Ismail Kamdar – Ramadan 2019 #02 – Being Grateful

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding three types of acts of worship in Islam is emphasized, including internal, verbal, and physical acts of worship. The speaker discusses the benefits of living a life of gratitude, including feeling grateful to Allah's actions and being grateful to oneself and others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of pursuing one's gratitude and avoiding thoughts of gratitude.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Karim Allah Allah He was happy I mean,

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welcome to the second of our series in tafsir. way today inshallah, we're going to take a look at one of the verses of the Quran from the second Jews of the Quran still the first Surah Surah Baqarah. And once again, I'm going right to the very beginning of the Jews, the same on the second page, verse 152, of Surah Baqarah, in which Allah Subhana Allah says, For the khulumani as Coco, so remember me, I will remember you watch guru Li while at the Quran, and be grateful to me, and while at the full moon is two interpretations of translation one is Do not be ungrateful, the other is do not disbelief, right? So, this is a very powerful verse. It's a very beautiful verse and it ties

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into one of the core lessons I teach in self help at Islamic self which is living a life of gratitude, living a life of sugar. So in this verse, Allah subhana wa Taala begins of us by telling us

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further Karuna remember me, as korakuen I will remember you and these Heidi's it expands upon this in which the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his cousin, Abdullah, even above or rajula on Hama, that if you remember Allah, Allah will remember you. If you remember Allah in times of ease, Allah will be there for you in times of difficulty. And he goes on to explain in even more details. And so, you know, in talking about the remembrance, remembrance of Allah, what does this actually mean? Well, firstly, understand that in Islam, they are actually three types of acts of worship, idea three types of acts of worship, these three being internal acts of worship we do in

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the heart, verbal acts of worship, we do with our tongue, things we say, and physical things that we do with our body. And you can remember Allah in all three ways, they are acts of worship, which are considered liquor, that are part of all three groups. So for example, praying Salah is a physical act of liquor, it's a physical act of remembering Allah, when you are praying Salah you are remembering Allah using your entire body. Then there is the remembrance of Allah with the tongue, which most of us are familiar with, to see words of praise for Allah subhanho wa Taala, to see Al Hamdulillah, to say, Shiva Han Allah to see La ilaha illAllah. All of this is the ticker of the

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time. But the third one is where a lot of people don't realize a lot of people forget. And that is to remember Allah in the heart, right, the internal act of worship, to think about Allah to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to live a life of Allah consciousness. And so Vicar should be done in all three ways every day of our life. And really, this should be done especially during the good times, especially during the times of ease, because the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that whoever remembers Allah in the times of ease, Allah will be there for them in the times of difficulty. You see, it is very easy to worship Allah during difficult times, because you

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need him because you have no other way except to rely upon him. But during the times of ease, when everything's going your way, when life is fun, when life is relaxing, you have everything you want in this dunya that is when a lot of people forget about a lot. And that is the real test. So to continue making vigor during the easy times, that is actually a test that many people fail. And if you can pass that test, if you can remember a lot during the times of ease the times of happiness, then when the difficult times come alive, we'll find a way to make it easy for your lower sister to Merkel's alone will assist you in ways you never imagined. I now even for those people who fail to

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remember a lot during times of ease, Allah is most merciful and he will still assist him during the times of difficulty. It's just that those who go above and beyond to remember a lot all times he can expect a special reward from a special assistance of Allah because again, they are at that next level.

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The second half of the verse Allah behind his watch guru Lee will be grateful to me, and do not be ungrateful. I'd be grateful to me and do not be ungrateful or do not disbelief is two translations of that rune. Because COVID can be in gratitude and it can mean disbelief, because this belief is the worst form of ingratitude. What I really want to focus on today is gratitude, sugar, being grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This should really be

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a mindset to which we live our lives. We should live lives of gratitude. We should live lives in which we are thanking a lot

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All the time. Now, the benefit of living a life of gratitude is that you will be happier, you will be more content, you will have inner peace. You approach each day with positivity with optimism, you'll be more excited to pursue your goals because you already know what you've achieved in the past and what Allah has helped you with in the past. So it creates a completely positive mindset through which we can approach life. And just like with vigor, you can be grateful to Allah in all three ways, through physical acts of worship, through verbal acts of worship, and internally. So internally, this means that in your heart, you are grateful to allow for everything that he has

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given you, right, with your tongue to say Alhamdulillah whenever you think about something that you are grateful for, to say, Alhamdulillah, this is sugar of the tongue. And then the physical sugar, the physical act of worship, when something really amazing happens, and you are grateful to Allah boy, to make such that sugar to fall on the ground immediately, in such the entangle love point. So just like with vigor, the act of worship of sugar can be done in turn internally, with the tongue, and with the body. And all three ways should be done depending on the context. Now a personal habit of mine. And this is not necessarily from the sooner or anything like that. It's just a personal

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habit. And it helps me and perhaps it will help you as well. One of the things I like to do is, every morning, when I wake up, I make a list of three things that I'm grateful for. And I try to diversify the list, not always, because sometimes, I'll find that on more than one, they have to be concrete to for the same thing. So for example, at least once a week, I end up breaking down that I'm grateful for the fact that I work from home, right, or they have the opportunity to homeschool my children, these are things that I feel grateful for more often. So I write this down. And then I tried to go deeper. So I'm grateful for the ability to see a grateful for my brain, I'm grateful for

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being intelligent, I'm grateful for whatever it is, you should sit and write for yourself every morning, when you wake up, ask yourself, What am I grateful for today, and then write down at least three things that you are grateful for. And then what I do is I look at each of these three things, I feel gratitude in my heart, and then I say, Alhamdulillah so as Al Hamdulillah, I work from home 100. You know, I have a happy family Alhamdulillah I have opportunities to teach Islam across the globe, wherever it is, to make sugar to be thankful to Allah that you have it. This is really,

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you know, gratitude.

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One of the ways that you can express it. And the benefit of doing things like this is that you start your day in a positive mindset. You start your day in a way that you are thankful to Allah for what you have. And so you approach the rest of the day in a positive framework. So it fuels your day it motivates you, it makes you work harder, it makes you do better, it makes you be happier. It really is a great way to start your day in a positive mindset. Now, again, this thing that I do have writing down three things I'm grateful for, it's not from this to now being grateful is from this to not this is just my personal way of expressing it you can find your own way of expressing it. Two

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ways from the sooner that I did mention is that you be grateful in your heart that you see Alhamdulillah and for the really big things that you make, such as sugar, but beyond that, if there are other ways that you want to show your gratitude, there's really no problem with that, you know, like the method that I have shown you. So that's it for today. Really live a life of gratitude. Be thankful to Allah remember Allah and Allah will give you more Allah will bless you with more Allah will bless you would inner peace and contentment and Allah will be there for you during the difficult times his or her hair and clean meat again. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and

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