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The "arly side" of women's behavior is a "arly man" movement that has been balanced and reactionary. The "arly side" is a "arly man" movement that has been criticized for being too focused on "arly men" and "arly women". The "arly side" is a "arly man" movement that has been criticized for being too focused on "arly men" and "arly women". The "arly side" is a "arly man" movement that has been criticized for being too focused on "arly men" and "arly women". The "arly side" is a "arly man" movement that has been criticized for being too focused on "arly men" and "arly women". The "arly side" is a "arly man" movement that has been criticized for being too focused on "arly men" and "arly women".

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu How're you guys doing? So there is a group called MiG tau, which is men going their own way, which is really, in my estimation, kind of like a reaction to a lot of the feminist propaganda that's going on today. And has been going on since the 60s, I would say right with second wave feminism, and so on. So there is a YouTube video that we kind of stumbled across with conveniently enough an introduction to MiG tau. So it's telling us what this MiG tau is. What we wanted to do, as Sunni Muslim men is kind of look at this video and react to it. Exactly. So we're gonna see the extreme side

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opposite the federal feminism.

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Hi everyone, Sandman here, I'm getting a number of people asking me to do an introduction video for MiG tau. So here it is. I'm going to cover 25 of the most important video topics that I've covered since I've started my channel. And the first thing to remember about MiG tau is that a man that is taken the metaphorical red pill is a man that has learned the ugly truth about female nature. Women are made out to be harmless beautiful creatures. But the truth is many women today will rip out your heart and testicles through your wallet and move on to their next victim with absolutely no second thought. So what do you think of this? First of all, we'll kind of get a flavor of

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its you know, he started off good when you say no women are seen as harmless beautiful. Oh, yeah. You know, some can be seen as harmless. Most of them, you know, maybe beautiful depends on the one

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looking maybe it's alone again, they say abuse. And I was gonna say that. I didn't know how to rephrase it. What got you here? So now then it goes a bit south, you know, and he starts going into about, you know, what did he say? He said, like, you know, they want to rip you from a different part of your body. Yeah, take your wallet and financially. So I can see a bit of extremism in them. I can seem a bit of like, Okay, all right. Are they really as, as you say, hasty generalization, it does seem like it does seem a bit reactionary. And to be honest, it's like, the men's rights movement. A lot of it has been very balanced. A lot of it like, for example, Warren Farrell, he's

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written many books, which I would recommend like not to say that I agree with everything in those books. But if you've been challenged with second wave feminism, books, like the myth of male power books, like the liberated man books, like recently, he's written a book called The boy crisis. books like this would actually give you another perspective, honestly, on. I'm not saying once again, I agree with everything. But we'll give you another perspective. And also watching that documentary, the red pill, the red pill? Yeah, it's a fantastic, well, it will give you another perspective, okay. Because critically, what Warren Farrell does is he redefines power, what power what power is,

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and power is the ability, he says, for a man to take control of his own life or a woman, right. And he says that, basically, his main argument thrust of his main argument, but obviously you need to see is his evidencing in his books, is that if if power is defined as the ability for a man or a woman to take power of their own life, there's many things that men do which show powerlessness, for example, being forced to go into the army going forced to, to financially provide being for or expected, at least to do so, you know, and many other examples that he gives, like dangerous jobs, many examples that he gives. And he also references the, you know, the increase of suicide for men,

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etc. And it's more of a sober tone. And I think, really, this conversation needs to be there needs to be an era of sobriety. It cannot be like reactionary or emotional. And yeah, he does speak in a very, maybe, maybe he'll change his tone as we watch him. Maybe you're right. But what needs to happen with these issues, I believe, is that opinions are great. They're very good. But in order for us to really make good cases on either side, whether you're talking about women's rights or women's rights, it needs to be academically referenced, otherwise, it will not be respected. I think that's an important thing. So let's see if we will take it a notch down. Yeah, I'm not up. Yeah, ultra

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remorse in the process. So taking the red pill is making yourself aware of how women operate, and you stop being naive about it. With regards to becoming a MiG tau, there are four or five different levels to make tau. The first level is the purple pill man. This is the man that's aware that women use the government the courts and men's desires to reproduce to take advantage of men. But the purple pill man believes that the risks of a relationship and marriage are often worth the potential punishment. A Level two MiG tau believes in dating in short term relationships, but not marriage long term relationships or cohabitation with women to him these often seem very dangerous a level

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three MiG tau doesn't believe in dating women at all and limits his interactions with women as much as possible. A level four MiG tau tries to limit his interaction Yeah What do you think of this bro? I don't know he's he's buckling down to level so to me, it does seem like look, you might have some valid points but to me is this is as good as listening to a super

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Extreme radical feminist who has been abused by men so much that she's decided to become a lesbian to that level where she just got so much hate. It's just another part of the spectrum another angle where as if I feel as if this man has been really hurt, being used mistreated, and his emotion, and then how he's feeling could be correct. But to generalize that again, because that was gonna take you a bit much down, but he's actually now breaking the level stuff. So if nobody's even he's even giving you advice like what you should do? Yes. But his prescription doesn't seem to be. Yeah, I mean, he doesn't. Obviously, it's an introduction video, maybe he's done to another place, but it's

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a prescription of limiting his interaction with whom and as much as possible for me. I don't see what does that mean? Why, why is he saying he doesn't want any kind of intimacy, or what's he talking about here? Quite frankly, it seems like a cowardly approach. Like sorry, say, if you think this is being an alpha male, and this is the kind of language they use alpha and beta male, but being an alpha male, or being a real man, if you want to call it that, whatever you want to say, is not trying to avoid women run away from the state or from the government, as he goes on to say, it's not this is actually facing all those things, and face no seriously facing them, and cooperating

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with them as much as possible. And there are times where conflict is required, and sometimes when negotiation is required, and the real man knows the real woman knows when to do either of those things. Exactly. These more easily manipulated, a man aware of how women function in society and manipulate men and covert ways are harder to guilt and shame into doing the things that she wants. He knows the game, so he's harder to trick into marriage protection and resource extraction. Shame is the name of many women's game. And in this case, it doesn't work. After a woman convinces her beta male blue pill man that marriage is a good idea for him. Then she has a child or two, which at

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some point, allow her to leave that relationship and use those children as a way to get child support from her husband. People wonder why men go their own way. And one of the biggest reasons is that they have been burned by women through the divorce courts, and are often paying lifetime alimony as well as child support to their ex wives. In many cases, the family courts also award the full value of the family home to wives. And the majority of men visiting this YouTube channel are often in their 30s 40s and 50s men that had been taken to the cleaners so to speak, and have had their eyes opened a little too late. They're interested in Okay, that's interesting point. And

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there's truth to that. Yeah. So even though if it's coming from a radical feminist, or minimalist, or whatever you wanna call it, yeah, it's, it's a reality. A lot of men are really, really trying their best to abstain from getting married. Yeah. Firstly, they do everything that you do in a marriage anyways. Yeah, that's point number one. But number two, there's too many risks. Yeah. Okay. And they're getting married. And then when things go sour, you have restaurants in your kids. The state just takes a woman site. And there's a lot of other factors. So can you blame men to not want to get married? No, I'm certainly speaking a truth that that men are afraid. Yes, women are using

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their powers that are given to them by authorities, and other means to abuse men so much so that some men are suicidal. Some men that today so because they do not. They're not. They don't live in the documentary red pill actually outlines that stuff really well, in terms of I think you have to pay if you wanna watch it, but yeah, it was worth the money. 100% Yeah. 100% Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Yeah. So I definitely agree. That that's, that's that's there are things that will show real concern. Yes, exactly. They are here to become MiG towels because they are shocked at the way women took advantage of them. as well. They're here to understand how women use their beauty and behavior

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to trick men. Another important thing to remember is that women age like milk, while men age like wine. And I'm putting a link to a video called Women in the wall down below. Many women's looks and ability to attract a wealthy attractive mate declined rapidly as they hit the age of 30. Men's attractiveness often increases with age because they tend to make more money as they age and often.

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That's a fact. Yeah, the fact that no, no, that's me. That's a fact. When a woman reaches the age of 3030, alarm bells go off. For men. That's for a man that's not the case, even reproducing, for example, a man by the size of 78 year old men that are producing like his happy days before, so is a fact have larger bank accounts and savings. While generally women's earnings potential withers with their looks, especially if they've had children. The age of 30 is roughly where male and female values intersect, and then go in the opposite direction. If a man doesn't get married by the age of 35, or 40, there's only roughly a 12% chance that he's going to get married from that point forward.

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Another reason men should go their own way is because of * tests. women often test men's ability to be providers and tolerate their horrible behavior. The idea is to turn a man into a an obedient, broken shell of his former self that walks around saying yes gear all the time. His Spirit has to be broken in many cases, so his resources become more easily extracted, and he is more malleable. He becomes Silly Putty in her hands.

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A woman asking a man to do something over the top is not her being loving or showing love. But instead she's testing him to see if he can be manipulated. And the ironic thing is that women want to manipulate men. But when the manipulation works, they tend to lose interest. With regards to love, there are often questions as to whether So, about this point, he was talking about resource extraction. Right? And once again, I think he's operating. I think this is ironic, right? Because he's operating on a feminist paradigm. I'll tell you why I say that. Because the question of Okay, should there be, it's a question of, is it complementarity or legality is in a complementarian

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system or a gala? terian system? If you believe it should be an egalitarian system, then financially, right? both man and woman, husband and wife should be splitting the bills. Okay. Can you just define the difference? Right? So when I say egoless, I'm talking about complete equality. So there's, there's no differentiating factor, okay? I mean, and goes if, for example, famous feminists recently wrote the feminist Manifesto, she says everything should be equal, absolutely equal. Except for breastfeeding, for example, right? for women. That's something which she she except what is exceptions? Right, right. That's the point. So we don't accept the premise, we don't

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accept the premise that different things should be treated the same in all aspects. Okay. And because we don't accept the premise, we say that there are things that men have to do responsibilities, duties and responsibilities, which women don't, which is called What was that? So for example, in this case, he keeps referring to it as resource extraction. Okay. We don't accept the premise that is resource extraction and manipulation. We say that having a reciprocal relationship with a woman where she will, if it's a familial structure, she will have to undergo a series of difficulties, especially if we consider that she goes through pregnancy and birth and

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breastfeeding. That is not seen from the Islamic paradigm as as exploitative or manipulative. If If we then reimburse woman for these things, it's not an Allah says in the Quran very clearly, like, for example, if you divorce your wife, and she's given birth, there are certain legislation or laws put in place, he or she has to he has to provide money for breastfeeding, because it's a service. Yes, at the end of the day, that if even if she's not divorced, she has to stay at the house until that period, if I'm sitting in the corner, and Allah says, Yeah, for three months, for three months, yeah, so so so it's, again, it's what he was talking about before is the other extreme, which is the

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western extreme, because the western extreme says, oh, even in the UK, this might be the case. But certainly the US is more of the case, that if a man marries a woman, and he's got X amount of money in the bank account, and they get divorced, she's gonna get a huge cut of how much he makes, or whatever it is. And they justify that on the grounds that she was servicing him. But Okay, fair enough. There should be some kind of compensation but the amount here, it's as if she was doing the work that he was doing is completely unjustifiable, etc. How is it one extreme, yeah, another point. But the point is, we don't refer to this stuff as resource extraction or manipulation. Whip. Men

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should be proud to spend money on their families. Yes. And actually, Islam defines manhood in a sense, as a as a man's ability, okay? To to protect, to maintain, and to spend on his entire family might provide. And that's what the Quran says average Hello, comunale. Nice. Lisa mufaddal, aloha Babu, mala Bob akumina, Molly him, you know that,

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that men are the maintainers and protectors of women, because of what Allah has given men that he hasn't given women? And because of what they spend on them. Isn't that isn't that Isn't that beautiful? Man? Can you think about this whole thing of experiment? I just need this for feminism. And this what this guy's on as some kind of an experiment that they've gone through. And Allah has given us the solution in the Quran. And they just they've just gone round in circles. And it's one reaction is action reaction. And they've come back to the lesson, which is what Allah has mentioned in the Quran, right? It's all action reaction, like you said, bro, action, second wave feminism, or

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we feel exploited because we're working in the home. We want to do what you come outside bro. Nowadays, James Truly, I was just looking at some of his work, right? He's from Newcastle University. He's done work is he's written a book with a mis educated woman or something like this. Right. And he's also done work on second wave feminism and its effects. And what he's been able to show is that 30% of women, okay, 30% of women

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are unhappy because of the career options that they've had or that they've prioritized careers. Over and above. Yes, family. Yes. And and so this The second way feministic framework has failed. And that's why only 8% I think of German people, according to you govern and even less in other European countries now identify with feminism in the first place well, because if they've tasted its fruits and their rotten fruits, but on the other hand, it's not going to be just a direct action reaction. We need to bring some kind of complementarity into the equation, and some reciprocity, which we'll talk about, hopefully, when we get the chance children need to divert those resources elsewhere.

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Anyways, MiG tau men want more

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North America and Europe to turn into Japan. We want men refusing to provide love and resources to women on a civilization wide scale until society crumbles. Women are selfish, and men are told to man up and take responsibility. And we don't want to take responsibility for child like women that have given up on their own responsibilities, but continue to demand that we men provide them entitlements because they have a golden vagina. When a man tries to live for himself, women call it a midlife crisis and try to shame him back into submission. Yet when a woman goes through menopause, men are supposed to just tolerate her hot flashes, as well as mood swings. But a man in a midlife

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crisis needs therapy according to women, the guy we make. There's some truth in that. I mean, at the end of the day is most feminists agree that the physiological differences between men and women and most of them would accept the fact that there are behavioral changes when menses happens. So if this brings us to the point, equality is not identical it we don't believe that we're the same and there are things that men are going to have to tolerate from women, that the vice versa isn't isn't the case. Exactly. And then what happens is this fits into the whole paradigm of men committing more suicide because as a woman, you're telling me I'm going through menopause understand me? Yes, I'm

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lashing out on you and going in a mad one every now and then. I'm calling from anybody. Okay, but when a man is going through a midlife crisis, you are told to shut up. Now when you're told to shut up as a man, not directly or indirectly. Because one of the reasons why a lot of men commit suicide is because women tend to express their self more they can cry about they can just let it out. As a man you have to man up, don't be weak, you don't cry. And now when you're faced with a woman kind of expressing her feelings and then belittling you when you're going from like, let's say a midlife crisis, that adds on to somebody being prone to commit suicide. I think that's that is one of the

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things I mean, what most studies when they talk about men committing suicide now is because society shames men for being able to come out and speak about their emotions in the same way that women are actually more courageous and being able to do so. Exactly. And you're suppressing them further with this. That's true. So this is these are some interesting points is buying them a nice home and furnishing it as well as spoiling them rotten like princesses. Yet many of the women they tend to rescue are used lots that have been riding the cock carousel for most of their lives. And many women prefer to date bad boys and jerks instead of good, loving, supportive and good hearted men. Many men

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can't even get dates or relationships these days, because they seem to be unattractive to women. And women have no interest in dating them and having sex with them. But it's much harder for unattractive men than it is for unattractive women. And men that are incapable of getting dates and getting into relationships are often called tfls are true force look. That's true. For an attractive man. That's subjective. Anyways, for an attractive woman, even an attractive woman, you know, back in the days, friends, some friends would like they would go and be like, okay, she's not that pretty there. But, you know, her body, whoever maybe is, so an attractive woman still has some kind of a

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demand, shall I say? But as an attractive man, that's not the case.

