Mohammed Hijab – Reacting to Violent Salafis Disrupt Discussion With Hassan Shemari

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the deceptivism of the media and the use of language and references to religion to portray different groups. The shia-good culture is a culture of fear and discomfort, with some people claiming to be the good guy and others saying they are the bad guy. The segment also touches on the shia-good culture's shia-good culture's "force is a lie" and the use of shameless narrations to assert their own beliefs. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a future video.
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So Monica Moran was a labor I cancel.

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Dear viewers, really this is a clarification video clarification for something that one of the one of the CIE propagandas channels have actually put out. And the the channel actually put out a video, which was very, very, I would say very unfortunately,

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Miss representative of a particular individual who's actually sitting on my right today, what we're going to do with you guys is we're going to actually watch what they've what they've broadcast, and we're gonna comment on it.

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And then obviously, we're gonna have a little bit more discussion after that. So let's just get straight into it. And and watch the video. Yeah,

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this is the video.

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I just want to pause it here for a second because it says a group of selfies by Jim I'm interrupt the discussion.

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Before we begin, who actually buys into it to individuals who are to one black guy and one kind of mixed race looking guy.

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Those two individuals who came in weren't wearing a badge that said on a selfie. So how is it the case that they've assumed that this these people were selfie or that they were Deobandi or any other set? This is the thing that, you know, the perception of this channel that goes by the name of the org is that they put these labels and tags on us? Where we necessarily haven't named ourselves that although we have no issue with the name selfie, is this where we go around corners of we call us Muslim Sunni Muslims. So the fact that, you know, they go on and putting these tags on on people shows the level of integrity and honesty they have, you know, yeah, I mean, the point being is that

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the people that came in, they don't know who they are. We've never seen them before. And so for them to describe them the Salafis would, would suggest that they have understanding of what the Arcadia is what their creed is, how would they know who they are? Yeah, we do to black people that came in, who I personally have never seen before. So let's continue watching what's happening.

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Are you guys with us? Okay, the fingers, his fingers. Hey, bro.

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is really important to because what we can see is my reaction, but we can't see actually what's going on. So what is going on is that these individuals, basically, there was an arrangement.

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The organizers told us told us that basically can only bring five people. Yeah. So we respected that. So when when these guys will come again, there was saying who's the shy? Who's the shot? Now, as you can see on the right side of the screen, or maybe it's the left side, depending on how you're looking at the screen. There's glass outside. Yeah. You know that there are people in the audience who like I lead our people, like I'm running them on saw photos of they were taking pictures. So it was visible, though it's very visible, people knew that there was something going on.

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You guys were outside, obviously, like, there's lots of people that maybe been outside, there was. So it was clear that it was a debate going on here. When it was clear to them that it was a Shia Sunni the way

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they came in, and they wanted to, I thought they want us to join the audience. And I told them knows, we have always going to explain to them that they couldn't sit down, because there's no space for them. Yeah. So I saw that they were becoming physically aggressive. So that I decided to defend, even though I'm fundamentally against what these individuals believe in, right, but we have integrity. At the end of the day, we have integrity, we saw that they were about to be physically abused. And none of them, none of them are going to stick up. For me to be fair, that they had lots of audience members, none of them were standing up to to defend themselves. Here you can see that

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clearly after these two individuals went into the venue,

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you immediately go up and you try to stop them. So you actually sticking up for them. And protecting them, which is very odd to Venus mural for the day would have kind of defending themselves. But this shows the integrity and of our listener and of of you as a person that you actually go up from your chair, and you try to stop the individuals from attacking them. Yeah, I mean, if you look at I mean, I was quite surprised. I mean, some of like, my interlocutor that

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He was he was sitting down he and I were both shocked but we both saw that there was a physical threat I mean no doubt these people these two black individuals came in one black one mix first guy who are not basically the these people are more right and left by the way, which is what the video maybe wanted us to believe it was right to comment on that Yeah, we're gonna come on

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to completely people that we've never seen before

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so we didn't really see a reaction so we had to protect we have we have a duty to protect anyone who's been physically attacked. Let's continue on.

