IDF Soldiers Before And After

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh How are you guys doing for a start this video and I introduced these two fine gentleman to my left and right. If I do such a thing, I want you to press the link below because already guys I have to say, I have to say these guys I'm very proud of them. Why? Why? Because in one day, you saw the video with me and hands out the wrestling video. When I post that when you dominate him that's when me and it was actually it was a video between me versus comes out and the sofa. Oh, because you see you see what happened was

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I had the single leg I was about to drop it but the sofa saved him. So it was like a handicap match. Okay, so he was lucky he was like application. Yeah, he knows what the situation they know why it would have been good if the sofa wasn't there. Yes, they know why it would be giving me a quote on my phone.

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I'm only joking mashallah, that guy is very, very strong. Honestly, even though he wasn't I mean, he wasn't going definitely wasn't going hard, but you could see could feel the power of his mashallah his movement. And he's a he's a fine human being actually as well. He was much stronger than him. The people who donated they showed the real power. Well, I mean, he helped me out with as well mashallah, I was about to say Wallahi I'm very, very proud because in 20, less than 24 hours, 20 hours, we donated about 250,000 300,000 in the event.

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Yeah, and then 100,000 on the link, that's about almost a half million in 24 hours. I mean, wow, that shows you the strength of the Muslim community in the Western world. But the time has not, it has not elapsed, which means that the link is still below. And by the way, we've got videos of these guys in um, send you the videos because I've been looking I mean, in the beginning we're all looking for charities to send and those blockaders are difficult. We're looking for charities to be on the ground that actually deliver stuff and video and show us these guys have sent me tons of videos of them on the ground putting delivering and stuff so

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it took us a long time but for sure these guys on the ground doing fantastic work.

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Click the link below. Do it trust me. I mean, this is now your time to release all of the the the the anger the resentment, that the frustration, the sadness, the grief, all of that there's some action that you can take to alleviate the suffering of your brothers and sisters. You can save a life you can save the life of one of those people in the VESA Subhanallah because sometimes when the from Rafa from Egypt, when they go through the ambulances, you your stuff will be inside the ambulance, your food and stuff to give to a child that's thirsty and stuff like that. How can you how can we not take this opportunity? Seriously, that's the first thing I want to say guys. But so

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we're gonna have fun with this video we as the Shan and Ali tell me why we're gonna have fun with this video. Because there's a saying isn't it? What goes around comes around frankly, that's you hear that comes out

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so allegedly, from this clip, we see these. So very, frankly, I was quite disgusted when I saw this clip of these four or five Israeli IDF female soldiers dancing around, prancing about literally on the remains. Yeah, literally they might as well be dancing on the graves of these gardens, our garden brothers and sisters. And there's a big trend of these videos on Tik Tok of them making these videos of them dancing jumping on trends for the the man doing the you know the sprint.

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The guy that crazy guy yeah does loads of crazy guys, bro. The thing is that it literally when you're saying I'm thinking which crazy guy, there's so many of them, you know, the one that was like showing them how to run away? Well, they're definitely gonna need to know that.

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Then these same people, we find out, I think, in the last couple of days that these people have indeed been taken as captives, and are now being Can we see the before and after maybe we can see the before and after and how they've been humiliated now, but the news and the media are depicting them as innocent of frail ladies and women that have been taken and are being unjustly harmed. When when you go into a battlefield. It's like we will say you can't expect to jump in a swimming pool without getting wet. Let's see them dancing. And then let's see when the music stops. Come on. So guys, you saw that for yourself. What do you think? I mean, you know, the performance is rubbish.

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But these people is rubbish. Rubbish about penguins. Yeah. So you can see when reality hits them, but to me that war criminals you know you're not impressed by it.

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I don't think it was a performance. I thought they were having a stroke. I think the stroke came after the music stopped. So international war criminals and the media. The newspapers are making this

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Humans if they are this innocent like you said frail you know I don't care if they are a woman you with them for that matter if a woman is coming with a knife, I don't give a damn what she looks like for that matter. Yeah, you know it's you know she's going to be gone. equality, equality and you'll see the quality of my right hand. So in a nutshell it's the war criminals that's what I want to say they are war criminals and that's nothing else I can see for that matter you can see their situation now. You know I don't want to say anything more. That's it. You shouldn't say anything more because nothing needs to be said anymore. I mean it's that's what humiliation looks like you want to get

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into a war. And you think war is you can just stay in your you know, your tanks, and your eye and your and your planes. And you can be far away from it. But look, look what's happened. Now you are in a position where your parents are crying for you. We've already seen the video and I put this on my twitter as well. It's hilarious video where this guy was in the battlefield. This is Israeli guy. Did you see him screaming? Oh, yay. Yay. There's so many of these videos of these guys screaming at the train to do Tiktok videos. Just unbelievable. I think what was that about 12,000 of them and a half 1000 of them are disabled, disabled PTSD gets even worse nightmares. One guy one guy went back.

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And you were saying I can't go to sleep as myself? Yeah.

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Without alcohol I can't go to sleep. I see the person that that you know, I've killed and they say Why have you killed me? This is this is what's waiting for you because other people from the UK going and adjoining the people from India 200 Indians. I mean, how badly do you have to be losing if you want the Indians to come and help you out?

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You know when you have to you know when you have to start referring to the call centers to say you know what, send some of you guys over because we're struggling you know that

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you know that goes to show is this problematic? Yes. Yes. I mean, so that means it couldn't solve it from within their own borders. They're having to ask the Indians you know, I mean to stop you know, cooking the biryani is and come over and start helping and start helping us out to say this is supposed to be was a top Fourth Army on the planet Mossad both the BNP and by sandal sandal wearing amateurs frankly sandal wearing amateurs are now listens I would say that I think as precise fi as the pre pre but when you compare them to the way they've been described, cut off absolute blockade. No, you know, inside outside, and bow wedding dresses Congo into Gaza, coriander Congo into Gaza,

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jam anything that's multi purposeful Congo into Gaza. But these people still using their flip flops have bought down. Probably the world's one of the world's top armies. Boom, that's That's embarrassing. It's absolutely humiliating. I mean, if you want to see what humiliation looks like personified, embodied. It's those pictures that we saw of those females in the IDF, the weakest link, this is not some game. This is not a Call of Duty or some game that you can play. Look at them. I mean, just humanely absolutely humiliated SubhanAllah. And it's I don't think it's any coincidence that we saw literally the same people that were doing those dance moves in this kind of

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performance under President performance, being humiliated, subjugated and subdued in that in that manner. With that, guys, we will conclude Xochimilco make sure I'm gonna say this one more time that you click the link below. We're trying to get to half a million pounds. And if we do that, guys, you imagine the amount of people that we can save these warmongers and others want to kill human beings. We want to save them. Well. We are here for Ken NEMA here in NASA Jamia whoever saves the life it's as if he saved all of humanity. And so this is your opportunity, click the link Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh