone Emily Joaquin, walk that signature, but you have to do it and don't be shaking. Do you think the guy who gave the general power of attorney to that friend Do you think he's like a hero? No. Do you think it will even this impossible so he trusts him so much. I'm giving you everything. Allah has the best of examples. Let's sign to Tyler and tell him yeah what Keith are killed Alec. May Allah make us an excellent mentor Killeen say, I mean, Allah subhanho wa Taala was so amazing, is it he is the one who's offering you to be a rookie, we might have a hard time finding a person to trust, especially these days, it's one of the signs of

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a judgement is that you can no longer trust the people you're sitting with. Now, we actually live in this time. So, so difficult to find a person to trust everything that you have. Imagine Allah subhanaw taala he's offering you

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by many means, what can be one of the ways or you know how Allah offers to be your ultimate trustee? Give me some if you do any verses any science.

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And from now you would learn something that you can use in every question that I asked about how does Allah present himself to us? Very simple. Allah named himself advocate for he named himself Okay, when we believe, Gemma, if Allah named himself something, the meaning applies to it, is that we do not distort and we don't deny we said that earlier. Right? align will keep by naming and stuff and we'll keep this time you put your trust in me. And you will know in the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala when he offers us trust, he shows you his power and might tell you don't worry, put your trust in me. I have the power. I have the knowledge and the experience. Don't hesitate. Look,

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Allah Subhana Allah says cron. Rob Bula shrieky. Well, Maghreb The Lord of the east and the west. Wow, Majesty. What does he say next? La Isla in Hua

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Hua Kiera? There's no Lord except him. Put your trust in Him for the key to Akira. How big is your problem? Is your problem outside the East Asia problem outside the West? No. So put your trust in Allah subhanaw taala Rob Bell Misha will Maghreb La Ilaha Illa Akira look at one another verse a lot of parents says when he was Santa watch he will all the way eat a lot he told john john Umbro colo to allow belongs and he knows the unseen and the future and everything that you don't know where in the heavens and on the earth. He could have said on the earth but he only as the heavens as well for how powerful he is, and everything returns back to him everything what he lay Yambuku what he wants

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to do.

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What are what can I look at the power the might Are you hesitant to sign Look how much power

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Look how much knowledge I have. I know everything I know the future. I know everything I was offering you worship a lot and put your trust out of the office and I'm not I'm not aware of what you guys do. So by law, we go to a doctor and you find two doctors. One doctor is an expert, the other is not so good. You think that people will line up to the expert or the non expert,

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the experts or even there's a long weeks we will wait for that doctor why the trust in Him with their bodies. So paralyze a friend talking to you through through a rough street as a shortcut you trust him. So basically, Allah subhanaw taala is really not it's like a shortcut for you to achieve your goals. The non Muslims they only depend on the means. They don't have the technical part. But when you live with a lot and you know Allah, you will put your trust in Him subhana wa Tada. We ask Allah to make us among those who put our trust in Allah in everything small and big, Sami, may Allah make us aware of his might and majesty. So inshallah With that being said, we will go for a short

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break inshallah. So stay tuned. And if again, a reminder of the last episode, read advocacy to Allah protect you in sha Allah. And remember offprint Allah status via de la here. I was usually Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Let's make up our minds to do the right thing in this life in our Chancellor's name do we see?

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To do the right thing in this life in John's name, do we see?

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Allah wa sahbihi wa sallam rubbish really sorry, yesterday, I'm very determined listening if God called me back. So we're continuing with how Allah subhanaw taala is working. And Joaquin is providing you the service for free, no cost with service that is optimum to the max. He knows the unseen, he knows everything in the East everything is though in the West is under his control. And he's the one who's offering you and we saw a lot every time almost not every time in the Quran. But many times when he puts Allah lucky he puts what his might and power for you not to hesitate. Look what Allah Subhana says, What tell what can Alhaji Lady lionmoon put your trust in the one that has

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a living and will never ever die ever Subhan Allah, you know, just before coming here to this show, I was writing my will, my will. So had I die, where my children will go and so on. Because in Canada, if you die without running a Will you know what happens? The government might take the children somehow and they might take your money and so on. So you have to be very clear in the will. And when I was writing the will it tells you two options. It says if you die, who do you assign the children to? and so on. So I put my wife and they say if your wife dies before you then who do you give it to? I was thinking I'm gonna give it to because I don't have much family there. So they have

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like my mom or my sister. Now there's no other blanks in what comes to my mind. What if they both die?

