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Mohammed Hijab
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Perhaps he had a Muslim testify for him in court, which is true.

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And he achieved great position of prominence in Islamic Society, which is true. He was the physician to be able to sell the deen, I believe, by the end of his career. But even my monitor is someone who we look at as an example of somebody who existing at a high level in Islamic Society, when he's writing to his own people. He's honest. And he says that the Muslims have inflicted persecution upon us. They have suffered greatly. His words are no nation has persecuted as more than this nation. Okay, so this is clearly clearly an even let you put forward the idea of this being faith. The fact that this has been universally accepted by Jews as being part of the narrative suggests there must

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be a remnant of truth in there that there was persecution of Jews in Muslim society. Now let's get into what is that persecute? Okay. You make two points. Yeah, I made two points and you made shots.

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Now, you said and maybe this is why we can make it a little more engaging, because the big long speeches don't really help NGOs engage viewers, I agree. So I'm going to say I can give categoric examples of where I'm persecuted against, in a caliphate that's going according to Sharia, according to the Sunnah of Muhammad. And my best example is example zakat. Zakat is fixed, yet there is a fixed amount of money that the Muslims pay jizya is not fixed. jizya is dependent upon whatever the color decides that the Jew is going to pay, or the person of the book is going to pay. Now, under some Caliphate, that was a reasonable amount. And it does say that the poor don't have to pay the

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jizya. But if they're not poor, then it's down to the the color to determine what the Jews pay what the Christians pay. And that is separate from what the Muslims pay. And it can be a lot more. And it can be less, it really depends on the caliber. And so when you segregate a society, and you say Muslims pay this tax, and non Muslims pay another tax, that ultimately is an example of discrimination that has been abused throughout history.

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Great points. Now coming back to the letter of my Montes. First of all, we need to show whether the letter is actually authentic, even if it is authentic. Let's assume for for the sake of the argument, my monitor is actually wrote that letter, there is no problem in it. I'll tell you why. My Montes has been severely persecuted by a Muslim group called almohads. Alma hidden, right, if a person who was tortured or persecuted by ISIS today, and was to write a letter about Muslims, I wouldn't blame him. I wouldn't blame him for assuming that I am being persecuted by Muslims. Because these people have the appearance of Muslims. Unfortunately, right. Now my monitor is the question is

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when he wrote this letter, where was he writing this letter from? Egypt? Egypt, okay. Now, what period of his Egyptian

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existence was this? Was it was this the early period when he had recently come from Spain, having been persecuted and put through all that? Or was it actually after he had become the physician to the full pond himself? Okay, if my monitor is writing, my monitors is writing this letter after he's a physician to this whole pond, the doctors, the Sultan, then there are two options, either he is lying about his condition, because how can you be the physician to the whole barn, the doctor to the pond to the king himself, and say, our condition is very bad. And it is very possible that he was lying. Why? Because why is he writing this letter? And who is he writing this letter to? According

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to what Joseph read, this letter was being written to a Jewish group of people in Yemen, who were considering accepting Islam, who were contemplating becoming Muslims, and his job as Rambam, or the second Moses, or the shepherd of the flock.

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You know, if you like, his job was to sway them, to put them off, to push them away from Islam. And to say those things it does exactly that. These people are barbaric, the barbarians, they're persecuted for not happy with them, dah, dah, dah, dah, don't accept Islam therefore. So all these things put together, one can easily contextualize the letter, but looking at the bigger picture. Now, it is very clear that Joseph accepted and my monitor is definitely had a high position in Muslim societies. If the Jews were persecuted as he claimed earlier, why would a Jew be a physician to the full time? Why would a Jewish person be given that position and such a sensitive position who

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As a physician, someone is checking your pulse. Someone is prescribing medicine for you even possibly giving you medicine, he can easily poison the photon and kill him. Why would the photon trust a Jewish man, and not only any ordinary Jewish man, or Rabbi of that repute, or Rabbi of that status, someone who is known as the second Moses among the Jews later on, actually, so let's not be anachronistic about history. So it is very clear that he had a high position. Now it doesn't stop there. We can look at other Jewish testimonies from Spain.

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Yeah, let me finish this very quickly. There was a Jewish rabbi called bayamon kakuda. Have you heard of him?

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I've been Fukuda writing in code about 1080s. He writes that our living condition is not the same as the Muslims, it is better than theirs. We are more prosperous than the Muslims are under the rule of the Arabs. There you go. That's one testimony. Let's fast forward.

