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AI: Summary © In a conversation about grooming girls, the speakers discuss the negative impact of grooming on women and the dangerous behavior of police and agencies. They also touch on the implementation of gay legislation and the potential for physical altercations and bullying in the workplace. The spread of hate towards Muslims and the "monster" in relationships is also discussed, with suggestions that discriminatory behavior is creating "genius behavior" that favors "genius behavior" instead. The "genius culture" that favors "genius behavior" is also discussed, with plans to require police and agencies to manage dangerous behavior and prevent domestic abuse.
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Hey you are you wasting your time on social media again? Your brothers and sisters in Islam net from Norway are establishing a message in a Dawa center. Establishing a message to convey the message of Islam is one of the best deeds a Muslim can do. There's a huge need for annoying, do you know this and I know this, so that makes it even greater. So give generously and Allah azza wa jal give you even more

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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah, but I can't. So how are you guys doing? Unfortunately, I couldn't

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really come up with a logo what I cut so how are you guys doing? First of all, I have to apologize to the viewers.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you guys doing? I know, you're wondering.

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I know, you're wondering, why is it that the quality of your video is reduced?

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Why is it that you're having

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worse off sensory experience? And you will usually have these moments. And the reason why is because we have the champ next to me. And I know this is absolutely upsetting to many of the viewers. People with the crusher description.

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We've got the Pakistani punk we've got

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we've got the man with the plan. The five most influential men actually, let's switch it up. Okay. He's a man that has been on on YouTube for 10 years. I must and chief fix this now? Yes, you do. Yes, you do. achieve more than most have and in the industry, actually the Dow industry? I wouldn't go that far. Yes. Also about myself, oh.

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But you don't have the accolade or the

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But we've all come across this news

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of this woman, she's faked her, you know, all these abuse cases. And first of all, maybe we should watch a video, bring it to the public because it's on mainstream news. And then comment. After that. This CCTV of Eleanor Williams buying a hammer in Tesco would be used in court to prosecute her. Police say it's what she used to injure herself, in an effort to support lies that she had been raped and battered by multiple men. Now Miss Williams has been sentenced to eight and a half years in jail for perverting the course of justice. Okay, so what do you think of this?

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Well, firstly, I think is a big slap in the face of the people that have hijacked this issue and turned it into a Muslim only issue, because it's now come in the media. In guardian, we're talking about grooming and grooming in general, exactly, that this was kind of relegated to an only Muslim issue. And it's been well proven. Not only has it come up in the media, the Guardian reported that it's not a Muslim issue, but the home office has kind of provided the academia behind this, and concluded as a majority white issue. So those people that have actually hijacked this, they have actually caused major issue, they have actually made it worse for the victims, because painting a

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picture of a groomer to look a certain way, is a big mistake, and is a gross disservice to those victims. And in fact, you know, there was a case that came up when I last did this video that a policeman was accused of grooming as well. So if you paint them to be Asian, then what you're doing as you're allowing other people to perpetrate that crime under a cloak of invisibility as it were. So what we're seeing now with Elena Williams using a hammer self inflicting that some people even saying that she could possibly have even been leveraged by the fire, right. And I wouldn't frankly put your past and to be honest,

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that they have been using things that are of legitimate concern to the British public, and they have actually made a mockery. And people have suffered and paid the price because Elena Williams has weaponized something. And you know what? One individual received 500 death threats. Another individual is marriage was broken. Other people were abused, the kids were abused in schools. And because of solidarity with this woman, people putting purple elephants on the windows, she had merchandise. This was a big issue hijab this was a big, big issue. And what these people have done is sickening. It's sickening and is disgusting. How such a serious thing has been

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mean, kind of turned into like some sort of facade. It's a facade. And you know what? It's, it's now incumbent upon the far right people that weaponize this, to come out and condemn this. Otherwise, it shows that you're clearly not genuine. I mean, this is something I didn't expect such a robust reply.

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Maybe, because this is one of your areas in current affairs. Maybe it's because you got the inspiration from the champ. But also because honestly, you know, you've made a suit, I've had no idea what the stuff you're talking about. Now, I'll be honest, you know, that the purple elephant and this and that this is, was it was a big thing, but you don't ask the question, then. What do you know, like, for instance,

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this issue of because this is becoming a phenomenon now, false allegations of abuse.

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And I was just reading maybe I should read this to Republic bro, because this is something from website and this is I seen this

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new definitions as it were, right of what constitutes This is from the government, government websites.

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It's basically saying I'm just to summarize that, you know, abuse abusers will be given tags and these kinds of things. And there's an emphasis on girls and women and harassment and all that kind of stuff. So say, Okay, what kind of thing are we talking about here?

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Let's see what they say.

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These are the some of the measures that are going to be set out. It says the law will be changed so that the most dangerous domestic abusers will be watched more closely. For the first time controlling or coercive behavior will be put on par with physical violence. Now listen to this air, which will mean offenders sentenced to a year or more in prison offenders sentenced to a year or more imprisonment, or a suspended sentence will automatically actively managed by the police, prison or probation services under multi agency public protection.

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arrangements, a range of agencies will have a legal duty to

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a range of agencies will have a legal duty to cooperate to manage the risks posed by the dangerous offenders. While we are pursuing pursuing this legislation, police and probation services will start work immediately to ensure that from now on, offenders sentenced to a year or more for controlling and coercive behaviors are recorded on the sex offenders register, so that they don't fall through the cracks.

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Now, what do they mean by

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of controlling behavior, bro, this is such a vague term is saying that you can get a tag on yourself, you can use it because of controlling weak controlling behavior and is going to be put on par. Imagine this, okay? They're gonna put on PA, a woman who's maybe been beaten up by a man, like finished off with a woman who is now maybe the man is telling her what to do. Controlling and coercive behaviors is going to become law. And it's further been exacerbated by this whole feminist narrative that

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you must listen to all women. Yeah, any thing that they say? You have to take it so but what they've done is the natural justice, you know, innocent until proven guilty. On auditions like this. They've actually flipped the script, April. They've made it guilty until proven innocent. If you think about what's going on, I mean, what kind of evidence would they have had to prosecute those innocent people that now there's clear evidence that this woman is a liar, she's a liar. So whatever this must have had it, it must have not been sufficient evidence, but yet they've ruined all these lives. I mean, this is what we see when when Muslims have been treated like this. We say that hate does not

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discriminate, and governments will find a chink in the armor, they'll exploit a minority, they will start with somebody. And eventually it will start becoming arm and general to the population. And this is what we're seeing. This is what we're seeing when it comes to this as well. Now, trying these sorts of things on Muslims is now kind of being spread out. And we're seeing this happening to men now in general. Yeah, it's becoming to to the normal population to the arm to the standard population, you are now seeing coercive measures that we as Muslims have been complaining about and saying that this is something that you guys should be assisting Muslims on. Because hate does not

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discriminate. And governments do not stop if their aim and they've kind of objective is control and to stay in power. That's one of the main things so ahead, because we've allowed them to do it to Muslims and minority groups. Now unfortunately, sadly, when we're seeing it done on men, women might feel might be on the kind of, you know, dry land at the moment, but that water seems, you know, the level seem to be rising and I wouldn't put it past them today.

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Actually engulf the women in there as well. I wouldn't be surprised if such measures and such discussions and such a low evidentiary bar would actually increase physical violence in households. Since now you're equating controlling behavior with physical violence, then the man may think, well, I might as well just let this woman rather than, say a bad word to her. Because if I say the F word to that woman, it's as good as me slapping, so I might as well just slap her face. That's possible, bro. But you know, what I think it's also going to do is it's actually going to demean the sanctity of our relationship, actually is, let alone even know what a marriage is. Because a woman can

