Ebrahim Bham – Preparing for Ramadhaan

Ebrahim Bham
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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna via via

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a Morocco villa in a nutshell it already was a miss Miller who was not Iraqi. Yeah, you know katiba

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Come up with the right everybody and I mean

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my dear respected all my elders and brothers, we begin by praising Almighty Allah settings rotations upon our beloved Libya, Kareem said Allahu Allah, He will send them

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as we are aware that Shala next week would be Ramadan, and I found it that it is most appropriate that we prepare ourselves for Ramadan, and we say a few things that won't be of benefit to us for the month of Ramadan. And in today's time, you know, we all have a very short attention span. This is because of you know, social media and other gadgets and instruments, it has given us we will be in short concentration span, someone had said the average attention span of the modern human being is about half as long as whatever you want to tell him. So the average spend, and the average spend of concentration is half of what you want to tell them. So I'm going to enumerate three things that

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we need to do to prepare ourselves for Ramadan. And may Allah gonna make it a means of goodness blessedness and one of grades which will benefit for us in Ramadan. The first thing Brothers is, you and I, we are a combination and amalgamation of the physical and the spiritual, of the body and the soul. The fact of the matter is 11 months of the year, we are giving concentration to the needs of the body, most of the time, our concentration and our time is spent on looking after our physical needs, whether it be food, whether it be our business, whether it be our needs, most of the time, that is what it is, but we are also we also need spirituality, we also have spiritual needs, at

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least in this one month, let us give attention and concentration and priority cloud, spiritual needs. And spiritual needs are not fulfilled by money and wealth. Spiritual needs are fulfilled by moral and spiritual values, that we say it is moral and spiritual values, that gives human beings worth not our bank balances. It's our moral and spiritual values that gives us worth not our bank balances. So what what is meant by spiritual values what is meant by spirituality, turning towards Almighty Allah subhanaw taala in today's time, we normally call it a burden for us to turn towards Almighty Allah to fulfill our spirituality through the means of divided to the means of salads zikr

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granted our these are spiritual values, this is our spiritual food and my dad inspected Redis Ibaadat is the vehicle through which and it is the most appropriate way for us to for our relationship with Allah Tala to find is most appropriate expression and manifestation. What is our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala it is not a casual relationship. So what is the best way for us to have our relationship with Allah, it is through the means of Ibadah privilege of Salah to the needs of way down to ruku through the means of showing your bondage through the means of showing yourself servitude in front of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala it is a greatest way of earning

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Allah to Allah spread pleasure. Ibaadat is a greatest way of Allah Tala is pleasure. Allah is

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so beautiful. He says when people are in Jannah Allah will ask them MasterChef on feast. What are you in Suffern? One of the stages of Johanna called moolah come in Alamosa need what I'm gonna call not able Miskin. We are in Jana because we did not perform Salat

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dilemna COVID, Alamo 70 And then to show you the other aspect of our deal,

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we did not feed the poor. We are in Jahannam because we did not drink salad and we do not feed the poor. So Ibaadat is that my dear without the modalities that get to me in our life. And this is such an important thing. Today you and I, you know we find you know, various crisis hitting us. There is a crisis of drug dependency and substance abuse etc. One of the things that we don't realize what we got through it is many times people go into drug dependency, go into substance abuse, because there's a vacuum in the life and this is a reality material things will never give you satisfaction. Material things will never give you content and I'm not saying you got it

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If Allah in the Quran says what Amala Kumala T janela with a cookie Yama. So wealth is a means of your existence. I'm not denying that. But your satisfaction and contentment are not somebody. You give your child a toy which is crying for the end of the day you throw the toy and look for another toy. Why? Because he's not going to get content for India. Allah didn't keep it. Allah the victory now hit that minute. In the remembrance of Allah will heart find contentment is a vacuum which we are not fulfilling. That is why we are getting depressed and other mental condition I'm not saying is the only reason but that is one of the reasons that that can can only be filled by the seeker of

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Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala provided my dear respected man is turning towards Almighty Allah taking joy in making namaste seeker tilava has become a forgotten pleasure.

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I read in the biography of save give me a booster you one of the greatest study the generation after the surgery. It is made mentioned he says about his highlighted his condition for 20 years he never saw anyone's back insulin. Do you know what it means? For 20 years either he was an imam or he was in the person. For 20 years. He never saw the back of another person in Sudan as he referred to cabin Killarney, Rahmatullah used to say if the wealthy people at the kings of the time you know the contentment we get with Ibadan, they will try to bite with a wealth or they will try to send a homage to come and get it. They won't get it because that particular content manager has given us

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has given us because of our evidence. He has given us because of our mother, my mother's why should it be remember Allah subhanaw taala when Allah subhanaw taala has given us all the different favors it will hi you take for granted. Allahu Akbar Tony

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laka Moonachie Allah Tala brought to him from the wounds of your mother, you knew nothing. What you're

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after that, he gave you the faculty of URI. When he gave you the faculty of seeing the faculty of thought that you might think Allah subhanho wa taala, the human heart beats for 7080 years, it never forced us.

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If it forces me to go to the cardiologist, but for 7080 years is no rest in between who is the one that gave me the power to be able to be for 7080 years without any rest in between the kidney, the kidney, its function is to be able to distinguish between good and bad plan. Remove the bad plan and take an extreme derive pure blood into different parts of the body who gave you the capacity to be able to distinguish between good and bad blood? Who gave human beings the tongue and the flexibility to form words and the ability and the intellect to be able to understand those words or rough man or animal Quran.

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Allah give you all this thing you find it difficult to remember Allah.

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So my dear respected brothers, this is the season for us to turn our attention towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. It is a season for this. We need it more more than what undercard of eating, as I pointed out last year,

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was one of our greatest scholars was an excellent orator. So one day you use poetic form. In his oratory message, he made mention of this beautiful example. He said many that I've seen because I saw a beautiful human being jameelah management has an idea can you put me Acropolis he was the most beautiful, graceful, elegant, virtuous, superior human being, Allah is treated, referring to the occurrence of Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He said for a moment, I thought, that's such a great human being. A human being that Allah Tala takes an oath about a spiritual TV. A human being that Allah Allah takes an oath about isn't his life, the hammock, a human being that takes an oath in the city

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which he recited because he resided in that city, that obviously will be handled but that were undertaken on behalf

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of human being when he said yes to something it became halal. When he said no to something it became haram, Ma,

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formaldehyde for manufacture. He said for a moment I thought, if I have a problem that we go to this human need to ask him to assist me. He say went through the leaves of his biography. I reach his daughter knock on his door, I found the entire tradition slipping. I saw this greatest human being asking someone else for assistance for his needs. And he was making dua to Almighty Allah into it even for innumerable Oh ALLAH if you punish my followers, you have the right to do so because they are your bondsman in a service. We're interested in learning but if you forgive them, you have the power to forgive them because we're all powerful or full of wisdom. He said my mind made a decision

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Go to such great human being for systems cope would have been when you were such a great human being going after systems.

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This is the season for this materialistic analysts make this Ramadan, if you build our relationship with Allah, the second point that we need to do in Ramadan is to build self restraint.

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There is no good that can come without self restraint. You see, in so many of us, many of us we go we follow soccer, I'm not saying that you must do so. But anyway, you know. So in soccer, there are two things, you can only attack you also have to defend it. If no matter how could you attacking forces and if you are leaking goals, the situation is you will never win the battle. The same thing with regard to our D you can only do good deeds, we have to prevent yourself from negative things. Now negative things you see until we don't learn to protect ourselves from negative things and restrain ourselves from negative things we can move forward. Let me give an example. You see and

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sometimes to protect yourself and self restraint is difficult. Give me an example of a child that has been weaned off the mother's breast. We all know the situation. We all know that many times when a mother wants to win the child from the man from the breast, what does he do? There are certain situations they put butter medicine, right and they find it very difficult sometimes they take the child and send it to the system, why it is difficult for them to stay away and to be weaned from the mother's breast milk because it comes to a custom pre but until that child does not say no

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to the breast milk, it will not be able to say yes to all the delicacies will eat for the rest of his life. He will not be able to say yes to chicken tikka or you will not be able to say yes to that challenge. After afterward, after two months, until you don't say no and only you can only have the pleasure of obedience if you say no to guna

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you can only have the pleasure of Ibaadat when you say no to guna incidence, and Allah Tala makes us in this man victim situation where we learn and one of the things with regard to Ramadan is still perspective. I read the iron Elias made fasting compulsory upon you that you may gain Taqwa. Now what is the taqwa various ways in one of the meanings of Taqwa is self restraint. The point is what Allah wants to build in us through fasting. Allah is made fasting compulsory upon you and the people of the past so that you gain taqwa and you know what is taqwa? It sensitizes you to the commission of sins, it makes you sensitive that I cannot commit sin. Allah is watching me. It drives you to

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constantly seek the forgiveness of Allah, the pleasure of Allah gives you the discipline to stay away from Ghana, Guna and sin and to discharge Allah Tala is obligation help you to subdue your anger and temptations. The point being self restraint, Allah is watching me.