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How I'm worried you write this down and you somehow you don't feel very comfortable? But Allah says what the what Carolyn Huggy lady, I will never die Don't Don't say anything. I'm going to lose a paper for you don't think I'm going to die and no one will know about this. I'm all living I will never ever die What the What Khalil Hagelin, Elijah mood. But make sure that when you go and you put your left hand data, and you want to go meet, let's say a doctor, and you put fully your trust in Allah. Don't say, it's not you who helps me It's our last time. If you'd say that he's like, okay, is that okay? Get up, get up, get up. So it's in your heart that you maintain in your heart that you

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put your hands out. And the last about the majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah tells you that he's the creator of everything. Watch Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Allahu Han called equal coalition.

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coalition you work in everything I created. So everything you've read about, it's me who made it so much so experienced and knowledgeable, he knows everything. Don't worry. And I asked you one more time. Are you ready to sign?

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Are you guys ready to sign this middle of full trust or life full? Trust me Allah, we ask a lot to me because amongst those that never hesitate or shake our hands, and there are certain signs to know if you did sign to Allah, and you are actually working. So the question that comes, are you guys willing to go through that gauge? And you check mark harloff in a check mark yourself? Where do I stand? Where does he stand? Where does it almost stand you guys check. If you check one or two, that's a very good sign inshallah. So let's start with a checklist of to know if you put your trust in a lot of data Yes or no? Number one apart mentioned five. Number one, is when hardship comes and

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falls upon you. As severe one, the first thing you think about is what? Who are lucky. The first thing that comes into your mind

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Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama Mama, a lot of a kick comes in your mind. Number one thing was Allah Subhana. Allah says in the Quran and he praises those who think of Allah during the times of severe hardship, you know, to be honest with you, when you were relaxed and chilling and so on. We can say that hum did Allah Allah bless him for everything but when the calamity happens that's a true colors that appears the true use shows up you'd call this you do that but what is

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almost an except that, you know, a little kid comes first. Look at the story of Oh hey, money center. It prime La Silla, I'm 16 years old, a young youth Mashallah young adult. He goes and he looks at his tribe and he sees that they're what they're worshipping idols, it upsets him. He's so jealous, he loves Allah, obedient to Allah, he doesn't want anyone to disobey Allah. And so because the love of all fantana and when you love a person, you don't like those who disrespect him. So very logical, common sense. You'd love your father. If someone comes and disrespects your father, you won't make it. You don't like you don't it's doesn't make sense chemistry wise to love both. So

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Pamela Burnett said, I'm going to like the islands. So he said, the moment that my tribe goes for the festival, I'm going to go and destroy all the idols. So the festival happens and Ibrahim does not go. And then he starts breaking every item except one. Then he puts a sword over that one idol that he left. When the people came, we got so angry they said called humans Allah has a big hatena in Valentin who did this to our idols to our Lord suited that he's truly amongst the oppressors. Then another few verses, they say, kind of similar effects. And you have Kudo whom your color is perhaps Ibrahim, that little kid that has no respect factor. Mahalo Rahim. Then they say Ibrahim,

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let's come and check. So Abraham, come Did you do this?

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Ask Kabira him as the guy with a sword. You know, maybe you can talk. So they went back so sad and angry that you're making fun of us. And he talked to themselves and they said he's right. We're losers. We're, we're horrible people. But their pride and arrogance refused to accept what Abraham said. So they say, call her repo burn him. Heroku is intense, that is not regular Heroku and when sudo Anahata come in, to try and give victory to Lourdes Kabir but to the clear part, the Cooper tech beer, so they all accepted, they all want to burn about Himalayan Sam. And the way they want to burn him is unnormal abnormal, never thought in your mind can never imagine. Look how they tried to

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burn him. They tried to build the structure for him and put fire in it. That structure every single one in the city participated and burning it, making it so hot and so high. To an extent that there's some women who had their children sick, these to make a vow to the Lord because they do shit. So they do that a lot and they put idols as they claim to do shit. They say if my son is cured, my gift to my lord is at participating in burning that building anything is so hot and horrible. To the extent that they had to make that building outside the city. How horrible is that? For one sin? How about him feel about him that was in jail, handcuffed. How are you feeling about him? You will know

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very shortly, but I can tell you and we are going to agree that he's thinking of a lot of a kid. Then what he tried to do is that before they want to throw let's say this is the building before they would have thought about him. You have to do samples and examples and tests because you want to put a point and then shoe imminent falls here. So what they will do is that they put some words, some hardship, etc. Some like tree branches, and then test something according to the weight of Ibrahim, look how much power and they trying to make the firebee Look how much effort they're putting. This is the kuffaar these days that they hate Islam. Well why they might be putting as much

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effort so we could step up the game and we need to work as hard as if it was time to Allah. No day off. The Prophet never took a day off coming Laila kalila you will resemble so you go home and stand up and preach and Allah He never stopped preaching after that verse never stopped. never took a vacation. But for him it is set up all of that because of that one. Then they put the word and then okay perfect size perfect distance for Ibrahim Ibrahim is placed then he's released. They say the fire was so hot that any bird flies over burns