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Let's fast forward. Yeah, let's fast forward. Okay. We have for example, in the ninth century, okay, there is an anonymous Jewish source, a commentary on the Torah. Okay. It's called petrusev Ron petrosa. from Karen Armstrong, he refers to this book in her history of Jerusalem. And she states that this anonymous author Jewish author wrote about the conditions of the Jewish people in Jerusalem in the ninth century, during the Bassett period.

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He states that we have been honored by the ishmaelites that we worship together the same God in this holy place. In other words, he was praising the condition of the Jewish people under Islamic domain. Then we have other testimonies from I'm giving you different dynasties very quickly, because time is running out. And Joseph needs to talk about this yet. And I have written an article on this, by the way, this is why I know the sources Yeah. And then we move forward to the Ottoman period when Jerusalem was governed by the Ottomans, to be very precise, during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who governed from 1520 to 1566. If I'm not mistaken, right, he governed 46 years.

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During his reign, the Jewish people flourished in Jerusalem. How do we know this? A scholar named Amnon Cohen, and Cohen, who published his book in 1994. And the book is titled A world from within the court records from the Islamic court of Jerusalem. In this in these two volumes. He discusses the history of the Jewish cases. Are you listening everyone Jewish cases filed within the Islamic court of Jerusalem. So he studied cases from the year 1500 to 15 7070 years of cases he studied, he came up with 1000 Jewish cases filed in the Sharia court, filed by the Jewish people voluntarily, and Amnon Cohen, being a Jewish scholar from Israel. He was he wanted to know why the Jews were

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doing that. Why were they going to the Sharia court, even though they had the best dens they had their own Jewish courts in Jerusalem, but he states, this is a Jewish Israeli scholar in 1994. He states based upon the study, this was because the Jews expected justice to come quicker from the Sharia court than their own courts. And cases vary from

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from, for example, from a case about nakaba. We call, you know, provisions if a wife has been divorced, and she needs provisions from the husband, and there are other domestic cases being discussed in these courts. So his conclusion is that the Jews of Jerusalem in the 16th century were more prosperous than the Muslims were.

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Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, of course of course. Of course. Joseph.

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I'm finishing I'm finishing because this topic is so important. And I'm coming back I'm coming back to

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these examples from different dynasties in different periods different places show you what general pattern of Muslim behavior was kind, generous and and harmonious towards the Jews, right? The Jewish people flourished in different ways. I can give you examples.

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At least I was very patient listening to you be patient with me as well. I know some of this information is is difficult to to fathom. But

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I'm giving references wrong. Gone right. And you

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Most references I gave are from Jewish sources by the way, even better, at least someone like Bernard Lewis, a staunch Zionist, who advised the US government to attack iraq in 2003. Even him in his book, Jews of Islam acknowledges that the Muslims treated the Jews with generosity in comparison to what was happening to them in Christian Europe. Okay, so, over 1000 years, Bernard Lewis states for over 1000 years, Jews survived extinction due to Muslim protection for over 1000 years. And he also states 90% of the Jewish population of the world survived destruction under the protection of Islam and Muslims. Bernard Lewis, again, my references are very clear, go and check and come back to

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me if I'm lying. Okay, now, next point is the court. Have you come back? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you raised it. You guys. Please be patient with me. I'm finishing very soon and you can come back. I will listen to you patiently. Now. You can't come in because it's me and Joseph. Okay. So the current issue. Now Joseph made a claim that the cost is fixed and God has not fixed actually that's not true as well. Because in our earliest sources, we are told Firstly, the primary rule to deal with the non Muslims. What is the primary rule? In Buhari

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in Buhari, we have a statement from the second Caliph of Islam, Omar have been caught up on the second Caliph of Islam. And what did the Prophet say about him? Allah Commissioner de la Rashid Al Medina, Bodhi upon you is my way in the way of my rightly guided caliphs. Who were they Omar is one of them. So we have to follow him Omar upon his deathbed, when his stomach was split, open, dying man, he advised, he advised for his successor, he stated, whoever succeeds me beware of the rights of the non Muslims, do not overburden them, do not put a burden upon them more than they can be honor. The second Caliph of Islam, the words of a dying man, right? These words were directly

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relevant to the Jewish people. Okay, because who was he talking about? He was talking about the Jews and the Christians. Okay. So what is jizya jizya is one gold coin per year, it is clearly stated in foretold baudin A mumble mumble over his book football down the conquest of lands. In that book, there are documents that clearly state that the jizya is one gold coin every year, which is four grams of gold in current value 200 pounds a year. So if there is a millionaire Jewish merchant, who has a million pounds in his bank account, in theory, theoretically, according to the Islamic sources, he has to pay 200 pounds a year, every year, if a Muslim has a million pound in his bank