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I said to him very clearly, don't worry about them will be with you. That's exactly what I said in this part of the video. So in other words, he didn't know them. You see, they know who

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they are. And they come into the other so I was just trying to honor the fact that okay, we said there's gonna be five people from our side and this side so I for me, I wanted to make sure that that was that that promise was on it.

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For them

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don't be shy suddenly, we're suddenly I'm very lucky overdetermination fo Poli.

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handleable alameen wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi la sama, abubaker

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smirnova Ali, amin Salalah Darby Kamala yo Medina, Amin. Salam aleikum, the viewers I'm going to comment now on the particular part of this video because there is a huge slander against myself not about myself really the abuse most of you don't even know me. And most likely after this video, you're not gonna know me I'm not Brother Mohammed hijab Mashallah, who's the owner of the channel who is known in Daraa? I do my own dour on low profile and I'm not a famous person The reason I'm commenting here really

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is to show you the deception of these extremists who the real extremists are

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and when I say extremist and when I say deception

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when I said is and my brother see I'm sure they as well we do not mean all cheers I might sell them next year there's an interview with me and you and your channel yeah he's actually there was another brother from Iraq was supposed to come here inshallah next time and so it is not about our yes we'll post she's and we

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we oppose the belief rejected beliefs about problem I know the sheer people let alone all this year people are probably not extremist and you're gonna see right now, how deceptive they are. Look here what is written there. What did they wrote? What did they write a group of seven uninvited selfies show showed up outside? Right? This is the same thing again putting people into a box selfie scaremongering, evil Wahhabi selfies, only thing left is for them to write Wahhabi for whatever reason, they don't do it but still the selfie label they want to attach to you Although in all fairness, and I'm not saying because Mohammed hijab is my brother, Indian and my friends. These

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people themselves call themselves Rafa, which they think is a very honorable title. To them, maybe to us, it means reject us of the digital true just because of Islam. So Mohammed hijab could have called them in the video title and so on, address them as an author.

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But he never did this, he always addressed them as what

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what they normally addressed, refer to themselves. So it was expected for them to also address at the very least you as a Muslim Sunni, right, that will be fair, you address them as a Shia, and they should address you as a Sunni. What we see that Mohammed hijab is fair dresses them as as shares, but they address them constantly and everybody who's somehow associated to him, selfie selfie Salafist extremist propagandist here, this would be alone, this would be sufficient for the viewers to understand

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the game these kinds of people.

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No, no, we don't have the problem yourself. We don't have the problem with the term selfie. It's just the intention they have is clear without us, looking into the hearts, which we can't. It is clear, there's a way everything that has St. Louis and Salafist extremist scaremongering can

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Continue to clip.

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Alright, stop, you're very important, including Anjem Childress associate and a content producer for ultimate juice production here the viewers now Hope you're above us give me two minutes and Shall I try to make it as quick as possible? Yeah. I will comment on the last words and images production levels. This is this. Some of you might know it. Some of you might not know aren't images production is a YouTube channel that mostly I would say more than 90% of the stuff is translations with comments of xi e

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12. speeches by the top scholars famous preachers, English language, Arabic language, Persian language, even even some in Hindi and Punjabi and in order to

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shocking horrendous speeches of conference

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to us to the Muslims to the wider audience who watch the channel. Now, it started

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last November 2016, where this are off the channel, make the first video against myself. And they said Hassan Chima, Ronnie is the owner of Ultimate juice production. Now, the thing with this you didn't realize I know it very, very well. They thought that I'm going to come out and reject everything completely. I've got nothing to do with this is not mine.

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I've given them the shock of their life because I came out and said it's not my channel, which was not mine. May Allah reward them.

