Akram Nadwi – Tafsir al-Kashaf of al-Zamakhshari

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning the Arabic language and its cultural significance in the writing of the Bible. He explains that the worker is also a mouthful at the same time, as he tries to defend the Arabic language and its culture, while also bringing up the benefits of learning the language. The speaker also mentions a book written by a traveler named Mr. Shicht.
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So Alhamdulillah fara to study to teach the fear of further muscle labor, I have Jordan the worker of the butchery the famous one does silica chef them absorption does the opposite he is a mortise le and a very well known for that. And he does not hide his, you know his belief and his paida throughout the book and he keeps defending it not only fitting actually placing it and bring argument for that is one of the important sources on tafsir Maura Ferrara hammer Lada used to say people have got three watts of tafsir. That's enough for them. That's it for all generations, about the city finance Professor Dallas, and I'm campaigning as a little generation, the sirika chef, for

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the beauty for the buyer and for the beauty of the Arabic language and the grammar, and all those literary aspects of the Quran, that is the best worker accurate and in Islam. And the third worker mala for you to suggest is the Syrian browser because that has got all the racial opinions of the people about anything can concern to the Quran or the Quran. So silica shuffle, no doubt at all, if it had been one of the major source in India for a long, long time, the only word contrast they used to teach in butter is the silica the majority of India either used to be much radiosity they never had been mortars le, but still, they taught this work because this is a really no doubt a unique and

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the way the luxury luxury is a great expert on demand in Arabic grammar and the BR and, and the beauty of the language and all those things. And in that aspect, he really he makes a full effort to explain every single after hours of the Quran. And if there's any problem with the grammar, in any verse of the Quran, he will make effort to solve the problem and to bring the best of puffs if possible opinions. So that's one important thing then also he brings up there are two different readings and makes a reconsideration about them.

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And then after that also has his own explanation of the meanings of the Veronica versa, except those plus you actually want to defend the artist or otherwise, you know, many many points are so great. And, and so moving the heart of the of the believer, so and also because he was actually though he's expert of the Arabic language grammar, but he also very good in Arabic writing and people said there are very few people who are such so good in the language. I also got so good in the writing one of them is Mr. washery. So his book is a very, not very well written. The people read Tafseer through his book, it also improved their Arabic language and their style of writing. So I hope inshallah,

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that well people who study this work in our service Institute, they will look at all these benefits of this great work after Caesar shalom

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