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Allah is watching me very beautifully encapsulated as a O'Meara the ultimate one day went out to you know he was going on gushed when seeing the condition of the people. And you heard a mother speaking to the daughter and saying we are selling milk, put more water on the milk, we will add an increase the volume of the milk more to sell more profit to be made. The daughter say we can do so. Omar had said do not dilute milk do not deceive people. And the mother said Omar is not here to watch us. Omar is not here to watch us. And the daughter said Kumar is not here The Lord of

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The Lord of humor is here. That is taqwa My dear respect, it prevents you from committing gonna end it helps you to be patient in a time of adversity. And someone would say, how does that work? And how does fasting bring about? How does fasting bring about self esteem? Then very easy to see when you learn to accustom yourself to stay away from things that are permitted

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because it is a command of Allah and you learn to discipline yourself to stay away from things that are blessing because it is a command of Allah. Someone gives you some some water while you are fasting. And he tells you don't you know Nabil Karim saw some said it is a sign of demand to help someone in great a great amount. It's a sign up among African countries underwater, returned to drinking What will you say? I am first in a country

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that is when you learn to say no to Samson

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because of command of Allah why can't you say no to gonna answer why can you say no to bet Bible? Why can't you say no to adultery? So the second thing we learned in Ramadan, which we must try and make it an objective, bring selfless

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The third

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is this last one for today's program. Nadia currents also said who was showering was son. It is a month of printing and inculcating sympathy and compassion. For others, this is such an important part of our need to be able to share the pain, the joy of people. It is part of our team, Dr. Ugly artifact, is a flip of my camera.

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So he had an opportunity of seeing, you know, he performed the janazah of one

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of our madressa director of our Medusa. So when he went to Maulana Tamra McNally, spiritual mentor once and he said the state of Assam and toppled Allah Tana Katara to worship Allah as if you are seeing Allah otherwise visualize Allah see you. That particular condition I got it in Salah, thinking that his will start and his mentor will say very good, is a that is not enough. Bring that particular state of your son that you are seeing Allah Allah is Seeing you in your relationship with every human being. How you treat your wife, how you treat your neighbors, how you treat your children, how you pick your colleagues, how you treat the person who is next to you on the road.

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Allah has made mention of them in the Holy Quran. This is kindness and compassion. kindness and compassion is a quality love to Allah subhana wa Tada you know, I don't know where we get this whole particular situation abt South Africans that are more harsh. The more rich the region, the more you swear people, the more you abuse people that move by Islam. But it's not that that is not the definition of an awakening sorceress piety. Once the RB said, from the time I became a Muslim, every time I saw in the Vietnam saw Salam I always saw him smiling. Where do we get this the more harsh and rigid you are? You're more pious. Let me agree Mr. Allahu alayhi wa salam. Yeah, I shall in

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Allah Hara Hippogryph or Aisha, Allah loves kindness and he gives for kindness but he does not give for harshness. He gives consequences and results from tightness and he does not get from harshness. Let me tell you, Mr. Simpson either rather be aggravating.

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When you when a now wants to bring rough mud in your home, I want you to listen to this brothers. When Allah wants to bring Rama to blessing in your home. He introduced his kindness into the home, when you want to know Allah brought type Rama to see the way and the tone you addressed yourself and the wife is addressing you and you are addressing the wiper testicle children. If you are addressing one another with kindness, it means Allah is happy with when he got raw material. And if you are addressing one another with ashless it's a sign that Allah has removed his blessing from your home. Maybe a crimson Allah Solomon said man Carnelian and Hainan salad ha Rama hula man, he who is kind

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compassionate, accommodating soft, and our need the fire of Johanna Marama pony. Now you ask yourself the question, how does Allah bring about, you know this quality to the needs of Rosa. Let me give you an example. I don't know if you ever heard him the name Mario internet. Mario internet was the queen at the time of the French Revolution. Right? So people are protesting. So let me just say, by the way, there is a protest on Monday, people away every week talking about in very great concern. We must turn towards Almighty Allah individually, collectively, as a community, we must be vigilant and take whatever needs to be done to protect ourselves. Inshallah, there will be,

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Inshallah, but whatever it is, learn to protect yourself individually. And collectively. I'm not going to talk about the political dimension about it. But you see, there was a protest, and people were protesting at the time of the French Revolution. So the Queen asked the people, what are they protesting?

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So they said they don't have bread to eat. And she made a famous take when Bucha become very famous in history. If they don't have bread that they take,

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if they don't have bread, let them eat cake. What is the big deal, they were protesting, they don't have bread. She couldn't understand. They didn't have money for basic necessities.

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For others when we are eating three square meals a day, and we are living comfortably. Sometimes it's difficult for us to gain compassion for others. Sometimes it's difficult for us to become tiny. That's what's happening to those people who are in the upper echelons of the power. And sometimes even those who are living in such a way they don't know the challenges of people. So when you earn when you fast and you see you get the pangs of hunger, then you also build up kindness and compassion for humanity. That is why maybe a cream sauce from said it is a month of compassion. I'm leaving with three things

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May Allah make it a reality that it comes into us through the month of Ramadan. Turn your attention towards Almighty Allah build your relationship with Allah. It is one of the objectives of Ramadan. Secondly, learn self esteem, learn compassion, may this Ramadan bring this and all other beautiful you know objectives and lessons which Allah Tala has made for us in Ramadan, maintain fulfillment and manifestation in our lives work through that one

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