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I was I was gonna say something else. Yeah, it's an interesting point, because I think a lot of people don't realize the shivery effect. And a shimmery effect is not just something that happens in the courtroom or in the legal system. There is a societal shimmery effect Yeah. The thing is also like for example when they say for example, a woman one bad guys good guy in banker What's that mean? A lot of people go to extremes Yeah, in the context where they think and a man go to that for example, a man is good is his first relationship whatever, which you shouldn't have anyways, for the get go, this was hard on me. But what happens is that woman uses your leaves you for a bad boy. In

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your head, you're being told now you have to be the bad guy. Now the bad guy that's been wedged in your head, you know, is somebody that's gonna be violent or this that there was a prophet I was listening to on tik tok and I disagreed with him. I agree with some points, but he's making it seem as if you have to be bad and evil to your wife. That's not correct. Actually, let me tell you something, psychologically. Let me tell you something. If I'm a pushover, yeah. If I don't have a backbone, and my friends forget relationship, friends, colleagues work, you name it, brother, sister with media. If I'm a pushover, anyone, this is human psychology. If you're too good to someone, I'm

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never going to use the word good. If you're just too lenient with someone, they're bound to trample on your ticket. No seriousness left, you can try to say it's human psychology. It doesn't apply to women or men. It applies across board. Now to take that on board and run with it and make it seem as if no, you have to be the bad guy, or you have to treat a harsh I don't think this is correct, yes. It's not great. You can treat your wife good, but and vice versa. There has to be discipline in all areas. Okay. If you're a pushover woman, you're a pushover, man, the same thing will apply to you. So I think it's unfair where a lot of people use this and make it seem as if you know, I have to

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become the bad boy alpha male and reharden I don't think that's right. But as long as you have principles in place, and discipline like this cross don't cross that line works. bobble and don't forget Islam, like for a lot of these MiG tau brothers or men that are watching this right now.

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Islam has the answer to your question. Because it's institutionalize

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hierarchize ation. Like, for instance, we're not afraid to say that men as husbands, yeah, there's a degree of authority in certain aspects. And going into a relationship, Muslim women know that they know that, for example, if there's a deadlock, and there is a not the there's not a decision to be made, then yeah, the man is going to make a decision on that on that. So we are not

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the Islamic paradigm, the Islamic paradigm grants to men, something which will satisfy their nature, and stop men from being resentful to women because their nature is suppressed. And this is a great injustice of the feminist movement, that has not allowed men to express themselves in the way that they ought to, or need to or feel that they have to, in order to really express what it is that is different from them, from women, which differentiates them from So for us, we do have a hierarchy. Within the house, we do have a hierarchy, there is a man there is the kids, there's the wife, and yet there there is a chain of command at the end of the day, and the man is the man of the house,

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the prophet SAW salami said

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shepherded is responsible for their flock, and a man is responsible for his flock. And his his wife is responsible for, for the for the family, so on. So there is a clear hierarchy that is known in the religion by necessity. Yeah. And this allows a man to not feel always undermined because he comes up with a lot of examples where really what he's talking about is a manipulated man. What is he talking about? A man that doesn't have a backbone, a backbone, put it that way? Yeah. And the thing is, look, it's not just a religion. This is a fifth, fifth, predisposition. It's a matter of the fitrah. Just as you affirm the oneness of God, this is something Allah has legislated for

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mankind, the one who's created Apple knows how Apple works. If you try to experiment, you're going to come back to square one, the factory settings, which is the answer. And if you go and experiment which these people are, no, let's try this. Let's try that is nothing but action reaction is nothing but chaos. And what we learned from this video is how important it is, for example, to have a divine legislation telling us how to abide and live by if you don't even let me tell you something, this experiment exploded didn't work, I hit my head, you're gonna carry on hurting yourself. And we seeing society crumbling that the marriage, the there's an outright war on the family unit, and you

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name it, and that's why you can

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dream individuals like him. Can you imagine? Can you imagine a naive man, man, young boy, listening to this? He's been hurt by society. And he's like, you know what? Yeah, this woman should radicalize the guy. Can you imagine him get into a relationship? He's going to see this woman as nothing but an object not even sure he's going to see this woman is kind of like what Stephen Covey says, you know, he's seven words for Highly Effective People. Yeah, it's one of his rules is think Win win. And I think the key word here is reciprocity. If you You always think is a zero sum game, which in economic terms means it's either me or you who's gonna win here. And basically, the presentation of

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this man here is that this thing is a whole, this gender interaction is a zero sum game. It's the same is the same discourse exactly as we find in a second wave movements, but feminist movements, which is that men are biologically oppressive by nature, the family is institutionally oppressive. There's a patriarchy, which is basically this term. They say they're not discriminatory towards men. But there is a whole term with the word patriarchy with the word patriot literally means that which relates to the father of the man, right? So you're telling us feminists are basically saying this, that the name of your movement is named after being a woman feminism? And then the name of the

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oppressive force is named after manhood, which is patriarchy. Yeah. So you've got this dualism, you've got this. You've got this dichotomy that's created this dualism, where men are the bad guys, and women are the good guys. And this guy is doing nothing but the opposite. women that have become the antagonists and men have become the protagonist, we need to kind of avenge. Yeah, like kind of the historical injustice by secluding ourselves exactly, which is a cowardly approach is a cowardly approach. And it's an ineffective approach. It's an inefficient approach, the complementarity model that Islam has to offer, once again, like you've just mentioned, it does not say that men and women

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are the same acknowledges the differences between men and women. It acknowledges the psychological and the biological and the physiological differences, and it makes special arrangements for those Alright, so a man doesn't feel like him expressing himself is going to compromise a woman expressing herself and a woman doesn't have to feel like her expressing herself is going to compromise the man. A traditional marriage and family is a great risk for men in this day and age. If a man wants a child of his own, I would suggest that he go to either Mexico or Thailand and have a surrogate mother give birth to his own child.

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That way his child can never be taken away by the mother. And he often pays 30 to $40,000 to have his own child free to see the extremes he's going through. He's literally telling you to travel to another country and get a surrogate mother. At the end again, can you imagine the extremes that this is this is very worrying. You know what the show the show this guy is even his kids have been taken away from him. That has always happened. He's coming to extreme. Well, number one went to California. Let me tell you something. Yeah. But we went to California, we're not going to mention what state what happened. But we went to California and I remember looking at what you just said, I

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know man, until I told him the story, man, bro, if we're talking about the same story is when the when the guy is custody, went to the mother and he couldn't see his kids. And then what did he do? He he shut the two daughters and he shot himself. Yes. Yes, he shot the two daughters. And obviously that's a condemnable action, a monstrous action. But the point is, it drives men to insanity promise, when you play around with kids. Yes. And this is a serious issue. And once again, it's documented very well. And the red pill documentary to watch is extremely and people do this today, man, people are trying to snatch kids away from the Father. And this can mentally disturbed them to

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the point of insanity. It's people don't realize how big of an injustice he says he says, this is a massive, massive injustice. And you know what this is, you know, women have been given power here. And this is one thing that Warren Farrell mentions in his book, The Myth of male power, which is that he mentioned the beautiful example. He says, Look, if a woman especially a second wave, feminist woman, right, she goes into a an institution. And she now she's a manager of like five or 10 people, and then they tell her Look, you're going to be supervising 20 people, she will see that as an expansion of responsibility. But if she has three kids, and then just two more, she won't see

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that as an expression of responsibility. But the same thing has happened. In fact, the influence that she will have on the kids is going to be more than the influence that she'll have on the employees. The point is, a woman is extremely influential. Okay. And yes, there is a conditional there, she will be more influential if she is a mother. But yeah, the same could be said about their understanding, which is a distorted understanding of the patriarchy, the man is sometimes more authoritative. And yes, he should be to counterbalance to counterbalance this, this huge influence and authority that women would have. Imagine if there was equality man, imagine if a man had to have

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the same authority as a woman, and that the woman was so much more influential over the kids, because she has literally had those kids in her stomach, and literally had that connection with them that the man can never No matter how much he tries, ever have that connection, that needs to be counterbalanced, and Islam has a solution, which is that he has an authority over that woman that she does not have over him, you know, you know what we should end on this note. Yeah, you know, it's really profound is that the reason why these authorities give that right to the woman is because they accept that she has bought them and given birth to them. So they say, hold on a second. The

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mother here is the one that's playing the keyboard the responsibility and carry that child and given birth. They see that and say, You know what? They they put that respect on the motherhood. Right. And that's what they give that right.

00:28:03--> 00:28:41

To the mother. Yeah. Sometimes to extremes. Yes. But do you get but do you see how they're coming back to our principal of the court? And that, yes, that mother, the mother, like the mother, how she's with the kids, etc? She has a right islamically as well. But do you see how it goes back to our paradigm that they are not the same? Beautiful? Do you get it? The implements? system? Absolutely. Oh, yeah, I got one more thing, which is 950 in her 30s. And she will say things like, not tonight, honey, and deny him sexual release and possibly use that as a way to control him, bro. Yeah. How many? How many musical ones? It's got like almost 1,000,001 million views. 11,000 likes

00:28:41--> 00:29:16

1.4 1000 dislikes. That's about 9% of dislikes of the full count. Yeah. This is an issue, bro. One second is an issue. Yes, please. Yeah. If I was to repeat the same thing. When put my feet up? No. Oh, yeah. There's a reason behind it. There's a reason. If I said the same thing. And I quoted a Hadith, which the person who sent him said that the angels cursed a woman who when the husband is asking for intimacy, she says no. So first, you can see from the Hadith that it doesn't say go grab it by the hair and say call me I'm gonna wear it because it shows that she has a right to say no. Absolutely. This is a fact that this guy is stating. And you know what, in this review looks like

00:29:16--> 00:29:27

the man is actually sexually blackmail. It's actually the opposite way around. She's saying no, I don't wish you that's not we're not seeing this is we're not saying there are certain scenarios where a woman can't

00:29:28--> 00:29:33

have a relationship. Exactly. Well, what is this talking about a woman that is actually using?

00:29:34--> 00:29:48

Yes, femininity? Yeah. against the man. Yes. And nobody talks about it so much so that when you read the head if you're reading it with a or this sounds oh my gosh, towards women hold on a second. Why isn't this happy I've seen in a second she is actually abusing him

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

or cursing her? Yeah. No, you know, I think that there's an assumption here which I think second wave feminists once again, have tried to promulgate and it's the assumption that both men or women are the same sexually.

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

But look at this. I'm just gonna I'm just gonna open it up. I'm gonna give you one second. Yeah. Which is nonsense. Okay. This this is one study that was from Roy Baumeister. I might be pronouncing that wrong name wrong. Castilian Canton catenis. Yeah. And another one Kathleen de vos and then the question is that doesn't sound that Muslims This is a gender difference in strength of sex drive. Yeah, that's the name of the question. Listen to the abstract. The sex drive refers to the strength of sexual motivation across many studies and measures men have been shown to be to have more frequent and I'm sure the mic is closed right? I'm more intense sexual desires in women as reflected

00:30:38--> 00:31:04

spontaneous in spontaneous thoughts about sex, frequency, frequent frequency and variety of sexual fantasies, desired frequency of intercourse desired number of partners masturbation, and I know some people in this room know a bit about that. Joker, lacking for various sexual practices, willingness to forego sex, initiating versus refusing sex, making sacrifices for sex. No common.

