The Miracle Baby Mahmoud

Zohra Sarwari


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I'm going to share with you guys a story called The name is called Mahmoud. And it was done by Les Mis, Abu ocher. And it's actually published in a magazine in life in Islam. It was published in there in the econo newspaper. And I found the story amazing and I had to share it with you guys because it inspired me tremendously and it was something I wanted, you know,

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others to hear and listen to and chalon hopefully it inspires them as well inshallah. So the name is the story is titled called Mahmoud. When I found out that my mother was pregnant, I couldn't help but laugh. Weren't five children more than enough? I guess not, since the typical Arab family must consist of at least 5 million kids. Actually, my laughter subsisted as a mere blanket over my true feelings of frustration, I have to admit, although I love children, the thought of having another little critter in the house was not on my, what I want for he blessed, the youngest of us was eight years old at the time, so it's been a while without dirty diapers and toys all over the place. Not

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only that, but I knew that having a baby around would require a lot of energy from all of us. I was indeed aggravated that day. When I found out my mom was pregnant. My mother's response remained clear and simple. This baby is from Allah subhanaw taala and Allah knows best. From the from that moment on, no one else could complain.

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And 100 Alhamdulillah the next nine months went by smoothly.

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Okay. Alhamdulillah the next nine months went by smoothly. During that time, I began to accept the idea of a new addition. In fact, I even started shopping for baby necessities. The question soon began to rise. Is it a boy or girl, my mom.

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Erase. My mom wanted to keep it a surprise, but we couldn't wait that long. A couple of visits to the doctor's proved that my mom held within her a healthy little baby boy. Right away we began an exciting debate over a name. We even bought a book with ideas. hours were spent joking and arguing about it. Of course, we never agreed. The time had finally come seconds felt like minutes minutes felt like hours hours felt like an eternity. Worry, excitement, pain. every emotion was fought by D Alhamdulillah. On August 8 2002, my mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy, the dawn was recited in his right ear and then his left ear. The doctor came to take the baby so that my mother could get

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settled in the room of her own. About four hours after the delivery. My mother asked to see her baby. The nurses left with eagerness to read him. After what felt like hours. She returned empty handed. Her face was white, as if she had just seen a ghost. stuttering she told my mother that the doctor wanted to speak to her. Right behind the nurse stood the Muslim doctor, Mrs. Abu aka I heard you have five children. The doctor stated. No, I have six three boys and three girls. My mother responded with a smile. This child wasn't your naseeb a lot took his soul. The doctor replied with the utmost confidence. My mother let out a shaky laugh. You're joking, right? I'm sorry, the doctor

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muttered. We left him on life support to give you a chance to say goodbye to him. What happened next cannot be put in words. My mother had fainted. My family was crying. My father was inquiring about the process of an Islamic funeral for a baby. I was confused. How did this happen? What went wrong? So many questions? Not a single answer. The only thing we were told was that he had somehow locked lacked oxygen for a couple of hours. As a result of this, he died. They said he had irreversible loss of the flow of vital fluids and irreversible loss of capacity for bodily integration and irreversible loss of capacity for social interaction. By all medical definitions, he was dead. The

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only thing keeping him from being taken away was the life support. He was not even a candidate for support. But the hospital was required to try it. Every available machine was hooked to his body, his heart couldn't beat on its own. Even with all the machines, it was barely beating, his body couldn't maintain

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homeo status. A light source lay on top of his cage to keep his temperature regulated. His body couldn't accept oxygen, a ventilator and a recipient and respirator were his only source of breath. He was in a coma. The chances of him even surviving with life support or one one in a million. And even if he was to surpass the coma, he would be I quote the doctor set a vegetable when my mother

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regained her consciousness. She asked to see her baby. The doctor allowed her only 15 minutes to see him. I remember the feeling of that room. All you could see were machines. All you could hear were alarms and beeping, their rows and rows of babies. Some of them were born premature. Others were born sick. All of them, however, had a chance for survival. My mother sat next to him. She could barely even see his body underneath all the machines. She had to sanitize herself and wear special clothes. She was not even allowed to touch her baby. All she could do was sit next to him recite Quran to him.

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And she did just that. For those few short minutes. She just sat next to him and she recited she

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the doctors finally told her to say goodbye. Absolutely nothing can be done. There was no purpose for the machine, for they could not bring back the life of a dead body only prolong its existence. My mother refused. In her heart she couldn't say goodbye. She pleaded and pleaded with the hospital to keep him on life support. They argued and claimed that it would only hurt her more.

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My mother kept fighting against them. She told them that she had nothing. They had nothing to lose to just leave the machines on until Allah decided it was time to say goodbye. She wanted to take that risk the one in a million chance of survival. She was willing to accept him no matter what his condition. She told the doctor that she wanted this baby even if he was a vegetable.

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My mother decided to name the baby Mahmud after her father, Mahmud Lee hopelessly dead in the hospital. Every day, the doctors told my mother to say goodbye to him because the situation was hopeless. But every day my mother just sat there and made dwarf for him. We all did. Although there were times that we didn't lose hope. And we felt that maybe the doctors are right.

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We saw how strongly our mother felt about leaving things in a lost hands fanola after 18 days of absolutely no life, a nurse for that she heard my mood that she saw would open his eyes for a second.

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A couple of days later, he was partially out of the coma. His gray eyes were just staring at us pleading for us to hold them to save him. They come move the miracle baby at Christ's hospital. After two months, he had the quickest improvement ever witnessed. within the week when he first opened his eye, his eyes his body start to accept oxygen and an oxygen feeding to replace the ventilator. After three months, we took him home with all his machines. Our entire family room became his nursing home. Every minute was interrupted with alarms and beeps. Slowly his body started to regain life. By the end of the six months he was able to breathe, eat and live on his own without

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medications without machines. Subhan Allah how Allah can bring the dead back to life. Muhammad is our symbol of hope. He's not a vegetable. In fact, his mental capacity and ability to reason are well beyond the level of his peers. With the help of therapy, he is now able to walk on his own. Each day is an opportunity to learn new words. Now at the age of three, he attends preschool. I wouldn't change our experience with my mood for the world. He has taught us so many things, patience, hope, appreciation for life, and it's simple blessings like breathing. He has taught us to keep our faith and the law strong. I love tests as believers with trials and tribulations.

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Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens from Allah and Allah knows best. And here's a poem that was written by his mom. I walked the never ending steps to the room of special care. I washed my hands put on a special gag. Everything must be sterilized and clean. I entered the room and I saw babies

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everywhere lying in bed hopeless, wearing only diapers and machines. Sounds of nurses and doctors but mostly alarms going off and loud screams mothers holding their babies and rocking them to sleep. I asked Can I hold my baby please? The nurse answered Sorry, my dear, for your child is too sick.

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No one is allowed to touch or be near him. I closed my eyes trying to hide my tears. With that realization I fell into a deep deep sleep. I had the most beautiful sweetest dream. I'm holding my baby reciting the Quran. While I rock him to sleep. I walked to the voice of a doctor calling to me and I realized it was only a happy dream. I pray to God and hope for this dream to someday be a reality.

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upon Allah My dear sisters and brothers for all

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All of us going through difficult times, especially for the mothers who lost babies who've had babies who are premature, and who lost loved ones or who have those loved ones who are sick, or perhaps you've been separated from a loved one. Or perhaps you're going through financial struggles, whatever the difficulty, this story should be one that brings you hope. What the law by our side, anything can happen, even with the facts insist and statistics point to one thing, all we need is faith. Patience, dua for Allah is Allah Allah he's the one who grants victory keep making dua don't give up there's always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long the tunnel may seem,

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eventually there will be light inshallah.

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And for me, personally, I you know, my oldest was born premature and the story is so close to my heart She was born two months early and she was born three pounds and I remember going through so many similar moments such as Pamela

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you know, now you never imagined that you know what she went through when she was born? You know, Pamela, I just tell you guys to hold on. Make a lot of dough recite the Quran, get closer to Allah and inshallah your tests and tribulations and trials will go so much more smoothly and inshallah the end will be much sweeter than it is duck Allah Heiden salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh