Mohammed Hijab – Quran & Nature – Shape of Earth and Rotations of Sun and Moon

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and claims of the Islamic religion, which they believe is the only religion that does not fit scientific facts. They argue that while there are some facts that cannot be reconciled, they can make a case that Islam is the closest world religion to those scientific facts.
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explained before. Now our relationship with science has a good relationship. Muslims have a good relationship with science, Islam as good relationship with science. We believe that science is a way of finding out nature, and how nature is composed of what is composed up. It's not perfect. Science is not perfect, and it can change. And theories change all the time. In fact, even the scientific facts can change. Having said that, though, there are some things which we don't think we could ever change, really, if you think about some rudimentary scientific facts that you couldn't really say, could change like the shape of the earth, the shape of the universe, the movement of the celestial

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bodies in the earth. These are rudimentary things. Now, the Islamic proposition is just so the Samak argument is this, or my argument, at least is the following. That if you look at all of the ancient religions, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, the ancient world religions that we have today, if you look at the shape of the earth as an example, if the if you look at the up up shots, where it talks about the earth being like a disc, or if you look at the Old Testament, or the New Testament, where clearly it talks about the earth being flat, as an act, Chapter 10, and 11 and verse 11, and there are other references has, that the Earth has pillars, there is no way you can interpret the earth as

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being round in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, which is all part of the Hindu scriptures. But listen to this. The Quran says in chapter 39, verse five Yuko with laid out in the heart, we call them the heart, Allah laid, that Allah rose the day into the night, and he rose the name to the day, the word that's used here, is the same sort of word that will be used to resemble a spherical motion. And for this reason, you might be saying, look, this is your own super imposition. You're superimposing your scientific knowledge, or you're trying to, you know, suggest to us that the parameters the only book that said that the earth is round.

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I'm not saying that, in fact, if you look at Apple didn't handle, who was one of the oldest scholars, he said, that the earth was round. And he said, that they there was a consensus among the students and himself that the earth was round, even say me,

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you know, very well known scholar, he said, there was edge math, that the earth was round, and that the universe is round.

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Now, this is 800 years ago, 900 years ago. I mean, we're talking about

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1000s of 1000 years ago, more than 1000 years, Russia 1200 years ago. So the early scholars of Islam had identified that not only the earth was round, but the universe, as Steven Taylor said, and his patchwork was also around and spherical, as it would have to be who's expanding from all sides.

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Mohammed joining another scholar, big scholar of the past, so in other words, the Islamic scholarship indicated the roundness of the earth, and also indicated this the rotations of the celestial bodies like the sun, the moon, and the earth itself. This is the so really, and truly, if you are a fan of science, I'm not saying that science is the measuring stick, where you can now try and find out if Islam is true or not using science, but I'm saying that there are some facts that are non controversial, and everybody will agree upon and these are just some of them. The fact that the earth is round the fact that you know, the, the celestial bodies rotating in the air, in the in

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the, in the cosmos, the cosmos above these things, if you believe them, and you're a Christian, you're gonna find yourself in a real problem. But as a Muslim, you can reconcile, you can reconcile. For this reason, we can make it for opposing cases, we can make a case that Islam is the closest religion, closest world religion that can be correlated to the science in general, and is the only religion which does not only ancient world religion, which does not fumble when it comes to rudimentary scientific facts.

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