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But it's not my channel. It's there since 2007 it's not my channel. I contribute to the channel yes, I do translation to it. They were accusing you of being an associate of Anjum, children, I come to that by but this must be just clarified that Auntie mudrooms Productions if I would be the owner, I would be proud and say it out loud. These people are the last people I would be scared of. I would say it out loud. There's my channel hamdulillah on my knees, none of us are not in sha Allah. But it's not simply not. It's if they were smart, they wouldn't know even

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anyway, I don't want to go into details. Because back then in 2007, the channel had a certain name you could even tell the the owners may be from you know, so this is from 2007 The channel is not mine. But yes, I do translations. I work with these brothers, the other brothers who work the channel as well. And we don't want to go into now onto modules talk about anti reduce. I personally have no problem although I contribute to the channel with translations. I have no problem with people criticize say it's too harsh. Somebody says to solve somebody says you shouldn't use these words. We don't have problems with this we criticize each other. It's not about that is that these

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people thought they have something against me. And in November 2016 they released my picture in one of the videos with several images from of mine taken from my social media for my Facebook without my permission. Yeah, they took it put my name there. They had to dig so deep to find something because I believe it hurts them a lot. It hurts them Trust me. It hurts them that I'm not just the next year, but that I was practicing religious acts. Yeah, it hurts them. That the likes of myself. I'm not just she has my name bulandshahr for me Rhonda is many. But we are active. We are doing Dawa. We are calling to Islam we are calling to terrain we are telling people why Shiism is based upon false.

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The Baba does the same as other brothers do the same. I think this is what really hurts them. And this is why they did the video made the video in 2016 November, using my pictures. And by the way, I received numerous death threats from their associates. Based on the first video they made I received death threats.

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Maybe we can put it on the under the video, even some images, I still have them from associates people with their face. People who celebrate the death of a woman woman in our shadow, the law in the temple. In the mosque. You also have IPS mosque, and who sent me deference numerous times. So

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this was last year. So now this year, the reason above and it's very important for the viewers to understand. So you see this deception was that these two brothers who interrupted there, they made the clip as if it was me and him, isn't it? Yeah. Although it wasn't me. It wasn't me. It was me. It is true that me and him we came to the debate, as usual. You told us that they never told you that this is secret, or you're not allowed to tell me or anybody.

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In the first instance, what I told you guys, I told you, I'm Mohammed and others to come down and this was this was because they didn't tell me to keep it private. Yeah, they never told me to keep it. And I was actually planning on making it a live feed. Yeah. And it's only everyone where the location was, but they denied that. They said we don't have to be locked so we respected that.

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All right now we have to go a little bit back. You

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Yeah, so

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that by the way, they think they have my real name, they still don't know my real name. So above us to continue where I stopped. I told you that they was started last November, when they made the first video against me when they found out that I, when they mistakenly thought that I'm the owner of animal juice, then they thought that I'm going to reject it deny it, and then they were shocked, because I came out and said, Al Hamdulillah, I do contribute, gentlemen. So I do translations. Is it a crime? Last time I checked is no crime. You can disagree with the channel, you can have a opinion was not a crime. So, so then shoosh, nothing to say. Because they thought that I'm going to deny and

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when I denied it, bring up more evidence, and I'm going to be embarrassed. Nothing of that sort happened. So obviously, they were so these people, they wanted some sort of revenge. The reason I came there, and this is important for the viewers to understand why did I came to in the first place. I thought that me and him were not invited.

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I came there not with the intention to disturb that debate. It wasn't me who came into the room, was it? No, I did not came to disturb that debate. True. We need him arrived there. And my brother, he wanted to go inside, I stopped. I said, Stop was mine. Don't go they said to us. I mean, you're not allowed to come and then a respected brothers told us that it didn't even started yet the debate, you can sit down. Then we went and sit down. Then they told us Get out, get out and it got heated. We left by the way there was this one guy and I'm going to talk about some later there was one Kuwaiti guy with the Shema with

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Arabic scarf. He actually threatened it us in Arabic, he said to shave, hammered. One shaker was from Mohammed job. He said in Arabic to him, tell these people to get out of stop. I'm gonna start with my feet on the face. Look, he said, and then Sheikh Mohammed said to him in Arabic replied to him, he said, he said, Listen, we're gonna see who's gonna stumble whose feet if I wasn't here. Hmm. So you see these people, this woman?