00:31:06--> 00:31:45

Other measures listen to this, listen to this deep please. I'm for unforced like a psychological kind of peer reviewed study to write the following in such generalized terms is incredible. No contrary findings indicating stronger sexual motivation among women were found. Hence, that would be that would be that no contrary findings, including indicating stronger sexual motivations among women were found. Hence, listen, hence, we conclude that the male sex drive is stronger than the female sex drive. The gender difference in sex drive should not be generalized to other constructs, such as sexual orgasmic or orgasmic capacity enjoyment of sex, or extra extrinsically motivated

00:31:45--> 00:31:46

you've never seen a lot Um, so

00:31:48--> 00:32:19

here's the point. Let me tell you something, right? The assumption once again of identic ality falls flat on his face like this, Mike, right. any serious scientists or psychologists or social scientists will know that all studies really and this is indicated in the peer reviewed literature indicate a difference. So if there's a difference, the Quran makes this clear. It says Allah Collins and the IFA were human beings be created weak, Allah describes this and the manifest hereunder executes. He, they say this is referring to sexual weakness. This is a weakness for men,

00:32:22--> 00:33:00

is much more exacerbated for men. Because that once again, go into a foreign definition, lack of power. You know, the fact that we don't have as much control over sexual desires as women do, should be something which once again, the complimentary system, yes, should mean that the woman helps us a little bit with this. Because quite frankly, there is an expectation there is and he's writing this in other places, there is a societal expectation for men to protect women. In other scenarios, men, if there was some kind of he was talking about in another video that I watched of his, you know, the plane drops or something like that in the sea. And women and children were kind of told to exit

00:33:00--> 00:33:38

first, and the women and children rule applies over and over again, women and children are prioritizing safety matters. The truth of the matter is, if society should operate in those ways, and we don't deny that that should be the case. We're happy with that. Well, we haven't got an issue with really well, yeah. But if such weaknesses of women, quite frankly, are out to be kind of dealt with by the strength of men, that at least the opposite happened. Let the weaknesses of man be helped, will help us, you know, nobody will help us. It's very simple. Yeah, help, biologically, emotionally, intellectually, you name it, whatever you need. Okay. This shows you that this is a

00:33:38--> 00:33:56

peer reviewed this is this is studies showing this Yeah, if a man has a higher sex drive, or whatever it is, it shows that we need a unique attention in the area. This person, not me. So let me make it clear. This doesn't mean I'm going to force my wife know what I'm talking about. When we're talking about ratio even. You shouldn't even we shouldn't even this.

00:33:57--> 00:34:12

Saturday, we have to say Sunday, but the thing is this, if in a certain situation where there's a threat to my me and my wife walking down the road, yes. And I have to perform not gonna say, go, I have to because because of our strength, it's biological, because of our strength.

00:34:16--> 00:34:49

If that is the case, at that given moment that I have to perform in that very moment to read, it's as good as saying, so you're a full time security guard. Okay. Yes. But so that means in a certain area, yeah, I'm paid to do so. And I could I can die on the course. Yeah. So the thing is, if it comes to intimacy, and if our husband is asking his wife to have intimacy, and she's saying no, no problem, you have the right to say no, but what you're doing is now you're hypocrite. You're an absolute walking talking hypocrite. Yeah, that's it, because you're happy to say you happen to say protection of men, when weaknesses of women are

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

are shown. Yeah, look, I I totally agree with this point. And I think this is sadly like you've said something which is, you know what this shows among all above all things. Yes.

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

The fact that he said this and so many people would agree with him on this and they're not Muslims, right? Yeah. So this is not a Muslim specific issue number one, okay. You can't attribute this, this behavior to Islam. This is a non Muslim website, YouTube page number one, number two, okay. Which I think is very important as well, is that this shows how much resentment there is among men, for women who do this to them. Now you can see you can feel the oath although he's trying to be kind of monotone. But you can kind of hear through his content, the emotion in his in what he's trying to say. He's been probably hurt. Many of the people that are going on his website YouTube page have

00:35:35--> 00:35:57

been hurt. And that is because let me tell you the reason why is because the system has been unjust towards men system as far as and also has been unjust towards women. And this system is unjust towards men and women. The answer is reciprocity. The answer is complementarity. And the answer is Islam. Now you want to next time salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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when I was a good video my

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