‘And there is nothing comparable to him’ – Surat Al-Ikhlaas

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The speakers discuss various words used in various situations, including tours, tours, "will" or "will" situations, and miracle laws. They touch on the concept of a "hamster's equalization" and the importance of adoption in one's love for life. The segment also touches on the concept of a "meditation" and how it is important to consider one's love for life.

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Now since a lot of Zoysia lemmya lit, since he had no children of his own, and he didn't adopt and give this title to anyone, also what am unit and since he wasn't born, so he has no father, no mother will ever will. Therefore, he cannot have anyone that is similar or equal to him. Because you know when you have a child you sell father like father like son, he looks like him. But if a large Zoysia doesn't have children, and he wasn't born, that means no one can ever be similar or equal to him so pinata so it comes to the conclusion of the soldier and allows origin a firm's decision meaning and he says while Aamir Khan Lahu, Khufu and

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she has no children, and no father and mother, then especially for him, there is no Eagle, there is no one that is similar, Khufu and Lamia cola Hakuna had. And you know when Lou comes first it means especially for a law, there is no co equal. That means in other words, of the people might have coupons. You might have a coupon, your child might look like it. You might look like your parents, your grandfather, people have Khufu in their life. But for a lot of Zoysia especially for him. Let me Aquila Hoku. For one I had now a little bit inshallah Tada, we finished let's just look at this a goofy one. The word goof. One is three things, someone just so you can appreciate the beauty of the

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of the goofy one is three things. And NaVi was shabby. Well, Mayfield. Now, I won't translate it because it's difficult to translate. But I'll give you an example of each one. And the V. All of them all of them mean for something to be similar, but they grades of similarity. The first one is a novel. A Novel means Jani imagine I've got two books now, two books look the same. They're two books. But the size is different. The color of the cover is different. The content that's inside the book is different. But this is a book and this is a book. This in Arabic is known as a novel, when it's something is similar to something. But it differs in a lot of its unique qualities.

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The second grade is known as a shabby, shabby is when two books, but they have a lot more in common. So the size of the book could be exactly the same. The color of the book is exactly the same. But the content of the poor two books is different. There's more in common. As a result that's known as a shabby. And then there's Alma feel, Alma feel is when you have two books exactly the same. This is like a photocopy of this book. A lot of soil says lemmya cola who Khufu one meaning he absolutely has no ego whatsoever. Nothing that is exactly like him. Nothing that is similar to him. Nothing that is constantly similar to him in all these three all over this post. Let me akula who had a lot.

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There was a time in where a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said, Masha, Allah who worship

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whatever Lord decrees and you whatever you and Allah decree, and Mahatma Gandhi saw Selim got angry, because of one letter, the one letter and he said to Jacques danila, he did you make me equal to Allah? Because you said, Only Allah and you decree whatever you want along decree, did you make me equal to Allah? That I decree just like a love decrees to sounds angry?

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And he went and he gave a hopper. And he said, Oh people, I have heard you say such and such. Don't ever say that again. If you are going to say that, then say Masha Allahu wa, say whatever Allah decrees alone. And in another generation, he said to them, say Masha, Allah who worship whatever Lord decides, and then whatever you decide, right?

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Just because of the Whoa, look at the end, look how protective Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was concerning.

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He closed all the doors that lead to sheep. Even as tiny as one word the wall, he closed it. Somehow the law is a very important factor in the life of a believer. You must adopt it and grasp it all as it is. What a miracle law Khufu and therefore, what do we learn from this era? Well, America leucovorin what we learned is the lesson

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if a law has no equal,

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that means no one and nothing should be loved in the same manner, he is loved to pinata than he has no Ico

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and no one and nothing should be feed in the same manner. We feed him subhanho wa Taala. Some people unfortunately failed in understanding this concept. A lot of social he says about them in the quiet woman, an SME a tiny woman do delay and dead and boredom gobbler, that there are from mankind. There are people that

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Take others besides Allah as equals to Allah. They love them, meaning they love their idols in the same manner they love Allah subhanho wa Taala these people didn't understand what a miracle

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some of them were for soon. They said that this is not only limited in the sense that they love their idols in the same manner they love Allah. They said rather almoradi amin Houma wahoo Amma shahzada anila anything that distracts from Allah subhanho wa Taala if you love it in the same manner you love Allah Subhana Allah that's considered chitkul Baba, ship in the love of Allah subhanaw taala and how many people fall into this one lucky very easily. Things that you're distracted by in life. If you love them, like the love you have for a lot. You're in disaster. This is known as Shere Khan. muhabba Allah Zoysia has no equal. Therefore the way you love him is

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supposed to supersede anything that you love in life. When Lavina Amano I shouldn't do her Bella. This is why every single day we're being tested with this meaning when a McCullough Hakuna had when he and then what's more Beloved, was mobility, to remain asleep or to wake up and rush to the obedience of laws or shall if you rush to obedience of a law that means you love the law more than the distraction was the tuition which is the bed and if you're busy playing a game, right playing a game, well then is Coca Cola 20 minutes or longer to get up we'll make we'll get to the masjid we'll pray and then come back. Forget all this altogether continue to play. I'll just pray at home.

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Your love Your love for this gaming for this device. Distracted you from a lot of social, you did not understand what a miracle no serious meanings This is why I told you from the beginning for a loss. If you were to add he by its meanings, you will find this this peace and tranquility and relaxation in life and it will be a guarantee for that person to enter the paradise and look what kind of life you're going to live. You will not compare anything to Allah subhanaw taala Allah becomes the one in your life.