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Those individuals who came in, he was talking about me.

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I mean, when me and him came in, just sit down quietly. And then they told us to get out. And we were about to get out. He was only upset because the way they said yes. Oh, by the way, I hope the views are not confusing it. We are not the first people in the clip. This is not us. You can tell from our voices. I'm talking before the debate started, we went inside sat down and he told us to get out in a rude way. And it rudely came in. And then they told us in a very aggressive, rude manner that we need to get out from the venue. And I objected to his way of talking to us because we are adults. And they are we know, we are I mean, although we venomously you know we agree or

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disagree with the ideology and the extreme

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way of thinking and the hatred towards us. Nevertheless, we respect the terms and conditions that were set.

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Eventually, and we left the point is we left eventually that's it we set over an hour outside there. And so yeah,

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the reason I came to this debate was to confront the whole team with regards to what regards me since they made that video clip in November 2006 saying that I'm going to reduce owner and then they change the title not owner contributor. Based on that I received most efforts, my family there was even some of them childish, childish, most of them by the way, there was one guy of them who put it here with his face even maybe if I find the picture. He said, this is now over a year ago. Almost a year, isn't it? We have got this address now. Apparently they have mad this. We have got this address. No. I've got numerous criminal records. We've got to get to them. No, we are waiting for

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them. How long? Yeah. Many of them have my actual address over a year waited for for them to come to do what are you gonna do you have Madras childish things. But as we know, no matter how childish is still dangerous, isn't it and people get death threats. Talking about my children, this things are not nice. So here you see, they wrote what has an embassy they still got my name wrong. Also known as Eben Hussein, for people who don't know what he's even saying. It's my name is written in. He says a username, my username on many online platforms. It's written for you. They're writing for Oh, I don't know. Maybe because Ali Hussein is called Hussein. They confused it added a little bit.

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The next picture is very important. Aha, this is very important. What is this about? So here, you're you're next to this guy. Yeah.

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Let's go

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On this very important picture, obviously for them this was this is for them properly.

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There was a climax for them to find something like that. This in short 2013 their brothers and sisters, there was a demonstration and alisson

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against Shia state terrorism. I repeat a demonstration in London in the United Kingdom in front of the Iranian embassy against Shia state terrorism. What do I mean was just a terrorism? Well, back then.

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Over a dozen of Iranian Sunni preachers, Iranian Sunni preachers, nothing was proven against them the usual accusations they run in government.

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The stamp they put on people in Iran, every outspoken Sunni scholar preacher wahabism, extremism working for designers all this typical thing that they can easily accuse you off and then put you in the cell forever or hang you. So we went there to demonstrate against sheer state terrorism against the mass execution of over those and breaches. So on that day, me and Dr. Masada, who in the Arab world is known as St. Lucia. We went there to demonstrate the fall of the Roman embassy. We when we when we arrived there, suddenly Anjem Choudary, and his lots of wanted to the demonstration there, we were not aware of them. And now, what's the what's my evidence that we were not aware of them? Or

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that I'm not associated with them? If you show me that again? What did they wrote? Hasn't? Yeah, and the previous picture they wrote associated of them, the reason is that before this demonstration, and after this demonstration, we, me, myself and Chef, I

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have been never seen with these people, because we are not with these people. We oppose these people. We are not on the leader on the belief we we oppose the extremism, their radical views, we have nothing whatsoever to do with them. And, and so I have to make it clear. I'm not saying this to appease anybody be scared on off their channel of anybody who accuses me of anything if I would be with full on shave organization that is deemed to be extreme, but not to me. I don't care. I would stand with that organization. I would stand with that brother. I would stand with that chair. So if this Anjem Choudary, Fulani, Alon, whoever