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basically make any kind of control allegation. If the man tells a woman what to do, if you imagine this not so according to this, it's conceivable, right? From a legal perspective, this scope that if a man tells a woman, you know, do this, to me get that for me get this, it can be deemed as controlling behavior, and the man can be on the sex offenders register another tag on is a woman could be in a bad mood, she could be wrong, she could apologize later, as we've seen the case with other issues in which, you know, it's, it's been revealed after 10 years, the man's been in prison for 10 years. And now you're saying just because

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a command is seen as controlling, suddenly that guy could be put on a register his risk, his earnings can be taken from him, his life can be ruined. I don't know what that what they're thinking, and then what I think, no, I'll tell you what they're thinking this is discriminatory law anyway, so discriminatory law, but then how can you in that same breath, then be surprised and looked down upon red pill, because the more you're trying to force this narrative, the more you're forcing people to go and you're making, you're actually creating an extreme reaction, which actually acts as a corrective and behavior. And we've seen this as a Muslim community, when they were

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invading our countries, it caused, like, statistically speaking, the more drone attacks there are, the more extremists are born from that area, there's a direct correlation. So now we're seeing the same thing over Hey, what you're doing is you're facilitating something, and then you being surprised with the results and you're trying to suppress it. Even in schools, you're not allowed to mention, you know, certain, you know, people like Andrew Tate here in the UK or snicko in America. I mean, it's, it's like you're between a rock and a hard place. And that's why I'm in. We've mentioned it before, but you know, EP sauce was part of King's College London, they did a a, a survey on on

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basically millennials and Gen Z, Gen Z. And they found that I think 52% of Gen Z and 53% of millennials, males feel like feminism not only gone too far. But it's now starting to discriminate against men. And 41% of women in that study said the same thing. When you read a law like this, bro, which is saying that if you're, if you have a controlling behavior, they want to put this through to the to, into the legislature, into into the I should say, the statute books, but I imagined that roll like a all you're doing is creating more people that resent what you're doing to them, because you're just equipping people that could otherwise be just victim players, with the most ridiculous

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kind of equipment, or ridiculous kind of abilities. You know, you're also doing you're you're you're taking away, respect, like respect to men as love. Yet, if men don't get respect, if they are not able to become leaders of their homes, they're not able to kind of lead the ship, then that ship is without a sailor. And that ship can literally go anywhere can crash anywhere, and all those people on board will suffer and will struggle. And this is going to create men that are going to walk on eggshells. We're worried about the simple behavior that's going to create super Sims, that's actually going to create, but you know all about that, because when you look in the mirror and you

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well, you're right, I thank you so much for your contributions. And I think people now

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they are gravitating towards Islam as a religion, bro. 1020 years ago, I'll end with this 1020 years ago, I'll be honest, I felt like we were way more on the backfoot when it comes to the gender issues today, because the full fruits of feminism have been finalized. We're starting to see like, this is a rubbish ideology, which is breaking societies, even people outside of our community, saying let's just go back to the tradition that's work for 1000s of years of human civilization. And Islam is embodying that in probably the most uncompromising way today and that's why people are coming into Islam. 10 years ago, people will never coming into Islam because of women's rights issues. Now,

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people are coming into Islam because of women's rights issues. We will say this is but this is more of a model which is feasible. This is more of a model which is operational. This is more

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Have a model which favors men favors women favors families and that's why I'll handle that many people have converted after Andrew takes conversion and so on. And what I'll say is this that thank you for you know for coming on board and saying I wish I could say it was my pleasure but honestly it wasn't my pleasure I

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had that kind of

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suit to say

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yeah I made out right now because I was inspired by the wardroom All right,

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well, the thing is

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with that will conclude I'll give you the last word, since of course

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I'll give you the last word.

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Basically like your existence planet, that's poor.

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conclude with

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to ever build a mosque for Allah, Allah were built in a similar house in Jannah. And we know the great reward that will not only be gained but rather will fill your grave after your death. Whenever someone prays that whenever someone gives shahada in the masjid whenever someone learns something in the masjid, yes, that will be something that you will have on your scale.