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A speaker discusses the impact of the removal of personal information on their profile and the initiative they are taking to remove "any negative things" from their social media accounts. They also mention the importance of promoting Islam and the need for investment in the mission to "come forth" for their children and grandchildren.

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Salam aleikum, I normally don't share these kinds of personal things. But today, I'm going to make an exception. Seeing that some of the major influences of our time have been deep platformed. They never gave me grounds. They never sent me an official email. They never gave me an official reason. They just delete your profile, and you just can't log in anymore. Sometimes I think I think to myself, What if the southern Nigeria that I'm leaving behind what if the content that I'm leaving behind were to be removed through one of these decision makers at the top that I do platform, and then it hit me that one time, they can just decide to remove everything that we've done online with

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one decision. Now, to be honest, one of the most impactful Islamic initiatives that I'm leaving behind, what we're leaving behind is the establishment of the helping of the establishment of the first of its kind masjid and 1000s in the Scandinavian region. Islam nets, which is in charge of this project, is bringing the doubt the fight against Islamophobia and the masjid institution itself to new heights. I mean, I think that this is an initiative we all need to be part of it leaves behind a physical asset that we can leave for our children and our great grandchildren. I think you and I need to invest in this Ramadan. Allah says in the Quran, London a little bit of a hot tomb for

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your home in to Hambone tune fugu Amin che in Feng Allah heavy Ali, by no means shall you attain Alberto paradise, unless you spend in Allah scores of that which you love. Or wherever of good you spend, Allah knows it well. So click the link to donate and do not miss out on this rare opportunity to send forth for your ACARA the numerous good deeds that will be performed in this mission that you can imagine will be a solid kajaria For you and for me and four of us, said I'm Arctic live again