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was someone I'm associated with as a friend, I would say it out loud, I wouldn't be the one means that what these people will be the last pillar will be scared of honestly. But the thing is, I'm not I'm not associated with them, have you? Yes. I've got evidence and that's very important. Obviously, we've recorded our on that day when we can be recorded with a recording and inshallah right now, you will see one minute, but very important, crucial part that these lawful people who themselves can observe the law, and the deceptive game did not show what is that? It is where I at the demonstration? Because I'm confused. It is in session a bit, isn't it? Imagine you are the

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demonstration suddenly, people who you do not agree with with suddenly come into the demonstration. But you're already there, you're already speaking translating for somebody. So what did I do in that situation? best thing to do, I said, We are here on our own, we are not affiliated and associated to any group including anybody who was

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I would like to make clear that we are not belonging to any any political group in the UK any even those who are present here. We are here just an island translator of two Sunni personalities who are taking this case, the whole intention behind this demonstration and also finger shade is used to do is it's not an agenda to do this. Normally, the only intention was to take this is on air, which we're going to do, they should know. And this will get to a wider audience. We condemn all sorts of terrorism and violence against she as a Sunni doesn't matter. We are certainly Iranians we demand our rights, especially from a government which claims to be Islamic, or in fact, the only Islamic

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government in the world this is how they dream and what they believe.

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So this was the video everybody has seen it.

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At the end of the video, there's a text you can see. It's explained Aslan, Shadow mode is Belushi was the first one of the first Arabic

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Speaking easier on in Article

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shows that yes, these individuals that they were they completely took things out of context completely out of context. They called me an associate associate of someone me and you and him and everybody we know consider hotter and hotter. Gee, I dvn and extreme is right. No, we don't say this because of them. Because they found a picture by the way, they did not discover anything new. That picture that video is online since 2013. It's nothing new. It just it happened that I'm in the proximity of Anjem Choudary, Anjem Choudary, happened to be an all suddenly come to the demonstration that was only supposed to be me and my check. And then they make out of this, they do

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what they say associate them unjam children, this Islam The purpose was to keep in mind that these these these people, these extremists of, for years of a long time, at least, have been challenging people within the Center for debate. And although within the Arab world It has been done in our scholars have debated them, also with other Shia scholars and scholars have refuted them in the Arabic world. However, in the English language, it has not been done into up to that point. Now, our beloved brother Mohammed hijab here, when they approached him, and they challenged him for debate, myself and many other brothers advised Mohammed not to do it isn't a moment. Yeah, at first

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we advise Mohamed not to do it. For the simple reason.

00:26:36 --> 00:27:19

Yeah, no, why is that? Yeah, I was gonna get to that, that's gonna get to that. You see, the general principle of the tsunami is that we do not give platform to extremists and deviant people. Unless there is a need, unless a master hire unless there's a need. Since these extremists have now come out in the open, may their beliefs open to people? I mean, there's no Takia for them. There's no hiding one's belief. You know, they open about what they believe about the Sahaba. Some examples of what kind of why we call it Why are you calling them extreme? Right? So how are they different from mainstream Shia? Okay, so one thing has to keep in mind is that these people that we call

00:27:19 --> 00:27:31

extremists, really, by their definition, are mainstream. But the difference is, is that they don't hide it. They don't believe in what we call, they don't believe in,

00:27:32 --> 00:27:46

for example, to hide one's belief for Sony's like mainstream. So a lot of people when they realize that my, my intonation, my voice was a little bit different, the way I was addressing them was different to how I usually address people. Yeah.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:00

What What do you think the reason is behind that? What do you think? What do you think they have, in terms of belief system that other guys don't have? So brothers, sisters, you know, us Muslims.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:05

You know, we love Islam. Islam is our way of life.

