Quran and Science – the Balanced Approach

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Sorry, come on to Labor Council.

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How are you guys doing?

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Good hamdulillah. First of all, I want to be a little bit anecdotal. Usually I'm quite I'm overly like, pseudo intellectual, my approach caused by rational use of Raheem Greene's terms. But I want to start with an anecdote, really, first of all, I want to say it's a great honor for me to be here. Because when I was a young man, maybe a young boy, actually, I should say, When I was a boy,

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I was, I remember, I used to be a consumer, an avid consumer of the Dow material. So I used to watch him green. When I come home from school, I used to watch him, I saw exactly and like piece TV, I used to watch

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many of the mesh I have here, Adnan Rashid, I got to know about other machines and Hamza sources a little bit later on, because they're not that much older than me. So when I was in university, I got to know who they were. So I'm, first of all, I find that a great honor to be, you know, to, to be on the same stage and share the same platform as those individuals. And time to be honest with you. And I used to go home from school, when I was a boy. And I used to go on YouTube, I used to watch the kind of back and forth between Muslims, and the enemies of Islam.

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And I used to watch how the enemies of Islam and Muslims were both talk about the relationship between the Quran and science. And at that particular time, when I was watching all of this happening, I found it highly interesting. But I also found it quiet,

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like a tug of war between the two PI's.

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And at this stage, I was just a young man growing up, trying to make sense of truth and trying to actually find truth, to be honest with you. at this particular time, I wanted to know, because I was, let's say, 1415 years old,

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I wanted to know that,

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okay, if this is the true religion,

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you know, I want to follow it. But if it's not the true religion, then there's a lot of things I can be doing in my life, enjoying myself and doing these things. So I want to make sure that this is the true religion so I can follow it. In a nutshell, that's that was my understanding. So I would watch the lectures after I'm green of zakian, like, of other popular speakers. And I would also watch the lectures of the enemies of Islam,

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which I'm not going to mention their names on this blesseds

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place, but I will actually be a consumer of both of these individuals.

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And when I grew up and grew older, I started realizing that on this issue of science in the Quran,

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both of them were making true points to some extent. I got a bit older, I was watching this, I can like stuff. I used to love watching it. And then I thought to myself, yeah, he's saying this, and he's saying this, but the enemies of Islam are saying these things. And they both use the Quran. And they're both using interpretations of the Quran. So I'm growing up in consuming all of this.

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When I go older, I thought to myself, I'm going to do my own research. And so I'm 28. Now, so this was a good 14 years ago. So this is a 14 year old research I'm giving you right now. Yeah, in 10 minutes. Yeah.

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And because I was genuinely interested in finding out to what extent I've applied, it was true. So there's that hidden like narrative

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was kind of like, the Quran has scientific miracles. And the Quran contains things in it, which couldn't have been known at that particular time. Therefore, the Quran is from God, because of that, and the enemies of Islam would project another narrative,

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which is actually the Quran is completely unscientific. And these are the interpretations and they would go into what you refer to as the Torah, Islam and the traditions of Islam, and therefore, Islam is false. So as I was 14 1516, I didn't know how to make sense, because both of these two competing claims were actually has some elements of truth in them. So I would actually go to tafsir ibn katheer tafsir 30 in English, because I didn't know how to access the Arabic at that time.

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And some of what the enemies of Islam was saying were true. And some of what Zack and I can those guys were saying was true as well. So I'm thinking

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who is writing this, you see? So I decided

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to basically if I'm good

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I have the strength to be able to come to a conclusion by myself. I need to learn the language and I need to understand I need to access the primary text, which took me some time. So I was I was going to school. I'll tell you one time I used to do boxing. Yeah. Yes.

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And one time I had a good session sometimes I had a very bad so I'll be honest, I had bad sessions and good session on they had a good session.

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And sometimes I get these delusions of grandeur and I was standing at the bus stop,

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you know, with my gym bag as a teenager and I thought to myself