Ali Hammuda – Redundancy Is On Its Way

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a full-time employee is required to finance their work, causing them to have a source of income and become miserable. The employee is concerned about their health and their family's safety, and they plan to make them aware of their the poor quality of their work and their the poor success of their deeds. They discuss the importance of being aware of their language and culture to avoid becoming a the poor success of their deeds.
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I want your brothers and sisters to imagine the situation of a full time employee.

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And this employee is responsible for financing his mother, his father, his children and office, this full time employee does not have any other source of income. And on top of that he has debts that are outstanding people are requiring from him their money,

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you with me? And then what happens? His employer turns around and one miserable day and says to him, my brother, I am sorry to tell you.

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We no longer need you as part of the team.

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And we intend to make you redundant, and you have one more month remaining with us, meaning 30 or so days from that time, he is going to have no more income coming in to supply his family and to pay off his

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people who are requesting him for money.

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How will this person behave honestly speaking and be let's be transparent here? How will this person behave? Do you think that person will be able to sleep well that evening?

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Will he be seen wasting any time or wasting any money?

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Or would that person be tossing from side to side on his bed that night and running around frantically from person to person from business to business from opportunity to opportunity, even if it cost him his health and his time and his tears and he sweats, he will do so much just to ensure that by the time that month elapses, he has a source of income so that he can feed his family agreed. This brothers and sisters is how you and I behave when our worldly interests are threatened.

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When there is a fear that your continual source of money is going to come to a stop, we panic and we do so much when our livelihoods are threatened or the livelihoods of our families.

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And that's why in Japan at this moment in time, this was an article published by the BBC not too long ago saying that the rate of suicide amongst the elderly in Japan is phenomenon.

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The elderly, not the youth like we have here as an issue in Europe in the West acknowledge the elderly, how come because you see,

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the financial system pays out to the families of suicide victims in Japan.

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And so these poor elderly grandmothers and grandfathers they find no better way to secure the financial future of their children and their children's children whom they are worried about other than to take away their own lives.

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What does that mean? It means this is how we behave as human beings when our dunya when our worldly affairs are under threat. Now I asked you to your brother, your sister, how then should our concern be as Muslims who believe in an eternity in paradise or *, how should our concern be, and our eagerness and our enthusiasm that when we die, our deeds don't stop.

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But something is still coming into the grave. Something is still building the Hereafter.

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And you and I have been put on notice as well, just like the man in the analogy we've been put on notice. We were told, couldn't have seen that. Or to note every soul shall die. You and I have been put on notice. We're going to be made redundant very soon and redundancy is death. And that is when people will divide into two camps, people whose deeds die with them.

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And people who are not affected in the least by their departure from this world.

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Because they had left behind them a project a strategy, they were active Muslims, and so there are good deeds feeding into their grave and enhancing their life and making their agenda even more beautiful even after they have done

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email to notify him he speaks about this. In his book or equal his routine, he says why Allaha Minnemann Coubertin ma Jalla Hammond Mancha. Why Allah Hamid Martha Battlin ma asna Hamid Murtada and you Hakuna are Raju Lu. And he Hakuna Raju, Mr. Hulan be about the sugary he had the hayati dunya How do you see the Torah Bazzara Ushna and momus zakaah While hashanah to the LA human Kulina.

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He says what a high status it is. And what a beautiful lofty position it is when somebody who could be busy in the life of this world, doing certain worldly activities or he may have even died. But despite that good deeds are being gifted to him from so many different avenues.

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He says still call Allah he'll McCarney Bukhari mobile

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telco, Allah He Elkanah well macadam, he said, This is

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What it means, this is what Gaines means. This is what bowtie means. This is what success means, if you Danika for the Internet fussing with an official and this is what the computers should compete in.

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So ask yourself dear brother, dear sister, bearing in mind, my PhD, somebody may say, my masters, my degree bearing in mind the fact that I don't have GCSEs bearing in mind that I am a male or a female, bearing in mind, my love for management, bearing in mind my love for sports, bearing in mind, my literacy or my illiteracy

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what is my strategy for the hereafter? What is the project that is personal to me? What are the talents that I have that I need to do something about now, before the day I meet Allah subhanahu wa deiner really ask yourself this question brothers and sisters as a matter of urgency and nobody, nobody is exempt. And the fact that today we speak so many languages and we discuss in so many dialects on the Day of Judgment, there will be no language that is recognized, and no dialect that is used and no currency between us other than the language and the dialect and the currency of good deeds. And since that's the conversation on that day

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