00:28:06 --> 00:28:32

We love the professor Salaam, we love his wife, similar please with him, we love his companions. And when we find people insulting these people, whom we love dearly, it hurts us, it hurts us. Although we try to keep it civil, we try to keep it academic at times, we try to keep it respectful. It is virtually sometimes I will say impossible to kind of nuts have some sort of,

00:28:33 --> 00:29:19

you know, I will say not anger, but passion. So I was in Miami, the job, you handled a very good, considering, you know, the the topic of McGill talking about people who openly slander of Ayesha Melville people from open slander, because some of the things are in is that they were saying that they actually celebrate the death day of action. around there was a shirt on not only that, they do it annually. Yeah, they do as a for them is ibadah. Like, can you imagine this? Can you imagine a people who celebrate the death of one of the wives Auto Salon, and they view it as actively bother by doing this? Now, how on earth can you know we just keep a straight face and just sit there and

00:29:19 --> 00:29:45

smile? And say, that's fine. You know, we have to you know, it's impossible. You know, we're human beings and they human beings are they wouldn't they wouldn't accept that for any of them read. Exactly, exactly. And that's why we respect that a little bit about we include in that the mothers of the balloon so exactly, this is the exact point. Exactly. So those points gonna make is that you know, we have to keep in mind that these people have challenged

00:29:46 --> 00:29:52

our listener for a long time, and we avoided them. However, now they came to a point where enough was enough, we put

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

the challenge on with the job. At first we advised him not to do it, but then after a considerable, consider

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We spoke and we thought that you know what, Muhammad is the right person to do it due to his, you know good manners good to his overall good knowledge about this issue. So, we accept it, we accept it.

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And now I want to show you something, which is very important. This is important for you, the viewers, Sunni and Shia is alike. It is important for you to understand

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how these people work, how they think, what is permissible to these people to what level

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they can go, including slander, open slander and lies to defame their enemies. Look at the narration they have they have authentic narration in the book is authentic is authenticated by the mohabbatein like madrasi and whatnot. I'm not really going to read the Senate, the chain of narration, I'm just going to read the Hadith and I'm going to translate it for you.

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And unfortunately, the Hadith is attributed to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam you know, most of that Hadith, it's not attributed to Russell Of course, they claim whatever, whatever every everything that Maxim says is what Rasul Allah says, but everything with mushrooms says it's called a law.

00:31:15 --> 00:31:17

We know the bottle mana hitch but

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this one in particular they normally don't have many narrations where you hear Colorado that's a Muslim Sunni thing or here in this case they have it so look, Paul also lies Allahu Allah.

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Allah right variety while vija min Daddy has first hero al Bara Chairman whom watch the room and said to him while cola see him while

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will die he to whom Kayla and so on so forth. Don't think that I'm going to cut anything the rest of the region, Kayla, Kayla, the other narrow philosophical Islam and so on and I'm going to read the whole translation so it's another coffee attributed to our professor sentiments a liar have never said something like this even in a fabricated Sunni generation you're gonna you're not gonna find something as despicable as this problem just listen to this the viewers if you see that people have doubts and innovation after me then this associate from them openly Are you okay? and increase in insulting them pianola Look what the attribute to the profit so send them an increase in insulting

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and what Akira sappy him an increase in insulting them attribute into the prophet SAW Selim that the Prophet said if you see people who are not good, or go around and insult them, and grease and insulting them, and speaking negatively about them. And now comes the shocker. I'm telling you in a repeat in a fabricated Sunni narration attributed to the Prophet you won't find something like this in our books, fabricated even, and speaking negatively about them and slandering them and accusing them. I repeat and slandering them and accusing them and in Arabic, while caller fee him well.

00:33:19 --> 00:33:43

Now I know the excuses problem. They try to you see they dig so deep when they made the first video against me. I have a TV I used I used to have a TV show and it's only Persian TV channel from 2011. Till 14 there's so much material, all they could find. They found a little piece in my interview with you when I said she has must pray on something that is from soil from soil only look so called experts.

00:33:45 --> 00:34:22

They tried to portray me as ignorant whereas what I said is I'm general and it's correct. She is only allowed to play something that originates from soil. They know very well I know the hokum they know very well that I know that is a Shia you are even allowed to pray on a piece of paper you've probably seen it in universities they do it why because paper originates from what what originates from soil and so on. They know I know that How come these are just games they play. But in order for them not to say Oh look, they play with alterations, because there's a Mr. What is his name? Say Ali hussaini he said it in the lecture that

00:34:23 --> 00:34:37

I'm one of his lectures I don't know against you against Auntie modules. These people we understand our narrations. We're going to interpret it or religions you don't need to interpret honor it's no problem. I'm going to show you now the interpretation of the scholars Look what the scholars say about this narration

00:34:39 --> 00:34:48

the shekel Islam of Shiism Medici Mohammed battle emergency the Polish scholar of the Safaris in the 16th century. He's also referred to as thoughts.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

Thoughts on one of them had the theme and this that scheffel Islam believed in Quran Did you prove that in the debate? I think you did. You mentioned it Yeah, look, Mashallah. The religion the shape of this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00


00:35:01 --> 00:35:41

believes Salawat one religion. So let's see. Let's see what the scholars say. Yeah, let's see what the scholars say. Here's a comment from Elysee. Hartman, Madison, so it's not, I'm not speaking. Look for that. It's like me bringing you now subtle body fat or body is a shuffle aside for a book, one of the shadows. So I'm bringing, you know, the shadow, the explanation of the scholar for the narration from the sheet narration from our coffee so that nobody says oh, this person interprets the holidays he likes now look what it says. I'm going to read only the translation because the Arabic I don't wanna, I don't want to waste time the translation comment of Mohammed barkatullah

00:35:41 --> 00:36:20

jealousy on this narration, one of the top scholars and what is evident is that what is meant by MOBA hater is to impose bind them with irrefutable proof arguments and cause them to remain confused and perplexed, hesitant to produce to produce a reply as a large elevated asset. So the disbelievers was confounded and it is possible and it is possible to interpret it as false accusation you understand brothers interviewers, their scholars did try to water it down the shocking generation generation attribute to our soul says

00:36:22 --> 00:36:27

slander, insult your opponents, any opponent especially on Sundays

00:36:28 --> 00:37:18

and lie upon them slander them back bite them, make up lies against them as they did with me than they do did they call me an associate of Anjem Choudary? Where I openly say an injury to SharePoint, deviant radical with no fear said nobody I want to please they're all scholar try to water down by saying by he to whom means here to compel them to pressure them with irrefutable evidence. However, even this very scholar who tried to water down the ration he can't admit that what it is possible to interpret it as false accusation for a common benefits for a common benefit martial law so they are allowed to slander like they did against me for a common benefit for common benefit for a lot of

00:37:18 --> 00:37:36

defective evils are deemed by the Masters to be good, especially in regards to false beliefs, but the former is more evident and so on. Just quickly, I'm going to mention a few more scholars of them I told on Saturday I told rowhani both based in home and I told her honey as far as I know, still alive. He says the words by he to whom slap

00:37:37 --> 00:37:50

slander them in the narration by tomb Kayla tomorrow in the Hadith means accusing them ie the opponents of the Shia, any Bren we Deobandi any my brother, Deobandi brothers,

00:37:51 --> 00:38:32

Deobandi Salafi anybody who's an opponent of this year, they are allowed to accuse your things as this is what rowhani says, and I'm sorry, they're allowed to accuse you of things. And assuming that they have ill intentions, which is prohibited in the case of dealing with a believer, only, it's only held on when they deal with shares. So one cannot say about the value of things like he might be a disbeliever or fornicator. And it could be left to its appearance, and therefore it will be permissible to lie upon the Shia opponent for certain benefits. Kitab him accosted by Ayatollah Ansari and Al and Chapman hudgell fuqaha I think we're not surprised by rowhani last quote, I want

00:38:32 --> 00:38:32

to bring to it.

