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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how being closer to Allah means becoming closer to his own spiritual connection. They explain that being sick or ill can cause people to turn to Allah, causing them to become closer to his spiritual connection. The speaker also mentions that people have different experiences and ways of understanding who they are talking to, and how they can determine who they are talking to through their spiritual connections.
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Allah has given you something. Let it be a means of making you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. When Allah has tested us usually we become closer to Allah because we want to make dua, we want to supplicate to Allah. So we become closer to Allah when he tests us by taking things away. Someone is not well, they are sick, they are ill what happens? They begin to make dua to Allah, they supplicate they call out to Allah because they are sick because they are ill Subhana Allah, but when the opposite is to happen where when you are blessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala do not allow that to turn you away from Allah. Let it be a means of bringing you closer to Allah. That is the successful,

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there are many people who have a lot of blessings. But not many of them would actually be the believers who turned to Allah because of the blessings. When you look at the Quran,

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Allah subhana wa Taala says, Why?

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When we bless men,

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when we have blessed men, you find him turning away from us and he goes on to his side. The minute a lot takes away things from a person, you find that different people do different things.

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But a believer would turn to Allah both in good conditions and in difficult conditions.