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The importance of turning to Islam to achieve success is emphasized, along with the need for routine and regular activities before becoming too busy. forgiveness and a solution to problems are also emphasized. Und sake mistakes and accomplishments are key for achieving success.

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When our

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no say

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no, yes he does, but our data won't

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wash and

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um, I thought oh that

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was so odd to me. Yeah, I mean I

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have to take one or two

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too soon.

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City company wide

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is assistance in all matters

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a witness that is none worthy of worship except for last

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and you also bear witness to law. So the love

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is lost in the final messenger

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my brothers and sisters in

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a loss to Canada who

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has blessed us with the deen that gives us the navigation the roadmap towards the actual place that we are mentor. And that is

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in order to reach out there

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has given us various means and methods in order to reach out there to facilitate the Muslims the believers

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in the

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in the updates, he guided us in a way that would help us to reach our final goal.

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And one of the powerful ways to reach out there is the topic of today.

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It is actually a supplication. If you are that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he used to pray to a pastor

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constantly and consistently.

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And this is the topic

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of today's

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He used to pray to a mosque

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is my Lord

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make me ever returning to you.

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Make me Help me, enable me to turn to you.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, if you look our lives, we are fleeing away from the reality.

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We're trying to chase our goals, which is not really meant for us as an end goal.

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And therefore, it acts like a reminder for myself and a few to turn to Allah.

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Turn it

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means you have someone who you can rely on.

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You have someone when there is no more

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journey to loss means that you needed

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to also kind of mean that you need his help in every affair of your life.

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And this is the maroon Sharpie method, the way of the prophets and all the righteous people. They used to turn to Allah

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Ever in the lives

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we have a misconception or we go by our natural circumstances, that we only need our long term.

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Only baby.

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We want to turn to a lot when we are having difficulty you want to turn to Allah, that's very good. There is no problem at all. But don't forget to allow our SES as well.

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Lot Me, me, me, me, someone who is always remembering you made me who is all this ability to You make me someone

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towards you make me someone who greetings to you alone, make me someone who is ever returned to you.

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We need someone

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in terms of ease, in terms of difficulties.

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faced although we come to allow only the kinds of difficulties, problems, challenges is successful.

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Because they realize that success comes from Allah.

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So when

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they have a blessing, we tend to love by turning to Allah, and maybe our problems, tests, challenges, we turn to Allah because we love the solution not only for Allah.

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So Amoeba, a believer, is always in a win win situation, if he asked all of his patients, and that's good for him, as he sort of said,

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he has lessons failure bounties, from a muscle power die, he is fully alone, he knows that this is not your stupidity. It's not because of this ability, he was because I wanted him to work. But the result is how strong

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and that is the beauty that we need to understand and master the art of doing that to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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economics us in the poor, to turn to Him, Allah,

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Allah, all you really addressing to learn other acts that you will need, or you believe,

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to your life don't burn

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out all the time, and he wants us to turn to him with a sincere repentance when beloved brothers and sisters, when was the last time that

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was it?

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Was it

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was it

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was it a moment before but it was, we know that we are in a sense, and we need to realize that we can never be free for we.

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And the only solution. The only rescue the only hope is love When is

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the last time you would die.

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He being the being the title,

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the father of the

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law, the framework of law, he

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himself to make sure that

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the only always turn to the last panel because they knew that they need a mouse

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for the fences and everything.

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Without exception, would want to test for sure.

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Success to look at only juniors and narrow ranges. We need to be forecasting we need to have a long term perspective that deadlocks only when we actually ponder over the poor on the sheet.

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He wants us

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to be successful. He wants us to be rich. He wants us to come back and go acquiring like mothers and sisters is an action of

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law. When you got for me for instance, you should go to a law

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how powerful Was that me

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How Alfonso

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loves it, as you say, he's seen a lot you've been put to love me, well, you can put a little thought he,

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he loves those who love and those who do and find themselves

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we are not perfect. And therefore we need the power of repentance. See, forgiveness

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is something which should be our daily habits. It should be something to the part and parcel of a regular routine of the day. And this is how we are on this method, you must

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ask yourself how is shown? Even if he prayed five times a day, how many times or how the change in 24 hours do you spend constantly in the

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one hour, one and a half to two hours, not only that, what are the two hours so you can make your potential day by getting connected

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via Wi Fi returning to

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time, this is something which is needed for all of us to realize, because none of us are going in either direction.

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Are you?

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Where are you going?

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What makes you forget about your goal

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it's a it's a it's a

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it's like karma with emotions, calling you a need to turn to him before it's too late. to have some kind of time, turn to Allah subhana wa tada in the name and the date, time for love.

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In your knees are difficult situations and you see the power of listening that comes to you and me in a way we can never we would never imagine how we help.

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How nice you know nice and

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he told us to fall who turn to Allah

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for those who returned a lot of safety for all

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ages and

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others again and again to to allow that your success. That's your way that's not your role. That's your rescue in order to be successful and have a pleasant journey of life in this role and have success in the year after

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it was so that was

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on the need to be getting on the camera while he was having he afraid. My beloved brothers and sisters journey from Africa without

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is such a powerful way that Nietzsche removes our sins in our own way since we all fall in the trap of sins. We commit evil things many times what is the solution? As we know from the singer the scholars have described there are four ways that you can actually consider as the conditions of repentance number one,

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Stop feeling that that says some acknowledgement of that particular sin is the first step of your success. First step of your success is acknowledging

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that for love I'm committed to sin

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because you're confessing to no one and you do not have to confess like other states have the confession box and the rest. Our plead our complaint our secrets are only meant to be disclosed with a lot of time with nothing to your mother not to come to your father know if you have to go to the cinema for me to the Senate. I don't need to go back to a lion.

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He knows

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The moment, the moment they tend to do it the moment

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he is well aware of the fact that I've done

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it. That's number one. Number two, you start to reach

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me, if you don't plan to do it again and again.

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Tada, he does not like professional filler, that he does one thing and he plans for the other sin he does second set, and he plans for the third and then the third and the fourth and the next know, Allah subhana wa Tada. He wants us to dig this hole with certain conditions that you first admitted it, you stop it you feel regretful about

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to start continuing not to do it. If it happens, do the same thing again. How long have you been?

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day? That's why we are so long made me ever, ever tell you? So I don't know.

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You know, 2030 I saw myself No, there is no way that I don't like dead like, I don't know, why can I

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do it ever, ever again. So the first thing that makes you stop and then you don't plan to do it again. And then you seek forgiveness from Allah being remorseful about the sin that you've committed. These are some of the conditions that we need to consider our brothers and sisters in order to be able to see the forgiveness and repentance of philosophy.

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Indeed, it is something which is very much open for us that we are getting sucked into go fix but the game out if you turn to Allah from time to time, and there are various ways and means that we turn to Allah number one, as I mentioned, you be alone. And that's the perfect time that a lot of time with Allah. He calls out every single day, the last part of the night, Allah, Allah is there anyone who would like to prefer to be familiar, I forgive the sins Is there anyone who would like to work anything I will learn every single day until the last day I love

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you and me is that anyone who would like to be forgiven?

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I'm very easy.

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Anytime you want,

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he loves you to turn to me. Because that's the acknowledgement of

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that's the law that we have. That's the that's the Lord we worship Allah to kind of do what

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a lot of He forgives sins and He forgets something which can never be checked out to come along. And that's what we think that we have to do. It's only in Rome alone.

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Only you're allowed to try to engage and along the way you have to be

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in the

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Volvo almost some kind of guy he are who he is.

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He accepts repentance. He accepts your forgiveness and he wants to sell in such a way that it was never been

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is willing to forgive anything to show mercy how

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to prioritize their needs my brothers and sisters if you turn to Allah through the prayers to the prayers out to be that

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you know sad misery you find troublesome you find common situation.

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Ask the love or the light touch people

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for life solution plan online made Nova to you right just needs to do that's a powerful way of seeking the forgiveness and learning to unlock the power of God join me over the ohana with help us realize that he joins us now and we end dealt with items without turning to Allah What a mess we will face in the year after that perspective that open mindedness only will come when we lead the way we know that prostitutes will be edifier when they know the pleasures of gender when we reload this page pain definition of the F bar if you are not aware of this, we will not be able to to be to have a feeling of urge to return to

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to help us whole to be ever returning

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ever to love God

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forgive our sins we know all sinners, but we know ultimately you are extremely generous, extremely versatile and extremely forgiving ALLAH forgive our sins. Bless us, bless us with guidance necessary to bless us with lessons and bounties, we are supposed

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to help those who are a problem in difficulties. We ask a lot of

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those who are sick with illnesses and diseases and different type of benefit situations we are supposed to try to help them remove from those situations and grant them peace. We are supposed to gather data to bless and protect a grant of a being to the rulers of this beautiful country, the United Arab Emirates, we are so close to having to protect those satellites, we ask God to bless a protect all nuisance rasuluh we are still trying

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to make us among those who will be will

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be the highest gender witness in the face of a long time without law in the law.

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So when he dies in Florida, we're not sure what movie was made. Yeah, I do.