00:38:34 --> 00:39:19

Who is the last This is the teacher of Ayatollah Sistani, Liberty says, oh, Bella, this is the same one who, who then put a video on saying let's take the GRE No, no, no, no, no, that was that was Ayatollah Wahid for asani. I told who he was and who he was the Hadith in the 21st century. I think he died in the late 90s. We have the call center in London, holy Center in New York everywhere, there's one voice and so that is the teach of Sistani, one of the top mohabbatein look what he says. It's straight from his website. He says, the translations so Allah, localities, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, and so on translation, is it permissible to lie upon the innovator, the non ci, who spreads

00:39:19 --> 00:39:59

misguidance when raising proves against him, if they lie refute is proof and nullifies, nullifies his claims of also martial law, if the lies in our service can rely there us Now look, the onset of this miracle of Allah as they call them to the signs of a law. So translation vital, isn't it? If they reply, ie the lie to him makes him stop is false it is permissible. Mashallah, sauce Allahu irata. Ninja is a compilation of his fatawa Sorry, sorry about that is the last one is really the last one and from who he who he says I say a number of narrations have indicated the permissible the permissibility of abusing

00:40:00 --> 00:40:43

The innovator non Shiri non Shia in the religion, and the word cheapness obligatory, it is obligatory of this associating from him and falsely accusing him. But what is evident is that there's no reason to separate this category under its own heading, and so on. So Baba, I just provided the Hadith from the book. It is authentic from the book. And he says you're allowed to lie, lie daddies. By the way, they couldn't, they could print stuff, saying you have some statements from the seller that the seller used to back might be the stuff like that. That's some statements. The setup are not are not meant for me. Of course, the sell off, were the best generation, but we do not

00:40:43 --> 00:41:03

have anything in our tariff, and our heritage, and Soulja man. In fact, I don't even believe that qadiani or any sec, has something like this, where you are encouraged to lie upon your opponent to slander your opponent. So again, because I let you guys talk, sorry, I let you guys talk. I just want to say one last thing.

00:41:05 --> 00:41:16

the very reason I made this was because of that was because of this narration, not to defend myself because I'm not famous. You have way much more tourists than I have, right?

00:41:18 --> 00:41:23

I'm not famous, I do my data mostly in the background. I don't have a personal YouTube channel.

00:41:24 --> 00:42:10

I'm not a high profile person. I'm not here to defend myself primarily. Of course, it's a good, thank you, Bob coleauxv is a good opportunity for me to set things right. Sometimes. You have children? Well, things are clear. I took this chance to show to you brothers and sisters. Look how dangerous this extremist sectors. Look how dangerous is this is the very definition of extremism. This is the definition of extremism, where they take pictures from your social profile, where they take a picture of mine next to where I happen to stand next to children to the 30 where he bumped into me and associate that slander that slander. But now you know why they do that. Because that's

00:42:10 --> 00:42:13

worship to them. That's allowed to that's allowed.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:20

Unfortunately, this goes against all the Quranic verses, villager even

00:42:21 --> 00:42:23

Allah and tajo as a parable.

00:42:24 --> 00:43:14

Don't let the you know the Shana and the the oppression of a comb over people stop you from being from being God conscious or from being Yeah, from being just. Yeah, do Allah says be just and this is closer to being God conscious. So guys, make sure to subscribe to the page in Sharla. And to watch debate number one and number two, I'll put the links in the description box. Also make sure to visit our partners websites. More specifically tava Shia dotnet. And she has canceled calm, and she has to get away with it. She has just I'll put them both in the description box. So I know what she told me she has. She has scans from the same people associated. Okay, good. I

00:43:14 --> 00:43:47

mean, I know. Obviously, we I'm very much in contact with the people in Java dotnet. And I know them personally and the content is by far the best, no doubt in English. And in fact, it's actually competitors. It could even be compared to some of the stuff that's available in Arabic. So it's a very, very, very, very good resource for academic polemical type papers against obvious Yeah. For anyone who wants to learn about she hasn't from obviously an academic perspective was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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