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account, he must pay 2.5% which is 25,000 pounds. Where is justice in that I as a Muslim can stand up and say, you know what Islam is actually not just to the Muslim people. Islam is more just to the Jewish people. The E, the Jewish merchant has to pay 200 pounds every year, even though he may have a million pounds in his bank account, but me after give 25 25,000 pounds over or for a million pounds. Now this is theoretically the earliest Islamic sources. What happened later on? No doubt, sources are abused. They were misused. Even today, groups like ISIS and other extremist entities are using sources to abuse that the Jewish people are doing it in the State of Israel is abusing

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misusing the Jewish sources. So we have extremists. We have unpleasant characters we have we have people who abuse our sources throughout our history, Jews, the Jews did it Muslims did it Christians did it. So the good thing about us, me and Joseph is that we are brothers in that thought Why? Because he also believes that extremist Jews who do extreme things and abuse the sources also believe that there are Muslims who extremist Muslims who abuse the sources. Now over to you so I do apologize for like long lost

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points that need to be responded to find your turn to respond. And then like I want to point out what just happened then. So we went to the Alamo Heights and we agreed on the Alamo Heights, they're not good Muslims. We then you brought proof which was my mind at ease. And within establishes actually your understanding of my mind at ease maybe isn't the Jewish understanding of my apologies. And the Jewish understanding of my monotheism is that he was persecuted under Islam. You then when there's some very a lot of material I haven't heard of. So you mentioned Petrus. Never heard of it in my life. So we're now talking very fringe sources which most Jews are not familiar with. So I

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will go away and Louis Bernard lewis is a is a historian. He's been

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Have nothing to do with the actual Jewish history. I'm talking about source material. I'm talking about the source material.

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And then you mentioned and you went, you went to the 16th century Ottomans in Israel. Now, I would encourage anybody to type into Google 1517 massacre of Jews in Hebron, the Jews were massacred by Ottomans, in Hebron in Israel. And so again, at a time when you've given as Jews having a good

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time away, Jews was supposed to not being persecuted. There's a clear evidence and not just persecution, but a massacre taking place in the very land. You said it was supposed to be amazing. Now I'm not you've said a lot of truth. There were Jews that did achieve great positions included my monitors in Islamic Society. But achieving a high position in some Islamic societies does not mean that Jews have been tight well, throughout Islamic history, history, Jewish, the Jewish understanding, if you speak to any of the Jews from the Middle East, almost all of them will universally tell you that they suffered in modern history, and in ancient history. And so I believe

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Jews and Muslims can and will coexist. I think we have more in common than that divides us. And I think we do have a rich history of coexistence. But I think there needs to be a recognition for many Muslims that history isn't as they see it through these rose tinted glasses, but their ancestors have inflicted pain upon my ancestors. And

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you can go right the way back to Muhammad, you can go back to the Battle of the trenches. You can go back to the beheading of Jews you can go from the very very beginning there has been persecution now you can justify that and said they were treacherous they betrayed Mohammed therefore, but you're doing it for me this day, to this day because of a battle that took place hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago I a Jew are not allowed to step foot in Mecca Medina, I am not allowed to live in Arabia. Omar who's quoted often has been one of the best colors for the Jewish people on my kick the Jews out of Arabia it was Omar that pushed by and he actually sent them to Hebron in Israel and

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he said this is terrible with Middle East and geography Sunday.

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I'm not getting people can look up your you're making you're making a lot of points and it's gonna take me a long time to respond to all of them. So if you don't want a long response, keep it short and I'll keep it short. Okay, yeah, because your string Omar, your train Jews in

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a lot of things that all I'm doing is saying and it's a very simple statement that anybody who believes that the Jewish existence under Islam was consistently good is consistently stupid. There has been good times and bad times they've been good Muslims and bad Muslims good Jews and bad Jews.

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Now to bring it back to the jizya Okay,

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let me do this no, no problem continue. Carry on down but my response is gonna be

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I've tried to keep mine as brief as possible for the sake of the engagement of the audience. Okay, no, no go gone long extensively talks about all the things I mentioned all the all the all the sources again, what's your response to those sources?

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To be honest, I would have to go away and meet this. I know the pistol I know my monitors. Well, if if what I'm saying is true. You will, you're gonna come back next week. You're gonna come back and confirm everything I said.

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