Abdulfattah Adeyemi – Your Eggceptional Eggxistence

Abdulfattah Adeyemi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a world where animals and humans are created with a blueprint of natural creation that includes natural fertilization, which is the fruit of her genes. The blueprint suggests that animals with inner ears should lay eggs, while those with outer ears should give back to their owners. The world is designed to be a shadow of malice and war, with animals being punished for their behavior.
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Your exceptional existence,

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eggs, and egg is like the seeds from which life sprouts. It is an omen, like an oven for baking things to life for baking beans to lay

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the egg

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for living creatures, we are transmitting cells and organisms ultimately transform into positive beings. There are schools of creatures with fiends breathing with jewels, swimming in the aquatic water of Marvel's x, RG diversity of creepy wolves, sniffling and striding sprinting and springing amphibians, reptiles, insects, and pests.

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They also produce the poultry and swarms of flying creatures with feathers of massive deficiency, some chirping and charging some vermin and treating

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most wondrous is the way the art is designed, that every creature the hatches from eggs, should also leave them if they are females, or contribute the life beer and syrup in a meal.

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Generally speaking, another kind of natural creation stays that animals with inner ears, like snakes and frogs, lizards, and birds should lay eggs, while those with outer ears like the elephants and horses should give back to the young alive. In addition, the blueprint of the universe insists that an ovulating female would produce eggs that via her genes, that is, every PC must hatch, the seeds they carry. You see, this is why eggs,

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the egg will be volto will not have the peacock. That was one will not hatch a crow. A frog will not have a fish. a crocodile will not have a snake, and a scorpion will not hatch a spider.

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That is why eggs will never tell you like what you need is what will hatch.

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Similarly, what if x y intentions and evil tendency will only hatch evenly. intolerance will hatch hatred, greed will spawn war and oppression. Broad animosity. When the sun rises, it resembles a rock radiating from your freshly laid day. However, the grid egg of light will surely hatch peace, if not smashed against the wall so human cruelty

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and war out there where animals eat eggs of other animals. The snakes got their own eggs, or eat the eggs of hens. The Sharks protect their offspring will eat other fishes eggs and Oh. So many eggs never get the chance of bringing out the yellow chicken

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via * from their nests, cracked and whisk two big cakes.

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If your treasures talents, your gifts and potential for next, be sure to lead them far away from evil eyes from envious minds and dangerous attentions. Show of abstract because of jealousy

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is see that will germinate. Learn to stay under the soil.

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an edible hatch must not remain in the middle of the marketplace. Remember that the eggs of an evil need high up in a sameness beyond the reach of stainless steel frying pan.

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If your ideas

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endeavor to cut them from the tune of a boiler crank and hack into your ideas even before they're hatched. Then what will you be left with boys potential frayed aspirations and risk wishes. Your ideas will have to be on Oh, you can you will achieve a sunny side oh that's why you probably

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still remain a shadow of low possibilities.

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eggs, with Heartbreakers

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how many promises have been broken, when the eggs of trust

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cannot be God.

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forbid ambitions have been scattered, when the eggs of hope are dropped into a blending machine.

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How many dreams have been shattered when the eggs of success are used as pebbles for the catacombs.

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How many pure souls have been dissolved when the eggs of innocence are kept with rotten eggs? How much official has been smashed when the delicate egg of true love is kept with someone who's hot is made of stone.

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I know it's not really your fault. All you wanted was a caress, the gentle touch and embrace with the squeeze was pushed too far.

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You were hugging

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without realizing it. And all the remains of you are the shells of your former self, your white and your yoke have been spilled into the mud. And that's why you now feel like a piece of something else. When you were where you keep your luck, some people can pull the bird with full egg

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demand that your heart be respected and and treasured. Each of us is an exceptional, extraordinary so that ground in the comfort of our shelf.

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We need to break our shells from the inside before we can achieve that

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remain in the shell.

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The Kokoda had remained in its net remembering or respect his territory or record his teeth and pride

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in the mainland embrace, it will not occur all.

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force in the sky was once confined in the chunky shell

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darkness in our souls hatch,

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hatch to the daybreak to build a better world for the peaceful

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to bring benefits to humanity.

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I own eggs that

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deserve an exceptional existence

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and getting involved in editing

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