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AI: Summary © The importance of finding the right way to pursue one's spiritual journey and not just looking at the number of days. It is crucial to be sensitive and not give up on others, as fearing loss and harms is important. It is also important to avoid harms, including physical and verbal abuse, in reconciling social issues and find a way to achieve worship goals. The importance of social support is emphasized, as most people do not know how to achieve their worship goals.
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Brothers and sisters in Islam, fat and humbly lead the first thing is you're supposed to recognize what blessing we're living in the virtue of these days and the result of Mr. Walia send them he says, Bala yummy dunya the best days of the world in another generation and the besar send them he says, Allah, a year in dunya, as a yummy dunya that the days that are most filling in hope, are these 10 days have been as good as well. They've been described as as good meaning the most days of purification. If a person is seeking your purification, to purify his heart to purify himself from sins, to purify himself from bad habits and traits, these are the days that you're supposed to now

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take advantage in terms of seeking that cleansing and purification of yourself. These are all words that have been described to us to describe these these as skip these of purification, ology these of hope, our oven great days, I have books, and yet the most beloved days, what else do we need? These words in themselves are enough for us to find that motivation to get up and worship and remind yourself it's only 10 days, you only 10 days, this is just a third of Ramadan, it quickly comes in it quickly goes just the same way it came. The true believer is the one who's going to make a plan for himself from the very beginning, when hamdulillah we're just at the beginning, make a proper

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plan for yourself in how you're going to go out of your way in terms of taking advantage of these 10 days. And I share with you a short plan so that we're on Route and on focus in terms of what we're going to do during these 10 Blissett. These of Patricia, first and foremost, my brothers and sisters in Islam. There is nothing better in approaching the 10 days of the Asia more than a Cincy Toba that you're going to make for the sake of Allah. So again, from the very beginning, every single time, every time you feel like you want to add heat, to assert and worship, or take advantage of certain days of worship, you need to begin them by October, October, meaning that you're asking a lot of

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social to remove every single barrier that is between you and righteous, good deeds. Why? Because seams seams are one of the biggest obstacles that stand between us and the worship of Allah Zoysia. And the result Allahu Allah, you are sending me said in the Hadith, or in the lab, did this talk with them do Cebu that is server, he may be deprived, from risk from provision because of sins that he does. And one of the greatest provisions is the ability to worship Allah. worshiping Allah is provision, worshiping Allah and having the ability and finding the energy and the strength to continuously worship Allah. That's it is that's provision. provision is not only money that's in

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your pockets of food that's in front of you, or a drink that you drink. That's a type of provision. But one of the greatest forms of provision is to work is to be blessed with worshipping Allah stojan continuously. So maybe some of my mother you SLM he said that sins are a great cause that deprive us from risk. They deprive us from this one of the risk is to worship a lot. So sins could be an issue, they could be the thing that hold you back from worshipping Allah. So this is why we must face these 10 days of Malaysia with s&c Toba asking a lot, so Asian, to Raise the curtain to lift these obstacles to leave, lift the obstacles that are between us and him. And these obstacles are other

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sins themselves once they are removed, if they let you find you find a free like a highway in where you race, and you rush to the pleasure and to the pleasure of a loss of how to who died. So that's the first thing that Toba and when I see, though, that a lot of my brothers and sisters instead listen carefully to this. Many people would assume a tober is just to make us a loss or to forgive you from sins that you have done yet sins that are between you and yourself, right? This is a category of sins that are between you and yourself. But don't limit that over to that. Adobe extends in its meaning to sins and harms that are between you and others. You need to make it over from

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that. And part of the job is to think is to seek forgiveness of others is to return the rights of others. This many people are heedless of this is why they thought that doesn't go too far, because they could have been accepted for the seams between them in the last session. The private since the person was seems that no one knows about but you will allow assertion. Then they have neglected and forgotten the other side, which is a total between you and the people. The violations that you have done for people, the wrongs that you have done with people, the oppression that you have done against people, the cursing the backbiting.

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The slander, the swearing, the cheating, the lying, and the list goes on and on. You need to make it over from that. This this if you do not make it over from it, it will remain an obstacle between you and Omar assertion. Because man is with the people is just as important as man as with the loss of Hannah Montana. That's what a Sherry teaches us that what Islam teaches us this is what the Muslim alarm are, they even send them toward us. And we're not supposed to separate between these two. So when you're making it over to a lot of soldiers, from the Romans you have done with others, then one of its conditions is to rectify between you and people. Although he if you spend the entire 10 days

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of Ramadan, just fixing between you and people, you have done the greatest thing imaginable. Return the debts that you owe to people. people owe people money and they want to return them, return it back, return people their money. This is this is the right? Forgive, seek forgiveness from people that you have mistreated. We're not allowed to mistreat others, we're not allowed to curse others we're not allowed to backbiting and slander and hurt the feelings of others. We fear a lot of social in that, you know like I read a hobby the other day and I made a small reflection on it. You probably are all familiar with the hub even when the diesel alarm while he was alive. He says that

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if you were to eat garlic or onion, do not come to our Masjid. Don't come to the masjid. So the ruling is if you were to eat garlic or onion row, do not come to the masjid. Why? And maybe some of our Why don't you send him he says because Benny Adam, mankind, the people that are in the masjid.

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They are irritated and only from that which annoys the angels, or the angels are annoyed by that which irritates mankind. So in other words, if you eat raw garlic, don't go to the masjid, because you will hurt your brother that is next to you praying beside you, you will hurt him with your smell with your breath. And you find not allowed to hurt my brother with breath that comes out of my mouth. Then how do people carry on in hurting people a lifetime with words they speak to them, or action they do against them, or oppression or physical harm and verbal abuse and so on. So we need to fear a loss or shall if I'm not allowed to hurt my brother with my breath, he might be hurt for a

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few seconds after the Select it's gone. And how then do people hurt people for a lifetime with words the same physical actions they do against them. And we need to be this is extra sensitive. This hobby is teaching us how sensitive relationship between believers is supposed to be just a breath from my mouth this much I can't harm my Muslim brother and sister. We need the fear alone. Everyone that has harmed someone rush in these 10 days to rectify those issues. To fix those problems between you and your brothers and sisters, to seek forgiveness, no matter how sour the relationship has been. A Muslim is a Muslim, at the end of the day, we're all on the same team, we're all on the same

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side, we all want the paradise we all want. And we better we should be wanting paradise for each other. Because no one is a true believer until he loves his brother what he loves for himself. So we need to deal with these issues and don't shy away from them don't turn away from them. And why am I mentioning this and emphasizing on it. Because if there are days in which you want to reconcile with people, these are the best days to reconcile. These are the best things to reconcile with a law to reconcile with people of one Oh, a yummy dunya the best days these are the most beloved days, you know, especially reconciling your relationship with a lot of social. And then with the people this

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is as important, you know how the low fat This is something we're supposed to stress upon and emphasize and do them in these 10 days. You know, let's say in terms of reconciling with a law reconcile, fix that relationship between you and a law surgeon fixing it is very important. You know, I give you an example when let's say you're working, you're at work and you had a problem with your boss, you had a problem with your boss. And you know, there's a problem and it grew and and you don't see him he doesn't see you you avoid contact and so on.

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And you intended. He said you know what, you made an intention. You know, I want to fix things between me and my boss. I'm giving a silly example just so you can understand the point. So what are you going to do? You're going to choose what are the best things in this guy's life. Perhaps maybe on his birthday, when he's celebrating when he's happy, you know, and then you're going to approach him on the best day he loves. And you're going to approach him with the best words you know that he loves. And you're going to seize that opportunity to fix and mend things between you and him and to a lot

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Social belongs the highest of examples. We're going to choose the most beloved these to align social to reconcile our relationship with Him. And this is it. These are the 10 days of potential work but we're living among these these along he's telling us he loves these things. And we know what words allow social loves the words that are found in the bene Alumni Center. Were in London for Linda Hamel and a school in the middle of a city or any word, any word that that signifies and implies that you're begging Allah azza wa jal for mercy and forgiveness for my brothers and sisters in Islam. Begin begin these 10 days with a sincere honest over that be it will level mend the

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relationship between you and Allah azza wa jal and then rush to mend between you and mankind, between you and those who you've wronged. returned everyone his rights. Number two, my brothers and sisters in Islam, keep away from sins, especially especially in the holy month in the secret months, more so in these 10 days of Malaysia, keep away Be conscious, when you're doing sins keep going for at least for these 10 days. Well, we need to keep away from sins all our life, we try as best but in these 10 days, you need to be extra conscious, extra conscious don't get any I know during during the you sleep you're folding since you're not careful, you know it's how long up the shape on gets

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the better of you you slip and you fall and you commit a sin with a private sins you know, and whatever whatever sin it is, people people seem to differ. This is why I don't like mentioning examples because as soon as people hear the words they can relate to themselves, everyone seems but since differently. So So the idea is

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you need to keep away from sins, you need to keep away from sins. In these 10 days, you need to be extra careful, remind yourself, remind yourself be conscious. I mean 10 days at least, I need to keep away from sins for this much. At least for this much I need to keep away from it. Because a lot of social in the end he said in either the shoe or in the law if there are shallow shallow that the months that will last at 12 months then allow so he said four of them are secret. Four of the months are secret. And that is the month of

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Daredevil he of Harlem and worship. Felicia now we're in Asia right now. This is a sacred month. So what's the last advice to us? He said fella limo fee in and full circle. Do not run yourself during this time. Now generally we know do not seem every time. But when Allah azza wa jal makes it a point to make mention of it. Do not roll yourselves during this time, that we're supposed to keep away from sins, keep away from innovations from misguidance. from oppression from transgression, from creating fitna between people from backbiting, from lying from cheating, from jealousy, envy from sinking into the temptations of this worldly life. Keep away from sins altogether. Now, so so this

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is the second thing we're mentioning, keeping away from sins and making a conscious decision. Whenever you come towards a sim that you back away, and keep away from it. Keep in your mind, at least for these 10 days, you need to be alive with this intention in this conscience to stay away from sins. Now. Now I'll mention the third thing.

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Okay, all right. Now that the the third, the third point I mentioned with you, my brothers and sisters in Islam is and I'm going to focus on these things that they're not spoken about more. Usually when the when the when the topic of temperature, it comes up, people are speaking about praying, fasting, sort of God do this and do that, that's great, you need to do that. That's the only you lose a lot if you don't do that. But we need to focus on the things that are that are really affecting us that we don't want to mention that we need to separate and keep away from for life. And while mentioning and now because the best time to make a decision to keep away from my

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home is right now. So the first thing in how we prepare for these days. So that we make maximum benefit of them is to make sure that our income is higher than that our money and the way we handle money is heard a lot. This is one of the greatest things that could stand between you and good deeds as a barrier. If you're if your money is earned through house means you're selling drugs and making money through that. If you're dealing if you're dealing with business contracts that are how long if your investments or how long if your insurance is how long if you're holding on to the get money which doesn't belong to you and you just hold it and you don't want to pay it the entire money is

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how long

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Your money, this filth in your money that you've still held on to this, you need to clean up your money, how you spend it and how you earn it. And this is my one of the greatest questions on the day of judgment that is asked why many females, the silver who were in and out, you'll be asked about your money, how you earned it and how you spent it. So you need any don't, you don't keep away from this don't, you only just keep it under the carpet, this topic, the topic of money is huge. If your money is how long in how you spend it, and how you earn it, you're going to have a serious problem in reaching loss or in building and building that relationship between you and Allah subhana wa

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And Lisa lamotta, you send them in the authentic hadith, he says about a man

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that he was a traveler. And his hair is disheveled. And he's dirty and dusty. And he raises his hand to the sky. And he says, Yeah, I'll be out twice alone walkabout and all my brothers and sisters, I want you to imagine such a person. He's on travel. That's a reason for except that he's disheveled. And he's all dirty and dusty, which is a sign of humility. And there is a reason for accepted.

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He has his hands up to the sky, which is a reason for accepted his senior up below his calling Allah through his most beautiful names. That's a reason for accepted that full things he's doing that would ensure his bride is accepted. Then in the visa lottery, you send them he says, however, his food is hollow. Meaning his money that comes in and how he spends it on his food is how if your income is how long your food is, hello, meaning this person does not be alive. So in how he's supposed to feed himself. And he wants to show how long and he's drinking is how long because if your source of income was how long, then what he purchased with it is how long as well. When Obama

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how Obama showed up? Well, we'll see a bit how long and he was nurtured upon how long women invest.

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And he's holding his hand on whether he's wearing inappropriate clothing for both males and females. With a he purchased

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clothing with however money he earned. And there is some alarm running here. So let me says yeah, this guy looked like his diet was going to be accepted for sure. But we find out that his money was Hello. So in the visa lottery, he will send them sit for a nice job with Eric. How, how is going to answer such a person's life. In other words, no ways that will be accepted. So it's not about raising your hand and seeing your up and crying and looking sick and looking a hole before a man. It's not only about that, if you're if you're backing, if your income, if the way you deal with money is not permissible is all wrong. Unfortunately, that is going to stand as an obstacle between

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you and your relationship with allows origin and between you and your being accepted. To make sure your money is permissible. Somehow a lot. This is something that you need to focus on. Make, make getting a review now audit yourself. Make an auditing of yourself, you know, for every for your company, okay, you get in private auditors to come and audit the company go through financials. Let's see if everything is right. That's good. But before all of this you're supposed to audit yourself and how you're taking your money where you're earning it from how are you spending it is Alonzo Hill pleased with that or not. So every home business contract you have cancel it from now

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these are the best days to make such a decision. Any reader any interest you're involved in, cut it out right now.

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Any earning of how long you're you're you're engaged in, cut it out right now, selling drugs, selling alcohol, selling cigarettes, selling whatever it is, cut it, cancel it all knowing from your life and begin to earn what talent one more he will not lose anything. What you earn of halon is

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going to be the biggest Baraka in your life. And you will see it you live to see it be in the lab. So that's a third measure in how we're going to prepare for these these and I'm giving you things that is the level set you for life in terms of your relationship with a lot so I should but this could be like the boost. 10 days of ritual could be like the motivator, the encouraging matter and factor that could push you towards doing that which is correct and right in your life.

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After this

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is the fourth point I mentioned with you my brothers and sisters in Islam is

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During these 10 days of the Asia, focus on your obligatory deeds, first and foremost, focus on the obligations first and foremost. And that includes above the list your relationship with a solid future Bahasa Malaysia. law he This is the most important thing now, after I've mentioned that you focus on what's obligatory before the voluntary because the most beloved deeds to a large version of the obligatory deeds that you do. They're the most beloved deeds to a loss of heart of what are the most beloved. And what I mean by this is that the only look you need to understand that not everyone that prays priests correctly.

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And in recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam for example, in a hadith there was a companion that came and he prayed. And then he came to the whole muscle level

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in the famous Hadith and the Messiah Salim said the elders yeah for suddenly for in McCallum personally, he said, then go back, pray again because you did not pray. He said it to him two times. Then this companion gave up and he said nothing else will lie in need every single day. But I don't know how to prove better than so Teach me how do I pretty good. Then an Amazon seller taught him how to properly pray and correct to select that he is not everyone that praises prayed correctly. This is why you're supposed to focus on the obligations and above the list of solid correct your prayers. Make sure your prayers are being prayed on time this is part of correct solid. Pray them in the

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beginning of their time. with as much focus in Russia as you can with before that pre them in the masjid whenever you can push yourself to pray in the masjid as much as you can. A solid in a Masjid is where he wears sheep if you're able to do so. Don't neglect the mustard part in your life. We need to be in the masjid praying these prayers Otherwise, why would they go for? And the reason Obama didn't even send them? He says in the Hadith? Well, there is no

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law. There is a lot of while you send them he noticed that there's some companions, they keep coming late to select in the masjid. They're always praying the back rows. So he said

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people will continuously come late late until Allah social deletes them and makes them come late on the Day of Judgment. And then from the last people to enter the paradise local. Look, if this is people that are praying in the mercy of

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the Resource Center is saying this to people that are coming late to the masjid. Imagine that the case the one who doesn't come to the masjid at all? Can he where is he standing on my my brothers and sisters in Islam, I'm not he to make you lose hope. Rather, and I believe always, always I'm on the methodology when giving Dawa. I'm in the methodology of always, always

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giving people hope. But at the same time, we need to all be taught of what's wrong in our life. And I'm sharing these ideas and these ideas and these aspects in our DNA in hope that you see the bigger picture where you are and where you should be. And so long as you're still alive. Any time on earth is good time. Any time on earth is good time is plenty of time before we left for you to reform and to make these proper decisions. I'm here to help you on this track the evening that we asked last or Hill ultimately last question is who provides that support and help and eat so for the meals for my brothers, anytime you're able to pray in the masjid get up and don't be lazy. Especially now in the

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attendees of Punisher make sure you previous solo ad in the masjid because the the best prayers of the on the day of judgment when the scale is brought home and your deeds are placed on it the heaviest and the best deeds are going to be those which you did during the 10 days of the nation and above them above the list are going to be the obligatory deeds. So pre correctly pre correctly my brothers and sisters in Islam take time in your cellar. Why do people rush? Why do people rush whatever you're rushing for is in the hands of the one you're praying to. It doesn't make sense to rush it does not make sense to rush give it time give it time this is the minimum you can do to

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focus on your obligatory deeds during this past month. And this is obligatory deeds between you and Allah so as you're like a solid and then the obligations you have in life, looking after your family providing for them giving them that support, right the obligations towards your community and so many other obligations that you and I know about the list is long. Also perfect that and try to manage that as well.

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The fifth point I mentioned with you my brothers and sisters in Islam is

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this is very important. Paulo boo loud in in Allahu Subhana what Island

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Did you seek a lot of social help, or law, he there is no possibility and ability for us to do any deed, if Allah Zoysia doesn't give us the support, and the strength and the aid to worship, we can sit here and talk as much as we want, do this and do that and do this and come back and do this and pay for this and fastest. But if a lot of solution doesn't give us the ability, and the strength, we're not going to be able to do anything at all, not even pick up an end from before. The last origin wasn't to give us ability, we cannot even do that. This is why the greatest solar,

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the solar,

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and the greatest era is sort of the Fed

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within sort of the Fed that had the central message of sort of

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his ear canal Buddha, yeah, can Stein and it comes in the middle of the school as well. And it is using it is us saying, All law, it is you alone, we worship. And then you see and you alone, we seek help from this area. If you focus and ponder over it. It's made up of two parts. The first part is you acknowledging and adhering to the worship of a law and seeing a lot, I will worship you alone. Second part is saying, Omar, I will seek your help and only your help. What's the relationship between these two parts? You wrote about him? Obama, they said

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that the first part of the ayah, which is worshiping among is the purpose in life. That's our goal. That's our purpose in life. And the second part of the air is the means to the purpose is the way we're going to achieve that purpose. And that is by seeking a lot of help. If we do not seek ammos help, we will not get to our purpose of worshiping a law. That's the relationship between these two parts. In this one a year cannot put you alone we worship. And when you sit down and you ponder over the worship of a law, you're going to realize it's a massive commitment. It's something huge, it's big. You gotta pray everyday. NyQuil, boop for those prayers on time, you need to change your whole

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life, so that the worship of Allah azza wa jal is done properly in your life.

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And once you come to this reality, you realize it's big. It's a huge commitment. Even even when a modern surgeon spoke in the Quran about his worship, he used big words, words that imply struggle, when Lavina Shahada rufina those who strive and struggle for our cause we will guide them, you see the word but a lot of so he'll use the word striving and struggling because that's the route of a life requires sacrifice.

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Loss origin for instance, also in the places where you don't feel like you have a god strive and struggle for the sake of Allah the way he deserves to be struggled for. Pre correctly the way a lot deserves it from you. When a lot Zoysia describe the solid, he said what nanika Beulah, it is big, it's a great it's a huge deal. Illa Allah hacia except Allah has given them OSHA, they will find it something simple and easy. Even the route to Mecca, you know where it was speaking about?

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Matt canal and somehow the law we've been deprived from from going to and how I'm now only by the permission of a law. So I should ask about social to show us abilities. But the idea is, the route to Mecca is a heavy road, it's a burden, it's difficulty. jagad sharp rock, it's not easy. You're in a desert, you're in 45 degrees. Right now, this is the the weather here 45 degrees, you know, so Pamela, so this, this, this is an implication. It's symbolic of the fact that even the route to Alaska origin is full, with hardships and difficulties and obstacles, just like the road to Mecca, you know, so we need to acknowledge that worship is huge, it's a big matter, it's going to require a

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big sacrifice. So what's going to make it easy upon us, the second part of the year kind of staying, and therefore we're going to seek help from you. Once you acknowledge how heavy worship is going to be, you'll understand the importance of seeking a lot of social help. We need a lot of social help, we cannot do anything without most help for us.

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You know, Subhan Allah, this is why navicent Allahu alayhi wa sallam from his way he would say a lot, mainly as a Luca fellow a lot. He would say, Oh Allah, I asked you to give me the ability to do the good. Have you ever pondered over that? Give me the idea of this is that if you are able to do the good on your own, then good. Why would also most of them ask Allah to give him the ability to do the good? If the resource Allah was able to do the good

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on his own self without the help of anyone? Why is he asking a mom to give him the ability? Because the resolve Allahu alayhi wa sallam acknowledges me

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knows, we can never, ever do any kind of good. Like even the word sopin a law, how simple and simple and easy on the tongue This is yet we must acknowledge that this word we can never ever say it without the help of a loss origin to us. So he used to ask a lot Give me the ability that I do the good water can come up. And he used to ask a lot Give me the ability that I keep away from sins and from transgression. Because even seems you need a lot of help that he keeps you away from seems to have a lot of it's a lot harder to sell them. He teaches

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while the job will be a loved one, after every seletti system demo I have in your book aphylla I love you for the sake of a lot. He said to him, so do not so make sure that after every solid, you say Allahu Allah kohsuke regards to Eva that he said after every select, you're going to be seeing this five times a day after the obligatory prayers, because this is said after the obligatory prayers. And some opinions mentioned that it is to be said just before you can cook a salad. So when you make a diet, after you say aboubaker Alemany article in the journal that

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can either be noblemen or they will only think that in the middle of the ship. The last one you should be saying is Niala the Cricket Cricket has said I want to come over to LA or Santa Monica to LA then stuff that will last off a lot then you say it again? llama it Allah Vickery. kohsuke requires the ability or law Give me the ability and help me Give me the strength

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that I thank you that I always show gratitude to when he clicks that are always making mention of you. I was in a bad attic and unable to always perfect my worship.

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hate you, we need to ask the last question that he gives us the ability to worship. And this is why when you sing, you're saying it after you've made a solid, which is worship only allows division social already gives you the ability to stand before his hand and make us a lot. And you're asking a lot to give you more ability. If you continue worship even after you have finished a worship, Allahu Akbar, Allah, he's the one who ponders over these accounts. And these that are meant to be said during the day and that agenda night, he will realize how weak he is before law, he would acknowledge his weakness. And he grew up with an increase in humility towards a loss aversion

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knowing that nothing could be done of the good deeds except with the hope and the aid of loss.

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So now, we need to every single day of these 10 days, every after every solid, every opportunity every gap we make ask Allah surgeon to give you the ability to worship him to power the law. And the and the reason the law while he will send them even says in the Hadith, from Abuja, the Huron filiana dilla woman was at the height of elec Farah illumine the lead of so that if you find yourself being able to do good, then say and hamdulillah see at hamdulillah because a lot accepted your drive. And he gave you the ability to worship. So now if you sit down now and you said oh law gives me the ability that I worship you and you find in yourself energy to get up and prove to

00:33:26 --> 00:34:04

yourself that on time prefer sooner after you find the ability that you fast tomorrow is the leg you fast you find the ability to find, then after that, then you say 100 in there, because it is a law who guided you to do that good. And it is a law who accepted your drive and then give you the ability and strength and power and courage and will and then your worship but most of what that after somebody saw him said if you find good if you find yourself being guided to righteous deeds and goodness, family, let's say and humbled in their own words yada yada valic Talia Roman a lot of sir. And if you find happen to find yourself doing harm, or doing something else displeasing to

00:34:04 --> 00:34:45

Allah, then blame yourself. blame yourself a lot. And today, you know, with people it's mixed up today. They mix it whenever they do good. They want to thank themselves. Yeah, I did good. I fasted. I read the Quran, I gave a charity s it was me. And he wants to praise himself with shape and takes advantage of that. And when we do the bed, what's the people's rhetoric? Well, it's not my fault. Mr. Sargent made this color. And I was tempted, and I fell in our last session decreed it, and how can I have control over it? And why am I held responsible for something that is not in my head? And that kind of discussion opens up a lot like well see how selfish mankind is. See how foolish and

00:34:45 --> 00:34:51

arrogant and ignorant mankind is. When you do good? You're supposed to say it humbly

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

and attach it and ascribe it to a law that he gives you ability to do that. And when you do that, you're supposed to blame yourself. You're the one

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

That fell into this deed, you're the one that put yourself into this. Wonder how Lola Porter Illa villa. So these are a couple of tips in how we're going to manage these 10 days and how we're going to continue in our worship for Allah subhanho wa Taala

5 Important preparation tips for you must adhere to in order for worship to become easy

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