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when the Brahim flies in authentic Heidi also lives on a lot he said him said the under the way there what would the person say? Then with what can only if you know Allah Allah will give you will be able to work in he said has to be a law when it men working. I put my trust in Allah Albuquerque, the ultimate trustee the one worthy of putting that trust into and he fell in the fire and will lie will law he will lie and I challenge anyone in the earth. anyone in the world

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to tell me one time in their life

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That they took the means and they put their trust in Allah and Allah let them down. I challenge anyone on earth because Allah named him cephalo Qin and if you put your trust in Allah will law Hill Alvin if the whole universe goes against you, no one will dare to do something Allah did not will it to happen to you? And he alone in a way that benefits you. It has to be a law when you're working. Unless a penalty I told the fire. Yeah, now Cooney burn then was Elena Abraham. Oh fire be cool. But what didn't stop him because if he said be cool, then what will happen? He will freeze to death. But Allah said a cool peaceful.

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Berlin was Salama cool and peaceful, so beautiful. But now if Allah stopped what would happen every fire in the house will be cooling peaceful. There is no far from abundant. There's no hot fire unless specified this burden was Alemany Allah, Ibrahim so all over him. So when he was tied in, he was thrown in that building what burned the ties and the rope around him. And he spent there for some days and then he left and people were amazed. amazed at how he left a life. Well, I don't be amazed what lotion MDMA is because otherwise it will keep

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on always amazing people. There's not a lot of work even so easy. He creates a fire. Aloha aloha college I created a five second change the chemistry of the fire. I can make it specific cool for you. Don't worry about it. I look over to him. So the first thing he thought about was

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it Okay, so this is a checklist hahaha brothers, sisters brothers watching us. The first time a problem comes to you what do you think about check, work email and make as much as those who believe in that last name and working? Number two

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is that if a loss of parents Allah cuts the means which you will depending on your Eman in Alba keel goes up? Does it even remain constant that goes up? For example, well sort of lay some a lot he was the one who was he depending on after Allah, Allah in his house who was protecting him and during the time of Mecca, hardship and so on who was protecting you?

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Who is helping supporting him in the house and so on? Go ahead don't try even if it's strong Don't worry about it. He did excellent. Khadija who was the one helping him outside the house. And he's depending and he was helping him so much was it

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good try though whenever you make a mistake Don't we all do mistakes? Try

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avatar avatar of the one whom because he's a fan of courage and elite sample type is alive. You know what? I can't kill Mohammed cellobiose. We can't do this because I'm part of his life his uncle's alive.

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In the same year, Allah brings after many years of suffering, but not so much extended the problem with die. What happened a lot cuts the means of Swaziland. Khadija dies or dies in the same year.

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And they call the average person the year of sadness. The profits or loss and the same thing with over killing When this happens, his trust in Allah goes skyrocket. just unbelievable. Is that clear? One more time. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam he goes into the cave colosse he goes into the cave. He thinks that means when he goes to runs away from Mecca, Medina, he goes down south Marquez north, I mean Medina is north. And sorry. So Mecca to Medina Nam Medina is north should you come and sense he would go travel this way to immigrate, he took the means and he went south. And he tried to clean the traces by sending the shepherds and so on. And then he went to the cave. They said, you know so

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law they came they came?

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He said Yeah.

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Marvin, look at this name. YOLO sadita. Hama, the means are catella there's nothing else they can do. What do you think of Allah? What do you think of to whom the third is rule of law and working? class? That's it. did everything possible. The means are cut, the man goes up Subhan Allah and Allah Subhana praises that in the Quran. Isn't that right? About the God for those who stayed there? So we asked a lot of parents to mingle amongst them with your kidney. Well, my How big is your problem? How big is your problem? Is it outside the east is outside the West? Would you ever face something as big as a cave of a solar cylinder you have to go there or the inner kill me look to the extent

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and they maintain the love of Los Angeles abrade myself in the fire and you continue to have the trust of Allah, we ask Allah to make us amongst those who sign and without hesitation and continuously think about what happened to Allah insha Allah in the next episode, we'll continue more of the of the checklists to know Are we truly putting our trust in Allah Subhana Allah is akmola here for ginning up meals and reward you and we'll see inshallah in the next episodes continuing with a large beautiful name and working salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Let's make up our minds to do the right thing in this life in our chance Allah His name, do we see

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When we step out of our homes in the middle of the day,

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bank Wednesday and last day someone dies in the news right in front of your face. Do we have

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to read all the kings of the past, do we

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day after day, night after night

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