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says I want to come on over again so how are you guys doing? Today I'm going to be reacting to a man referred to as Kevin Samuels, a man who is seen as one of the most influential voices you could even say the most influential voice and was referred to as the red pill movement. Now what is the red pill movement? That is another discussion for another day, but suffice it for me to say today now this individual he has women come on to his platforms that usually divorcees single mothers, women that have been married before when they have had relationships have have children and so on maybe over 30 and he proceeds to dismantling you could say shutting down was referred to at least in the

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literature as positive illusions that they may have of the so called Yes, the so called marriage market. He will deconstruct that he will make them see reason look to reason be more realistic, their expectations of marriage and so on. And he actually became prominent on the internet after one particular video. What would you make yourself on a scale from one to 10? You cannot use seven. What alright myself, just your face.

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My face when I wake up five, but when I put myself together, see, okay. How tall are you?

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Five? dress.

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I'm sorry, your dress eyes.

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Okay, so that makes you if you give yourself a five, that's average. Yes. So average looking women tend not to get high earning men.

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They tend to get average man.

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So did you did you? Stop right there, stop right there. Stop right there breathe and digest.

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You're 35 years old. And you can look around and see the world. You don't tend to see higher earning men with average looking women. Off rip. If you do see them. They got them. They got their average looking woman when they were both really young and he built his way up. But a man earning the kind of money you're talking about does not go for an average looking woman.

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I mean, my body is not every so Ma'am, you Please don't make me say it.

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I really just wanted some advice. I love you. I'm giving you I'm giving you advice, but you're not taking it. The advice is Ma'am, ma'am. Your average looking at best.

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I'm taking in But okay, but you're not accepting the fact that okay? Right. So we've just seen what kind of flavor that his content has to offer. Now, of course, for better or for worse. This can be very uncomfortable watching to be honest with you putting women in a spot like that speaking to them publicly like that, you know, sometimes quite condescendingly like that. But on the other hand, you could argue that, as ignoble as it may seem on the face on prime of facie value, in fact that this serves some kind of noble functionality. And yes, I do agree that there are many delusions of grandeur that men and or women more do have when it comes to the so called marriage market. And

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sometimes this can be very detrimental many more and more people are dying alone, as he puts it. It's true. Yes, so more and more people are buying alone, because they cannot come to terms with the fact that their circumstances have changed. That means that their options, the pool of candidates that they can Mary has also been limited. This is a truth. This is the reality. This is the demographic truth. However, having said this, I must say I must put forward now as a point of criticism, constructive criticism, Mr. Samuels that in fact I believe, from watching his content, and seeing what he has to say although there's great benefit, of course there is yes, there is that

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there's also injustice, and that is a strong word to use by is unfair. It's unfair, the way he puts the onus on black women, and does not put such an onus or even a comparable level of responsibility on black men or other kinds of men. Now, to be honest with you, I kind of looked at this first, where I saw community community posts that he had put up recently on his

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Channel whereby he kind of looks at the demographic data. I think this is something that was produced by the times. And he shows that well, black women are most likely to be single. And this goes in line with his grand narrative, his meta narrative, or is hyper hypothesis or thesis, grand thesis, that it's because of black woman's behavior potentially or their attitudes that this is the case. I must say sociologically, this is an extremely weak, extremely weak, but that's, I have to say, Sorry to say, it's Kevin, here, listen to me. There's that pathetic sociological approach. And this is a criticism of the red pill movement and a criticism of you because quite frankly, yes, you

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attack feminism, and yes, I attack feminism, we attack feminism. Why is this problematic? The reason why this is problematic, Kevin, listen to me, is because there are myriad reasons why black women might be more disadvantaged in the first instance, in terms of selecting black men, we know because of the system, and otherwise, the system, the way the system is the way this, but because of all these reasons, black men are more likely to be incarcerated, they are more likely to be dead, they are more likely to be unemployed, for socio economic reasons, for historical reasons. Yes, yes, yes. I'm not denying that. But the fact that these myriad reasons exist in the first place, means that

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the pool of selected or Pro, you know, preferred partners for black women who, for the most positive literature shows that I'm sure you're aware of it, prefer black men would become narrowed. Therefore, you cannot it's unjust for you to say that the reason why is because of their attitude, oh, even further, not saying you said this, by the way. But that is the inference, quite frankly, definitely based on the reading of the main body of work that you have. That's the first thing. The second thing is I came across something quite disturbing. I have to say, Kevin, this was disturbing. And it made me look at you in a different way. It made me look at you in a different light. And I

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was very, very disappointed. It was a clip in particular, where you refer to black women in general, as less aesthetically attractive than other types of women. Let's take a look at this clip. And look at what they and that's the thing.

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You can they're in the same you know, beauty is subjective. That's that's another fallacy. Beauty is not subjective.

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That's why we have the golden ratio, the affinity equation, looking at facial symmetry and see that that's right, beautiful people, you can map you can map their facial structure, if it goes to a mathematical calculation. Oh, yeah, beauty is universal. And the thing is, we're talking about black women, they are on the opposite end of the spectrum on all ranks, facial symmetry, even to the way to black women are starting to look more masculine. And this one, you've started putting on additional makeup, and you know, we even have that kind of stuff to where guys are just them. Damn, and you're not even going to the gym and try to keep yourself in shape. And you don't have a good

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attitude. I would rather not. I have to say, Kevin, this is absolutely diabolical. I am absolutely astounded that you, Amanda, I thought was quite an intellectual man, who was meant to be the leading voice for the red pill movement, that you could make such a ridiculous pathetic argument. It's absolutely disgusting. I have to say, why it's a colonial mindset you have, Kevin, why would you generalize black women in such a way to think that they

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on the other sides of the spectrum? How dare you actually, quite frankly, how dare you speak of black women like that? And I will say, How dare you say that? How dare you say that? I don't care if you're black, and I'm an Arab. And I'm Middle Eastern. But I will say How dare you because quite frankly, the reasoning you gave would be pathetic reasoning on the standard of even what we call GCSE students, which our students are 1516 years old to Kevin Samuels. golden mean, golden mean, is that what you're really saying to me right now, Kevin Samuels. golden mean? You know, in the 19th century, almost all of the studies that were done relating to the golden mean is a link to aesthetic

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beauty have been inconclusive.

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Go look this up yourself. Now, I don't even know how you are doing this. let's let's let's step back for a second. Are you What is the postulation? That the women that are more symmetrical, will stimulate? What system of a man? Are you talking about the testosterone system? Are you talking about an oxytocin system? Are you talking about the dopamine system? What system in particular, are less likely to have induce what romantic love sexual arousal for men? What is your argument? Exactly? You're saying this objective fact. Do you even know what objective fact is? This is pathetic. This is academic failure, my friend. And if this is the level that you're bringing to the

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table, then you will

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no value in terms of intellectual ability, low value manual, that you are low value manual, you call yourself a nine out of 10 you're not a nine out of 10 in intellectual ability, if you're going to throw black woman under the bus just like this, you're not now I have to say something else.

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Having said this, I will say to you, that the whole mantra or the whole premise of the red pill idea, what the man has to see himself as a prize diminishing I have to say, a trivializing I have to say, of the reciprocal element of the relationship of denial, I have to say, or even a minimizing, I must say, of male responsibility male black responsibility is something which will create unstable families Listen to me, it will destabilize it will destabilize the black community more than these the CIA and the FBI and the who want to destabilize it already. You're destabilizing your own community from within telling men increase their body counts, really this is the message is this the

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message increase the body counts, and all these kinds of things that we have Muslim men in our community, following this kind of nonsense thinking that this is kind of a refreshing other opinion to the feminist movement or reaction as to the feminist movement. This is not something we as the Muslims will ever subscribe to, and should never destroy or subscribe to. Because quite frankly, it's a pickup artists, culture by friends. Yeah, you have I call you now, Kevin Samuels to a better system, yes, I make this invitation. I give this invitation to you directly. Instead of putting your hopes in raising your money and income and telling other people to do, I'm not saying don't make

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money, make your money. But don't value yourself highly based on economic indicators, as you have indicated in other videos that this is mainly the thing to do make 10,000 pounds a month or do this $10,000 I should say, this is not the way to create high value. People in the black community or in the American community in the world, the way to create high value. Yes, high value men is that men that know their purpose are limited. It's not just men that should know their purpose, as well as I should know the purpose as well. And you know what the purpose is, is to worship the Creator, not the creation. Your Christian I know sandals you worship a Middle Eastern man. But quite frankly, you

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might be thinking what's this Arab doing telling me what to do? I'm not saying that you are thinking that maybe you're not thinking that maybe some of your followers are saying what this middle east was he I'm Arab telling you what to do. A lot of the people in the black community worship a Middle Eastern man, which is Jesus Christ. We're saying keep away from this worship of men and statues and actually worship the Creator. And in terms of the problems, institutionalize problems that you find in the black community. Now let's specifically deal with the so called marriage market that I have to say polygyny is actually something which seemingly on the face of it will solve your demographic

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dilemma. How would you absorb such women who are otherwise will die alone? In your words? How would you absorb them into the marriage markets and allow them to marry high value in your understanding materials capitalistic understanding your supply side economics type, understanding of what high value? How'd you absorb them, the best way to absorb them is to pair them with a manager very paired through an institution, which is ancient, and has bullet proof testing, which ensures rights of men and women, which is the polygynous institution in the Islamic system. Now I say, these are solutions you you have a purpose, and you're not going to get men and or women to do what you want them to do.

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Unless you have a greater purpose, then, do you want to die alone? Do you want to die alone? Some women I tell you will want to die alone.

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Is that the best you can do? Kevin Samuels, we say? No, it's not about whether you want to die alone. That should not be the ultimate incentive. The ultimate incentive Kevin Samuels is the purpose of life. And the purpose of life is to worship one God, not the middle is the man, not the Chinese man, not the black man, not the white man to worship on God and then to have a family as a stable family that complies by that reality? Yes, that metaphysic? Yes, that religious metaphysic. And that will incentivize. And that has not just that will we have a track record, my friend does a 400 years. In fact, even further than that, going back to the other dispensation to previous

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that this will incentivize a spiritual incentivization is more is more motivating than almost anything you can provide. You have a spiritual motive, motivation, a religion with pure clean, structured guidelines, sorry to say, which does not exist in the Christian faith. And I'm going to say that straightforwardly, you don't have that, okay. And then you have families, which are stable, and women that can be absorbed into other families, which will solve the demographic issue, but it all starts with purpose. And so Kevin sandals, I have to say, the parlance and then the Lexus

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Have some of what you say, in terms of telling men just kind of giving them the advice that you give them, I don't think will solve the issues in your country and in your community. Listen to me, Kevin Samuels. Tell the people not it's not about the body count my friend. It's not about the body count. Tell the people to find their purpose in life. Yeah. And you and you fall for a man who claims why at least, the movement itself itself claims that the man should be the prize and he shouldn't be thinking about its ability of focusing too much in my opinion, on getting women's attention. Let's think about bigger things because we're older men right now Me and you, especially you some locum

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Rahmatullah, who want to get